Election Tampering

As we enter the days before the election, word is coming out that multiple conservatives are being targeted by big tech for censorship. Steve Crowder has had his YouTube channel shut down, and LibsofTikTok has also been banned from multiple platforms.

I don’t want to hear about how they are a private company and can do as they please. As long as they are immune from lawsuits because they are claiming to be a neutral platform that can’t be blamed for what people post, they must remain free of using the ban hammer to influence the conversation. Otherwise, they are just another arm of government censorship.


Suing Out of Business

New York City just settled a lawsuit against a seller of gun parts, where the seller has agreed to modify their website to prohibit sales to anyone living in NYC.

The article calls them sellers of “ghost gun” parts, but the industry of 80 percent firearms is coming to an end in a couple of weeks. No, this is aimed at the parts market. They are nibbling away at gun culture.

The city’s complaint came after undercover investigators with the New York City Sheriff’s Office were able to purchase from Rock Slide’s website a Polymer80 PF940C unserialized, “unfinished” frame, slide, internal upper parts kit, recoil spring and guide rod, lower parts kit with trigger, and 32-round magazine — all to be delivered to an address in Manhattan. Rock Slide does not require customers to have a valid state or city license or permit, and it did not perform a background check on the buyer.

The reason that the seller didn’t require a license, permit, or background check is that one is not legally required for gun parts. There was no firearm sold there.

There is a NY state law that allows the state to sue gun makers. I wonder if the defendants in the case made a motion to dismiss on the grounds that they are not gun makers, the customer who bought the parts were.

I also wonder if the new ATF regulation will stand up to a legal challenge. I guess we will see.


Dirty Bomb

Because some people don’t seem to be clear on what one is, let’s review.

There are some materials that are radioactive. That is, they produce radioactive particles like neutrons, alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. Those can be hazardous. However, these materials are not capable of causing a nuclear explosion.

A dirty bomb is a bomb made using conventional explosives, but the explosion merely scatters radioactive substances across a wide area. The bomb itself isn’t more dangerous than any other bomb, except that is used to scatter this radioactive material. Although the radioactivity is hazardous, the chief effect of such a bomb is to instill fear in people.

A dirty bomb is not a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb creates an explosion that is millions of times more powerful than a dirty bomb. The cloud of radiation from a nuclear bomb could spread thousands of square miles, whereas a dirty bomb’s radiation could be dispersed within a few blocks or miles of the explosion.

Any explosion that occurs in your area may be caused by a dirty bomb. The only way to know if a bomb has dispersed radioactive material (is “dirty”) is to have some sort of radiation monitoring device like a NucAlert or other radiation monitoring device that will alert you to the presence of the radiation.

In general, protection from radiation is afforded by:

  • Minimizing the time exposed to radioactive materials;
  • Maximizing the distance from the source of radiation; and
  • Shielding from external exposure, and inhaling or ingesting radioactive material.

If you were in the immediate area of the explosion, do not eat, drink or smoke. If you have an N95, gas, or other respiratory protection mask, put it on. Even a bandana tied over the nose and mouth will help. Anything that will minimize your ingestion and inhalation of radioactive material is a good thing.

Get out of the immediate area of the explosion quickly. Wash yourself, your family, and any possessions down with water spray. This is called gross decontamination. Remember that runoff from this washdown is likely contaminated with radioactive materials.

The goal is to stop the radioactive material from harming you. Most radioactive products scattered by a dirty bomb are easily stopped as long as you don’t inhale or ingest them, and get them off of your skin.

The big threat from a dirty bomb is the public and government reaction to them.

Police State tyranny War on the Right

This is Important

I think that reading this article is important. See if you can read between the lines and come to the same conclusion that I did.

The story goes like this: The Oversight Committee of the House of Representatives told the CEO of Smith and Wesson to appear before the committee so that other invitees who were the family members of people killed by criminal actors could pile on the hate and blame Smith and Wesson for the deaths. The CEO of Smith and Wesson wisely refused to attend.

The Chairman of the Oversight committee then said that Smith and Wesson would pay a price for their impertinence.

“The CEO of Smith & Wesson refused to testify before my Committee and face the families who’ve lost a loved one because of his company’s weapons of war. Highland Park, Parkland, San Bernardino, Aurora — these mass murders were all committed with Smith & Wesson assault weapons,” Maloney said. “As the world watches the families of Parkland victims relive their trauma through the shooter’s trial, it is unconscionable that Smith & Wesson is still refusing to take responsibility for selling the assault weapons used to massacre Americans.”

Make no mistake, this was no investigation. This was a politician wanting to use political power to punish someone while grandstanding in front of the press. Fuck him. I wouldn’t have gone either.

Even worse, they try use Kyle Rittenhouse’s use of force in self defense against the company.:

Kyle Rittenhouse also used a Smith & Wesson rifle to kill two people and injured a third during a 2020 protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was acquitted on all counts related to the shootings.

The committee has issued a subpoena to Smith & Wesson for documents related to its manufacturing and sale of AR-15- style firearms. My guess is that the FBI will be raiding Smith and Wesson soon.

My answer would be: GFY. I don’t think that I would answer this subpoena. There are still such things as Constitutional rights, I am not giving you information because you want to go on a fishing expedition. You got PC for a specific crime? Go for it. Until then, GFY.

War on the Right

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I am sure that you all are aware that New York City began running a PSA about sheltering in the event of a nuclear attack. Then Donald Trump was accused of having possession of “nuclear secrets.”

