The family of Karvis Gamble is protesting outside of the Orlando Police Department’s headquarters because Gamble was shot by police officers in January. The protesters said they won’t give up until someone is charged in the shooting death of Gamble. They are “demanding justice,” which has come to mean vengeance and has no real meaning in terms of what is just.

It turns out that the details of the police shooting are different. The police were investigating a drug complaint when Gamble reached for a gun on the table next to him and was fatally shot. Ecstasy, marijuana, and two stolen firearms were located at the scene.

Deandre McCullough disputes police claims that there was drug activity
at the Arlington Road studio. He said Gamble was sweeping up with a
broom and in no way threatened police before being shot and killed.

 Of course, anti gun forces were quick to blame guns for the death.

I am against the “war on drugs” and think that they should be legalized. However, with them being illegal, the people who are currently engaged in the drug trade are, by definition, criminals. Criminal enterprises cannot call the police or file lawsuits to settle business disputes, so they must resort to violence.

We are seeing families blaming honest people when their criminal thug relatives are killed for living the thug life. We are being told that we do not have the right to resist criminals who would use force against us to ply their trade. I say enough.


NYT hit piece

The New York Times is running yet another hit piece against guns. This time, they are reporting that the number of children accidentally killed is much higher than has been reported. The piece begins with anecdotal tales of child shootings.

The paper reports that many of these shootings are reported as homicides instead of accidents. They claim that twice as many accidents are occurring as are being reported. Another hit piece from a media source with an agenda.


Louisiana Red Beans and Rice

Here is a recipe that is fairly cheap, but tastes pretty good. Every person into prepping has a lot of beans and rice on hand.Even in good times, this is a cheap and tasty dish:

1 pound of hot pork sausage
1 large onion
1 green pepper
 minced garlic
1 pound of red kidney beans

In a large pot, place the raw beans and add water to about 2 inches higher than the level of the beans. Place it on medium heat and cover. When it comes to a boil, turn it down to a simmer.
While that is heating:
Chop the onion and pepper and saute them with a tablespoon of minced garlic.
While that is cooking, make marble sized meatballs out of the sausage.
Once the onion begins to turn clear, add the sausage and brown it.

When the sausage is brown, add the mixture to the beans. Bring to a boil, cover, and lower to simmer.

Let it cook for three hours, and stir occasionally. Add water as needed. If the mixture turns out too soupy, you can crush a few beans against the side of the pot, and that will thicken it. If that isn’t enough, a half teaspoon of flower dissolved in a cup of warm water can be added to thicken it up.

Serve over rice. This makes enough to feed 5 or 6 people, with leftovers. It is also really good with some fresh french bread or cornbread.

Suggested condiments: Ketchup makes them good, as does Louisiana Hot Sauce.

This meal costs less than $2 a serving. It was a real hit at the firehouse, both because it is tasty and cheap.


Racist Hollyweird actor

Reading this CNN article really boiled my blood. The author spends the first paragraph talking about how famous the people in the story are, as if that matters. The fact that they are famous is mentioned several times in the story, as if it should have given them a pass for breaking the law.

The second paragraph begins a racist diatribe, and tells you a lot about the attitude and personality of Mr White. He claims that:

Regardless of how much money or accolades I have garnered.
Regardless of my journeys across the globe. I will be forever at the
white officer’s mercy.

A couple pf paragraphs go by where he goes on about how he and his “lady” are trying to enjoy a vacation, and then he complains about being pulled over for speeding: 40 in a 25. He insists that he wasn’t and says he is going to fight the ticket.

During that same paragraph, he states they they began seeing cotton fields, and he mentions the “history of our ancestors picking cotton and being enslaved tugged at her heartstrings.” Again, with the mention of race and slavery.

According to him, there is a “driveway” that led to a cotton field, so he pulled over, using the excuse that the “oil change” light came on. He then says “we took in the history and the oppression that those little white balls created decades ago.” This supposedly brought tears to his eyes.

A cop that was driving by turned around and questioned them. Why? BECAUSE YOU WERE TRESPASSING, YOU RACIST TWIT. Trespassing is a crime, and the two of you compunded that crime by picking some of the cotton and placing it in your “lady’s” purse. That is called stealing. You didn’t get stopped because of race, you got stopped because you were committing a crime, and the fact that you are a Hollywood actor does not give you a free pass. He even took a picture of himself stealing the cotton and posted it online:

That farmer makes his livelihood from growing that cotton, and if every jerk that drove that road pulled over and took some, the farmer would soon starve.

Mr White then spends the next four paragraphs describing the interaction with the cop. At no time does he accuse the cop of making a racial statement.

Then he says, in the second to last paragraph:

I will not stop until this incident is made public and that racist
cop, Barfield, is reprimanded and punished. That was one of the worse
days of my life and I plan on making it one of his as well.

I wonder if CNN knows what libel is? If Officer Barfield should happen to read this, I would recommend that he contact an attorney about a lawsuit against Mr White, Mr Diggs, Katie the CNN producer, and CNN.


