Illegals Don’t Vote- It’s Illegal

When Biden gives illegals auto-parole they get social security numbers and with the last four digits of an SSN they can register to vote without any other form of ID. While it is illegal, there is no way to catch them under the current law/system. Then they can request a ballot.

On top of that, Biden is now giving illegals free healthcare.

Being Overrun

While my new house was being built, a visit to the construction site on any given day would show you that no one on the construction crew could speak English. The refrain we get from the left is that “illegals do the jobs that Americans won’t do.” No, they do it for half price, because half price is still much more than they would earn in whatever shithole they came from. Still, the savings that are to be had by employing illegals is only realized by their employer, in this case the builder.

Working at my hospital, we are seeing signs that this area is being overrun by illegal immigrants. The ED at my hospital has tablets that automatically connect to medical interpreters by teleconference. The rule is that we are required to use them for gaining and disseminating information about a patient’s medical condition, if that patient doesn’t speak English.

There are three interpreter tablets for our entire ED. They are in nearly constant use, and it isn’t just Spanish. Just this week, I have had patients who only speak Haitian Creole, Spanish, and even Czech. I have at least one patient a day that doesn’t speak English, and that is in a rural area. Now multiply that by the 25 nurses on duty in my ED. Now imagine that you are in a large city where illegals are more concentrated.

You see the problem. We are being overrun.

But Illegals Can’t Vote…

I have been informed that illegals can’t vote, so there is no way that the Democrats are using the open border to rig the election. With that being the case, we don’t need a law requiring an ID and proof of citizenship to cast a ballot.

Until flyers being distributed by a US NGO that helps facilitate the illegal crossing of the US-Mexico border were intercepted. The flyers distributed in Mexico encourages illegals to vote for President Biden.

The flyer reads:

“Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need another four years of his term to stay open”

Second Amendment Questions

A leftist judge, in an obvious attempt to make the Second Amendment look ludicrous, has ruled that the law prohibiting illegal immigrants from possessing firearms is unconstitutional.

The case at hand centered on Carbajal-Flores, who was “charged with possession of a firearm while illegally or unlawfully in the United States.” He had a handgun in his possession “in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois,” on June 1, 2020. He was charged for being a non-citizen in possession for a firearm.

Question 21l on the 4473 asks if the buyer is an alien illegally in the United States. The law in question is 922(g), which is the same law that prohibits felons, fugitives from justice, veterans with dishonorable discharges, citizens who have renounced their citizenship, people who are under a domestic violence restraining order, and those who have been convicted of domestic violence form owning firearms. Are we to believe that all of those people are now permitted to own firearms?

The court ruled that it is unconstitutional to prohibit someone who has never been convicted of a felony, a violent crime, or a crime involving the use of a weapon from owning a firearm. Think about the implications.

Now consider that this is the first time a Second Amendment court decision that affirms someone’s right to own a firearm hasn’t been protested by the left. Why is that? It’s because the left isn’t antigun. They are anti-people that they don’t like owning guns. Since they love everyone, including brown people, their own security details, and others who follow leftist orders, and hate themselves some white people, any gun decision that favors illegals is something the left will support.

Illegals with guns will be the left’s foot soldiers in the coming Civil War. Picture the military aged males pouring across the border, mostly with military equipment. Now ask yourself what’s going on here.

Now combine that with the man in Plant City, Florida who tried to buy a firearm while there was an ATF agent in the gun store. The agent believed that the man smelled like marijuana, so he ordered the gun store to deny the sale, even though the man had passed a background check for the handgun and denied that he was under the influence of marijuana. In a case earlier this month, the DOJ argued:

Because they are not responsible citizens, unlawful drug users and addicts do not have a Second Amendment right to possess firearms.

DOJ, in their brief for the appeal to SCOTUS of United States vs. Daniels

How is it possible that a person who uses drugs is not a responsible citizen, and can thus be denied the right to keep and bear arms, but an illegal alien, who is neither responsible nor a citizen, has Second Amendment rights?

The answer is simple: your government is at war with you. They are using the law and your rights as weapons against you.

Attacking Female Staff

An illegal immigrant in New York has been attacking female staff members at the city’s emergency rooms.

Edward Johnson, 57, an illegal immigrant believed to be from the Caribbean who came to the United States over a decade ago, has been arrested 23 times on charges that include gun possession, according to sources and records. He has another 42 arrests that have been sealed since he arrived in the US.

