Communism Power Grab War on the Right

Brown Shirts

A huge investigation carried out by the FBI and other Federal law enforcement into the Capitol incident of January 6 has so far netted 465 arrests with an additional 250 people wanted for various charges. The only death connected to the event was an unarmed woman killed by a police officer.

Contrast that to last summer’s violence where over a hundred deaths and BILLIONS of dollars in damages were directly caused by rioters who established entire areas that were claimed to be “autonomous zones” existing outside of government authority. Those protests saw nearly all of the charges being dropped.

The organization err idea that caused mush of the damage and violence continues to harass and attack American citizens, in some cases with the active support and cooperation of law enforcement.

Why is all of this happening? Because getting the people to overthrow local authority is how China did it.



This is another post about the blatant theft of property that has been occurring in this country: the government is forcing property owners to fund their lockdowns by demanding that they provide free housing. The latest in these stories is this one from California.

The homeowner in this case isn’t some “evil” megacorporation. When she moved in with her boyfriend, she decided to rent out her beachfront condo in order to cover the mortgage, tax, and other expenses.

The tenant in this case hasn’t paid rent in over 14 months, and has been subletting the property, and even listing it on AirBNB as a vacation rental, despite the fact that all of that is prohibited by the lease. A new law passed in May says that landlords can only evict tenants if they pose an imminent threat to health or safety, leaving landlords with no recourse or means of collecting any past due rents.

Slate jumps on the bandwagon by claiming “million of tenants will lose ‘their homes'” when the eviction moratorium expires, completely ignoring the fact that the properties aren’t the tenants’ homes in the first place. The Slate article goes on to claim that there is government money available for landlords to be made whole, but many landlords are refusing to accept the money, thereby making the landlords look mean.

The reason why that money is a bad deal for landlords is that, like most government plans, the money comes with strings attached. The deal is that the property owner has to sign a contract accepting the government funds as a complete settlement of ALL monies due. If the tenant moves out and the property has tens of thousands of dollars in damages- too bad. You can’t report the tenant’s history and failure to pay rent to anyone.

I will quote Slate now:

Eviction should not be the solution to every landlord problem, even though that has been an underlying assumption in the United States for a very long time. We are comparing a choice that someone makes to start a business venture with a fundamental right and need for shelter just to exist as a human being—and I think we need to stop equating those two things. (emphasis added)

Do you see what they are claiming? A person has a right to a place to live, even at the expense of someone else. This is communist bullshit. The ultimate goal here is that property owners will be forced to provide free homes to anyone who claims a need.

I simply can’t see how this is NOT a violation of the takings clause. So far, the courts are taking the position that an eviction moratorium doesn’t deprive the property owner of their property because the rent is still due, even though there is no mechanism in place to allow for the collection of rent.

I see no difference between this and requiring a restaurant to feed people on demand. What else do they want for free? This “eliminate rent” movement is the first step towards destroying our economy and replacing it with communism. This is class warfare, pure and simple.

Poor people and minorities are primarily the people who rent homes. Whites and more affluent people own their homes. Race and class are being used to destroy home ownership.

Communism Economy

NJ socializes property

The New Jersey governor just signed a law which extends the state’s eviction moratorium to January of 2022. This means that owners of residential rental property in New Jersey have not collected rent in nearly two years. At what point is this an unconstitutional taking of private property for public use?

The only way out for these property owners is either bankruptcy, which means the state gets the property, or a mysterious fire, which gets the owner an insurance check.


Granting Authority

A Federal Judge says that the CDC doesn’t have the leagal authority to halt evictions, but since they have a good reason for doing so and landlords are minimally affected, the CDC can keep on doing it.


Know the enemy

Today, I watched a video from BLM/Antifa called “what to do instead of calling the police: building community empowerment” Why did I watch it? So you don’t have to, but can still benefit from the intel. If you still want to watch the video, I will put up a link to it at the end of this post. Let’s start with an intro:

First thing that jumps out at me: haven’t they been saying that “defund the police” doesn’t mean getting rid of the police? Anyhow, let’s look at some of the people on the “panel” narrating this video:

Eliza claims to have been a social worker for over 10 years, who just graduated college with degrees in women’s studies and history. Brinley is a writer and yoga instructor. Sandra’s experience is as an “organizer” of students while she was in college. Katie has degrees in education and gender studies. This intro just reinforces the stereotype that the people pushing this movement are doing so because they have no real job or life skills, and their time in college was wasted complaining and protesting instead of earning an actual, marketable degree.

