My long review of the MTAC holster system

Nearly three weeks ago, I announced that I would be buying an MTAC holster from Comp-Tac so that I could carry my new M&P handguns with a tucked in shirt. To go with the holster, I bought a list of products, and I have spent the last three weeks putting them through their paces. I bought an MTAC holster, several Kydex bodies, a belt, a magazine pouch, and a few odds and ends like c clips, etc. I tried them all out with three different handguns: an M&P40, an M&P45, and the M&P Shield.

First, the holster. It cost $85, and comes with one Kydex body and your choice of two belt clips. I wore this holster while performing daily activities with a tucked in dress shirt, a tucked in polo shirt, and an untucked t-shirt. I hwas pretty happy with the way that handguns disappeared under a dress shirt. All that is visible is the two small plastic clips that hook over the belt, and they blend in with the belt, as long as you get clips that are the same color as the belt. I tried wearing it with a tucked in Polo shirt, but I was printing too badly to make that one work.

I was holding seminars in front of a crowd, and afterwards I asked several attendees who also carry (one was a SWAT medic) if they had noticed any printing, and they did not. If fellow gunnies (men and women) who were staring at me all day didn’t notice, then I call that a concealed success. Here is a picture of the holster, containing an M&P40, in place on my waist:

The holster has a slight forward cant, and it was very comfortable for all day wear. The body shield prevented even my M&P45 from digging in, and when I was carrying the Shield. At the range, my draw was still quick enough, and the shirt wasn’t that difficult to clear out of the way.

There are spare clips available for the holster, and being attached to the holster with a single Allen screw, they are easily changed out. Each holster requires two of them. They even include the wrench with your order (along with instructions and a pack of Smarties). If you are going to use the regular clips and wear belts of different colors (brown, black, etc.), I would suggest getting clips in different colors, to aid in making this system blend into your wardrobe. There is also a C clip available (which I also bought), but I didn’t see where those were any better than the standard clips. They are the same price as the regular ones, so it doesn’t matter which ones you get. The C clips are available in black and brown, and the regular ones are available in four different colors.

I wanted to see if I could get the clips to disappear, so I bought a Kydex reinforced belt with a Velcro lining, and I got some V clips to use with it. The belt was $105, and the clips were the standard $8.50 each. The belt is pretty stiff, so you have to play with it a bit to get it to work. The V clips eliminate any chance of seeing the system, as they attach by the Velcro to the side of the belt against your body, thereby invisibly securing the holster to the belt. The only complaint that I have is that the sizing information is wrong. The instructions say to measure the belt that you currently wear and subtract two inches. Don’t. I did this and wound up with a belt that was too small.

The spare Kydex bodies enable you to own one holster and fit it to several handguns. At only $38, it allows one holster to fit several weapons at a fraction of the cost. I bought two spares, so that I had bodies for each of my M&P pistols: the M&P40, the M&P45, and the M&P Shield. They were fairly easy to change out (one of the nuts on the body for the M&P45 had to be grabbed with a pair of long nosed plyers- it was free spinning) and it took just a couple of minutes to do so. I like the concept, but changing the bodies out is just bothersome enough that it is not something that I would want to do on a daily basis. Still, it isn’t that difficult.

My only real complaint with the MTAC system is with the magazine pouch. It was $38.50, and when I tried to wear it, it tended to tilt forward to the horizontal position, because it is attached to the belt with only one clip. I only used it for a single day. I didn’t like it, and I will have to find something else.

So, what is the bottom line? You can spend $189 and get the holster, two bodies, and a spare set of clips (black and brown) and have a good tuckable holster that fits three handguns.Cost effective, I think. I also like the holster. If you decide to get the belt with the Velcro lining (which is what I recommend), you can order the holster with the Vclips already installed, and with the two spare bodies and the belt, the total cost will be $276.


Shut up

The next republican that tells me how important it is to vote for Republicans because of the Supreme Court nominations, I am going to flip the fuck out.


An M60?

The Chicago police are claiming that someone turned in an M-60 during their last gun ‘buyback.’ Are they kidding? Anyone have any more on this? I am not sure that I believe it.

Even so, this proves how futile gun control really is. It is illegal to own any firearm in Illinois, especially a belt-fed full auto. It isn’t like they can claim it was brought in from another state where gun controls are more lax- machine guns are heavily regulated, and extremely expensive. The last time I saw a transferable M60 for sale, it was selling for six figures.

If this story is true, then the gun HAD to have been stolen.


