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More homicides?

In response to my post about the increase homicide rates nationwide, a police officer from Houston sent me an email confirming that the same is happening in his city. Since he sent me an email rather that post a public comment, I will assume that he wants his identifying information held confidential. Here is what he had to say:

while we are nowhere near the 600-900 murders per year when I was a rookie in the early 1990’s, we had been cruising for years with 230-250 per year. Which ain’t bad for 2+million population and a police department with less than 5000 total classified officers.

Buuuuut, beginning in 2020 things have certainly changed: at this point in 2019 we had 249 murders enroute to around 300 total This time in 2020 it was 360 and ended up at 405, first time over 400 in years. This year, 2021, we are at 448 with a month to go. Probably gonna top 500.

Combination of low morale, administration that disincentivizes proactive policing, and officers not wanting to get screwed over, PLUS our local Soros-funded DA, Kim Ogg, putting violent offenders on the street with low/no bail to continually re-offend. Perfect shitstorm.

Things are looking worse all over. Once the police have collapsed nationwide, they will be replaced with cops who are more, shall we say, politically reliable. Maybe a national police force, maybe not. No matter what, they will be more amenable to the left.

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Counter Productive

Thanks to a record increase in homicides that began with last summer’s rioting peaceful protests, the US has seen the highest increase in homicide rates in modern history. Cities like Portland, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Philadelphia have seen record numbers of homicides.

The rate of homicides is up by 30% from 2019 levels as the US homicide rate increased from about six per 100,000 in 2019 to 7.8 per 100,000 in 2020. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report recorded 21,570 murders total in 2020, compared with 16,425 murders in 2019.

Rifles and shotguns combined accounted for the same number of homicides as did fists and feet:

Even with all of that, the U.S. murder rate in 2020 was 42% lower than the suicide rate (13.5 deaths per 100,000 people) and 71% below the mortality rate for drug overdose (27.1 deaths per 100,000 people, as of the third quarter of 2020).

All of this is actually causing a backlash to the BLM/Antifa narrative. In a Pew Center survey conducted in September, 47% of U.S. adults said they favored an increase in funding for police in their area, up from 31% in June of 2020. Support for reducing local police funding declined from 25% to 15%.

Remember that one of the things an insurgency must do, according to the CIA insurgency manual, is destroy the people’s trust in the government. This causes the people to cry out for protection from anyone who promises to provide it. Then the communists step in and fix everything.



This explains why the Capitol police wanted to open a bureau in Florida. Pelosi is about to move here.

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I knew

Before I finished the second paragraph, I knew what the student looked like. No, that isn’t a racist dog whistle. I’m flat out saying it: blacks are more violent. We all know it. All evidence points to it. Stop avoiding it.


Broken Society

A black man and his kids get on a subway car. He tells the other passengers to get the fuck out of his way. One woman tells him to take a chill pill. He claims that this is a racist dogwhistle, and this is what happened next:

There are many people commenting that someone should have stepped in and beat the crap out of this guy. I disagree.

  • Any man who stepped in would be accused of toxic masculinity.
  • There is a chance he has a weapon, and since its illegal in NY, no upstanding citizen would
  • Even if all other things are equal, he is black. That means he gets a free pass. Anyone who opposes him will see their life ruined by an SJW prosecutor

Ask Zimmerman or Kyle Rittenhouse what happens when you get involved.

Nope. I don’t care if I see a guy wearing a Jason mask and carrying a bloody machete come out of my neighbor’s house. Unless he is a threat to me and mine, I am not doing shit. I can’t provide for my family if I am in jail after having spent a quarter million bucks on my lawyer.

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Chickens Roosting

A man rapes a woman on a train while bystanders film it with their cell phones and people are amazed. How can you be? California has enacted a law that allows people to be sued for making 911 calls about minorities. The law is called the ‘CAREN Act,’ named for a racial pejorative that refers to middle aged white women and their “use of white privilege” to get their way or complain about the behavior of minorities. The left claims that the CAREN Act will save lives because blacks are being prejudged by people whose unfounded fear triggers them to call 911, then the cops are showing up and killing them.

