Free Stuff

The Democrats have introduced a law that would provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack to every school child, regardless of the income level of the student. Called the Universal School Meals Program Act of 2023, it would mandate that schools provide the food, but no mention of how these kids will be fed during school holidays, summer, the weekends, or on how late the school cafeteria will be open to provide dinner. Since most schools let out between 2:30 and 3:30, this would most likely require that the school cafeteria stay open until 7 or 8 o’clock at night.

Also not mentioned is how this will be funded. Borrow and spend.

Trend That Explains Everything

I had lunch with a bank executive friend of mine this week. This particular executive is in charge of commercial lending, and was telling me about some interesting trends in banking. The current trendy investment for real estate is- storage rentals. This explains why companies are buying up all of the storage properties, cutting service, and raising rates. He said that building a storage facility with 250 units costs in the neighborhood of $12 million, but can be sold for double that after only two years in operation. Operating expenses are minimal, but such a facility brings in net receipts of $40,000 a month or more.

Why are they so lucrative? Well, that is being caused by current trends in Generation Z, the tranny generation. What he said to me ties together so many data points that it feels like a lightbulb just came on over my head. This is a generation that is refusing to work, yet they want all of the luxuries that their parents have without having to work for it. They still want to feel independent, so they are moving into cheap shacks built on trailers and calling them “tiny homes.”

They store their stuff in these storage facilities, and are free to live the good life, in their own “home” while still being a short walk from mom and dad’s house, where they can do laundry, grab some food, and still have access to things like free electric, free Internet, and still have time to earn a bit of extra money while out protesting for Soros cash or attending Antifa meetings.

I’ve wondered for years how they can afford to pay for the things they need without working, and now I know. Housing? Food? Utilities? It all ties in perfectly. Their only housing expense is the initial cost of the trailer house, $20K to $30K. Food and utilities are largely paid for by their parents, and their only real remaining expenses are Starbucks (most of them have a $20 a day addiction to shitty, candy flavored coffee), their cell phones, and these storage facilities. A large chunk of this generation doesn’t drive, they Uber everywhere.

Then, refusing to work, they go and protest to demand that we adopt a Socialist paradise, because Capitalist society is depriving them of all the things that they want to have.

I have to work and save? Capitalism sucks!

As if more evidence were needed that we are seeing an entire generation that doesn’t understand money, we have young people claiming that them having the housing that they want at the price that they feel like paying. Yep, housing is a human right, but landlords making a profit is a luxury. Those are the exact terms used in this story.

Granted, the above story is from Australia, but the sentiments are identical to those here in the US, as evidenced by posts seen on social media where the latest generation vents that landlords should lose money because they are rich. They claim “they don’t own the properties at all most of the time, they just keep taking out equity from the last place and end up with 7 mortgages that need consistent renters.” Yes, that is how investing works. It’s called leveraging. You borrow money, invest that money, and turn a profit. The rate of return has to be higher than the cost of borrowing the money, or the investment isn’t worth making.

Proving that many legislators don’t understand economics either, the state of Connecticut is considering a law that would prohibit rent increases that are larger than the CPI plus 3%. The law would also make it illegal to evict a tenant when the lease expires. Since we all know that the CPI is complete and utter horse manure, it is easy to see where this will go. As expenses increase, they cut into profits. The landlord can’t ask the tenant to leave when the lease expires, meaning that a lease becomes a lifetime contract of involuntary servitude between the tenant and the landlord. All because housing is a “human right.”

This is nothing more than slavery disguised as human rights. They are demanding that property owners provide losers with a subsidized place to live. Communism in a nutshell.

The part that make me laugh as I realize the magical thinking here is the sentiment that “Get those houses back into the market, 70% of renters want to buy!” as if there are no houses out there for sale because landlords own them all. If renters wanted to buy, all they need is good credit, a steady job, and a grasp on managing money. They don’t have those things.

Many young people don’t grasp the way things are. They want to live in luxury without paying for it, without sacrifice, without work. They have decided that all they must do to have everything that they want is protest and vote for it. Working for what they want, being responsible with their money and saving for a down payment are all foreign concepts to them. As far as they are concerned, having to do those things means that capitalism has failed.

Childish, Magical Thinking

Watch this, and read some of the comments.

My initial thought was that it can’t be real. Then I reconsidered. This is the kind of childish, magical thinking that my children displayed when they were 8 or 9 years old. My daughter once asked me why I wouldn’t buy some expensive car or another. I replied that we didn’t have money for that. Her answer was, “Just go to the ATM and get more.”

That is the exact level of thinking displayed by this man-child, and the comment that followed. Just who is going to provide or pay for the basic, no frills life that you feel should be provided to you?

I had a similar conversation with my niece less than a year ago. My niece made the statement that people should get things that are necessary for free, because we all have a right to the necessities of life. She used feminine hygiene products as an example.

I pointed out to her that, since no one was paying for tampons, there would be no money to pay the people who worked in the tampon factory, so why would anyone work there for free? Her first reply was, “Wait! There is a tampon factory?”

I said, “Well just where do you think tampons come from? Is there a tampon tree somewhere?”

She replied, “Well, in that case, I suppose you could get women to work there and pay them with free tampons.”

I said, “What would that be worth? If everyone already gets tampons for free, what good is it to pay them with free tampons? So how are your employees going to eat, buy gas, or buy a house?”

She said, “That’s my point. Money is stupid. Why can’t everyone just trade and barter for stuff? Why should we all have to go to work just to be able to afford the things we need to live? The government can just print all of the money we need.”

