A 17 year old was shot in Haines City, Florida this weekend. The police officer in question spotted a 2014 Nissan Versa that had been reported stolen that day. They initiated a felony traffic stop, and the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed before striking another car, so police cancelled the pursuit. A short distance away, a Polk county deputy tried to use stop sticks on the car, but the car went off road to avoid them before taking off again at over 100 miles per hour. passenger of the car. The police then used a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

The passenger in the vehicle then tried pulling a gun, so one of the cops shot him. The 19 year old driver was then arrested.

These “teens” aren’t choirboys.

  • The 19 year old driver has 11 felony, six misdemeanor arrests, and three probation violations.
  • The 17 year old (deceased) passenger had been arrested for four misdemeanors, a felony and five probation violations- all by the age of 17.

They were in a stolen car, fleeing from the police, were involved in two hit and run crashes during that chase, and were illegally in possession of drugs and firearms. In my opinion, the actions by the cops here were proper, and the driver should be charged with felony murder.

Shady Practices: You Can’t Refuse to Pay Employees

My posts are delayed this morning because I am arguing with the payroll woman at my job.

The hospital where I work has a lot of training requirements. We are assigned mandatory training every month. Some of it is in the form of traditional, in-person classes, some of it is online training, and some of it is simulation training that must be done at the hospital. We are not given time to do this while we are on our regular shift, because that time is taken up providing patient care. For the month of May, that comes to about

If we clock in (using a time clock on site, or if we clock in virtually by signing in online) to do this training at a date and time that is outside of our scheduled shift, it has to be approved. I just got a call from work and was told that some of my training hours were not approved, and I would not be getting paid for them.

The Department of Labor says that an employer doesn’t have to pay you for training time if that training meets four criteria:

  • it is outside normal hours
  • it is voluntary
  • it is not job related, and
  • no other work is concurrently performed.

We have a problem. Actually, WE don’t have a problem, my employer does. When an employer tells you that completing training is mandatory, they don’t have the option of telling you that the hours need to be approved. They have to pay you, it’s the law. Here is a handy guide for employers that explains it:

As we mentioned earlier, the FLSA requires that employees be paid at least one and a half times the regular wage rate for all hours worked over 40 in one workweek. When calculating the number of hours an employee works, you’ll need to include all compensable time, which includes unauthorized work time if you know or have reason to know about it. Essentially, if the employee works over 40 hours a week in any way, you’re liable for compensating them for it.

So, even if you have a policy in your employee handbook that states overtime must be approved by a manager in advance, if an employee works it anyway – in violation of the policy – you still must pay them. That’s because the FLSA considers “work not requested but suffered or permitted” to be work time. The reason doesn’t matter; if you know or have reason to believe the employee is continuing to work, that time is working time.

In this case, they made the training mandatory, but leave it to the employee to schedule and complete the training on their own time. The employee has to clock in and out, then has to list the hours, date, and time on a spreadsheet in the company computer system so training can verify that it was legitimate. Then after the fact, the training department “validates” the hours so that payroll can approve it. In many cases, the training people will “deny” the hours, and the employee just doesn’t get paid for completing the training.

That isn’t what the law says. I don’t have to get overtime approved if my employer knows that I am working it. They have to pay me. Period. Now they are free to fire me if I am working unauthorized overtime, but it still has to be paid.

Now many of you will say “Well, just don’t do the training, then.” If you don’t complete the training for a given month, you get removed from the schedule and are not permitted to come to work until you complete that training. That is part of how they make it mandatory. Here is an example of a required training notice, directly from an email that I received this morning:

This is a notice to help remind you that your NIH Stroke Scale Certification is due to expire in approximately 90 days. It is your responsibility to renew and provide the appropriate documentation to Human Resources in order to continue to work after 08/17/2024. In accordance with your facility’s policy, if you do not renew prior to the expiration date you may be subject to suspension and possible termination.

While we are on that topic, some of the training that they make us attend is held at another location/hospital. This requires drives that are up to an hour long to get to the other location. The law says that they have to pay you for the time spend driving to the other location. This is what the DOL has to say about that:

An employee who regularly works at a fixed location in one city is given a special one day assignment in another city and returns home the same day. The time spent in traveling to and returning from the other city is work time, except that the employer may deduct/not count that time the employee would normally spend commuting to the regular work site.