The video starts by telling the viewer to NOT call support groups for things like domestic violence, because the support groups just turn around and call the police. They are claiming that punishment is not the way to go with a “crisis.”

The video then goes on to say that psychiatric hospitals, foster care, and homeless shelters don’t work, then they list the reasons why. So what is the solution? Community. Yes, the community should solve its own problems.

Then they advocate that each person set up safety plans where they will learn to handle and respond to triggering events. Part of this plan should be to “deescalate” and attempt to calm the person down, so they can navigate through their own crisis, the one that is making them want to be violent.

“Do you need to do anything about someone shoplifting from Target? No, it is none of your business,” the narrator says. What to do if it is YOUR stuff getting stolen, she doesn’t say.

The video then spends 30 minutes asking for donations.

Every one of the people in this video are displaying a complete lack of understanding of human nature and the evil that lives in some people. It is obvious that they have all led sheltered lives. They all think that everyone is good, rational, and will respond to a good talking to.

They believe that if we all just work together, that no one will ever try to take more than their share, and that everyone just wants to get along. This is the biggest flaw with communism- the people who advocate for it assume that everyone will always try their hardest, and no one will take advantage of anyone else.

This is pure wishful thinking and shows that none of these people has ever had to live in the real world. They have spent their entire lives living on campus or in Mom’s basement.

What they don’t realize is that, once police are gone, they can pass all of the rules they want, no one will listen to them. Outlaw machine guns? Nope. Tell me to pay taxes? Nope. Shoot women’s studies members in the face? No one to stop it.


Communism economics Economy

Wait for the appeal

The courts have finally put a stop to the government forcing landlords to absorb the cost of their unconstitutional lockdowns.

That is good, because the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was also getting involved, claiming that collecting the debt from tenants who shafted their landlord was also illegal.

According to the CFPB’s analysis and other data:

Millions of families are at risk of being evicted: In December 2020 about 18 percent of renter households were behind on their rent, which means nearly 9 million households at risk of eviction. In a typical year, there are about 900,000 evictions nationwide. Over 27 percent of households with annual income under $25,000 were behind on their rent.
Stopping evictions saves lives: Research shows that COVID-19 infection rates and mortality rates were higher when eviction moratoria were removed. The CFPB’s rule will help ensure that more renters are able to take advantage of their protections and avoid eviction.
Evictions increase racial inequality: Black and Hispanic households are more than twice as likely to be tenants than white households, and they are also twice as likely to be behind on rental payments as of December 2020, according to a March CFPB report . Evictions impose substantial costs on individuals, families, and children, and having an eviction on your record can make it much harder to find a new rental property. Even an eviction filing can make it impossible for a family to locate new housing.

You see what the real reason is? Blacks are refusing to pay rent at a higher rate than whites, so evictions are racist.

The appeal will come in 3…2…1…

Communism Power Grab

No go zones

Even when they call 911 for help, citizens near 38th street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis (the area called “George Floyd Square”) will get no help. Why? Because police have abandoned the area due to the threat of violence. It is an area where police, and to a large extent white people, are not welcome.

This is right out of the CIA insurgency handbook, which describes the second of the three phases of a revolution:

Phase II (guerrilla warfare phase) is the first level of armed violence. Irregular forces engage in sabotage, interdiction of communication and logistics links, assassination, and selective attacks against government forces. Insurgents expand their secure base areas and, where possible, link them to form strategic enclaves of political autonomy.

The second phase continues until it has caused the government to lose authority and legitimacy. This is soon followed by financial collapse, a breakdown in authority, strong symbolic actions, and perception of dual sovereignty or provisional authority, among others.

