So people were worried about having omicron because this strain of COVID produced no symptoms.

Now, not only does it produce no symptoms, but isn’t detectible with testing.

We have reached peak stupidity. It’s like this reality that we live in is a parody that was created as some sort of joke for a deity somewhere.


Revoking EUA

I awoke this morning to find an email in my inbox from the Florida Department of Health. In that letter, Florida healthcare providers find a notice that the FDA has revoked the EUA for all monoclonal antibody treatments used in treating COVID.

January 24, 2022
On January 24, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reissued the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for Eli Lilly’s bamlanivimab-etesevimab (administered together) and Regeneron’s REGEN-COV (casirivimab and imdevimab) monoclonal antibody treatments, which states these treatments are not authorized for use in any U.S. state, territory, or jurisdiction at this time. The full FDA press release can be found here.

Corresponding revisions have been made to the authorized fact sheets for bamlanivimab-etesevimab and REGEN-COV. These fact sheets are available of the FDA’s website.

As a result of the reissued EUAs, health care practitioners in Florida are no longer authorized to administer these monoclonal antibody treatments to patients, effective immediately. Further, all state-supported monoclonal antibody sites are closed effective immediately due to the abrupt change from the FDA.

Resources for emerging treatments can be found at Pharmacies that have received allocations of antiviral treatments can be found at

The full Florida Department of Health press release can be found here.

This is important, because to this point, monoclonal antibodies were the only effective treatment for COVID.

Politico even recognizes that this is a political decision. The Biden administration has been in a constant state of conflict with the DeSantis crowd for the past few months over the monoclonal antibody treatments. Biden was purposely directing the treatments to states who voted for him, while denying them to states that didn’t.

So DeSantis simply signed an agreement with the manufacturers to buy the drugs directly from them. The the Governor announced in December that the state of Florida would be giving the treatment free to anyone in the state with COVID.

The Federal government claims that the monoclonal antibody treatments don’t work, but that a new pill from Merck does. So, they ask, “Why is Gov. DeSantis more interested in promoting medicines that don’t work than urging people to take vaccines that do?”

To that, I ask: If the monoclonal antibodies didn’t work, then why did the Biden administration cut off supplies to Southern states in order to supply northern states? Just in August, the Feds were saying

“Four different monoclonal antibody treatments have been granted Emergency Use Authorization by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have proven largely effective at preventing hospitalization and death from Covid-19. The treatment developed by Regeneron, for example, reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 70% in studies. “

Let me tell you what this really is: We have a President who has a 33% approval rating and obviously cannot run in 2024 with a snowball’s chance of winning the election, even with massive voter fraud. He may in fact, wind up being the first President ever with single digit approval ratings.

So the remaining field looks like this:

For the Democrats, polling indicates that Harris’ approval for President is 35%, compared to Michelle Obama’s 16%, and AOC trailing at 7%.

For the Republicans, Donald Trump would win against either Harris or Biden. That is going to be taken care of with criminal charges. Before 2024, the Democrats are going to convict Trump of something that will prohibit him from running.

If Trump isn’t in the mix, DeSantis received 30%, Pence grabbed 24% and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz nailed 14%. In a race between Biden and DeSantis, Biden has a 42% to 36% lead, but DeSantis is a virtual unknown to voters outside of Florida. Once a campaign begins, he would gain significant support. In fact, DeSantis has been gaining support for months.

In August, DeSantis was at 27%. Now he is near 40%. This worries the Democrats.

Therefore, DeSantis must be eliminated from the race if the Democrats want to tilt the election in their favor. Taking the wind from his COVID sails is the entire point of cutting off monoclonal antibody treatments.

COVID is a political weapon. It has been since the beginning, and will continue to be. The left will stop at nothing to win elections and get more power. They are going to use every tool that they have: biological warfare, violence, and voter fraud. All of it. They will not stop until they have complete and total control of this country.


Call it what it is

A Democrat in the Florida Senate is claiming that “someone” stole nude photos of her way back in 2000 and has been disseminating those on the Internet. She wants to pass a new law in Florida that would make it a felony to steal photos from someone’s phone, or to create fake photos of someone.

