The Collapse

US Casualty List

Killed directly by political violence since May 26, 2020: 34

Below is a listing of those killed as a result of ongoing political violence. Manner of death and affiliation, if known, is listed. Yet another big job that may not be comprehensive and may have errors. Sorry, difficult to get the truth in some cases.

May 27, 2020

  • Calvin Horton Jr. Minneapolis killed by BLM/Antifa

May 30, 2020:

  • Chris Beaty, shot by BLM/Antifa forces in Indianapolis
  • Dorian Murrell, shot Indianapolis, maybe apolitical street violence 
  • James Scurlock Omaha- BLM/Antifa shot while engaged in looting.
  • Barry Perkins St Louis, run over by FedEx truck while blocking road as a part of BLM/Antifa
  • Dave Patrick Underwood shot in Underwood, CA. Federal Security Guard

May 31, 2020:

  • Marvin Francois Kansas City, shot and killed by BLM/Antifa
  • John Tiggs, Chicago area shot by apparent BLM/Antifa forces
  • Myqwon Blanchard Chicago area shot by apparent BLM/Antifa forces

June 1, 2020

  • David McAtee, Louisville, BLM//Antifa, shot by National Guard
  • Italia Kelly, Davenport, IA shot during ambush by fellow BLM/Antifa member
  • Marquis Tousant, Davenport, IA, shot during ambush by fellow BLM/Antifa member
  • Jorge Gomez member of BLM/Antifa, shot by Las Vegas police. A police officer was shot in the head at the same incident, but was not killed
  • Jose Gutierrez shot by BLM/Antifa in Cicero, Ill.
  • Victor Cazares Jr.  shot by BLM/Antifa in Cicero, Ill.

June 2, 2020:

  • David Dorn. shot by BLM/Antifa forces in St. Louis.
  • Unidentified male. in Philadelphia BLM/Antifa, shot while looting.
  • Unidentified male. in Philadelphia BLM/Antifa, killed by his own explosives while trying to blow open an ATM
  • Sean Monterrosa. in Vallejo, Calif. BLM/Antifa, shot by police

June 5, 2020:

  • Javar Harrell. Detroit. Shot.

June 7, 2020:

  • Robert Forbes. in Bakersfield, Calif. Hit by a car while engaged in blocking a road as a member of BLM/Antifa

June 20, 2020:

  • Horace Anderson. in Seattle autonomous zone. Shot. BLM/Antifa

June 27, 2020:

  • Tyler Gerth. Louisville. Journalist killed by BLM/Antifa member

June 29, 2020:

  • Antonio Mays Jr. in Seattle. Shot in the autonomous zone. BLM/Antifa

July 3, 2020:

  • Summer Taylor. Seattle. Struck by vehicle while engaged in blocking a highway as a part of BLM/Antifa forces.

July 4, 2020:

  • Secoriea Turner. in Atlanta. Age 8. Killed when her vehicle was ambushed by BLM/Antifa in a roadblock

July 5, 2020

  • Jessica Doty-Whitaker ambushed, shot by BLM/Antifa members

July 25, 2020

  • Garrett Foster. BLM/Antifa member shot when he pointed an AK at an armed off duty soldier working as an Uber driver

August 25, 2020

  • Joseph Rosenbaum BLM/Antifa member killed in a firefight by Kyle Rittenhouse
  • Anthony Huber, BLM/Antifa member killed in a firefight by Kyle Rittenhouse

August 29, 2020:

  • Aaron Danielson MAGA in Portland. Shot and killed in an ambush by Reinoehl.

September 3, 2020:

  • Michael Reinoehl Near Seattle, WA. Suspect in Danielson killing, was shot by police. BLM/Antifa member.

October 10, 2020

  • Lee Keltner Denver had MAGA ties shot and killed by an “unlicensed security guard” with ties to Antifa

January 6, 2021

  • Ashli Babbitt MAGA shot by Capitol Hill police

  • Red= BLM/Antifa member
  • Green= killed while serving Government Forces
  • Blue= MAGA affiliated
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Danger Zones page

I am adding a new page to the links at the top of this blog. It is my intent to track the violent acts that are being perpetrated by the BLM/Antifa folks. If any of you have any stories or news about insurgent violence, let me know in the comments there. Thanks.

Here are my proposals for rating the various zones. In order from least to most danger:

Zone 1: Increased vigilance and awareness
These cities are ones where violent leftist extremists are known to have caused political violence in the past.

Zone 2: Risk of Violent protests with local official cooperation

Zone 2 cites have seen recent violence, with local authorities either refusing to intervene or even actively assisting those committing violent acts.

Zone 3: Deadly force used by insurgents in at least one incident

Zone three cities are areas where violent protests and riots have taken place and the rioters have employed deadly force with little to no attempt at mitigating response from local authorities.

