Not Compromise

Twitter rando wants firearm registration, annual license to own and carry, insurance, and universal BG checks. Says he is OK with national reciprocity of CCW as long as each state gets to determine where and how you can carry.

I said no way. Registration is only used to facilitate confiscation and states would simply make everywhere off limits to CCW. I’m not falling for that, because the gun control side doesn’t deal in good faith.

I don’t need national CCW. SCOTUS just did that for me. It’s coming.

This was his response:

So what do you propose that would lower gun violence in America? I’ve tried to meat in the middle but you only get to “I won’t”. If you don’t have a reasonable suggestion and aren’t looking for one, what is your point?

My answer:

We don’t punish people for laws they haven’t broken. Gun control isn’t the answer. That is my point. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a mental health and criminal gang problem.

“Meet in the middle” isn’t you take some of my rights now, and return later to take more. That isn’t compromise. With compromise, both sides get something. If you get what you want, what do gun owners get? What are you willing to give up?


The thing we would both “get” is the security of knowing we can go out without being shot. I’m not trying to get anything besides that? What do you think the end game is?

I replied:

Stats don’t lie. If you aren’t a gang banger, drug dealer, or planning suicide your odds of being shot are less than dying in a fall involving ice-skates, skis, roller-skates or a skateboard.

The end game? Gun controllers want all guns illegal. That merely grants power to the strong over the weak. I refuse to be at the mercy of others.

Antigun tyranny

Closer to CW2

After SCOTUS declared Maryland’s AWB and magazine ban unconstitutional, the Marlyand AG has refused to comply.

Democrat Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh was defiant: “Military-style firearms pose grave risks to public safety, as recent mass shootings in other states have made clear. Despite the Bruen ruling, the state’s law remains in effect. Marylanders have a right to be protected from these dangerous weapons.”’

Three of the four boxes have failed. The government is refusing to comply with its own laws. What else is left?


Credit Where It’s Due

As much as I dislike McConnell, it was his refusal to allow Obama’s replacement for Scalia that made the massive court victories of the past month possible.

A shout out to RBG is warranted as well. It was her desire to have her replacement named by the first woman President that gave us the second big move.

Lastly, I want to thank the Democrats for being so sure that HRC would beat Trump, they decided to stick to the extremist pick on the theory that HRC was going to ram through a leftist candidate to replace Scalia and swing the court to the left.

Thanks for giving us our Second Amendment rights back. Thanks for putting a leash on FedGov power, and thanks for giving up abortion.

You guys rock.

Me Medical Medical News

Airplane Medical Kit

Because of the comments to the post about the doctor on the airplane, I wanted to do a follow up. So let’s first talk about what is in the medical kit on a commercial aircraft. The FAA requires an AED, and a medical kit that contains the following items:

The most common inflight medical events are:

  • Gastrointestinal/Nausea (31%)
  • Neurological, such as fainting or seizures (26%)
  • Respiratory (7%)
  • Cardiovascular (5%)
  • Dermatological (5%)

My wife was on an aircraft flying from JFK to Heathrow where there was a death in flight. The flight attendants cleared out the back row of the plane and put the body on the seats, covering him with a blanket. That is where he stayed for the remainder of the flight.

I myself have been on two flights were there were medical issues. In both cases, the flight crew called for medical personnel. I wasn’t going to volunteer, but no one else did, so I raised my hand. The FA brought me a radio headset that was connected to the airline’s on call doctor, who consulted with me and we agreed upon a course of action.

The first was a moderate allergic reaction (urticaria, wheezes, pruritus) on a flight from Orlando to Boston. The passenger got himself 50mg of IV diphenhydramine and some inhaled albuterol. He was fine and slept the rest of the flight.

The second was on a flight from Las Vegas to Orlando. It was a guy who was having himself an anxiety attack. He was hyperventilating and complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain, along with numbness and tingling to his fingers and lips.

The reason for it was hilarious. He had gotten married to his fiancé (a white woman) while in Vegas. He was Puerto Rican, and was dreading his mother’s reaction when he told her that he had married a woman (who wasn’t Puerto Rican) that his mother hadn’t even met yet. If you know anything about Puerto Rican mothers, you would know that they are much like Italian mothers. He had every right to be afraid.

Anyway, I told the doctor that his vitals looked good and I felt like it was an anxiety attack. The doctor agreed. I traded seats with his wife for about half an hour and talked him down. Once he felt better, I went back to my seat. An hour later, his wife came and got me a second time. During that second visit, his wife told mine that I was a very patient and nice man.

