Facts Coming In

This is why the gun banning left tries to get the narrative going on shootings as soon as possible, before the facts are in. With regards to the shooting at the Kansas City Superbowl parade, the shooters were two juveniles and two black adult males with criminal records who got in an argument when one of them made eye contact with another, who began firing.

An account of the bloodshed pieced together from witnesses and video footage found that the violence started when Mays and a group of individuals who confronted him “began arguing about why they were staring at each other.”

Not only that, but at least one of the guns was stolen.

I’m willing to bet they were gang members, but we will never know, because now that the shooters wasn’t a white male wielding an AR-15, the lefty antigun press no longer cares. Now it’s just black dudes participating in their culture.

On The Take

When the Legislature controls what can be bought and what can be sold, the first thing to be bought and sold are the legislators themselves.

  • Elizabeth Warren Annual Salary: $285,000 Net Worth: $67 million
  • Nancy Pelosi Annual salary: $223,000 Net worth: $202 million
  • Mitch McConnell Annual salary: $200,000 Net worth: $95 million
  • Chuck Schumer Annual salary: $210,000 Net worth: $75 million

A Few Errors Here

Kudos to the 14 year old girl that had the presence of mind to collect her 4 year old sister, her dog, and then escaped the house when a man broke in to their home while holding a stolen shotgun. There are some lessons to be learned here:

  • The man got the shotgun after earlier breaking into a different house, hitting the woman who lives there, and taking it from her. If you don’t have the guts to USE a firearm when it is clearly indicated, you shouldn’t own a firearm.
  • No one in this case pressed charges because they want him to “get the help that he needs.” There is no help that will fix this guy’s problem- dementia. This guy will get out of the hospital in a few days and be free to do this again. Maybe he kills someone next time.

A dude breaks into your house. You have a gun. Shoot him. If you don’t, then both of you have a gun, then eventually, HE has a gun. How would you feel, knowing that the guy hit you, stole your gun, then killed two little girls with it?

Legal (not Justice) System

Imagine that you are convicted of a crime that you didn’t commit and then sentenced to life in prison. Twenty years after your conviction, changing technology makes new ways of analyzing evidence possible, proving your innocence. The DA for the state still, knowing that you are innocent, manages to use the legal system to keep you in prison for another decade. He even does so far as to hide the fact that the only witness in the case had died.

Mr. Lott tried vacate his conviction in 2018 based on exonerating DNA results, but former District Attorney Paul Smith opposed the motion. Instead, on the eve of Mr. Lott’s evidentiary hearing, the DA offered only to modify Mr. Lott’s sentence, which would have released him from prison but kept the conviction on his record. Mr. Lott accepted the agreement on July 9, 2018. In doing so, Mr. Lott was freed after spending 35 years in prison for a crime that he didn’t commit- with 10 of those years being served AFTER the legal system knew that he didn’t commit the crime. That’s a legal system, not a justice system.

“Former District Attorney Smith’s opposition to the irrefutable evidence of Mr. Lott’s innocence was a blatant miscarriage of justice,” said Barry Scheck, Innocence Project’s co-founder and special counsel. “This unwillingness to acknowledge the truth in addition to the systemic factors at play in Mr. Lott’s wrongful conviction cost him 35 precious years — and have plagued other wrongful conviction cases in Ada for decades.”

It’s cases like this that force me to oppose the death penalty. The cops, the prosecutor, the judges, they all work for the same employer. It is virtually certain that some people have been executed for crimes that they didn’t commit. If we as a society execute one innocent person, we are all collectively guilty of murder. That is why I remain opposed to the death penalty- the system is flawed, designed to reward those employees of the government for convicting people of crimes, whether or not the convicted person actually committed them.

In this case, they took his life from him, or at least the part that counts, nearly as certainly as if they had killed him.

Property Crimes Are Our Achilles Heel

Before we get started, I don’t need anyone quoting the law to me. I know that in most places, we are not permitted to use force to protect property. I don’t care what the law is, because I am fully aware of that. This post is about what the law SHOULD be. Take a look at a couple of videos:

Now consider that we are being told that “insurance will take care of” reimbursing you for theft and vandalism of property. Never mind that the more insurance claims there are, the higher the costs of insurance. People who would destroy and steal your property for whatever reason are confident in the belief that they will get away with it, and in many cases, they are correct. The police and courts, our own law enforcement, are failing in their duties by doing absolutely nothing to prevent this, and in some cases are actively supporting it.

I trade pieces of my life in exchange for value, which I then used to acquire my property. If you destroy or take my property, you are in actuality engaged in stealing away finite pieces of my life. Pieces that I will never be able to recoup.

Either the government needs to step up, or the people will begin to say “enough” and will begin doing it themselves.