Zone 4: Disputed Territory

Zone 4 zones are those where deadly force has been used to kill and/or seriously injure anyone who the insurgents feel are not sufficiently sympathetic or supportive of their goals. Government authority has either effectively or openly sided with the insurgents and is providing them with active support.

Zone 5: Occupied Zones
Areas in zone 5 are areas where the government has ceded or lost all control and/or has openly declared that they cannot and will not provide basic government services like police, fire, and EMS. These areas are completely out of legitimate governmental control and can best be described as being behind enemy lines.

Let’s begin by assuming that every blue county contains significant numbers of violent communists and work from there.


What would we do?

On 9/11, Islamic terrorists killed more than 3,000 American citizens. The country responded by passing draconian laws, capturing and imprisoning thousands of people, and mobilizing our military for a war that to date has lasted for nearly 20 years.

As of March 15, 2020, a total of 61 people in the US had died of COVID. The entire country was locked in their homes for weeks as a result, and some are still in a state of house arrest.

Now picture that Canada and Mexico both declare that the US has no right to exist, and they begin lobbing rockets over the border on a weekly basis. Then Venezuela announces that they are developing nuclear weapons, with the stated intent of using a nuclear weapon on New York City as soon as they can build one.

How do you think the USA would respond to that?

Now why do you attack Israel for their actions?

Crime Criminals

Cultural Appropriation

This black man apparently committed more than 30 burglaries while disguised as a white man. There are so many jokes here, each of them funnier and more racially stereotypical than the last.

Crime Criminals

Some people are just evil

Here is a case of a 14 year old evil person, who killed his 13 year old classmate. Some want to make sense of it, and I just don’t even try. To try and understand some things is to invite yourself to become like them.

Whenever someone asks me why people can do things to others, that is what I tell them: “Some people are just evil. The things that they do to other people don’t make sense to you, because you aren’t evil. Those people are broken, and that is why they do the things they do. “

I may not want to understand them, but I *do* know how to keep them from doing it again. It seems odd for me to say, because- I am opposed to the death penalty. Why? Because I don’t trust our court system not to do underhanded things like hide exculpatory evidence or manufacture evidence, not because I oppose the concept.

Anti American left

Ruining Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy said that the book Without Remorse began with one basic question: What would happen if an elite warrior like a Navy SEAL declared war on a criminal gang?

That is what happened in the original book- the main character experienced a personal loss when his wife and child were killed in a car accident. He blamed himself for being off fighting a war when his wife and child needed him. So when the woman who managed to make him into a normal man again turned out to have a checkered past, he wanted to help her. The people from her past murdered her and injured him in the process. He declared war on the gang himself and set off on a hunting expedition of his own.

They finally decided to make a movie out of what was an excellent book. And ruined it. First, let’s see what the critics have to say:

Despite a commanding performance from Michael B. Jordan, Without Remorse fails to escape its outdated patriotic tropes and forced franchise place settings.

Wait a minute- patriotism is outdated? Not for some of us. Duty. Honor. Country. Let me quote another movie: “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall — you need me on that wall.

We use words like “honor,” “code,” “loyalty.” We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punch line.”

Patriotism isn’t outdated, you quisling cuckold, so go fuck yourself. I spent the vast majority of my life dedicated to the idea that some things are larger than the individual. First, in the military, then more than two decades running into places that most people avoid at all costs. One thing always guided me in my adult life: “No greater love hath man than he who would die so that others might live.” So anyone who thinks that this is outdated can kiss my ass.

In this movie, the plot of the book is changed. The protagonist’s wife is killed by the Russian military. Then he goes to Russia and seeks revenge. In short, the movie isn’t even close to the book. The only thing this movie has in common with the book are the title and the names of a few characters.

Even then, they screwed it up. Admiral Greer, the head of the CIA’s DI who was so ably played by James Earl Jones, is played by some ghetto looking black chick. She is “Lieutenant Commander Greer” a female Navy SEAL. Yeah.

Did I mention that every white male in the movie is either a bad guy, or is killed in the early parts of the movie?

It would have been closer to the book if Antifa were the bad guys. I would have paid money to see that movie, but this shitty assed Wokefest? No thanks. American movies used to be the best in the world. Now they are just formulaic special effects crap with two dimensional characters that have the depth of a mudpuddle. Still, they screwed this up even worse than they screwed up Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

When was the last time that Hollywood came out with a movie that was worth watching? I couldn’t tell you. I think the real problem with Hollywood is that no one in that liberal cesspool has any idea what Clancy’s target audience values. They have no idea what those of us on the right feel is important.

That is why all of their movies suck.

