This mental midget is claiming that it is impossible to deport 9 million illegal immigrants because it is too big of a job. I wonder if he believes that we can “confiscate” all 600 million guns in American hands.

How about we have a buyback? Anyone caught employing an illegal gets fined $10,000 per illegal, per day that they are employed. Make it so that anyone who knows of an employer doing so can file a qui tam lawsuit and is entitled to 20 to 50% of any fines collected.

Picture your average construction site- 5 illegals spend 3 months working 5 days a week building a house. A competing construction company sees this and files a lawsuit. The construction company can pay a three million dollar suit, which will net the suit filer an award ranging from $60-150,000.

The jobs will dry up overnight, and the illegals will self deport.

They Wouldn’t Dare

One of the things that I keep hearing from the right is how the military and police won’t shoot at or go door to door, because many of them have ties to the community. I have been telling people “don’t be too sure about that.” It’s because Federal law states that only U.S. citizens can serve as police officers and deputies.

It turns out that Illinois has found a solution for that particular problem. They have passed a law that permits non-citizens to become police officers. It only makes sense- illegals can become doctors, nurses, and can join the military. So why not carry guns and arrest you for violating the law? So governor Pritzker signed the bill into law on Friday. The next time a cop pulls you over in Illinois:

It’s a great way to ensure the cops will do whatever you want- they are already familiar with how third world cops act, and don’t give a shit about the constitution.

Sanctuary City

This is what it looks like when you offer your city as a sanctuary for illegals. Now they are living in your kids’ school.

Apparently, they only did it as a symbolic gesture, fully intending that the illegals stay down there in the south, where the unwashed hicks live. They are now protesting against the illegals being kept in their kids’ school. Note that most of the protesters are not white. Huh.

If it wasn’t for double standards, leftists would have no standards at all.

TX NG soldier attacked by Mexican National, shots fired

A soldier of the Texas National Guard was attacked by a Mexican national who had illegally crossed the US border. The infantryman shot him. A US (supposedly) Representative had this to say:

Governor Greg Abbott’s reckless and political decision to place our National Guard service members in situations where they have no specialized training and for which they rarely – if ever – have jurisdiction makes an already challenging situation potentially dangerous,”

Sounds to me that the National Guard, who is supposed to protect the state from foreign invasion is perfectly trained and suited to this mission.

Say Goodbye to Your Job & Your Country

According to Schumer, Americans aren’t reproducing fast enough to give us enough workers, so we need to grant full amnesty to all illegal immigrants.

By 2024, there will be 30 million more voters. They will vote for Democrats. How do I know this? Because of illegals voted for Republicans, you would be able to see the wall from space, and Schumer would have been the one to have it built.

I have said it before, and it bears repeating- The US has already had its last free and fair election. The US will no longer exist by 2030. We will be in a single party dictatorship by that point. It’s over. Call me black pilled, but I just can’t see any way forward at this point.

Concentration Camps

It has long been said that wealthy, elitist Democrats don’t care about illegal immigration because they don’t have illegal immigrants in their neighborhoods. Ron Desantis has proven that old saying to be correct by shipping some illegals to Martha’s Vineyard.

FDR put inconvenient non-whites into military guarded camps. Now the left has found another group of non-white people to put into camps. Less than 36 hours after arriving in Martha’s Vineyard, which declared itself to be a sanctuary location, the immigrants that arrived there were shipped off to a concentration camp to be guarded by 125 National Guard troops activated for that express purpose.

It isn’t that liberals don’t understand hypocrisy or cognitive dissonance, as Miguel argues. They fully understand it. The leftists have simply decided that they don’t have to follow the rules that they have set for others.

In the meantime, everyone on the left who supports this needs to be called a racist who supports putting Hispanics into concentration camps.

Meanwhile, in Martha’s Vineyard

Residents of Martha’s Vineyard, which declared itself to be a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, are freaking out because Florida Governor shipped 50 illegals to their island. It wasn’t so long ago that residents there were posting shit like this:

Wait, they were just virtue signaling? Who knew?

Meanwhile, all of the residents of Martha’s Vineyard are like:

The best part of it was the liberal who said that: “Martha’s Vineyard is just a bunch of rich people. It’s weird that you all think you’re sticking it to the libs. Millionaires ranting about illegal immigrants aren’t liberals.”

My reply? “Don’t the Obamas own a house in Martha’s Vineyard?”

It’s easy to be a “sanctuary city” when there is no one there who needs sanctuary. When you are one of the states being overrun by illegals, it’s no longer academic. 50 illegals? There are millions of them in New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and Texas.