A great example of this would be Northern Ireland in 1972 was in the crisis state. The maintenance of barricaded “no-go” and “free” zones in Derry/Londonderry and Belfast during this period contributed to perceptions of provisional authority and separation of resistance from opponents. This is exactly what is happening.

Citizens then cry out for protection. The would be revolutionaries then step in and restore order. The revolutionary forces are then seen as a better solution than the now ineffective government.

This is where we are headed.

Communism War on the Right

Another sob story

Stories of people who are not paying their rent and getting evicted. We are supposed to feel sorry for the people who are living in apartments rent free, and have been doing so for more than a year.

There is Mariva Robinson, who was more than $5,000 behind in rent, and expected the landlord to waive everything and let her stay in the home (still without money to pay) as a part of the Orange County, Florida government giveaway. As a condition of accepting the government giveaway, the landlord has to agree to waive all claims against the tenant, as well as to other, unspecified conditions. In January, she owed $5,000 in back rent. After receiving no payments, the landlord finally evicted her in March, with her owing $12,700 in back rent and other expenses.

Then there is Lichelle Reynolds, who rented a two story home near Tampa for $1,835 a month. The home came with access to a community pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse: all things that the landlord must pay the HOA for, whether the tenant uses them or not. In Florida, if the home owner doesn’t pay the HOA fees, the HOA can foreclose on the property.

At any rate, Ms. Reynolds tried to make partial payments. If a landlord accepts a partial payment, they can’t evict. So the landlord locked her out of the online payment system. I would do the same. Accepting even $50 on a rent of $1835 would forestall eviction and this would be a huge money loser for the landlord.

By the time January came around, Reynolds owed more than $10,000 in back rent. The landlord lost in court, so now she still lives there for free, and owes more than $15,000 in back rent. I’m sure she is heartbroken as she lays by the pool, watching her kids take tennis lessons.

The third sob story involves a man who claims he suffers from blackouts as a result of a Harley motorcycle accident and can’t remember the landlord calling him to ask for money. In this case, the landlord claims he is not subject to the CDC declaration. The article doesn’t say why, but I am guessing they will claim that it isn’t COVID that is preventing him from paying, it is the motorcycle accident. I agree.

The article states “it’s the big, deep-pocketed corporate landlords with property portfolios spanning multiple states that have been the most aggressive in filing eviction cases, even as they have thrived in the pandemic.” The reason for this is simple: the small mom and pop landlords can’t afford the attorneys and exorbitant costs of a legal eviction, while the deadbeat tenant gets a free lawyer. So, the small business owner is forced to eat the cost, and has to shoulder the burden that the government has placed upon the economy. The landlords have had their property taken to house people without compensation, an obvious violation of the takings clause, if we had an honest court system.

There are similar articles from places like Memphis, where a Federal judge has ruled that the Federal government has overstepped its constitutional bounds. There is also this article from Tampa, where tenants are complaining that landlords are refusing to sink any more money into maintaining property that isn’t producing any income.

I feel sorry for these people, I do. However, it is wrong to blame landlords for a situation that they are suffering under but did not cause. If the government is going to deny evictions, then the government should be the one paying for it. At the end of the day, the landlord owns the home, is paying insurance, maintenance, taxes, and HOA fees on the home, but the government tells them that they must let people live there for free.

Sure, they claim that the eviction order doesn’t erase the debt, but let’s be honest here- how exactly is a landlord supposed to collect a year’s worth of back rent? The only option is to evict a tenant to control the losses, knowing that you likely will not see the remainder of what they owe, and yes, future landlords need to know that this tenant is the type of tenant that will go a year without paying rent. Name another business where the business must give away its product for free, plus may not tell anyone else that the company stiffed them.

Imagine a law that said a consumer can buy a car, and then refuse to pay for it, but the car dealer can’t repossess the car, can’t report the default to the credit bureau, and must still provide warranty service if the car breaks down. THAT is what is happening.


Commies hate property ownership

One of the things that Communists love to do is destroy landlords. Property owners in California beware, they are actively finding ways to screw property owners and landlords. Where California goes, America follows.


Biden to eliminate single family houses

So apparently, single family homes are racist, so Biden is planning to eliminate them.