Obama sets a record

I was looking at the public debt of the United States this morning, and I noticed that as of July 16th, we owe $11.598 trillion as a nation. On January 20, when Obama took office, we were $10.626 trillion in debt. That means that this week the President will have officially broken a record: It only took him 6 months to borrow a trillion dollars. All told, he has spent nearly $3 trillion.

That is right- it took this nation over 200 years to borrow a trillion dollars. Obama did it in only 6 months. To put that in perspective: Obama has spent nearly $12 million every minute that he has been president. For you visual people, here is a picture of $1 trillion worth of $100 bills (note the little guy in the lower left corner)

One trillion dollars (in $100 bills) if laid flat on the ground would be enough to pave a road 172 feet wide that stretches from the Earth to the moon.

The stimulus that Obama pushed for and then signed into law was enough money to pay off half of EVERY MORTGAGE in the country. A trillion dollars is enough to mail a check for over $3300 to every man, woman, and child in this country.

That is on top of our national debt, which now looks like this:

That is a stack of money 224 feet wide, 432 feet deep, and over 80 feet high.

Not counting the weight of pallets, a stack of $100 the size of our National debt would weigh over 116,000 tons. That is more than a Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier fully loaded with supplies, personnel, and aircraft.

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Helping the Homeless

In a story from the Orlando Sentinel, it is reported that the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty has ranked Orlando as the third “meanest city” in the nation when it comes to the city’s treatment of bums. The top ten cities were mostly in warmer climates where the homeless tend to congregate.

They stand on the corner and beg, urinating in public, breaking into vacant buildings, and commit crimes. They scare paying customers away from businesses, as well as sucking up resources in the city in their constant search for more drugs, alcohol, and free handouts. There are several homeless in my area that are known on sight by local hospitals, EMTs, and police. Several of them are transported to hospitals in the area more than 150 times a year, so they can go to the ER and get a free meal/more drugs/a place to sleep.

Contrary to what the press would like you to believe, most of the homeless are there because of drug or alcohol addiction- they are not just unlucky people who were laid off. They stand on the corner and beg until they get enough for some booze, and they are “off work” for the rest of the day.

I ask the folks at the National Law Center on Homelessness a question: If you care so much about the homeless, how many of them are staying in the spare bedroom at your house? How many of the homeless are sleeping in a tent city in YOUR yard? Or could it be that you only support the homeless with words, and when they are sleeping in someone else’s backyard?


The Brady Campaign wants you dead

A group of 50 teens attacks a man while he is on private property. The story makes some hay by pointing out that the teens were black. Let me start this by saying that I don’t care what color you are. If you attack me in a place where I have a right to be, Florida Law says that I have a right to protect myself, and meet force with force, and that law includes the use of deadly force, if that force is needed to protect me or my family from a threat of serious injury.

The only question here is whether or not a crowd of 50 teens are powerful enough to cause serious injury to a 39 year old male. (OK, a 40-something in my case) It would appear that it does, being that the victim in this case spent several days in the ICU as a result of the attack. As we all should be aware, head injuries can easily be fatal. Even though, in this case the injuries did not kill the victim, the only reason they did not is because they got tired of beating him and left.

The Brady Campaign opposes Florida’s law. It seems that after Florida’s law was enacted, the Brady Campaign placed billboards all over the state, and handed out flyers at the airport.

The Brady Campaign would rather see rampaging groups of teens roaming the countryside and beating up law abiding citizens, than see those same citizens defend themselves. According to them, a person is morally superior if he runs away, thus allowing a band of savages to beat his wife and children, rather than committing the unpardonable sin of defending himself.

Well, let me tell you: I ain’t goin’ out like that. You are perfectly safe from me and my weapons, unless you and 49 of your friends attack me in my neighbor’s yard, or the gas station. Likewise, avoid trying to rob me, or beat me with a tire iron. For if you bring violence, I will respond with lethal force, because I am not going to lie there and hope my life will be spared because you become bored with beating me.


Hypocritical Pope?

The pope has come out against greed, and is stating how we should be more giving, and not so materialistic. He states that we should give away what we have to the poor.

This is odd, coming from the richest man in the world. The Vatican is filled with priceless works of art, and the church owns billions of dollars in gold alone. Charity starts at home, buddy.


This just in:

A married couple were seen at Disney yesterday. It is rumored that the pair was armed with concealed handguns. Absolutely nothing else happened concerning the pair. No one was hurt. That is all.

Disney security was none the wiser.


The race card

In this case, six black students in Jena were arrested for beating a white student. The defendants state that they beat the student because he was hurling racial slurs. The case got quite heated, and drew national attention from Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, who claimed the charges were unfair.

They say that this was a simple school fight, for which the penalty is supposed to be three days suspension. I would hardly call a beating delivered by six men against one that put a man in the hospital with hemorrhaging in the eye to be a simple fight.