The bill sponsored by Book, a Democrat, gets its first committee hearing Tuesday. It would strengthen Florida’s revenge porn law by making it a felony to steal sexually explicit images from someone’s phone or other digital devices. It would also make disseminating altered or created sexually explicit images, known as deepfakes, a felony.

Here’s the thing: Ms. Book was 16 years old in 2000, when she claims her nude pictures were ‘stolen’ from her. It’s already a felony for people to trade in nude photos of minors. She is trying to use what happened to her to insinuate that the pictures were taken of her without her permission by her rapist. That isn’t at all what happened. She claims that she has no idea how the pictures were ‘stolen’ from her.

What really happened is that she took the pictures herself, and then freely sent them to someone else. It was that person who disseminated the pictures further. As proof, I offer this article from the Miami Herald, and a quote:

Book — whose name is redacted — complained to FDLE that she had received multiple text messages from an unknown number that included two photographs of the senator “with exposed breasts” and also threatened to “leak the photos to Fox and her career would be over.” Kamperveen also allegedly texted sexually explicit photos that included female genitalia and the portrayal of a sexual act, and asked for $5,000 in gift cards in exchange for destroying the photos. Book told agents that she recognized the pictures of her breasts as those “she had taken of herself and only shared with a close friend.”

So let’s sum up what actually happened: Ms. Book took some nude phots of herself when she was 16 years old. She sent them to a boy she was infatuated with, and that boy didn’t keep the pictures to himself. This is a story that plays out all of the time in high school.

The Internet is forever, and things like this will continue to haunt her for the rest of her life. This is why I was constantly telling my high school students that putting your entire life on social media, and taking these sorts of pictures is a bad idea. The don’t listen. Teenagers never do, because they think they know everything.

Back to Ms. Book. Ms. Book mindlessly took nude photos of herself and distributed them. It was a foolish, slutty thing to do. She now has to live with the consequences of that. That doesn’t mean that she needs to be extorted for money, but the man who tried to use that to extort money from her broke the law. He will be punished for that.

It’s already a crime to be in possession of child porn. It’s already a crime to extort money from others. That isn’t good enough for Ms. Book, who is now a powerful politician, and wants to pass laws that aren’t needed and wouldn’t have done a thing in her case.

Here is the issue that I have with this proposed law: It would make it a crime to possess any picture “showing of the human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks with less than a fully opaque covering; or the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple; or the depiction of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.”

This law goes too far, and it will be far too easy for people to unknowingly fall afoul of this overly broad law. Think about how this picture would be made illegal by this bill:

Here are some of the bills being sponsored by Ms. Book in the 2022 session:

In a side note, Ms. Book also famously voted against 2021’s Senate Bill 86, which requires the state to list college majors that don’t lead to employment. This has lead to degrees like women’s studies and 14th century French poetry being labelled as the waste of time and money that they are.


Aren’t They Always?

This 15 year old kid was shot and killed in Orlando

She’s devastated and wants to know who killed her son. She said he loved sports, attended the Boys & Girls Club and was working to turn his life around. “He was just the best son ever. He had a lot of issues, but he was working through it. It’s not right,” [his mother] said.

Presidency Silence the opposition War on the Right

What if Trump…

If President Trump had called a member of the press a “stupid son of a bitch” during a press conference, the media would be apoplectic as they screamed that the President was trying to attack free speech. Hell, they went nuts because Trump got more scoops of ice cream at dinner. Since this is Biden, and the reporter was from Fox News, well, not so much. “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters said: “I think the president’s right. You are a stupid S.O.B.

Military Presidency

Quickly Developing

Now the US has given 8,500 American troops orders to stand by to be sent to Europe. Holy shit, this guy really is looking for a fight. He went from “considering” it to alerting troops for movement in less than 6 hours. We are literally doing more to defend the borders of the Ukraine than we are our own borders.

The Democrats have wanted a war with the Russians ever since they snubbed Obama in 2014. So then we accused them of rigging the HRC defeat in 2016. It seems like they have been trying to pick a fight with them for years. Don’t forget when the Democrats did the “selfie” campaign to save the Ukraine from Russia in 2014.