That’s it for my aircraft stories.

Medical News


I don’t feel sorry for this guy.

To the press: stop whitewashing this:

Matt Ford, who goes back and forth between both New York City and Los Angeles, had been exposed via a friend in LA through skin-to-skin contact. 

If you don’t want monkeypox, you should stop sticking your penis in the rectums of other, random men.



It seems like an extravagant waste of money to buy custom handguns for a team whose largest expected threat calls for heavier firepower.

Grooming Children

No Grooming

Teachers in Orange county, Florida are upset that they can’t groom kids

The Orange County teachers union says many teachers are worried the laws could stamp out all conversation related to race and the LGBTQ community.

“Teachers were hearing that they won’t be allowed to wear clothing that was rainbow colored or rainbow lanyards or they won’t be able to wear Black Lives Matter shirts,”

So no political indoctrination allowed while you are being paid to teach. Do that shit on your own time.

“Do we obey what we know is right as we did with humanity, as we did with our community, as we did with our students, or do we chose to comply with a wrongful law that disenfranchises our most vulnerable?”

Go ahead. FAFO.

Rigging the vote


One of the things that I say is that we don’t yet know if all of our elections are compromised, or if it was just the one in 2020. I get quite a bit of pushback on that, but let me explain:

The election machines were all connected to the Internet. We know that. You would think that the easiest way to cheat an election is for nefarious actors to simply just hack the machines to give bad vote totals to favor one candidate over another, but remember that there is a paper ballot available for auditing purposes, so this method wouldn’t work.

No what I think was done was the election machines were reporting vote totals to a central monitoring location. This allowed our nefarious actors to not only see vote totals, but to analyze where a few votes, say a million or so, could have the largest impact in swinging the most electoral college votes.

A presidential election is easy to swing. Most presidential elections are decided by a few swing states. Those swing states are usually fairly close calls, and a few tens of thousands of votes are all that decides whether or not a state goes red or blue. A great example of this was the 2000 election between Bush and Gore. Bush won Florida’s 25 electoral votes, and the Presidency, by a margin of only 537 votes.

As all of you know, it went all the way to SCOTUS. The Democrats were incensed, and convinced that Bush had cheated. They were determined to do the same: scorched earth to fight the Bush presidency at every turn. When HRC lost, they were even angrier and even more determined to win the White House at all costs, and that is exactly what they did.

As the movie suggests, you could have only 2,000 mules delivering 1,000 false ballots each, and if they were to deliver those votes in closely contested swing states, those two million votes could turn a Trump landslide into a Biden victory without there being “widespread fraud.” Think about it: 2,000 mules spreading fraudulent ballots in 40 voting districts located in 5 states. I think that is what happened.

Now apply this to the 2022 midterms. There are 435 House races and 34 Senate races to contend with. Attempting to mess with this election is orders of magnitude more difficult. Now instead of gaming 20 to 40 election counting locations to change a Presidential race, you have to game hundreds of them, while at the same time remembering that the Republicans know what’s up, and will be watching a lot more closely.

That is why I am not sure that the entire election process has been subverted. I am waiting to see what happens in the election this year. Will it matter in the end? No. The bus is still headed for the cliff, but the cliff may be a bit farther away with the bus going a bit slower. No matter what, this nation is headed for disaster. The election of 2022 will just tell us if we are out of time or not.

Gaming the Courts Race baiting

How Does She Know?

The MSM is claiming that Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in today, making her the “the first Black woman to serve as a justice.”

Since she testified to Congress under oath, claiming that she didn’t know what a woman was, claiming to be one means that she should be impeached for lying to Congress. Isn’t that the standard now?

Anti American left Government


So the court just shot the latest sacred cow of the left with the decision on West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency by limiting the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2 emissions.

The money quote comes from page 19 of the decision:

Agencies have only the power given to them by Congress, and enabling legislation is generally not an open book to which the agency [may] add pages and change the plot line.

The left, as I am sure you are aware, is pissed:

I wonder how long it will take for one of these assholes to shoot a SCOTUS justice. I think things will get spicy after that.

Larry Correia has an interesting take:

I’m with Larry in recognizing that this decision will be far more impactful and wide ranging than the decision striking down Roe. The left is so busy being pissed off about abortion that they haven’t noticed that bureaucrats just lost a lot of power with this decision.