Illegals Don’t Like Taxes

There is the story of an illegal immigrant (but they are calling her a ‘migrant’) who was illegally selling fruit in NYC. When the cops asked for her ID, she refused to provide it and was assessed a $1,000 fine. Now we see the press in NY feeling sorry for her and talking about how unfair it is that she should have to pay this when all she was doing was trying to make a living.

“On the phone, the judge told me that he was imposing a fine of $1,000, which I think is unfair. It shouldn’t be for working that I get fined. I don’t think it’s right.”

She thinks she shouldn’t have to pay for working? Lady, you haven’t seen shit yet. Wait until you have to pay 40% of your income in taxes, only to watch it spent on supporting grifters like yourself.

What about all of the hardworking Americans who are making a living legally? They are having to pay so this illegal immigrant can get a free place to stay at a cost of over $100,000 a year. One could argue that there shouldn’t be a license required to sell fruit, and I get that. However, when one group of people has to get a license and another does not, it sets up a playing field that is tilted in favor of lawbreakers like this woman.

Pillajo briefly began working with an agency that helps migrants find work for a placement fee. The agency found Pillajo a family in Brooklyn to clean for

Then there is this. There is an agency of the government that is HELPING illegal immigrants find illegal, under the table work? Our tax dollars are paying for this?

Forcing Homeowners to House Illegals?

A councilman of Napierville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) is proposing a signup list for families to house illegal immigrants. The system is to be voluntary, for now.

Whenever I was confronted by people who wanted to feed and shelter homeless bums, I used to ask them how many bums were they hosting in their own homes. After all, if you aren’t willing to pay to house and feed the homeless in your own home, then how can you force me to do so (through taxes)?

Here is your chance, liberals. Do you really support sanctuary cities, or is that just part of the “not in my backyard” syndrome that allows you to virtue signal without skin in the game?

I Told You So

Remember when I told you that the US military was going to use immigrants in the military, so they could be sure that the troops would follow orders to fire on American citizens?

Biden Hates America

Remember when your mom would tell you to stop touching your brother, so you would be like “I’m not touching you” to annoy the shit out of him? Yeah, this is like that.

A Federal Judge, in response to a Texas lawsuit against Federal agents cutting the border fence said that the Biden administration must stop “disassembling, degrading, or tampering” with the fence at the southern border. So this is what they are doing instead:

We didn’t cut the fence. We just lifted it up a little. Biden hates the USA.

Meanwhile, the new “conservative” speaker proves that the Republican party is useless, as he makes one of his first accomplishments- giving himself and the rest of Congress a $34,000 a year raise.


This mental midget is claiming that it is impossible to deport 9 million illegal immigrants because it is too big of a job. I wonder if he believes that we can “confiscate” all 600 million guns in American hands.

How about we have a buyback? Anyone caught employing an illegal gets fined $10,000 per illegal, per day that they are employed. Make it so that anyone who knows of an employer doing so can file a qui tam lawsuit and is entitled to 20 to 50% of any fines collected.

Picture your average construction site- 5 illegals spend 3 months working 5 days a week building a house. A competing construction company sees this and files a lawsuit. The construction company can pay a three million dollar suit, which will net the suit filer an award ranging from $60-150,000.

The jobs will dry up overnight, and the illegals will self deport.

They Wouldn’t Dare

One of the things that I keep hearing from the right is how the military and police won’t shoot at or go door to door, because many of them have ties to the community. I have been telling people “don’t be too sure about that.” It’s because Federal law states that only U.S. citizens can serve as police officers and deputies.

It turns out that Illinois has found a solution for that particular problem. They have passed a law that permits non-citizens to become police officers. It only makes sense- illegals can become doctors, nurses, and can join the military. So why not carry guns and arrest you for violating the law? So governor Pritzker signed the bill into law on Friday. The next time a cop pulls you over in Illinois:

It’s a great way to ensure the cops will do whatever you want- they are already familiar with how third world cops act, and don’t give a shit about the constitution.

Sanctuary City

This is what it looks like when you offer your city as a sanctuary for illegals. Now they are living in your kids’ school.

Apparently, they only did it as a symbolic gesture, fully intending that the illegals stay down there in the south, where the unwashed hicks live. They are now protesting against the illegals being kept in their kids’ school. Note that most of the protesters are not white. Huh.

If it wasn’t for double standards, leftists would have no standards at all.