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TSA Agent Lies About Robbery

A TSA agent made a habit out of being late for work. To excuse her latest tardiness, 34 year old Taleta Collier concocted an elaborate story about a man with a knife who tried to rob her. Collier told her supervisor she was visiting her parents’ home when a man armed with a knife attempted to burglarize their vehicle. She said she drew her agency-issued weapon and aimed it at the suspect, causing him to flee.

It isn’t every day that a Federal law enforcement officer has to draw their weapon in the line of duty, so her supervisor requested the Polk Sheriff case number, and the TSA agent provided one. She even texted her supervisor a screenshot of a document that appeared to be a police report.  It was soon discovered that the report number was fake, and now the loser is facing criminal charges.

The TSA has been a disaster from the start. All this agency is, is a jobs program for morons who would otherwise be collecting welfare. I can’t believe that we give idiots like this a badge, a gun, and real authority.

The list goes on and on.

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The Story Keeps Changing

As far back as February 8, Russia claimed that the US had secret laboratories in Ukraine that were and are researching biological weapons. Russia claimed that they had destroyed 7 of the 11 laboratories using missiles during the early hours of the Russian invasion. Politifact, the same people who told us all about COVID and totally debunked the rumors of a stolen election, immediately fact checked the entire story as being “false”

On March 8, China echoed Russia’s claims that the Pentagon has been funding bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

The US called the claims absurd on March 9th. The US press secretary took to Twitter to call the claims made by Russia “preposterous” and made the claim that it was a disinformation operation by both China and Russia.

In a statement, Ned Price, spokesperson for the Department of State, accused Russia of “inventing false pretexts in an attempt to justify its own horrific actions in Ukraine” and said Washington was “in full compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention, and it does not develop or possess such weapons anywhere.”

John Kirby, Pentagon spokesperson, called the Russian accusations “absurd,” “laughable,” and a “bunch of malarkey.” “There’s nothing to it. It’s classic Russian propaganda,” he told reporters.

Then on March 10, the US government admitted that there were biological research laboratories, but stated that the labs were not secret and were not being used to research weapons. The US maintained that, even though the labs were funded through the Department of Defense, they were for purely scientific in nature and totally not for biological warfare.

On March 11, the World Health Organization advised the Ukraine to destroy the pathogens in the laboratories so that they wouldn’t fall into Russian hands. You know, because the pathogens that are in the labs are totally for peaceful research and couldn’t possibly be weapons, but would be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. We all know how forthright and trustworthy the WHO is, since they so masterfully and truthfully handled the worldwide COVID response.

Then on March 14, White House press secretary Jen Psaki cautioned officials to be on the lookout “for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false flag operation using them.”

On March 15, the UK intelligence community predicted that Russia would use fabricated claims of weapons of mass destruction to discredit the west and justify their invasion of Ukraine.

By April 1, the US government’s story had changed. Now the Pentagon was telling Congress that there are “no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with.”

According to a Pentagon fact sheet released in March (pdf warning), since 2005, the United States has “invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine … supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.”

Robert Pope, the director of the DTRA’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in February that the labs might contain Soviet-era bioweapons and warned that the conflict in Ukraine could accidentally lead to the dangerous disease-causing pathogens being released. Wait a minute- I thought the Pentagon said that there were “no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with?”

The ever changing nature of the story being released by the Pentagon is what smells like disinformation. Have you ever caught someone in a lie, so that person then modifies the lie to fit the newly discovered facts? That is what this looks like.

The most likely story that fits these facts is that the US, along with the rest of NATO, has been engaged in illegal research into biological weapons in China (don’t forget that Fauci was funneling money into the Wuhan lab) and the Ukraine. The Ukraine was kicking some of the money back to the then Vice President of the US in order to keep the money train moving. They did this by hiring Hunter Biden at an outrageous salary to be in charge of a fake company that he was wholly unqualified to run.

It is looking more and more like our government is evil, corrupt, and willing to do anything to gain more power.

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Policing For Profit, Episode CXVII

There is an old quote where a bank robber was asked why he robs banks. He replied, “Because that is where the money is.” It seems that the police have decided to take his advice and begin robbing the modern day version of the stagecoach. The Feds are helping them.

Sheriffs in California and Kansas have exploited the fact that marijuana distribution, while legal in those states, is illegal under Federal Law. Because of this fact, they are having deputies conduct traffic stops on the armored cars and confiscating all of the money. In the case of Kansas, no law is being broken in Kansas. The cops are merely stopping the armored cars that are transporting the cash from Missouri pot shops to Colorado banks.

As soon as the money is seized, the cops turn the money over to the Feds, which places it out of the jurisdiction of state judges, who are then unable to intervene. Under Federal forfeiture laws, the local cops get 80% of whatever the Federal government confiscates. Getting $800,000 for a traffic stop is a pretty lucrative business move.

