This is why I can’t lock up ALL of my guns

The Democrats want me to keep all of my guns locked up and separate from my ammunition. My gun safe is on the other side of the house from my bedroom, and the kitchen is between them. So what am I supposed to do when an 11 foot long, carnivorous dinosaur breaks into my house?


Orlando goes ecofascist

The city of Orlando is about to ban plastic straws, bags, and containers from all city property.

“This covers … public right of way like food trucks,” Castro said.

Ironic last name aside, will this result in traffic stops if you are seen on the public right of way with a McDonald’s cup? There is also a city ordinance about scooping your dog’s poop. Maybe you can use bags made from a liberal chick’s underarm hair.


May issue guardians

Florida recently passed a law which expands the “Guardian Program” to include teachers. The program is designed to arm select school employees to receive special training. Any school district that establishes a guardian program gets additional funding and grant money in order to implement the program.

Now that the students are finished with their school year, teachers are in the midst of what is known as “post planning days” and learning about planned changes for the next school year. Thanks to the fact that the school district gets to pick who is a guardian, the system is going the way that ALL “may issue” programs go. What teachers are hearing about the Guardian Program is:

Although they can legally take part in the Guardian Program, teachers will still not be permitted to take part. Instead, administrators will be the only ones permitted to take part. Principals, superintendents, and some county level office staff will be the only ones permitted to take part. Anyone who is taking part will get a free gun, ammo, training, and a stipend for having the extra certification.

The school districts have turned this “may issue” system into a cash cow for earning grant money and redistributing some of that grant money to select, politically connected individuals. The guardian program has been corrupted to the point where it is completely useless.


Wrong Amendment there, sport

Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, one of the (seemingly) fifty 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates, and former Hillary 2016 supporter, has a supposed “compromise” way that he would like to rewrite the Second Amendment. Here is a quote:

I would go to change the Second Amendment in ways that people probably wouldn’t expect. One, every American citizen has the right to own a gun. Two, the federal government will never be allowed to ever confiscate that gun from an individual. Next, he said states should have wide latitude to determine gun policy within their borders. States have the right to manage the ownership—the purchase, ownership, and management—of guns owned and held within their borders.

In other words, he wants to outlaw firearms at the state level by not applying the Second Amendment to the states. He is looking at the wrong Amendment. What he REALLY wants to do is get rid of the Fourteenth Amendment. That would open a HUGE can of worms for him and the rest of the Communist Democrat party. Once the Fourteenth was gone, Roe v. Wade is gone. Slavery would be up to the states. So would every other item in the Amendments: voting rights, Religion, free speech, and even jury trials.

Good luck with that. 


Not worth it

Here is a story about a philanthropist paying off the student loans of an entire graduating class. While that is nice, it isn’t the point of this post. What really stunned me was this quote:

In the weeks before graduating from Morehouse on Sunday, 22-year-old finance major Aaron Mitchum drew up a spreadsheet to calculate how long it would take him to pay back his $200,000 in student loans – 25 years at half his monthly salary, per his calculations.

Why would you go to college and select a major where your career would cost you half of your salary for the next 25 years? This proves to me that this college doesn’t teach its finance majors very well. There are a few ways that this quote can be taken, but each of them shows a lack of financial knowledge on the part of Mr. Mitchum.

A simple calculation on a student loan of $200,000 yields a payment of $1400 a month. That means his salary is expected to be about $48,000 a year. If he was hired to work at WalMart for their minimum wage of $15 an hour and started work the day that he would have started college, he would be 55 years old before the college degree put him ahead.

Instead of demanding free college, perhaps graduating high school seniors should be looking at trade school.



Officials said they received a tip that a device at Darrin Williams’ Mount Dora home was accessing suspected child pornography. 

I wonder if this tip came from the NSA?


First Amendment

Assange is being charged with espionage for publishing information that the government deems sensitive. The government responds by insisting Assange is “not a journalist.” I disagree. The government does not get to decide who is and who is not a journalist. For the government to have such power would render the First Amendment meaningless. Imagine a President who can simply declare that some news organization or another is not the press that is entitled to First Amendment protections, and simply shuts them down. 


Teacher arrested for gun in class

A Pinellas county teacher was arrested for having a gun inside of her backpack, which was in her classroom. She had recently been told that her contract for teaching with the county would not be renewed for the coming school year.