I tried to explain money to her, but she didn’t get it. She is only 14, so I can excuse that. It’s her older sister, who is 21, that is evidence of an entire generation that doesn’t understand money. All they know is that they think somehow it’s their right to receive a living without having to do anything. This is why they all are demanding a living wage, or whatever they want to call it. It’s why they love socialism. They all want something for nothing.

There is a word to describe people working to provide things to people who aren’t doing a thing to earn what they receive, and that word is slavery.


As is typical of the left, we see an article where a prominent, rich leftist who demands more housing be built for the poor then having a meltdown when that housing is proposed for their neighborhood. That was perfectly illustrated when DeSantis shipped illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. So now it’s an Obama supporting sportsball athlete who demands more housing be built for the poor at public expense, but doesn’t want poor people living near his home.

It’s the lefty who demands that he be allowed to feed homeless bums in the park, but who shies away from allowing a homeless person to stay in his own home, or doesn’t want to set up his soup kitchen in his own gated community.

It’s seen when the left demands that landlords be forced to accept section 8 vouchers, or advocates prohibiting foreclosures, or rent control, or any one of another things that are paid for by someone else.

The government who robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the enthusiastic support of Paul.

Pushing Back

The communists in this country have been reeducating our children into their dogma for decades. Florida’s Governor is out to change that. The NAACP is furious that he isn’t letting the College Board teach a course in African American studies that covers such weighty topics as Black Queer studies and Reparations. They are demanding that the College Board not allow any AP courses to be taught in the state until DeSantis caves. I don’t think that they realize just how many students in Florida there are, and how much money is at stake. Enough that the College Board is rewriting the course to remove some of the objectionable material.

Who cares what the NAACP thinks? They are a communist front, disguised as a racial movement. They might as well call it Negroes About Advocating Communist Propaganda.

The left also forgets that state colleges receiving funding from the taxpayers of Florida are run by trustees who are appointed by the Governor. The trustees of the most liberal state college in Florida, so liberal that it doesn’t give grades or even require attendance, have been replaced by ultra conservatives.

Times, they are a changin’, at least in Florida, and the left can’t stand it. DeSantis is playing the same game that the left has been playing for years.

Gamer Fags

This guy who spends all of his time online complaining about people who cheat at a first person shooter is also saying things like this:

I don’t think he is expecting the military to do it because he hates them too:
He spends the rest of his time spouting and retweeting communist shit like this:
How about instead I tell you this: Bring it, pussy. Who’s gonna stack at the door? You? Real life isn’t a video game, ass.

Propaganda from an American Whore

Three days ago, the NY Times ran an editorial titled “China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine.” I disagree:

Our stringent government co-parent quickly made its presence felt. The girls’ Chinese kindergarten lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat and their optimal weight. Each morning all of the students performed calisthenics in straight rows and raised China’s red flag while singing the national anthem.

I don’t see where she can claim that her children pledging allegiance to the Chinese flag are American. Now, I don’t blame the Chinese for having them pledge. You attend school in China, you gotta expect these sorts of things, after all the Chinese government is paying for the schooling, they get to dictate things like this, even when noting that children here in the US are not required to do the same.

Raising kids in China was a plus in other ways — such as the heavy censorship, which results in a kid-friendly internet, and national limits on how many hours young people can spend playing online video games.

She celebrates the clean, orderly society.

Ironically, the tight control of the Communist Party surveillance state results in its own kind of freedom: With crime and personal safety concerns virtually eliminated, our daughters were riding the subway unsupervised in a city of around 26 million people from the age of 11. A constant but benign (and mostly unarmed) police presence kept order

What she refers to as “the police” are unarmed, but they are little more than informants for the secret police and the military, who are certainly armed and will have you eliminated if you so much as speak out against the government. I would hardly call that benign.

She talks about how much safer it is to live in China because they don’t have active shooter drills. We could ask the 2 million Uyghurs how much safer they feel, as the Chinese government engages in genocide to wipe them out. Or perhaps we could contact one of the people inside of the “Lao Gai,” what the Chinese call their reeducation camps. Except they can’t really be asked, now can they?

We will just have to read the words of Ovalbek Turdakun and his wife and son. Ovalbek is the first Christian to speak out about his detention in the camps in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. He escaped and made his way to the US after being held in a concentration camp for the simple crime of being a Christian. In a news conference on April 13, Ovalbek described a 10-month detention by the Chinese government that included torture and forced injections. Life in the camps includes indoctrination, rape, torture and coercive organ harvesting. Uyghur women are at the mercy of forced abortions and sterilizations.

Chinese officials took Ovalbek from his home in Xinjiang in February 2018 because they said he had stayed longer on a previous trip to Kyrgyzstan than was allowed, Axios reported. Ovalbek and other inmates were tortured in “tiger chairs,” devices in which prisoners are frequently held in painful positions for hours or days. They were shocked with electric prods when they sought to change their positions, he said, according to Axios.

[Prisoners were] forced to take pills and herbal teas, as well as “different kinds of injections,” Ovalbek said. The prisoners experienced hearing loss and fluids leaking from their ears after injections, he told Axios. He was unable to walk for months and had to be carried by other prisoners, Ovalbek said, according to Axios.

But we have this traitorous bitch who comes here to the US, spreading communist propaganda and trying to make it seem as though China is some sort of communist utopia, even as the CCP is killing and imprisoning millions of people.

This is where we are. The Chinese are taking over this nation without ever firing a shot because so many of our own citizens are whores who sell out for money that has no real value. I guess that she thinks her kids turned out fine, but we all know that they learned to believe that it is OK to treat people who oppose the government like those in the Lao Gai. It’s practically part of the Communist platform.