Silence the opposition

From the commies at Facebook

I got a notice from Facebook over the weekend, telling me that I something I posted violated Facebook’s community guidelines. I was thrown in FB jail again. That’s odd, I thought. I haven’t posted ANYTHING to Facebook in months, ever since I was tossed in FB jail for things that I had already been thrown in FB jail for before.

Some history. I stopped posting to FB when I was given a 7 day ban on January 10 because:

Multiple posts from the last year didn’t follow our standards.

Yeah, I know. You suspended my account no fewer than 11 times in the 12 preceding months. Still, I had done nothing new to merit such a ban. Because of that, I only made three posts after the ban ended on January 18. One was to change my profile pic to an announcement that I would no longer use FB, and instead would be found on Gab, MeWe, and Parler. The second was to post this picture:

Then the third was on February 24, which was a link to the article in TIME magazine, where they admitted to rigging the election. When I said the election was rigged, it got me a ten day ban. It turns out that I was right.

Still, what was it that I did to violate the community standards of FB this time? So I logged in to find out, and it turns out that I was banned again for posting this picture all the way back in August of 2020:

My punishment? Apparently, FB says that the business page that I manage is not permitted to do any paid advertising for 30 days. So what? I stopped all paid advertising for all of my businesses with FB a year and a half ago because of this exact sort of thing from them.

I don’t care about your website any longer. I am no longer providing content to draw eyeballs for you to sell, nor am I a consumer of the content of others that you are selling. Fuck off.

Rigging the vote

Moar evidence

In case you needed another piece of evidence that the 2020 election was stolen: the US Census bureau has confirmed that moar Americans voted than there were voters.

Police State War on the Right

Power is Abused

Way back in 2008, I wrote on my blog about the threat that the Patriot act posed to this country. Less than a year later, I warned people that President Obama was expanding the definition of ‘terrorist’ so he could use his powers under the Patriot Act against the right.

As far back as 2009, then President Obama went so far as to say that veterans of the US military were a potential terrorist threat. Some Veterans’ groups even defended the President’s statements.

Glen M. Gardner Jr., national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, disputed claims that Homeland Security analysts were describing veterans as terror threats.

“The report should have been worded differently, but it made no blanket accusation that every soldier was capable of being a traitor like Benedict Arnold, or every veteran could be a lone wolf, homegrown terrorist like Timothy McVeigh,” said Gardner, a Marine veteran from Round Rock, Texas. “It was just an assessment about possibilities that could take place.”

It wasn’t long after that when President Obama declared that American citizens could be targeted for assassination without trial, as long as he declared them to be terrorists. Here is what was said at the time:

The director of national intelligence affirmed rather bluntly today that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American citizens for assassination if they present a direct terrorist threat to the United States. According to U.S. officials, only a handful of Americans would be eligible for targeting by U.S. intelligence or military operations. The legal guidance is determined by the National Security Council and the Justice Department.

It wasn’t just veterans- Christians were also targeted with the terrorist label. Those warnings went unheeded.

We didn’t have to wait long to see things escalate. Here we are, under the very next Democratic President, and veterans are again the enemy. The press is touting the danger. The President is claiming that police and veterans are white supremacists who pose a terror threat to the country.

So what is he going to do about it? A hint lies across the Pacific, in China. The Chinese government has been training its computer hackers to develop exploits that it can use against its citizens and other nations. It has done so by prohibiting its hackers from international competition. This tactic was used to great effect in tracking down Uyghur Muslims, sending them to camps, and generally being the asshoe that it is.

Back in January, Biden hired a former GWOT spook to head up his use of government power in the planned war on the right. The idea is Orwellian. Picture this: The government is prohibited from searching your home without a warrant. It says so, right there in the Bill of Rights. The brilliant idea they come up with is to hire a burglar to break into your house, steal your papers, and then give them to the police. That is part of the brilliant plan.

The government’s position is that they are free to hire people under contract to circumvent the protections of the Constitution, and as long as those people are not actually on the government payroll, this is completely constitutional. No sane court would uphold that idea. So of course, they need to pack the court.

They are using private companies as well as government agencies- the post office and Internet providers, for example, to spy on Americans. Just like the Chinese are doing.

Once that is done, well ANYTHING is permissible. After all, those evil veterans are all white supremacists, they are demented, and they deserve whatever happens to them, according to the President’s own comments in February. Read it for yourself, here is a link to the transcript:

And you see what’s happening, the studies that are beginning to be done, maybe at your university as well, about the impact of former military, former police officers, on — on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups.

You may remember, in one of my debates with the former president, I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys and he wouldn’t do it. He said “Stand by,” stand ready, or whatever the phrase exactly was.

It is a bane on our existence. It has always been. As Lincoln said, we have to appeal to our better angels, and these guys are not — and women — are, in fact, demented. They are dangerous people.