It turns out that the victim in the case never said a single racial word. The race incidents didn’t happen. The defendants have now admitted it.

I am sick of ‘the race card’ being constantly thrown down. It seems that when something happens to a black person, the first thing you hear is “RACE! IT IS BECAUSE I AM BLACK!”


Healthcare for all?

In a previous post, I was talking on a frequent theme here: government healthcare.

You hear it all the time: people bleating on about how other countries get “free” healthcare, and how the systems in Canada and the UK are so much better than here in the United States.

Canada, where the country’s Supreme Court ruledthat the quality of medical care provided by the state system in Quebec was so terrible that the law against private health insurance had to go. Private clinics are opening around the country to provide care to people who’d rather pay for medicine twice than accept the government’s “free” healthcare.

In the United Kingdom, where about 11.5% of Britons carry private insurance in addition to the taxes they pay for the National Health Service, government-provided dentistry is such a shambles that people have declined the service and dentists now make more from private-pay patients than from the government system.

Instead of being able to get healthcare at my own expense, suited to my needs, I will get a plan that is selected for me by a bureaucrat who only cares about keeping his job. This will have all the efficiency of the post office, the customer service of the DMV, at the cost of the welfare system.

No thanks. Keep the change.


How are rights safeguarded?

Marco Rubio, a candidate for Senate from my own state of residence, is attempting to get elected for the Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez. He had this to say on Twitter:

I have a feeling the situation in Iran would be a little different if they had a 2nd amendment like ours. #sayfie #tcot #nra

I think that this is true. An armed people is much more difficult to oppress. True to form was the Huffington Post reply:

But when I consider the sorts of things the Iranians could stand to borrow from America, a poorly worded amendment dealing with gun ownership rights and militias is way down the list. I think that maybe Iran could stand to have some separation of powers, a line between church and state, a free press, freedom to worship, the right to assemble, the right to speak freely, a freedom from unlawful searches, due process of law, womens’ suffrage, and a government that doesn’t terrorize its citizens with armed thugs or threaten its neighbors through terrorist proxies.

I have a question for you: Just how do you think that those rights are safeguarded? How does a disarmed populace fight off a totalitarian, theocratic dictatorship? After all, Iran has already proven that they do not have free elections, they have already shown that they are willing to kill their own citizens, censor their press, persecute on religious grounds, and generally commit all of the atrocities that you speak of. So with all of this in mind, just how do you suppose that an unarmed populace will win these freedoms?

The more disparity there is between the force that the citizens of a government can bring to bear, and the force that a government can bring to bear on its people, the bloodier that fight for freedom will be.

In the US Constitution, all of the Amendments of the Bill of Rights are important. The Second plays an important part in securing the others, for a government that is outnumbered 100 to 1 by a well armed populace will think twice before gunning down young women in the streets.

So many lefties are so fond of saying that “if the protesters had guns, then the situation would be a bloodbath.” I would point out that there are some words that come to my mind when only the oppressors have weapons: massacre, genocide, purge.

People who believe that everything in life can be solved without violence are living in a fantasy world where no one is ever greedy or power hungry. Let us hope that we in the United States never have to learn any different.


The weather

Today’s weather? Well, according to my home weather station, the temp is 100 degF (37.8 degC) with 60% humidity. That gives us a dew point of 83.6 degF (28.67 degC) and a heat index of 129 degF (53.9 degF).

I cannot believe how hot it is out here.


Paramilitary rank structure

Several people have emailed me as of late, not understanding how the rank structure works in the fire/EMS field. As a general guide, I will try to spell it out. Since fire departments nationwide differ in titles and terminology, I will say that what is true for most departments is not always true in others.

As a general rule, the fire and EMS service follows a quasi-military rank structure, with each person in the department knowing the chain of command, and their place in it.

Ambulances (no matter what they are called) typically have two people assigned, many times an EMT (who is the driver) and a paramedic. The paramedic is in charge.

Engine and Ladder trucks typically have a Company Officer and Driver, along with one or more firefighters. (The driver is not a rank everywhere) The officer is in charge of the unit, and the engineer is basically his platoon sergeant.

An ambulance and an engine or ladder are frequently bundled together. In such a case, the officer on the engine outranks the paramedic. In some cases, the driver of the engine does as well.

Other positions include district supervisors called battalion Chiefs, who supervise 5 to 8 engine/ladder crews, and Division Chiefs, who supervise 5-8 battalions. The idea is to keep the number of supervised personnel to a manageable level, and 5-8 is it. This is called the ‘span of control.’

Orders given are to be obeyed. The senior officer calls the shots. This must be so, because when snap decisions need to be made on an emergency scene, ruling by committee doesn’t work.