I was offered a job today. I won’t mention the name of the company, but they are a nationwide provider of EMS services. The job is a paramedic position, and would require me to commute about 40 miles each way, paying $5 in tolls round trip.

Before I go further, let me explain my credentials:
I have been practicing in EMS for over 24 years. I have been an instructor for ten of those years. I not only have my paramedic school done, I also have three Associate’s and two Bachelor’s degrees.

The job market is very tight, and this illustrates why: They offered me a rate of $12.53 an hour. That rate is two dollars an hour less than what my last job was hiring new paramedics for ten years ago. I already collect a pension that pays me more than that, and I don’t NEED the money, and I am not sure that I want to drive 80 miles round trip to work a 12 hour shift that will net me about $7 an hour.

I could get a job working at a hamburger joint and take home the same amount of money.


Make accusations…

A Daytona Beach Police Sergeant resigned after the department discovered that she had hundreds of pornographic images on her two department issued computers, including 23 nudes of herself that she had sent to her boyfriend while on duty. Additionally, she deactivated the GPS tracking on her patrol car, so dispatchers would not know where she was.

That isn’t the worst part to me. The worst part is how she was caught: she was caught when the department was investigating a sexual harassment complaint that the Sergeant had made against another officer. Sexual harassment is no longer about dishonorable men that use their position to elicit sex from female employees, or about men trying to run women out of the workplace. Instead, it has become a powerful weapon that women use against men that they happen to not like, or to pull attention away from their own misdeeds. We see this all over, not just with sexual harassment, but also with claims of racial bias and domestic violence.



For those who do not know, there was an explosion at a propane facility just up the road from me. The explosion could be felt for miles, and the fires continued for hours:

There are 53,000 twenty pound propane cylinders scattered about the scene, along with several propane tanker trucks, and three 30,000 pound propane tanks. This is what it looks like from the gorund:



In response to Graybeard’s comment on my post about job prospects in the EMS field:

Yes, fraud is running rampant. In 2002, Medicare reimbursement for ambulances was less than $1 billion. In 2009, it had more than doubled, despite the fact that the amounts paid for each trip had not changed. I can tell you that the linked article’s claim that 80% of interfacility ambulance rides are fraudulent doesn’t surprise me one bit. I think that number is spot on.

The Feds are cracking down on this, but they are not even catching a fraction of the fraud. As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, it will only get worse.


Need another RSS reader

So Google reader went away. Now the reader I replaced it with, Old Reader, is too. So now I need to find another reader, and do it quickly. If I cannot find another reader, then blogging for me will probably come to an end.


In Russia

In Russia, you don’t practice gun safety, gun safety practice you.


Boycotts and revolt

There are organizations out there calling for a boycott of Florida because of the “Stand your ground” law and the Zimmerman case. Here is one:

It calls for a boycott based upon the supposedly racially motivated killings of numerous black people. The problem is that only one of them (Trayvon Martin) was killed in Florida. Oscar Grant was killed in California, while Chamberlain, Gray, and Graham were all killed in New York. Furthermore, all of the killings except Martin were performed by police officers, and none of the cases had anything to do with “stand your ground.”

So who is behind this? The People’s Power Assemblies, for another. They are a part of the Workers World Party, a communist organization that intends to overthrow the government.

So there you have it. The reason that all of this is being pushed, is that there are forces involved here that want to overthrow the US government. How is that for “fundamentally transforming” America?


Christianity != love

I am dating a woman who had a very religious upbringing. Growing up, her father taught her about religion and brought her up in this religious framework. She is quite a bit younger than I am, and lately has been questioning her religious upbringing. I understand what she is going through, as I once took the same journey.

As an example, she had some family coming to town, and they wanted to go to Disney. The problem is that they were here for the first weekend in June, and this is the weekend for gay days. I pointed that out to her when she called me while on her way to the theme park, and my girlfriend found this to be funny, but decided not to tell her family about the event, because they are so incredibly homophobic.

That, as it turns out, was not a good idea: On the way out of the park, her uncle noticed that there were a pair of men holding hands as they walked through the park. Nothing sexual, nothing in your face, just a couple that were holding hands and peacefully enjoying the park. The uncle immediately began shouting at the couple, called them “fucking faggots” and began yelling about how they should go home, how they were going to hell, and how they were sinners and an abomination to God. All I can say is that I am glad I was not there.

Just this morning, her parents asked her to attend church. I am not invited, because her parents believe that I am a sinner and am not fit to date their daughter, even though they have never met me. You see, I am a godless heathen, and I am the one that is turning her away from the church, according to them. At church this morning, the theme of the service was homosexuals, how they are all stupid morons, and are all going to burn in hell. Then he preached about how our society was being destroyed by the “gay lifestyle” and how the members of the church have a responsibility to ostracize those who choose to live like that.

My girlfriend just called me and was complaining about this. She works in the emergency room of a hospital. Several of the nurses there, and one of the doctors are gay. Hardly the kind of people that you would think are stupid morons. The church, and the intolerant, hateful venom that they are spouting is driving her away. This is one of the reasons why so many people are turned off of the republican party, because they have so closely associated themselves with religious groups.

I would rather have a gay neighbor than a Bible thumping, hate filled asshole any day, and I certainly don’t want to elect a politician that thinks that it is just fine and dandy to legislate where I put my penis.


Reasoned discourse

I have been posting comments on various Channel 6 WKMG articles for several days. Each and everyone has fallen victim to “reasoned discourse” deletion. Here is a copy of my last comment, that was also deleted within minutes:

Acquit Alexander? The woman who was in an argument with her husband at his house, where she was not
living at the time. In fact, she had gotten a restraining order against
hm because she was afraid of him, and then left her newborn baby at the
l and then went to his house to spend the night with him. Doesn’t sound scared to me.
at breakfast, she showed pictures of the new baby to her husband by
handing him her cell phone. While looking at them, he found evidence
that she was having an affair with her ex-husband. he questioned whether
the new child was his, and this started an argument. In the midst of
the argument, she went outside, got a gun out of her car, and then came
back, shot at him, and missed. Can’t be self defense, because the threat
to her ended when she left the house. Going back inside made her the
attacker in an all new, second fight.

She was arrested, and made bail. While out on bail, she went back to the house, and punched her husband, giving him a black eye.
She committed armed battery. She deserved every year of the sentence she got. This is plainly NOT a self defense case.

Read the court documents for yourself:

There is an agenda here, and they are not about to let the facts get in the way.



In reference to the shooting that I mention here and here, the older brother of the would-be burglar has a Facebook page. According to the page, he is 23 years old, and graduated from Miles College in 2010. Miles college is a liberal arts black college that receives funding from the United Negro College Fund.

Here are a few examples of this college graduate’s writing:

me tell who don’t no boots in da Sommer is a no no lol i saw a nigga
with some polo boots on with some shorts on then i saw a somebody with
some Tims on do you no how dum u look it 100 degrees out side in you got
this shit on 3,words kill your self

and this little gem:

it’s time 4 me to do wat I have to do I can’t be happy cause of all da –
shit around me I’m ta dat point wat aver happens happens I’m killing my
self. 4 da last 3 n a 1/2 week my head been pound I’m lose in a lot of
wight I can’t go back n play ball cause dis n dat on my mind wat ever
happens from here da man above no wats best 4 me.

Do you want to know why the black culture is failing? This is why. This man is the male role model for his younger brother, the one he looked up to, the one who raised him. This is a broken culture, and saving the lives and futures of blacks, as well as lowering US crime, is going to have to start with fixing this broken culture.