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Employee trouble

My post of this afternoon centered around employees feeling like they are owed something, simply because they had been employees for a long time, even if those employees hadn’t done anything to improve themselves for (in some cases) decades. There is a reason for that post.

I was hired into a management position at a hospital. When I was hired, I got a lot of pushback. It seems that the employees of the department who had been there for a long time were upset that someone was brought in from the outside, and felt that the position should have gone to them, because they had been there for a long time. One employee told me that she felt like her 17 years there meant nothing and that I got that promotion simply because “I rode around in a truck for a few years.” I told her that it wasn’t just my time on an ambulance that mattered. It was my certifications, my four college degrees, my years of experience as a supervisor that landed me that position. I advised her that she should take advantage of our employer’s tuition reimbursement program, so she could be more qualified the next time a promotion became available. She quit a week later.

Other employees told me that they felt like our employer should pay more. I listened and went to management, who told me that they won’t pay more unless the employees gain a skill. I went back to my employees with a deal: I would help them learn the material to take an exam to earn a certification pertinent to our job, and if they passed the exam, our employer would give them a 20% raise. The cost of the exam is $200. I was willing to teach them on my own time.

The employees refused, saying that they would only take the class if they were on the clock, and refused to pay for the exam fees out of their own pocket. So to sum it up, they want a raise, more training, more certifications, and they want their employer to pay for it all. Why would any employer do all of that? It makes no economic sense. It would be cheaper to let you quit and hire more qualified employees.

If employees refuse to make themselves more valuable, how can they expect to make more money?


Know the enemy

Today, I watched a video from BLM/Antifa called “what to do instead of calling the police: building community empowerment” Why did I watch it? So you don’t have to, but can still benefit from the intel. If you still want to watch the video, I will put up a link to it at the end of this post. Let’s start with an intro:

First thing that jumps out at me: haven’t they been saying that “defund the police” doesn’t mean getting rid of the police? Anyhow, let’s look at some of the people on the “panel” narrating this video:

Eliza claims to have been a social worker for over 10 years, who just graduated college with degrees in women’s studies and history. Brinley is a writer and yoga instructor. Sandra’s experience is as an “organizer” of students while she was in college. Katie has degrees in education and gender studies. This intro just reinforces the stereotype that the people pushing this movement are doing so because they have no real job or life skills, and their time in college was wasted complaining and protesting instead of earning an actual, marketable degree.

The video starts by telling the viewer to NOT call support groups for things like domestic violence, because the support groups just turn around and call the police. They are claiming that punishment is not the way to go with a “crisis.”

The video then goes on to say that psychiatric hospitals, foster care, and homeless shelters don’t work, then they list the reasons why. So what is the solution? Community. Yes, the community should solve its own problems.

Then they advocate that each person set up safety plans where they will learn to handle and respond to triggering events. Part of this plan should be to “deescalate” and attempt to calm the person down, so they can navigate through their own crisis, the one that is making them want to be violent.

“Do you need to do anything about someone shoplifting from Target? No, it is none of your business,” the narrator says. What to do if it is YOUR stuff getting stolen, she doesn’t say.

The video then spends 30 minutes asking for donations.

Every one of the people in this video are displaying a complete lack of understanding of human nature and the evil that lives in some people. It is obvious that they have all led sheltered lives. They all think that everyone is good, rational, and will respond to a good talking to.

They believe that if we all just work together, that no one will ever try to take more than their share, and that everyone just wants to get along. This is the biggest flaw with communism- the people who advocate for it assume that everyone will always try their hardest, and no one will take advantage of anyone else.

This is pure wishful thinking and shows that none of these people has ever had to live in the real world. They have spent their entire lives living on campus or in Mom’s basement.

What they don’t realize is that, once police are gone, they can pass all of the rules they want, no one will listen to them. Outlaw machine guns? Nope. Tell me to pay taxes? Nope. Shoot women’s studies members in the face? No one to stop it.


