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‘Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes’

The Rittenhouse trial has exposed a central belief of the antigun left. There is this article, from a licensed New York attorney who specializes in International Human Rights and Islamic studies. The central belief of her opinion?

Kyle Rittenhouse had viable alternatives to patrolling the streets of Kenosha with an AR-15-style rifle… He chose otherwise, and that choice should have had legal consequences.

Then there are several student organizations at Arizona State University, including: the Arizona State University Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and MECHA de ASU. All of them are communist organizations, most are race based.

One of these groups- La MEChA, even has this in their constitution:

Chicano and Chicana students of Aztlan must take upon themselves the responsibilities to promote Chicanismo within the community, politicizing our Raza with an emphasis on indigenous consciousness to continue the struggle for the self-determination of the Chicano people for the purpose of liberating Aztlan.

This MEChA group has a chapter on many College Campuses in this country. For example, they posted on the University of Texas webpage in 2007 (since taken down):

In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal “gringo” invasion of our territories

I wrote about them in 2007, back when they were advocating for an armed rebellion. It appears as though they don’t mind guns, as long as the guns are in their hands, not the hands of their would-be victims.

The groups are demanding that Rittenhouse be expelled from Arizona State. In their statement, they had this to say:

Rittenhouse took the lives of innocent people with the intent to do so—by strapping an assault rifle to himself in a crowd of unarmed citizens. That is the textbook definition of intention. 

Nevermind that the citizens he shot were armed with a length of chain, a skateboard being used as a club, a handgun, incendiaries, and other weapons. No, having a firearm for self defense is, to the commies, evidence that you intend to commit murder.

The Rittenhouse case is being used as an indictment of armed self defense as a concept. They hordes of violent Antifa and BLM warriors need unarmed victims for their tactics to work. If their intended victims are armed and begin to actively resist, their movement falls apart.

There is a reason why those “protests” have only been successful in Democrat run, gun restricted states. When your victims have the means of resistance, it’s a bit harder for them to become victims in the first place.

Remember what the ADA said in the Rittenhouse case:

Because ‘Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes’


Free Everything

Now the left believes that veterinary care should be free. I know that it’s Slate, but they are a great window into the mindset of the left.

Who pays for all of this “free” stuff? I swear, they are like spoiled children. They want to have everything handed to them.


Class warfare

For years, we have heard the communists on the left scream about the one percent. The one percent has been demonized for decades. Now that the left has fleeced that particular sheep for as much as they can get, it is time to lower the bar and come after the next target. They are calling it the “9.9 percent.”

Unlike one of the one percent, you probably know someone who is in the 9.9 percent. It takes surprisingly little income to get there, just $158,000 a year puts you into the top ten percent of wage earners in the United States. This is where you find all sorts of educated professionals: doctors, engineers, lawyers, and accountants, just to name a few.

This demographic has a fairly low net worth, too. This group has a new worth of as little as $1.2 million. If you own your own home, have a 401K, and don’t carry a lot of consumer debt, you are probably there.

So what does the left think of this demographic?

  • You are white or Asian.
  • You believe in the value of education
  • You had your children in a planned and responsible way (not at 16)
  • They think you have a “misguided belief that success depends on merit”
  • You claim to have a prejudiced free view of others, which is often a way of evading the economic privilege that is at the base of your success

This is pure class warfare with a racial spin. This is the basis of the communist belief system. They want people to believe that those who are successful did so because they had some kind of hidden advantage that is unavailable to those who are poor.

We have seen this time and again in history- those who would seize power would tell the public that it isn’t their fault they aren’t successful, it is the fault of those who are somehow cheating.

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Little Marxist

One of my wife’s friends is from Cuba. That friend has been dating a man from Puerto Rico, and the boyfriend has a child from a previous marriage. Let’s refer to the kid as Carlos. I first met Carlos about six years ago, when he was eight years old or so. He was a decent kid who collected coins as a hobby. He’s fourteen now. He has been in the process of “finding himself” for the past few months.

It happens. My niece decided she was gay. Then a few months later, no longer gay, but a vegetarian. Now she is back to Pescatarian. I guess kids have to experiment. My son did something similar when he was 15 or so. He decided that he wanted to be Socialist, mostly because he thought the government should pay for everything. That phase lasted until he got his first paycheck and saw how much was taken out in taxes. “This is bullshit,” was the phrase he used.