When I said 12 years ago that the powers from the war on terror would be used against American citizens, I was told it couldn’t happen. Now I am warning you that drone strikes, summary executions, and concentration camps are coming. Please listen this time, before it is too late.


Craps: Good bets

This post is a continuation on my discussion of Craps and gambling. My last post on this topic was about probability. Now we will talk about good bets.

The best bet in a casino is called “pure odds.” This is a largely theoretical bet where the probability of that event occurring is the same as the payout. (For a discussion of probability, see my last post on this.) For example, let’s say that you are betting that a ‘6’ will be rolled on the dice. Out of 36, there are 5 ways to roll a six (and win) while there are 6 ways to roll a ‘7’ (and lose), so your probability of winning would be 5 to 6. In a “true odds” bet, a five dollar bet on the six would pay you 6 dollars if you won. However, casinos want to make money, so the payout is structured in such a way that the casino makes more money. In the case of our example of betting on the six, a six dollar bet would win you seven dollars. This ‘house edge’ is the casino’s cut, called the ‘vigorish’ or ‘vig’.

So obviously, a good bet is one that has the smallest house edge. There are some bets that have a small edge, and others with a large one. Let’s start with the good bets, the ones that are the closest to true odds.

The Pass Line Bet

The most basic bet you can make in Craps is the pass line bet. You are betting that the person shooting the dice will win. (Refer to the basic rules of the game here) A pass line bet is placed before the shooter rolls the dice for the first time (this is called ‘coming out’). If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, he wins. If he wins, all Pass line bets win as well, and they pay at even money. (A $10 bet pays $10) If the come out roll is a 2, 3, or 12, the shooter loses, and so do all pass line bets. Any other roll ‘sets the point’ meaning that this is the number that the shooter must roll again before he rolls another seven in order to win. Once you place a pass line bet, it must remain in place until the shooter either wins or loses. You place a pass bet by putting your chip down on the pass line, just like the $10 (red) chip in this picture.

For example: You place a $10 bet on the pass line. The shooter rolls a seven. You win $10. Congratulations, pick up your $10 in winnings. The shooter rolls again. Since no point was set, it is again a ‘come out roll.’ He rolls a 12. You lose. Easy come, easy go. Replace the $10. The shooter again comes out, and this time he rolls a 9. The 9 is now ‘the point’ and the shooter must roll another 9 to win. If he rolls a 7, he loses and passes the dice to the next shooter. (This is called “sevening out”) The house edge for a pass line bet is 1.41.


“Taking odds” is mathematically the best bet in the casino, and is a part of the pass line bet. However, it can be a good bet, or a bad one. Taking odds is a way of increasing your pass line bet, but at true odds. You can take odds by betting more money after the point is set. If a 7 is rolled, you lose your pass line bet AND your odds bet. If the point gets made, you win the pass line bet AND the odds bet pays at true odds. The house edge for an odds bet is 4.76.

Let me explain. You place this bet by putting more money behind the pass line. If the point is a 9 (as in our example above) and the 9 hits, the odds bet pays out at true odds. True odds can be found below. To place an odds bet, after the point is set, you put more chips behind the pass line bet (where the blue chips are in the picture above). Odds bets can be placed or taken down at any time, as long as the dice are not actually in play. (The dealer will say “Dice are out- no more bets, watch your hands.” whenever the dice are in play)

Place bet

A place bet is where the gambler bets on a particular number being rolled. The bet pays each time the number is rolled. (see the “True odds” section below) If a seven is rolled, the bet is lost. You place a place bet by putting your chips on the playing surface between you and the closest dealer (while the dice are not in play) and tell him “$xx on the number 6”. The house edge on a place bet varies with the number you are betting on. For a 6 or 8, the house edge is 1.52. For a 5 or 9, the edge is 4.0. If you are betting on a 4 or 10, then the house edge is 6.7.

True odds:

  • If the point is a 6 or 8, true odds is 6 to 5. Place bet pays 7 to 6.
  • If the point is a 9 or 5, true odds is 3 to 2. Place bet pays 7 to 5.
  • If the point is a 4 or 10, true odds is 2 to 1. Place bet pays 9 to 5.

The good bets.

So the long and the short of this is:

The best bet on the table is the pass line bet. With a house edge of 1.41, this is the best bet to make. However, if this is the only bet you make, you are going to get bored.

The next best bet to make is a place bet on the 6 or the 8. The house edge on this bet is 1.52. When I play, I will put a $30 bet on the six or the eight, then every time that number is rolled, I collect $35. Of course, once a 7 is rolled, I lose the $30. The hope is that a 6 or 8 will get rolled at least once before a 7 makes an appearance, and I make money.

Later, we will talk about the mediocre bets, dark side bets, then some betting strategy.