This post is for my friends, relatives, and people that I never met, yet they died to defend my liberty. May we all be worthy of their sacrifice.


Indian men have small penises

That is according to his report I found on the BBC web page:

The money quote is here:

It’s not size, it’s what you do with it that matters

with an author name of Damian Grammaticus, I thought this was a joke, but it certainly appears to be a real story.


Congratulations! You’ve Only Lost $1 Million Dollars!

The question was: How can broke economies lend money to other broke economies who haven’t got any money because they can’t pay back the money the broke economy lent to the other broke economy and shouldn’t have lent it to them in the first place because the broke economy can’t pay back?




Bill Clinton was rear ended yesterday. Usually when you see a headline with “Bill Clinton” and “rear end” in it, the story isn’t about a car accident.


Illegal Immigrants

In case you haven’t gotten this: I think illegal immigration is a REAL problem.Anyone who thinks otherwise is either being deliberately dishonest, or has no idea how bad things are.

Here in Central Florida, hardly a week goes by where I do not respond to a car accident where the at fault driver has no identification beyond a Mexican passport, if they even have that. No insurance, no driver’s license, no valid vehicle registration. They are ticketed, and simply are never heard from again. The victim is forced to pay for the damage to his property, the illegal walks away.

Then there is this: One illegal has previously been deported 9 times and is now the man accused of raping a woman in Edmonds, WA. Here is how the witness described the scene:

“I could see the back of his head. I could see his pants were down. I could see her lying on the ground. I could hear her crying, but I couldn’t really see her face,” said Klein.

I would add that if this had been me as the witness, I would also have seen my sight picture. Rape is a forcible felony in the state of Florida, and deadly force is authorized to prevent the commission of a forcible felony in Florida.

This scumbag had a long record:

Madrigal’s arrest and immigration record includes a staggering number of contacts with law enforcement since 1989. That’s the year he was convicted of theft using a firearm in California. 

He was deported a couple of times after that. Then in 1999, he was arrested for drug sales in both San Diego and San Francisco. Records show that he was deported three times that year between April and August.

He was arrested for drugs again in Stockton, Calif. in 2000. In 2002, he pleaded to third degree sexual assault in Denver. Later that year, he was deported again. And in 2003, records show he was deported three more times.

Illegal immigrants only get here because they are breaking the law. That makes them criminals by definition. Criminals do not respect the law. Want to know what happens when you stand by and allow illegal immigration? You get to run Casinos and sell Cigarettes. Instead of the Redskins, perhaps they will name a soccer team the “San Antonio Gringos”


A test of sorts

Arizona has come under fire because of the new law that does nothing but give state authorities the same power to enforce Federal law that Federal authorities have. The Second Amendment has come under fire from certain people who claim that it only applies to the militia. I say we perform a test. The Governors of the southern tier of states should activate the National Guard and deploy them along the border with orders to repel the armed invaders from the south. How can people be opposed to repelling an invasion?


The crap that passes for college education

I am taking a class on Critical thinking, as it is a required course for the degree I am seeking. (It seems like I am always in school at least part time.) The class has a web page, and the home page has this on it:

A scholarly study finds it was the 43rd president’s personality, not brain capacity, that limited his functional abilities. This is an important distinction. It is not that the former chief executive was incapable of learning (the “Bush is dumb” meme), but that he did not want to learn, and did not believe it was something he needed to do.

That isn’t even what the study says. Looking at the study that the Professor claims shows that the former President refused to learn, it actually said this:

[The] best studies, in which raters evaluate statements without being aware of their source, suggest that Bush lacks integrative complexity and thus views issues without nuance. The leading personality theory (the “5-Factor Model”), as measured by the NEO Personality Inventory, suggests that Bush is highly extraverted but not very agreeable or conscientious. He also rates low on “Openness to Experience.” Similarly Immelman (2002) had expert raters judge Bush’s personality using the Millon Inventory of Diagnostic Criteria. Raters identified Bush as fitting the “Outgoing,” “Dominant (Controlling),” and “Dauntless” personality patterns, which together constitute a style given to lack of reflection, superficiality, and impulsivity.

You would expect a leader of a large nation to be Dominant. You don’t choose a sniveling Beta male to lead a nation. Also, who are the “raters” that rated him? This is not a study, it is an opinion poll. The very title of the paper shows that the “study” was biased: Bush’s Brain (No, Not Karl Rove): How Bush’s Psyche Shaped His Decision Making.

