Disney Pedos Grooming Children Tranny Insanity

Every Time

Every time there is a sting looking to catch pedophiles and other sexual predators, you can be nearly sure that a Disney employee will be among those who were caught. The sting this week is no exception.

“What would an operation be — either a pornography investigation or predator operation or human trafficking operation — without a Disney employee? We always have a Disney employee,” Judd said.

I have blogged about this for years: Disney hates gun owners, but loves them some sexual predators. The reason is obvious: the great granddaughter of one of the company’s founders is a tranny who claims to be a “he” and is working as a science teacher.

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Short eyed Chester pedos always go where the children are.
Twas ever thus.
Happy Rosenberg executions day! June 19, 1953.
We used to get thrown out of those mongo “family” fun parks for various reasons and then would sneak back in with squirt guns and snarls.

The sad thing is, the Sheriff is right. Ain’t no such thing as a pedo investigation without Disney employees involved. Has been since at least 2000, probably going to the time that Walt finally stopped paying attention.

One of the trolls I had during that meltdown a ways back was a Disneykidfucker and ended up fleeing Florida ‘cos they caught him out as being a kidfucker… that’s the one who threatened to rape my 4 year old Gran… I got something for that fucker, lemme tell ya bro….

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