This is purely an attempt to use badges to conduct armed robbery. The cops want people not to oppose them, but that is pretty hard to do when you are acting more like a criminal gang than you are a legitimate law enforcement agency.

Criminals Police State tyranny

Policing for Profit

After my post from a couple of days ago, it has become apparent that some people think that speed cameras are a good idea, saying that they don’t speed, and are tired of people who do. It’s cute that those people think that speed cameras have anything to do with traffic safety or actual speeding.

In Baltimore, a speed camera issued a speeding ticket to a stationary car. The real story here isn’t that one car was erroneously ticketed. No, the real story is the fact that Baltimore’s 164 cameras have issued $48 million in tickets over the last three years. If the amount of the ticket, $40, is typical, this means that 400,000 tickets a year are issued by those 164 cameras: roughly 2400 tickets for each camera. The officers that review the pictures before a ticket is issued review and issue 1200 tickets per day. On an 8 hour workday, that leaves just 24 seconds for each picture to be reviewed and a citation issued. In other words, this is nothing but a revenue generator with few safeguards or oversight.

Officials in Heath, Ohio installed 2 speed cameras to watch for excessive speed on Route 79, an area that had seen only one crash in the previous two years. Those two cameras alone accounted for 5,000 traffic citations in just 4 weeks.

Since it was such a money maker, ten more cameras were installed to watch intersections in town and look for red light runners. Those ten cameras were responsible for 5,000 more tickets their first month. At those intersections, light runners had been responsible for only 16 traffic accidents over the previous two years.

In all, the traffic tickets will cost the drivers in the area more than $12,000,000 in fines each year, of which the city will keep $10,00,000.

Then there was the Long Island traffic cameras that were responsible for $2.4 million in School Zone speeding tickets during the summer, when there was no school in session.

The big winner here is actually the private company that installs and runs the cameras. They frequently are involved in kickback schemes.

Miami, Washington, DC, and half a dozen other cities have been involved in this fleecing of the public. No oversight, with a private company running the camera while giving some of the take back to the city.

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Still Counting Bullet Holes

Two cars full of NRA members white men gang members unidentified young men engaged in a running gun battle in Winter Haven, Florida. All four people riding in one car, and at least on person in the other car, were hit. The Sheriff’s Department spokesman said that they are still counting casings and bullet holes to try and determine how many shots were fired.

Winter Haven is known as the bailiwick of Sheriff Grady Judd. Some try to make him into some sort of ‘tough guy’ hero cop. While I certainly commend his stance on people who commit violent crimes, he is also the sort of grandstanding cop that I can’t abide.

Don’t forget that Grady Judd is also one of the Sheriffs who has broken Florida law by lobbying state legislators to defeat open carry and defeat Constitutional carry. It is illegal for government officials to lobby the State Legislature for changes to the law, but that doesn’t matter to a police official who supports ‘law and order’ when the law is in opposition to his orders.

His opinion on guns seems to change, depending on who is listening:

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Crime DOES Pay

Orlando will soon be paying criminals to not commit crimes, and to counsel others to avoid crime as well. Called “neighborhood change agents,” they will be individuals who have similar backgrounds, come from similar communities as those who are at risk of committing violent crimes. They may be people who got in trouble as youth themselves, who have been arrested, and involved in gangs. According to the program:

Neighborhood Change Agents” (NCAs) who will intervene to disrupt situations when violence appears imminent, and maintain daily contact with participants, serving as mentors, case managers and life coaches. Their goal will be to pivot participants away from circumstances leading toward violence, and instead to non-violent, economically, and socially productive lives.

Paying criminals not to commit crimes. This was a program that began in Richmond, CA back in 2016. Fox News reported on it at the time. San Francisco started doing it last year.

So this year, as you are filing your taxes, remember that this is where your hard earned money is going: you are paying protection money to criminals in the hopes that they won’t kill you. I don’t even know why we need cops anymore.


Aren’t They Always?

This 15 year old kid was shot and killed in Orlando

She’s devastated and wants to know who killed her son. She said he loved sports, attended the Boys & Girls Club and was working to turn his life around. “He was just the best son ever. He had a lot of issues, but he was working through it. It’s not right,” [his mother] said.


Sell Out

Republican Congressman proves that politicians will sell out anyone or anything, if it means getting reelected. This guy is willing to toe the Democrat line in endorsing the 2020 election, as long as it means that they get eliminated last.

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I Wonder

The Manhattan DA has said he will not seek prison sentences for any crimes other than homicide or other cases involving the death of a victim, a class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses in Article 130 of the Penal Law, public corruption, rackets, or major economic crimes, including any attempt to commit any such offense under Article 110 of the Penal Law, unless required by law.

Does that mean you won’t do time for owning an AR15 and a dozen 30 round magazines?

Criminals Guns

Moron, or BATFE sting? You decide

This guy is selling 80 percent Glock autosears for $260, with a warning that completing the parts is a felony.

He is also out of stock on AR15 DIAS for $149, claiming that they are cell phone stands.