Power Grab

Or else

When the Communists take power, you will do as you are told and be a good party member, or else. They are using race as a weapon. Even if you are one of the protected class, don’t think that is enough to save you from the requirements of the party.

They are coming for you. They want you dead. They want supreme power.

Power Grab

Dictatorial powers

Fail to follow the orders of a minor politician in a Communist run state, and get summarily punished without trial. That is what one man in California discovered when he held a party in violation of the mayor’s orders. The mayor responded by having his electric and water services turned off.

There are some who say that this isn’t punishment, so a trial isn’t required. What next? Have a goon show up and break his kneecaps?


Home of the free no more

This is going to be commonplace for many of us over the next several years as we are forced to come to grips with the fact that this is no longer the “home of the free and the land of the brave.” We can stomp our feet and deny it, we can try to act as though we don’t accept it, but it is not going to change the reality that the great American experiment that was launched just over 230 years ago is finally producing empirical results. The conclusion: People are capable of sustaining individual liberty only for as long as they can be constrained by a system of law that suppresses and contains their true nature.

Hobbes was right.

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NFL pushing it

The NFL is asking to DOUBLE its rates for the television rights to its product, despite the fact that viewership has been on a downward trend for years.


Another gun free zone

A mass shooting at an American Legion Hall. All American Legion Halls are off limits to carry, per their National Charter.

Anti American left Economy

You signed, didn’t you?

The current debate about high electric bills in Texas reminded me of this cartoon:

Silence the opposition

More censorship coming

Congress is still threatening more censorship. The left not just going after blogs and social media- they are going after podcasts as well. The powers that be intend to shut down all media that is not state approved. See this report here.

I was trying to listen to conservative talk radio on Sirius and on Blaze TV, but the hosts are refusing to admit that the election was bogus, but saying “we will get them next time.” Conservative talk has been brought to heel and has been told what they can and cannot say. Alternative media like bloggers are all that is left of the free press.

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Police State

Money Train

The police are more of a revenue generator than they are a way to protect citizens. They are being replaced by automation. There is a stop sign in DC that is generating $500,000 in ticket revenue a month.

Anti American left

Las Vegas is woke

One of the reasons why Vegas is going broke is that its politicians have decided to be woke. When we were there in July, all bars were closed unless they were also restaurants. I don’t know why, but Democrats (who claim to the the party of science) seem to believe that I can catch COVID if I have a sandwich and a beer while in a bar, but I can’t catch it if I have a couple of Margaritas and some chips while sitting in a restaurant.

Anyway, the Clark county commission has voted to change the name of Las Vegas’ McCarran airport (LAS) to the Harry Reid airport. Apparently, this is because MCCarron, who was a Nevada Senator from 1933 to 1954, was instrumental in bringing aviation to the state, but had racist beliefs when viewed through the lens of today’s standards.

I guess Harry Reid gets a pass for saying that Obama was a great candidate for President because he was just “black enough” as a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Firearms Self Defense

NOLA shooting followup

More facts have come to light on the shooting that I posted about yesterday. The shooter was a 27 year old man who had a criminal history. The two victims who were killed were a store clerk, and what appears to be a female customer who was simply in the unfortunate position of being the backstop for the customers who were shooting at the killer.

The two who were wounded were the brother of the mass shooting criminal, and another customer of the store.

The shooter had a criminal record:

The family of the shooter claims that he dindo nuffin.