Since I have been working there, I have been told to go to another hospital for training on 12 different occasions. The total travel time for those 12 occasions is about 35 hours, and I can prove it because I keep records. It normally takes me 40 minutes round trip to get to and from work at my normal hospital, so that means that they owe me 28 hours of pay for travel time for those 12 days. That means they owe me money that is roughly equivalent to a week’s pay. So far.

I am going to see the ED department head about this the next time I am there for work. If they aren’t willing to pay me for those hours, my next step will be filing a complaint with the Florida Department of Labor’s wage and hour division. As soon as I file the complaint, they can’t fire me for working the overtime, because it then becomes unlawful retaliation.

As long as I am filing the complaint for the declined hours, I may as well include all of the travel time to the other hospitals while we are at it. If my complaint is investigated by DOL and shown to be true, the penalties can be expensive:

If you don’t pay overtime when it’s due, you have to pay back wages for the time worked. If you neglect to pay overtime properly and a complaint is filed with the DOL, you’ll pay damages, penalties, and a fine. For employers who willfully or repeatedly violate the overtime requirements, you could face a civil monetary penalty of up to $1,000 for each violation.

Now consider that there are 250 nurses who work in just the emergency department in just the one hospital where I work, with each one of those nurses being tasked with the same training requirements that I have. How many violations do you think there are? Two thousand? More? Those fines get expensive.

Stretching the Truth

The headline:

Shots fired near DeLaSalle Education Center graduation Saturday

The reality:

The shots fired incident did not involve the graduation, and no injuries were reported in the incident

No mention of how “near” the shots were. A mile away? Half a mile? This headline is a misleading nothingburger, but the left will claim it as another “school shooting.”

Accident, or Not?

The Iranians attacked Israel using an unprecedented number of missiles in mid April. The Israelis said that their response would be “carefully calibrated.” Local media reported that Israel would respond “clearly but decisively”. Others were saying they would respond “wisely but not from the gut”.

Now today comes news that Iran’s President, foreign minister, and some other officials were killed in a helicopter crash. Neighboring Azerbaijan is friendly with Israel.

So was this a true accident, or is the Mossad involved?


Five different people with what appear to be long rifles ambushed a family in Miami Gardens.

 A quiet night was shattered by the rapid staccato of gunfire that police say created a “warzone” in a Miami Gardens neighborhood on Wednesday.

Being that Miami Gardens is referred to as “Murder Gardens” by locals and has a crime rate that is double the state’s average, it’s hard to think of that as a quiet area. It’s easy to guess the demographics of the area:

Miami Gardens has Florida’s largest percentage of blacks of any city in the state, with 71% of the city’s population being black. Only three percent of the city’s population is white. But that is just white people failing upwards, I guess. 

Falling Up

After I was discharged from the military, I was 24 years old and broke. I didn’t have the skills to live in the civilian world. To call the next few years a struggle is an understatement. I tried running a business, but I failed to understand the complexities and was homeless within 18 months. We managed to scrape together some money and got the hell out of town. My wife, our two kids, and I moved to the Orlando area.

I worked from one job to another, usually working two jobs at a time, while I attended school. Each time I changed jobs, I made a bit more money than the job before. I had a part time job with a volunteer fire department, who was paying me to staff the station during the day while the volunteer force was at work. I worked a night job as well. We were doing better. Then the divorce came. I was homeless again.

Again, I worked my way into prosperity. Within a decade, I had bought a home. Then the bank crisis hit, I had to declare bankruptcy, and was broke again.

Now I own three houses (although one is for sale), and one is producing income as a rental. My net worth is in the 7 figures. I just didn’t give up. Pressley would have you believe that my success is because my skin color somehow gives me an advantage that she doesn’t have.

Rep Pressley calls this “failing up” as she sits in congress making $174,000 a year as a college dropout. In 2018, the year that she was elected, she had a negative net worth of -$12,500. In 2019, she owed $15,000 in back taxes to the IRS. By 2021, she was claiming a net worth of $60,000. So in three years, you made more than half a million bucks, yet only increased your net worth by $72,000? But that isn’t the big part of the story.

In 2024, her net worth crossed $1 million. So in two years, her salary totaled $348,000, but her net worth increased by over $900,000. Where did that money come from? Her husband, who spent 10 years in prison for being a drug dealer. He now owns a consultancy business, Conan Harris & Associates, a management consultant firm that “specializes in executive coaching, strategic planning, capacity building, and diversifying the pipeline of workforce leadership and personnel.” So he rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars because businesses want to hear his thoughts on how to run a successful business, because being a convicted drug dealer with no formal business education is a skill set that many millionaires need to seek advice from.