Why do Liberals insist on continuing to attack George W Bush? Is that all they bring to the table? What does this have to do with a class on critical thinking?

As a side note, the number of Che shirts on campus astounds me. The fact that I saw several shirts with a hammer and sickle printed on them made me realize how Communism has died everywhere in the world, except the College Campuses of the USA.


I didn’t know my finger was on the trigger

Another report of a police raid gone wrong. This time, instead of a dog, a child is killed. Without going into the reasons for the raid, and the wrong-headed approach of militarizing our police, I want to talk for a minute about the basic problem here:

Read the comments on the article:

The father said police had the wrong house yet they found the suspect and his moped at that residence. The “woman” and the police officer had a confrontation and the gun accidently went off, striking the child. You dont seriously think the police went into that house and intentionally shot a child do you? Really?

Or this one:

It’s heartbreaking what happened, But Police need to arrest suspects promptly, Unfortunately there is a family of a dead 17 year old that need to know who the killer is. You go into a house to arrest a killer, you go in full force, no f ‘ n around. When the lady physically engaged the officer it became the parents problem. Harboring a murderer in a house with your daughter living there. Who is really to blame?

The police officers that perform these raids are supposed to be the best trained officers on the force. Surely they have been schooled in the four rules? Surely they are aware that when you carry a firearm, you are responsible for EVERY bullet that comes out of that gun.

Police officers are supposed to protect children and innocents, not gun them down. The lady who engaged in a physical confrontation was not deserving of a deadly force response. The cops there cannot deal with a woman without discharging a weapon into the head of a 7 year old girl?

Maybe it is time to take that SWAT option away from the cops. They have proven unworthy of wielding that sort of force, at least in Detroit, MI and Columbia, MO. Maybe other places as well.

It is easy for a SWAT team to intimidate children and women, but as the failed ATF Waco raid, and the  SWAT officers killed in ambushes of SWAT teams show, they come out on the losing end when engaged by any sort of real resistance by people who are unimpressed by fancy uniforms and high tech gadgets.


More Foreclosure problems to come

A report on what happened, and what is likely to happen. Amazingly, it appears like my analysis was spot on. From the report:

What Happened?
For the Second Half of the 20thCentury, Housing Was a Stable Investment…And Then Housing Prices Exploded
Prices Exploded Because the Borrowing Power of a Typical Home Purchaser More Than Tripled from 2000-2006
Americans Have Borrowed Heavily Against Their Homes Such That the Percentage of Equity Has Fallen Below 50% for the First Time
Housing Became Unaffordable in Many Areas Using a Typical 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage, Which Led Many Borrowers to Take Exotic Mortgages
There Was a Dramatic Decline in Mortgage Lending Standards from 2001 through 2006

Why Did It Happen?
Among the Many Causes of The Great Housing Bubble, Two Stand Out:
       1) The lenders making crazy loans didn’t care if the homeowner ended up defaulting
       2) The entire system –real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage lenders, banks, Wall St. firms and rating agencies –became corrupted by the vast amounts of quick money to be made
The Enormous Amounts of Money to Be Made Corrupted Our Financial System
Deregulation of the Financial Sector Led to a Surge of Compensation, Leverage and Profits
Wall Street Firms Were Making a Fortune Securitizing Loans
Mortgages Were Pooled into RMBSs, Tranches of Which Were Pooled into CDOs
The Rating Agencies Were Making a Fortune Rating Structured Finance Products

What is coming?
 The wave of resets of subprime mortgages is mostly behind us, but the mortgage crisis is shifting from defaults driven by resets, to one driven by underwater mortgages and job losses.
Fannie and Freddie prime mortgage defaults are 8 times higher in Q4 2009 than they were in Q3 2008.
Two Waves of Losses Are Behind Us… But Three Are Looming…


Like a drunken sailor?

Debt Recap:

Obama has borrowed more money than:
Carter ($300 billion) in 41 days
Reagan in 8 months
Clinton ($1.539 trillion) in 11 months, 10 days.
GW Bush borrowed $5 trillion in his 8 years in office, and Obama is halfway there in only 16 months.

Obama isn’t spending money like a drunken sailor. I spent 6 years in the Navy as a drunken sailor, and when I ran out of money, I quit spending.