Anyway, back to Carlos. He came home recently and announced that he is a Marxist. On his visitation weekends with Mom (who is also a hardcore lefty), the two of them have been going to protest marches in places like Tallahassee, where he is waving signs saying things like “Capitalism kills” along with signs disparaging the US military, calling them baby killers, that sort of thing. He also marches with the Defund the Police, things like that.

My wife’s friend was willing to ignore it. She found a Che shirt in his closet. As a Cuban, she came unglued. I’ve seen the kid’s social media posts. He blames the US for supporting Pinochet, says he was elected and the US is to blame for supporting a dictator. He claims he is going to head to Canada as soon as he is 18. (Why do they always pick Canada?)

I can’t talk to the disgusting little monster without wanting to punch him in the face. Oh, and mom? That little communist is a certified nutcase. She is also a middle school social studies teacher.

Communism economics

Who knew?

If everyone has more money, money is worth less. Who knew?

Let’s say that I gave every single person in the world a million dollars. We would all be rich, right? Of course not. How would I buy a sandwich? No one would be willing to sell me one for $5, because they don’t need $5. They have a million. Money would be so commonplace, it would be worthless.

This concept seems to escape those who push for a higher minimum wage, who are all now surprised that the massive government money giveaways and higher wages have reduced their purchasing power. What they don’t understand is that higher wages aren’t reduced by inflation, higher wages CAUSE inflation.

There will always be some who have more than others, because some are smarter, some work harder, some are just more fortunate. You can’t change that by handing out money, because money isn’t wealth.


Elections have consequences

Now that there is no such thing as a free election, expect more of this. Property ownership is absolutely hated by Communists. Stand by.


China is asshoe

China’s takeover of Hong Kong continues. Most of the protesters who were in the news as China took over? They are either dead or in a reeducation camp, as are their families.

This is where Communism and Socialism always ends: Poverty, death, and prison.

Communism economics

Never enough

Now the fight for a $26 minimum wage is on. Why stop there? If 26 is good, wouldn’t $100 an hour be better? Why not $500 an hour?

Communism economics The Collapse

Why is it my responsibility?

Amanda Rinehart is a mother in Pennsylvania who left her job to care for her 8 year old child. She complains that her child is too young to receive a vaccine, so she has to keep her child out of school until there is a vaccine for children. For that reason, the US taxpayer should continue to pay for her to not go to work, according to her. In all, she has received more than $37,000 from the government since she quit working, if you only count unemployment, the free money for having a kid, and the COVID stimulus money.

On the other hand, only 39 percent of the US public paid Federal taxes last year. I was one of them. While a large part of the US population was sitting at home for the past year, not doing anything, I was working, investing, and providing the money for her to sit on her ass and complain that she isn’t getting enough of MY money.

I would argue that Ms. Reinhart isn’t losing HER unemployment. She is merely losing her ability to suck even more of my money out of my wallet, and the wallets of my fellow taxpayers.

You will note that there is absolutely no mention of a Mr. Rinehart. Where is the father of this child? How am I responsible to provide for his child, yet he is not?

The people on the left will say that I am greedy because I don’t want to help her. I have no problem helping the poor, as long as they are attempting to help themselves. I don’t see how it is greedy for me to want to keep my money for my own use, yet not greedy for this woman to demand access to my money with the only claim to it being that she couldn’t keep her legs closed.

Communism Police State tyranny

We are all responsible for safety

Delta Air Lines plans to charge workers who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccination an extra $200 per month for their health care insurance. The average Delta employee hospitalized for COVID-19 has cost the company $50,000, CEO Ed Bastian said in a memo to employees released by the airline, so this is intended to have the unvaccinated workers pay for that cost.

Why stop there? We could institute a social credit score, like China has. Like private credit scores, a person’s social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology would be a secret, like credit scores. Still, some examples of infractions would include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games, not being vaccinated, and posting fake news online.

The system can be used for individual people, but also for companies and government organizations. The message is clear: be a responsible citizen, or pay extra.

Like having bad credit, a below average score would mean paying more for meals, cell phone service, or insurance. A score that drops further would mean slow internet, a ban on travel, the inability to get a hotel room, or restrictions on what kind of car you can buy.

Of course, those with the lowest scores would be required to attend courses on being a responsible citizen. To eliminate distractions while also preventing unsocial people from affecting those around them, these classes would be taught at a government owned boarding school. To ensure that everyone could afford it, clothing, meals, and lodging would be entirely at government expense for those attending this school.

Doesn’t that sound nice? The world could use a little kindness, equality, and social responsibility, and the government can make sure we all get that while also making us safe from the poor behavior and decisions of others.