I will leave that to my readers to speculate upon.

Price Controls

The Socialists are following the socialist playbook.

  • Institute profligate government spending policies
  • The spending causes massive, uncontrolled inflation
  • Blame business owners for the increased prices <——– You are here
  • Institute price controls
  • This causes scarcity of products,
  • Which puts pressure on the supply side,
  • Causing runaway inflation
  • Food shortages and famine

The reason why prices of food are outpacing inflation is that the government doesn’t include food and energy as a part of the consumer price index. It’s ridiculous.

Price controls don’t work. An artificially low price set by the government leads to a spike in demand, while the producers are not willing to sell at that price, considering that their profit margins drop considerably or even lurch into the negative. As demand exceeds supply, shortages emerge and consumers are left to cope with them or deal with inferior quality goods in the market. Those who bought up all of the government approved goods then resell them on the black market at the (now even more inflated) market rate.

Ask Venezuela, since they instituted price controls in 2003. The artificial prices set by the government were so low that farmers couldn’t produce food at that price. They had to go out of business. By 2008, the government was spending nearly $7.5 billion on basic food items, but even then high levels of incompetence and deep seated corruption led to the food rotting before it could reach the supermarket shelves. 

Chavez responded to this in 2009 by ordering the military to seize rice farms and make them produce at full capacity. This, and food imported from other countries that was paid for by the nation’s oil exports made up much of the shortfall, and prices stabilized for a couple of years.

Then the bottom fell out from under oil prices. By mid-2011, food prices were 9 times as high as before the price controls. Considering that elections were coming, Chavez persuaded the Venezuelan legislature to pass the 2011 Law on Fair Costs and Prices, which actually made inflation ‘illegal’. A newly created ‘National Superintendent of Fair Costs and Prices’ was empowered to establish fair prices at both the wholesale and retail levels. Companies that violated these price controls were to be subjected to fines, seizures and expropriation. So they simply stopped producing once the prices could no longer support the costs of producing goods.

This caused massive shortages, so people began to hoard necessities like toothpaste and toilet paper, with people buying up 48 rolls at a time. (Sound familiar?) Such trends saw the supermarkets being emptied out even before stockers could get in the supply. The answer for all of this isn’t that the government policies were a failure, nope. Instead, it was the greed of companies and of hoarders, so they had to go.

In 2014, Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro passed the Fair Prices Act through which it banned profit margins above 30% and chalked out prison terms for those caught hoarding and over-charging. 

By the year 2020, a dozen eggs cost more than a month’s wages. People were eating the animals in the zoo, as well as their pets.

That’s where we are headed.

Dry Run, or Actual Attempt?

Two people inside a box truck tried to force their way onto Quantico Marine Corps Base. Multiple sources report one of the individuals inside the truck is a Jordanian foreign national who recently crossed the southern border into the U.S., and that one of the occupants is on the U.S. terrorist watch list.

Two days after the incident at Quantico, a vehicle crashed into an outer perimeter gate of the White House in Washington, D.C., resulting in the death of the driver. 

Less than a week earlier than the Quantico incident at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek–Fort Story in Virginia on Sunday, April 28, a driver attempted to breach security protocols at the installation’s gate and crashed into a the vehicle denial barricade. (I used to live less than a mile from that gate, on Pleasure House Road.)

The Show Trial

I was going to do a post on the Trump charges in New York. I had all sorts of stuff lined up to show that Trump is being accused of what would be misdemeanors (and thus outside of the NY statute of limitations) except that the state is alleging that the misdemeanors were done to conceal another crime, which makes them a felony and is covered by a longer statute of limitations. The only issue here is that the indictment doesn’t mention what other crime he was trying to cover up that raised this indictment to the level of a felony.

Then it occurred to me that none of that matters. This trial is in leftist controlled Manhattan, where the facts don’t matter, all that matters is Orange man bad. The followers of this anti-Trump cult don’t know the law, don’t care what the Constitution says, and most of them are frankly slobbering retarded morons who only care about Trump being opposed to their view that we can’t know what a woman is. The left has the ability to understand reason and the law about as well as my spoon understands the difference between mint chocolate chip and rocky road.

Presenting them with facts and evidence on gun control is met with remarks about penis size. Talking about case law is like banging your head against a wall. Talking simply won’t work with them.