Mind your own business

I have been sitting here watching the Zimmerman trial for the past two weeks or so. There are some interesting things that I have noticed. The State Attorney has used the following facts against him:

1 After witnessing a crime, he formed a neighborhood watch in conjunction with police and neighbors
2 He called police several times when he saw suspicious people (Remember, if you see something, say something) One of those calls actually resulted in the arrest and conviction of a burglar. 5 of the 12 times he called was on a black person, thus proving he is a racist, despite the fact that he has a black grandparent.
3 He was carrying a gun while going to the store. Who does that?
4 The gun he was carrying had a round in the chamber, and was thus set up to fire without cocking.
5 The person he called in as suspiciously walking between houses and peeking in windows was bleack
6 He kept the suspicious person that he spotted and was calling 911 on in sight, while giving the dispatcher updates as to the person’s location.

All of the above facts, according to the state, made Zimmerman a racist wannabe cop.

7 When the dispatcher asked where the person went, he got out of his truck to see.
8 When the dispatcher realized what he was doing, he informed Zimmerman that he didn’t need to follow the guy, so Zimmerman said “OK” and was on the way back to his truck when he was confronted and attacked.
9 While being attacked, the only eyewitness reports that Martin was on top, and Zimmerman was screaming for help.
10 Multiple witnesses have testified that Zimmerman could have died or been seriously injured, if the beating continued.
(Each of the above 10 statements have been presented in court. There is more than enough here to establish reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was exercising his right to self defense.)

What do I take from this? If I see a person kick in a neighbor’s door and come out with a bloody butcher knife, I am not calling or doing a thing. Also, stay as far away from all minorities as possible. Mind your own business, and never call 911 on a person that is not of your race. or you will also be called a wannabe racist cop.


My brother let his 12 year old son hang out with some of my brother’s friends from his high school days. Those friends thought that it would be funny to take this 12 year old into a very bad neighborhood and take a picture of my nephew standing under a street sign in the center of this area. My brother thought the picture was funny, and posted it to Facebook. His friends all had a great time joking about it.

This neighborhood has had 11 unsolved shootings in the last week. The last one was a 17 year old kid who was shot while waiting for a bus. I told my brother that this is not wise, but he doesn’t see the harm in it, and told me that I am being racist. He responded by saying that “I didn’t see any shootings on the news, the neighborhood can;t be any worse than it was when I was in high school, they had to get a haircut and there is a barber shop there, and besides, it was the middle of the day.”

I will let you judge for yourself. As for me, I carry a gun and I won’t set foot in that neighborhood. The cops don’t even go in there alone. That neighborhood used to be my first due area when I was with the fire department, and I saw more killings and attacks in that neighborhood than I care to remember. In fact, there was an episode of a cop show filmed in that neighborhood in the early 90s, and in one episode, an undercover cop was smashed in the face with a brick. The place has gotten much worse since then.

Shooting dogs

Following what seems to be standard police procedure nowadays, police in South Holland shot a dog that was not threatening anyone. They were caught on video standing there watching the dog for over 20 minutes, before shooting a dog three times that was not threatening them.

Also following what seems to be police standards, they didn’t even kill it. With this poor marksmanship, you have to wonder who the REAL threat to public safety is.

Race relations

So we have death threats from blacks against whites. We have witnesses in the Zimmerman case saying that Trayvon Martin called Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker” and many blacks claiming that the term isn’t racial or offensive because “that is just how black people talk.” Now we have a North Caroline County commissioner saying that white men need not apply for a vacant commission seat.

For years, we have heard about how whites are racists, and any time something bad happens to a black person, a white person and his racism are to blame. We hear that whites are all racists, and blacks cannot be racists, all the while ignoring the fact that we have a black President, which could not have happened if all whites were racists. I heard that President say that it is time for us to have a discussion on race, and say that he was going to unite us. I also heard him say that if he had a son, that son would look like Trayvon Martin.

Race relations are worse now than any time I can remember since the Rodney King riots.

Be careful out there

There is a buzz on Twitter that if George Zimmerman is acquitted of murder in the shooting of Trayvon martin, that they are going to “kill some crackas.” Here are some examples:

This Zimmerman shit so AGGY just lock his ass up cause if they don’t imma kill a white person and they better let me go

 If George Zimmerman win I’m gonna kill a fat white boy dat look lik George Zimmerman I swear lol

 If Zimmerman win, I’m gonna go kill a white a kid by mistake

 If Zimmerman get off, Ima go kill a white boy and use the same story he did…

 If  get off ima shoot the first /white i see

  white people scared of blacks that’s why yall but i’ll beat the shit outta one of u

When this case goes to the jury, there are large areas of town that I am going to avoid until this all blows over. We may see violence and riots should he be found not guilty. Living in the Orlando area puts me squarely at ground zero for any problems.


For those that have been following this blog, you know that I bought a home in 2007 for $240,000. In 2009, I realized that I was having my financial life ruined by my possession of a depreciating asset. My home was worth less than half of what I had paid for it. I decided to cut my losses and declare bankruptcy and give the house back to the bank.
The problem is that the bank I borrowed the purchase money from, and had been making payments to, was not the owner of the note and mortgage, even though they had testified in bankruptcy court that they were. Not only that, but they continued to try and collect money from me, even though the debt had been discharged in the bankruptcy. They left notes on my door asking me to call them. I would call,  and they would ask me to pay. They would mail bills to me. Since this isn’t allowed after a bankruptcy, I sued them, and we settled out of court. They paid me a large sum of money to drop the case. 
They tried to foreclose on the house, but could not, because they don’t own the mortgage. The foreclosure was dismissed.
They were one of the banks that the government was investigating for forging legal documents. As a result of that, I was paid another $4,000 in a settlement.
They continued to badger me for money for two more years, so I sued them again two months ago. I won another $14,700 from them. The judge also ordered them to have no contact with me. The day after we went to court, I found a note on my door just after lunch, asking me to call them. The day after that, I got a letter demanding money.
I guess we are going to give them some time to violate the court’s order a some more, and then we will be going back to court.
So far:
I’ve been living in this house for free for four years.
They have paid my property taxes for the last 4 years, even though they are not the mortgage holder, and I did not ask them to pay them.
They have paid me approximately $30,000 in settlements and sanctions.

and yet, they continue to break the law and violate the court’s orders

MoCA noise

I have been chasing down the RFI coming from my house. A touch lamp, a television, and a cable box have all been identified as sources of RFI in the house. The lamp has been replaced, and the television is going to be my next project, but for now I can turn it off when I am on the radio.
Yesterday, the cable company came out and replaced the cable box. The RFI in the house is now showing at S0-S1. Now I can finally enjoy some productive radio time.