When she was asked why she had the weapon, she replied, “Ask your Governor.” The woman has a concealed weapons permit, so she was charged with carrying a firearm in an unauthorized location, a misdemeanor. Read the comments. The readership of the anti gun Tampa Bay Times is all over this, saying that this is why the law arming teachers should never have been passed. So a woman who was breaking the law by illegally carrying a weapon somehow means that the teachers who want to do so lawfully are to blame?

It seems that, like all anti gun media, the entire story is not being told. As far as I know, this is not being reported anywhere else.

1 She is registered to vote with no party affiliation.
2 She is the membership director of a left wing, racist socialist group called the “Black is back coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations,” whose motto states: There is no peace: Africa and Africans are at war! U.S. to the world Comply or Die!” Here is a screenshot from their Facebook page:

3. This group (Soto is on the steering committee)  has a list of demands that includes:

We declare our human right to armed self-defense from the violent attacks by white citizens and the assaults and murders by the domestic military occupation forces that include various police organizations. We fully recognize that in a struggle for self-determination any act of resistance by the oppressed is an act of self-defense. (emphasis added)

This, in my opinion, is a domestic terrorist organization, and this arrest may very well have prevented a terror attack on that school.

4. The group recently had a meeting where they had this to say:

Our Coalition has concluded that elections are not the only method of struggle and we have responded to the 1963 declaration by Malcolm X of “the ballot or the bullet,” with the timely refrain that it will be the ballot and the bullet.

5. Soto has been the owner of a Florida corporation since 2012. That corporation is listed as a non profit and is doing business as USB HOOD APPRENTICESHIP ACADEMY FOR GIRLS and is apparently doing business out of Soto’s house, which is located a block from the school.

There is a lot of suspicious activity here.



Kim has posted on his blog about a scandal involving Navy sailors’ ranking female sailors on their sexual desirability. During my six years in the US yacht club, there were quite a few incidents along these lines. We referred to women as “split tails” and nothing would ruin a career faster than having a woman report you for harassment.

There was a scandal in 1988, I think it was on the USS Yellowstone, where more than 30 female crewmembers were engaged in lesbian relationships with other members of the crew.

We had a reserve unit onboard my ship once, and that unit had females aboard. We avoided them as much as possible, because they were nothing but courts marshal bait. For example, we had to post a sentry outside of the berthing space that had been assigned to them, whose job was to prevent any males from entering the space unless they were on official business. One of these sailors was standing his watch when a buddy walked by and asked him what he was doing standing in the passageway. The sailor replied, “I am on the pussy watch.” A female overheard him through the door, and reported him.

When he went to his Article 15, the Captain asked him why he said that. The sailor replied: “When I am guarding the brow, I am the brow watch. When I am watching the ship’s generator,  I am the ship’s generator watch. I was guarding the pussy, so I was on pussy watch.” The man’s naval career was ruined when the Captain threw the book at him.

On 1988, there was the famous “Tailhook” scandal where a bunch of pilots were accused of debauchery that some women found offensive. I spoke with a couple of people who were there. The women who were there were not blameless. In one case, several women were competing in a “bikini line shaving contest” where the judges would run their tongues down the bikini lines of the competitors to see who had the smoothest, closest shave.

This is what happens when you pile thousands of healthy young adults in close proximity to each other. It isn’t unique to the military.


Walking away

This past weekend, my wife and I were in Orlando for a bit of a staycation. We were staying at a hotel in the tourist district. We were about to cross a busy street and pushed the button for the crosswalk. The button causes lights embedded in the street and on roadside signs to begin flashing. There is a sign right there that says that all cars must stop while lights are flashing. The cars that were approaching stopped, but as we got halfway across the street, a car started to jet by and almost hit us, except that he jammed on the brakes at the last second. My wife pointed at the sign.

The man leaned out of his window and yelled “I stopped to be nice. You don’t have to give me attitude.”
I replied, “No, you HAVE to stop, it’s the law.”
Driver: “Fucking asshole tourist. Come over here and I will kick your ass, you fat fuck. You and your fat assed fucking wife.”

There are those who claim that every traffic disagreement will result in a shooting. They claim that “Stand your ground” is a license to kill. I proved them wrong. I replied, “I am not going over there, and I am not going to fight you.” The guy may have been armed, but I definitely was. My pride at being called names is not worth someone getting shot. The wife and I both walked away.

Nearly all concealed weapons permit holders feel the same way.