Disarmament zone

My son’s girlfriend wants to go to nursing school, so they have been looking at a few schools in the area. Yesterday, they went to tour the campus of a local college to see how the place was. Since Florida law prohibits the carrying of weapons on a college campus, my son decided to leave his pistol at home, rather than leave it in the car while he was in the school. That almost cost him dearly.

As they were walking across the parking lot on the way back to their car, another car pulled up behind them, and the window rolled down. The black male driver leaned out and told them “get your white ass out of my way, honky” and then told him to keep his “cracker ass” on the white side of town where he belonged. My son replied, telling the driver to kiss his ass.

My son made his way to his car, and the other driver pulled up, got out of his car with a tire iron, and attacked my son’s car. It easily could have been him instead of his vehicle that was damaged.



Just because the Democrats are your enemy does not mean that the Republicans are your friend. This is proven by yet another Republican that has turned his back on gun owners once he got their votes.

He says::

To the professional political critics, I simply offer this: volunteer
for the Navy or for the other armed services, successfully go through
SEAL or other special forces training. Then you will be
fully qualified and prepared to fire as many assault weapons with
unlimited high capacity magazines as you desire.

 Just like at the DC Navy Yard.


Homeowners’ Association

This is yet another reason why I will NEVER buy another home where there is a HOA.

If you live in the
Turnberry Reserve Neighborhood in Kissimmee, your trash cans and
recycling carts better not be in plain sight or the Home Owners
Association will take them away.
HOA ‘s line in the sand came in the form of emails warning residents
that any trash cans and recycling carts in plain view on non-trash days
would be removed.
Aug. 28 a landscape crew walked on the property of an estimated 80
residents took them out of the neighborhood and dropped them off about
14 miles away at a St. Cloud recycling plant.


More paramedic issues

Remember when I told you that I had a girlfriend who was being REQUIRED to go to UNPAID company training sessions in order to maintain her status and position?

The training is still mandatory, still unpaid, and now being given every two weeks. That’s right- she is being required to attend this training on a biweekly basis on her day off, and is not getting any pay.

Tell me again why it is worth it to be a paramedic…



The US government admits to spending $3.7 trillion during FY2012. I say admits, because despite the fact that the government ran a $98 billion budget deficit during the month of July alone, it claims that the debt has been exactly the same for the last 117 days. The ‘facts’ coming out of the Federal government cannot be trusted. None of them. Not the numbers on unemployment, inflation, spending, not one.

With that being said, the government supposedly took in $2.4 trillion in tax revenue, meaning that they are spending about $1.45 for each dollar that is taken in taxes. That extra 45 cents is done through borrowing. As I mentioned earlier, that number is likely much, much higher.

Where does all of this money go? Well, the majority of it goes to so-called ‘mandatory spending’ and interest on the money that we have already borrowed. Mandatory spending includes entitlements like Medicare, Social Security, VA benefits, etc. which are REQUIRED by law to be paid. Interest on the debt must also be paid. The money that must be paid totals about $2.5 trillion a year. You get that? Social Security, interest on the debt, Medicare, and the like already total more than we take in through taxes.

The remainder of what the government does, Welfare, Food Stamps, the Military, the Courts, jails, etc, account for the other $1.3 trillion of spending.

The only way out of this mess is not more taxes. Increasing the taxes of all Americans by a third (133% of last year)
would still require that all government discretionary spending be cut in
half. Spending has GOT to be cut across the board, even mandatory items like Social Security, along with the pet project of the right, the military.

Since we spend more on the military than every other country combined, maintaining a military presence in 150 countries worldwide (75% of the world’s nations), in addition to roaming the world’s oceans playing cop to the world, there is plenty here to cut. South Korea, Japan, the UK, and Germany account for $10 billion in base support costs, plus the cost of the 137,000 personnel in those countries. For example: The German Army has 62,000 troops. There are about 47,000 American troops in that nation. Why are we providing 40% of Germany’s defense? No, we can cut the Army in half, and cut the Air Force, Marines, and Navy budgets by a third, and still outspend our next closest competitor (China) by a margin of 4 to 1. That will save us about $300 billion a year.

Social Security and Medicare are breaking us. An immediate cut to SS disability. One in 20 US adults is collecting disability. I personally know three people who are, and they seem to have no problems riding roller coasters or going out partying. There are lawyers out there that make a living on disability payments for “back injuries” and “fibromyalgia.” Cut that disability in half, save $45 billion. In fact, Social Security and Medicare will have to be cut in half immediately, and phased out over five years, or we are going to eventually be forced into third world nation status.

Food stamps? Gone. Welfare? Gone.

Other steps like legalizing drugs would save the nation $100 billion a year, not to mention removing the funding from criminal gangs and the corresponding reduction in crime.

Real cuts are going to have to be made, or this nation will collapse under the weight of spending. However, I don’t see it happening. No, I think we are going to ride this spending train all the way to the bottom.


Catching Crackers

In a continuation of the “race war” that many blacks seem to be waging, and many whites seem to be pretending doesn’t exist, a couple went out and attempted to “catch a cracker” – slang for robbing a white person. When they didn’t find a suitable white person, they robbed a black man.

In Florida. Didn’t the recent Zimmerman case teach the criminals in this state what happens when you attempt to rob people?