Yes, Psaki was the Dept of State Spokesperson in 2014, the last time Russia did this

Here is my theory: There have been rumors that Biden’s strings are actually being pulled by Obama. This situation with Russia and the Ukraine is Obama being pissed because the Russkies bent him over the Ukraine in 2014.

Military Presidency


Biden is now going to send ground troops to the Ukraine in an effort to bolster his sagging poll numbers. If all of our troops are off guarding the Ukraine, how in the world will Congress be safe from the Royal order of Buffalo?

Honk Honk
Police State tyranny

Third World Policing

Wirecutter over at Knukledraggin my Life Away points out a story of a tiny Alabama town that has discovered that it can use cops as a money making machine and has become the worst speed trap in the entire nation. The town has less than 1300 residents, but has at least sixteen full time cops and a number of part time cops. (The police chief, claiming “security” won’t tell how many cops he has) Those cops make over 1,000 arrests, write over 3,000 traffic citations, and have their own SWAT team, complete with an armored vehicle that they call a “riot control vehicle.” (How big of a riot can that small of a town have?)

Read the article that the post is based on, and think about this quote:

Chief Jones testified under oath that just one of the 10 Brookside vehicles is painted with police striping, but nine others bear no emblems, and seven are tinted all the way around, making it impossible to see inside. Jones testified his officers wear gray uniforms with no Brookside insignias.

These dumbasses think that they are badasses because they carry the authority of a badge that they don’t even wear. Thinking that they are some kid of secret agents, they act more like a street gang that is shaking down the citizens for protection money. They refer to themselves as “agents” and do not provide their identification, even on arrest affidavits:

The names of the officers were not listed on the tickets in secretive Brookside. Instead, the arresting officer was listed as “Agent JS,” while the assisting officer was “Agent AR.”

Arrests in Alabama come from all sorts of things that you wouldn’t think are a crime. For example: It is considered road rage in Alabama to drive in the left lane for more than a mile and a half. One of my favorite legal Youtube channels is Lehto’s Law. Take a look:

The entire thing is a scam. The traffic court judge is a local lawyer who was hired as the municipal traffic court judge to hold court one day a month. When audited, the town had no written budget. Wanna take odds on some skimming off the top by the police chief, Mayor, and judge?

These idiots are so predictable, it begs for an ambush. The kinder version would have a person with hidden cameras break a traffic law in full view of Roscoe Coaltrain, and when he pulls you over it seems like it would be easy to get some civil rights violations on film. Then they can be taken down by some good attorneys.

The more aggressive ambush would be to goad them into a traffic stop, coming to a halt in a kill zone, then having an ambush team light up one of these would be secret agents. Since they are in unmarked vehicles and wearing clothes with no insignia, one could argue that they look more like a criminal gang conducting an ambush than they do a legitimate police force.

Tranny Insanity

Don’t Train Kids Act

A committee of the Florida house just passed a bill that would prohibit educators from talking about LGBTQ+ topics that are not “age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students.”

To anyone that opposes this: What reason can you possibly have for discussing sexually explicit topics with children?

As a person who spend eight years as an educator, I will tell you that there are some school districts that are literally and actively trying to groom kids into a sexually aberrant lifestyle. Here is an actual document that I was given while I was a teacher:

I don’t care if a person wants to be gay, bisexual, whatever. You wanna put a guy’s penis in your mouth or rectum, I don’t care. I don’t care if one woman wants to marry another. None of that is my business.

However, it is every adult’s business to make sure that you aren’t getting children involved in your sexual fantasies.


Liberals on Rittenhouse

A liberal who admits that he didn’t watch a single moment of the trial, and who admits that he knows nothing about criminal law, is full of opinions on the Rittenhouse case, and claims that it sets a bad precedent: That anyone can pick up a gun and declare that they can go a “police a protest.”

He goes on to claim that this is an assault on free speech, because people will be intimidated because people can “show up with a gun” to stifle protests.

He claims that a person shows up to a protest with a gun is guilty of manslaughter, because a reasonable person should know that “something bad can happen” as a result.