Now we get word that the FBI is issuing a warning that so-called “right wing extremists” will detonate a dirty bomb at the FBI headquarters. They are claiming that it will be done in response to the Mar a Lago raid and the right’s anger at the FBI.

The left means to pick a fight to start a civil war. We all know how good the FBI is at causing terrorist incidents and then busting them, and yes, I am saying that the FBI is part of the left.

You have a Nuke Alert, right?


Liberty or Death?

This kind of grandstanding behavior in a court is the kind of shit that would make me lose it and tell a judge something that would get the book thrown at me.

“Your purpose was not to be a tourist walking through the Capitol, was it?” Howell asked during a plea hearing for Leonard Gruppo, who pleaded guilty to the petty offense of “parading” in the Capitol. Gruppo said he was not there as a tourist. Howell then refused to accept his plea until Gruppo admitted that he was in Washington on January 6 “as part of a demonstration in support of President Trump.”

How is this anything but a farce? We call this justice? “Make the plea and statements that I tell you to, or else?”

Start working on a good quote now.

“Give me liberty, or give me death?”

“Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

“I regret that I have but one life to give to fight tyranny.”

Something cool. I will have to work on it. You know, for a fictional story I am writing.

Florida Guardian Program

Guardian Standards & Training

A comment on my recent Guardian post makes me want to clear up misconceptions of the training standards for Florida’s guardian program. For reference, here is the comment:

To be fair you have skipped over mentioning an important item. The contracted security MUST have each officer qualify through the Florida Guardian Training. 144+ hours, 132hrs is range, shoot house and school simulated scenarios. Thousands of rounds fired and strict qualifications all the way out to 25 yard timed shooting. The guardians are fully capable with firearms.

The training breaks down like this:

  • 12 hours of it is in diversity training
  • 12 hours in psychological counseling
  • 12 hours of negotiation and counseling skills
  • only 80 hours in firearms training, and not all of that is range time.
  • 12 hours in legal issues (counts as part of the firearms training)

The firearms training breaks down like this:

  • 8 hours of simulator training (think shoot/no shoot training)
  • 8 hours of scenario training (not range time)
  • 8 hours of defensive tactics (also not range time)
  • 12 hours of training in legal issues (not range time)
  • 16 hours of instruction in precision pistol (not all range time, some is classroom)

By law, guardians must fire at least 90 percent, but no more than 120 percent, of the rounds fired by police candidates at the police academy. How many rounds is that? Well, it varies. The standards are set by the state, but the specifics are set by each school. The only school that I could find that listed the number of rounds fired mandates 400 rounds of pistol and 50 rounds of shotgun. So call it a total of 500 rounds fired. That would mean Guardians would need to fire from 450 to 600 rounds during this course. Certainly not “thousands of rounds fired.”

It also says that they must score an 85 percent on the qualifier. What does that entail? Well that is available online.

  • At one to three yards, from the holster: Draw and fire two rounds into the target in 4 seconds. Repeat once for a total of 4 rounds.
  • At three yards, from high ready: Fire 2 rounds into the target in 1 second. Repeat twice for a total of 6 rounds.
  • At seven yards, from the holster: Draw and fire 2 rounds in four seconds. Then from high ready, 2 rounds in 4 seconds, then 2 more rounds in 4 seconds. Total of 6 rounds.
  • At seven yards, from the holster: Draw and fire 3 rounds in five seconds. Repeat once for a total of 6 rounds.
  • At 7 yards, from the holster: Draw and fire 12 rounds in 45 seconds, with a mandatory reload.
  • At 15 yards, from the holster: Draw and fire 6 rounds in 30 seconds.

Scoring: Any hit on the silhouette of a B-21 target is scored as a hit. Guardians must score 34 hits out of 48 rounds in a total of 1:53 with a single mandatory reload.

If you know anything about shooting, you would know that 2.1 rounds per second with a “hit” on a target 2 times as wide and 2 times as tall as an IDPA hit zone isn’t especially hard.

Compare this to an IDPA classifier course of fire. (pdf warning) An IDPA classifier requires 4 reloads instead of the one required by guardians. It also requires that the shooter hit a smaller target, including head shots. Still, let’s compare.

If we were to shoot an IDPA qualifier at that rate of fire with an 85% hit rate, we would score somewhere around a 200. That is barely marksman territory for a shooter with a Stock Service Pistol, and that is giving them some, considering the large size of the target area that qualifies as a “hit.”

So, no. The Guardian training isn’t thousands of rounds, nor is it particularly demanding. I daresay that most of the readers of this blog could score well on that test with no additional training.


Come Tell Us How

Just wait until UN troops with blue helmets come here to the US to show us how things are supposed to be done, as they impregnate our women.

Anti American left Race baiting

Whites, Go Away

The Minneapolis teachers union just negotiated a contract that specifies that white teachers must be laid off before other races.

Purge opposition War on the Right

He is Screwed

Since January 7, I have been saying that Trump needs to flee the country, because we know as the entire Trump family is number one of “most hated man in the leftie universe,” the left won’t rest until Trump and his family are in prison or dead. At this point, I am thinking dead.

Now we have word that the FBI has confiscated Trump’s passport. They are intent on making sure that he can’t leave the country. I think that Trump’s biggest weakness is one that is being shared by most of those on the right- they are assuming that the left is still playing by the rules.

It will surprise me greatly if Trump is still alive to see 2024. He most certainly see it from the inside of a prison cell, if he makes it that long.

Things will begin to happen with almost blinding speed.