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Argument from authority

So I was at work, when one of the staff doctors came into the unit to ask about a patient. Now, the rule in the hospital is that masks are required at all times. That rule is really only obeyed in the patient areas of the hospital, and everyone in our work center was maskless. Except this doctor.

He came in wearing TWO masks (which no one in the entire hospital really does). He approaches me and asks, “Do you have a mask?”

As I am putting it on, I told him, “Just so you know, I am fully vaccinated.”

He begins chewing me out in front of my subordinates, tells me that he is a virologist, and being vaccinated doesn’t matter, yada yada. Now, I am open to new information, and I really wanted to know why the vaccine didn’t work to prevent transmission, but I also knew that he would take any inquiry as an argument. Arguing with a doctor while standing in the hospital where you are employed is the fast track to getting fired even if you are right and the doctor is wrong, and knowing that the easiest way to disarm someone trying to argue with you is to agree with them, I replied with: “Really? I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for letting me know. I really thought the vaccine was the solution.”

Mollified, the doctor left after presenting his argumentum ab auctoritate. As soon as he left, I looked up his license and his CV. It turns out that none of his education involved any more virology than any other med school students, and his medical school education was 12 years old. Not only that, his specialty is interventional cardiology. It wasn’t enough to make him feel important that he is a surgeon- he has to lie to make himself feel more impressive.

He lied in order to present himself as an authority on a subject that he didn’t really know a lot about. I was in medical school more recently than he was, and my classes on infectious disease was more current than his. Now that I know him to be a liar, I will struggle to believe him if he even tries to give me the correct time. Asshat.

My subordinates told me that he routinely abuses the staff- especially the males. He seems to enjoy using his power in the hospital to embarrass and belittle the staff, who have to take it if they want to keep their jobs. He is largely disliked throughout the hospital by the nurses, techs, and other medical personnel.

He is just an over educated blowhard that was probably bullied as a kid, and is now taking it out on everyone.


Recently Acquired

Normally, we post about the newest gun we have. This is the newest to me, but certainly the oldest gun that I own. I recently acquired this from a family member:

It is a double barrel Parker Brothers Trojan 20 gauge shotgun, with what appears to be serial number 100 XXX. Now, I know nothing about old shotguns, but from my research, it appears to be over 100 years old.

It isn’t in the best shape, and certainly looks old, but I am afraid to do anything to it, even clean it, lest I destroy its value.

I am not interested in selling, as the weapon reportedly once belonged to my great grandfather, and has been in my family’s possession for over 100 years. I would, however, appreciate any insights into the origins and possible value of this firearm.


No knees

Another black shooting for which no one will take a knee, because it was another black doing the shooting.

Silence the opposition War on the Right

CIA insurgency manual

Remember when I told you that the Dems were following the CIA insurgency manual, which lays out that, after the insurgency seizes the reins of government, the show trials of political opponents begin?

Well, here you go:

Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex with minors.

Despite the Presidential pardon, Steve Bannon is being investigated for state crimes.

Trump himself is under criminal investigation in Georgia, as well as Manhattan and a second Federal one in the Southern District of New York.

They are coming. They are starting at the top, but the communist insurgents will eliminate the competition, including you.

Education Guns


Project Graduation raffled off a rifle to raise funds for graduating seniors. The antigun lefties got the vapors.



Just like dad?

A burned body was found in the back of an SUV that was on fire in Groveland, located in Lake County, Florida. The dead man was named Jermonick Luther, Jr., and his mother says he was an angel.

Now I am not one to hold people’s families against them, but a search for his name discovers that Jermonick Luther, Sr. had no fewer than 8 felonies and 2 misdemeanors on the scoresheet. Nearly every one of them was for possession of large amounts and several different types of drugs. One for armed burglary, and one for aggravated battery. A couple included DUI. In other words, dad was a drug dealer. It may even be related to a similar crime not too far away in Marion county, in my opinion.

This is the story of black America: largely absent, drug dealing criminals fathering children who grow to do the same. Since, like nearly all homicides of blacks, the police weren’t his killers, BLM doesn’t care. There will be no protests, no taking of knees, no celebrities championing his cause. Mr. Luther’s death will be mourned by almost no one.

Until that cycle is broken, until people vow to change this all to frequent story, black men will continue to die by the thousands, forgotten because their death serves no political purpose.

Race baiting

Not fitting the narrative

Whites are being blamed for an alleged rise in “Asian hate crimes” across the country.

Until it turns out that the people doing it aren’t white. And they were on parole for stabbing and killing their own mother.


G. Gordon Liddy

I used to listen to the G. Gordon Liddy radio program, back in the 90’s, at about the same time I discovered Limbaugh. I tuned in almost every day. The thing that he said that I remember the best was during the Waco seige: “The ATF letters on their body armor make a great aiming point for a good rifle.”

Liddy will be remembered for being many things. Like most people, he was complicated and not many people know the entire person. Perhaps his wife of 53 years and their five children knew him best. Mr. Liddy died yesterday, he was 90 years old, and I have no doubt that he was a patriot. I cannot say the same thing about his son, who was a big part of the stolen election of last year.


New Job

My new job sees me working 12 hours a day, so blogging has suffered a bit. I am still getting used to my 7am-7pm shift.

Anyhow, back to blogging.