The Left is Pissed

I will still say that I believe that the Democrat candidate, whomever that turns out to be, will be declared the winner in the 2024 election. After that, what comes next? Here are some clues:

Like most dictatorships, the left only has respect for a court that rules the way that they want it to. Once the court is no longer serving leftist ends, expect there to be big changes. However, the President is simply ignoring the decisions of the court that he doesn’t like. See student loan forgiveness.

This tells me that the rulings coming out on bump stocks, abortion, and braces are simply tools to rile up the leftist base, so the court is permitted to continue. Still, expect to see some changes after the election.


I am putting an Ambush manual in the training manuals page. It’s a great summary of the tactics to be used in setting up and conducting an ambush. The money quote is one that I want to point out to all of you:

Maintaining a 3:1 ratio is imperative. It is standard in the U.S. Army to always have three soldiers for every one enemy soldier when initiating contact. This rule ensures that you will have superior firepower over the enemy and will not become outnumbered. You should NOT initiate the ambush if the enemy unit is larger than expected.

It is an important tactical consideration that you, as someone who is initiating an ambush or an assault, never allow your assault element to be outnumbered by the defenders. That is how you ensure that your team doesn’t get overwhelmed by the superior force. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor.

I Can’t Ignore This One

A large fight involving over 100 guests of the Canadian persuasion broke out in an Orlando Waterpark owned by Sea World.

The incident resulted in police locking down and evacuating the park.

Missing the Point

Many of the comments to this post missed the point. The question wasn’t about the legality or morality of engaging the thieves, nor was it about chest thumping bravado.

It was about the wisdom of going outside to confront armed felons when outnumbered three or more to one, and getting yourself shot in defending property that will cost you less than the cost of the ambulance ride you will take from even the most minor of gunshot wounds.

Part of life is being able to look at risks versus benefits and deciding if the juice is worth the squeeze. My family and I aren’t going to care that I made society better by three dead goblins if I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, eating through a straw because I caught a bullet through the spine from the accomplice I didn’t know was on my flank in the dark.

Insurance will replace losses from car theft. It can’t replace you. Sometimes, the most tactically sound thing is not to walk into a fight that will cause you to lose more than you gain.

if we can’t learn that lesson, we will lose the fight for our nation by fighting one losing battle after another. The wise fighter only engages in fights he can win and avoids those with no clear path to victory.