Arbitrary and stupid

Did you know that there are certain holsters that are considered to be in the same class with machine guns? These holsters are controlled by the National Firearms Act, and are called ‘any other weapons.’ They require a $5 federal tax stamp to own one with the gun.

Here is the funny part: you can own the holster, and that is legal. You can own the gun, and that is also legal. Own the holster AND the gun that fits in it without the form and the tax stamp? Federal Felony. 
Can you tell them apart? One of the following pictures is an AOW, and one is not:

There is no real difference in form or function, but if you should buy the wrong one at your next gun show, or make one yourself, you will get five years in club fed as a result.

Gun control laws are stupid and arbitrary. (and it is the top picture that is the AOW)


First gators, now sharks

In keeping with yesterday’s photo, Tampa, Florida received 21 inches of rain over the weekend. This resulted in flooding. A tiget shark took advantage of the flooding to take a swim down Bayshore Blvd in the Channelside district.


Gators in the streets

As if the bath salts fueled naked zombie attacks weren’t enough, we now have had non stop rain here for the last 5 days. Even the alligators have taken to the streets in protest.

At least they know to properly use the crosswalks.


TSA does it again.

So a terminal at JFK had to be evacuated because a TSA screener forgot to plug in his metal detector. Funny thing is that he is (judging by his name- Alija Abdul Majed) an Arab/Muslim. It took hours to re-screen passengers. Of course, the entire exercise was a waste of time, as anyone who was intent on doing anything could have easily hidden a weapon in the sterile area, left to be re-screened, and then retrieved the item once he was back in the supposedly sterile area.



I really dislike lawyers

When I was a teenager, Michael Jackson was undeniably the king of pop music. His thriller video is still hailed as the most successful music video ever. His costar in the video is still receiving royalty checks. Or should be.
Ever since Jackson’s death, the lawyers handling his estate have been screwing the poor woman out of the money that she is owed.
So the lawyers for the recording industry keep complaining that people who download music are destroying the music industry by stealing the music that the artist produces, while they themselves are busy stealing the money itself. Why do the lawyers, who produce nothing, always seem to be the ones who wind up with the money?


Ammo standardization and Paqlites

I have been working on a plan for TEOTWAWKI as a part of my continuing prepping hobby. Of course, there are many things that we need to consider: Communications, food, water, transportation, etc. Bug out kits.

In the area of defense, we have selected the 9mm cartridge as the defense round of choice. Although there are handguns in the house that are capable of firing all of the popular pistol ammunition: 9mm, .357Sig, .40S&W, .45ACP, we felt that the 9mm was best for a number of reasons: it is light to carry spare ammo, recoil is manageable, and it is available in firearms that everyone in the family will carry. The round is also widely available. This doesn’t mean that I will be selling the other guns, but this is the round that I will plan our BOBs around, with each BOB containing a 20 round box of 115 grain +P.

I have selected the M&P40 as my personal handgun, and have fitted it with a 9mm conversion barrel from KKM. That gives me the capability of .40S&W, .357Sig, and 9mm in one handgun, with only a quick barrel change.

Also, for room and area lighting, we have elected to go with the UVPaqLite. It needs no batteries, doesn’t break, and provides excellent light for dark-adjusted eyes. Take a look, it is a good product for a reasonable price. It is easier to cart this around than a pile of batteries.


Stand your ground and Martin: opinion shifts

Interesting developments in the public’s opinion of the Zimmerman case. In March, when the agitators were busy trying to circumvent the intent of the ‘stand your ground law’ by misrepresenting the facts in the case, 33 percent of the country thought that Zimmerman had murdered Martin, and 15 percent thought it was self defense.

On April 17, the polls were showing that 41 percent said it was a justified shooting, and 59 percent felt that it was either murder or manslaughter.

On May 18, the photos of Zimmerman’s head was released, and it became known that Martin had no injuries, except the gunshot wound and injured knuckles. Public opinion shifted. On May 20, the polls showed that 40 percent felt that this was a justified self defense shooting, and 24 percent felt it was murder.

So as people got out from under the information that was being manipulated by the mainstream media and saw the facts for themselves, public opinion changed.

 In a related poll, we also see an interesting result for the ‘stand your ground’ law. The press and the anti-gunners (Redundant, I know) are using the shooting to attack ‘stand your ground.’ The  public isn’t buying it. 56 percent of Floridians support stand your ground laws, while only 37 percent feel that you should have to retreat before using force to stop an attack.

Here is the story on the feelings about the charges.
Here is the story about the public’s attitude towards ‘stand your ground.’