He skipped out on supervised release and is on the lam, authorities said — and has a dangerous habit of attacking female healthcare workers who try to treat him.

“Every time he goes to the hospital, he beats up a nurse or a doctor,” said an NYPD source.

Here is a picture of the critter.

Now here is a picture of one of the doctors that he attacked.

This Dr has been attacked twice

I posted about this before. I won’t be anyone’s punching bag. You take a swing at me, and it is ON. The struggle that follows will be as violent as you want to make it. How do you get to do this without being fired? “The patient was violent, deranged, and I was fearful that he would hurt himself or someone else. He had to be restrained for his own, and the staff’s protection.”

With all of that being said, note that this criminal has been arrested for all sorts of violent crime, carrying weapons, and most of the arrest records have been sealed.

Still, in this case, we can see what the issue is.

Leahy said an assistant district attorney working for Clark called her in April 2023 and explained the office wouldn’t take the case to trial because it doesn’t want to “hurt [Johnson’s] immigration status” and believes his eight months served as a detainee was enough.

Odds are, this doctor is a Democrat and voted for the very politicians who are green lighting these attacks. You get the government that you deserve, and until you as a voter demand that this stop, it will continue. The people that the good Doctor voted for have made NY a sanctuary, and they have shown that those people matter to them more than you do.

You have been attacked twice by this guy and gotten a shiner as a result, but at least they are going after Donald Trump, so I guess you have that going for you.

Workplace Safety

The leftists on Twitter are in an uproar over a 15 year old roofer who fell to his death in Alabama in 2020. They are firing off post after post, claiming that Republicans don’t want to protect children. They are, however, leaving out an important part of the story.

The missing fact? The child laborers who are being injured are illegal immigrants (referred to in this link as “migrants”). The employers in this case are already hiring them illegally and paying them less than minimum wage, so labor laws protecting children really won’t do anything in these cases.

In fact, the $100,000 fine levied against the roofing company for hiring the child labor is peanuts compared to what these companies save by hiring illegals for less than minimum wage. Go to any construction site in the US, and you are likely to find illegal immigrants- what the left euphemistically calls “migrants”- being the majority of the workforce. A roofing company that employs 10 people at $8 an hour is saving a quarter of a million dollars every year that they continue the practice in Florida.

According to, a roofer in Alabama makes around $30k a year. Now imagine that you are employing illegals for half that. A ten man crew would save you $150,000 a year in salary alone. Then there is unemployment, the Social Security match, benefits, and other costs that you don’t have to pay, even though you are breaking a dozen laws in the process.

But a child labor law will matter.

Illegals Don’t Like Taxes

There is the story of an illegal immigrant (but they are calling her a ‘migrant’) who was illegally selling fruit in NYC. When the cops asked for her ID, she refused to provide it and was assessed a $1,000 fine. Now we see the press in NY feeling sorry for her and talking about how unfair it is that she should have to pay this when all she was doing was trying to make a living.

“On the phone, the judge told me that he was imposing a fine of $1,000, which I think is unfair. It shouldn’t be for working that I get fined. I don’t think it’s right.”

She thinks she shouldn’t have to pay for working? Lady, you haven’t seen shit yet. Wait until you have to pay 40% of your income in taxes, only to watch it spent on supporting grifters like yourself.

What about all of the hardworking Americans who are making a living legally? They are having to pay so this illegal immigrant can get a free place to stay at a cost of over $100,000 a year. One could argue that there shouldn’t be a license required to sell fruit, and I get that. However, when one group of people has to get a license and another does not, it sets up a playing field that is tilted in favor of lawbreakers like this woman.

Pillajo briefly began working with an agency that helps migrants find work for a placement fee. The agency found Pillajo a family in Brooklyn to clean for

Then there is this. There is an agency of the government that is HELPING illegal immigrants find illegal, under the table work? Our tax dollars are paying for this?

Forcing Homeowners to House Illegals?

A councilman of Napierville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) is proposing a signup list for families to house illegal immigrants. The system is to be voluntary, for now.

Whenever I was confronted by people who wanted to feed and shelter homeless bums, I used to ask them how many bums were they hosting in their own homes. After all, if you aren’t willing to pay to house and feed the homeless in your own home, then how can you force me to do so (through taxes)?

Here is your chance, liberals. Do you really support sanctuary cities, or is that just part of the “not in my backyard” syndrome that allows you to virtue signal without skin in the game?