The Collapse

Funny and anger inducing

From Steven Crowder



In case you haven’t realized it: Elon Musk is manipulating the electronic currency markets. All he has to do is make a statement, and the market for electronic currency changes. He is making millions because of the idiots that hang on his every word.

  • 1 Buy electronic currency
  • 2 Tout that currency’s benefits
  • 3 Watch price go up, sell, make millions.


More inflationary signs

In yet another sign that inflation is climbing, the latest numbers from the Producer Price Index (PPI) show that the cost of production has increased 6.2% from last year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Produce Price Index is a measure of what it costs to produce products. It is a measure of what it costs a business to create something, as opposed to the CPI, which is a measure of what it costs to consume something.

Of course, it is more a measure of the value of the dollar than it is a measure of cost. The dollar is worth 6.2% less than it was last year. This means that the dollar will lose half of its purchasing power each 11 years.


Sneaking into school

A woman disguised herself as a high school student and snuck onto the campus of a Hialeah, Florida high school so she could promote her Instagram page to the students there. She was arrested.

The sheer desire for Internet notoriety in today’s popularity driven society is incredible. We are truly living in Heinlein’s “crazy years.”


Punches kill

Another example of a punch to the head being deadly. An altercation escalated into a physical fight, with the teen punching the 52 year old man in the head several times. The man was able to walk out of the room but started to show signs of medical distress minutes later. The man later lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital, where he died a few days later.



The Norwegian Defense force has established an all female special forces unit. Here are the physical requirements for entry: (translated- sorry if wrong)

Minimum physical requirements
2 body lifts (pull ups?)
20 push-ups
35 situps in 2 min
20 back lift
Swim 200 meters (10 meters under water)

Test on course beginning:

  • 7 km pack run with own bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: sportswear and sneakers
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

Before graduation:

  • 7 km pack run with handed out bag of 22 kg
  • Outfit: uniform, marching boots and weapons
  • Time requirements: 54 minutes

What requirements are there for male special forces?

So the female special forces candidates wouldn’t come close to qualifying for the male version. Even the weighted march is easier, because the women the men must travel 30km to the women’s 7km. Well, what are the requirements for basic troops, men and women?

Note that women who qualify for special forces in Norway would have to complete 2 pull ups, 20 push ups, and 35 sit ups, which would barely be a “passing” grade for men who AREN’T special forces. Compare it to the entry test for the US Army Ranger school:

Every country that permits women lowers the requirements. They have to. This is unfair to the women who go into combat and must face the reality of combat that they are simply not physically prepared for.


Florida CCW stats

As of April 30, 2021, Florida has 2,350,012 concealed weapons permit holders in a population of 21,477,737. That is one permit for every 9.13 residents.

Texas has 1,626,242 pistol permit holders in a population of 28,995,881. That is one permit holder for every 17.82 residents.

Now if only Florida could get constitutional carry.

Still, that kid of blows the left’s claim that gun ownership is seeing an ever increasing number of firearms being owned by an ever decreasing number of gun owners out of the water.

Of Florida’s population, 16,817,068 of them are over the age of 21.

Of them, approximately 100,000 of them are incarcerated. The Florida Sentencing project estimates that another 1.1 million of Florida’s residents are convicted felons, and are thus prohibited from receiving a CCW or possessing a firearm.

There are thousands more who are prohibited from owning firearms for other reasons- domestic violence injunctions, mental health problems, and other reasons. In any case, this leaves us with about 15,600,000 people who are eligible to own a firearm. Of them, more than one in seven has a concealed weapons permit.

Tell me again how gun ownership is dying.


Be a man

How many times have we been told that you should just “be a man” and take your beating? A black man, employed by a Tampa Dunkin, punched a customer once in the head, killing him.

Punches are not harmless. I don’t allow people to attack me. Period. The fact is, more people are killed every year by fists and feet than are killed by so-called ‘assault weapons’.

In his defense, the employee is claiming that the customer used a racial slur. Even if the man did so, that isn’t an excuse for violence. It especially not a crime punishable by death.