So I have been commenting on local media sites that I completely understand why this is happening. Why would a white person risk a lawsuit or criminal prosecution for a stranger by calling 911 or otherwise intervening?

Ask George Zimmerman what happens when you intervene. You risk everything: you might be called a racist ‘wannabe’, prosecuted, cancelled, and having your life destroyed. You may even have to defend your life before having it destroyed by the media lynch mob.


So I brought that up, and one leftie poster said:

You are comparing a child, Trayvon Martin walking through an apartment complex as the same thing as an adult raping a woman? Zimmerman shouldn’t have intervened. He deserved his future being ruined my killing an unarmed child.

So I see what I think is a man raping a woman. I call out and tell him to stop. He stops, and instead decides to pounce on me, beating my head on the steel floor of the train. I cry out for help, and the others on the train simply film it with their phones. I am about to have my skull caved in because it is being beaten on the floor of the train. So I draw my legally concealed handgun and shoot him. It turns out that it wasn’t a rape, it was a 17 year old and his 16 year old girlfriend who were just playing around. Now I am being tried for killing an unarmed child. Since he is not the same race as I am, I am accused of being a racist, my life is destroyed, and I am charged with murder.

Why risk it? Instead, I decide to mind my own business. It isn’t my responsibility to defend you, or anyone else. Try bringing a mental health counselor with you to deescalate the situation. 

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Socialism for Everyone but Socialists

The rich should pay their fair share, says the ‘big guy’ who dodged half a million in taxes and his son, who was shaking down foreign governments for millions.

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The rats are fleeing the sinking ship that is the US economy. The regional Presidents of the Fed, who affect the economy far more than POTUS does, are busy dumping US dollar denominated securities ahead of the Fed’s expected decision to taper off on buying bonds and securities. This policy saw the Fed propping up Wall Street by purchasing stocks, bonds, and securities using dollars that they were creating out of thin air. Worse, they were purchasing those items from their own personal accounts.

This policy of using money created out of thin air has artificially propped up stock prices for years. It has also apparently been lucrative for the officials at the Fed. Now that this policy is coming to an end, the market will take a hit.

Now the officials at the Fed have decided to come clean and get out, coincidentally at the same time the Fed is to stop buying. I have a friend who is an executive at a large New York bank. He is prohibited from doing this, and his stock purchases are watched closely by the SEC to prevent insider trading to the point where he doesn’t bother because the bureaucratic hoops are too onerous. The people in the government are apparently exempt. (Yes, I know the Fed is an NGO, but that is smoke and mirrors)

I only have a few assets still in the market. A 401K, and a couple of stocks that pay dividends at the end of the quarter. I am waiting until the dividends pay out, then those stocks are gone as well. I’ve held them for over a year, so I only pay the long term capital gains rate on the profits.


Active shooter: Miami Beach

A man who claimed to be “high on mushrooms” walked up to the outdoor dining area of a Miami Beach restaurant and pointed a Glock handgun at a 1 year old boy. The boy’s father stood between the child and the shooter.

The shooter opened fire, striking the father. As the father lay on the ground, the shooter continued to fire bullets into his prone body. The shooter then danced on top of his dead victim before fleeing to an alley.

A video of his arrest can be found here. (Sorry that it’s the Herald. Couldn’t find the video anywhere else)

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NFAC has a body count

The terrorist organization called the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” or NFAC, now has a body count. A police officer who was shot by one of its members on June 23 has died of his injuries. The member who did the shooting has a long, violent criminal history. He was fairly well indoctrinated by the black community justice industry.

The criminal charges for this critter have been increased to first degree murder. I’m usually against the death penalty because I don’t believe that we can trust the government to prosecute a case honestly and without shenanigans. In this case, however, it looks pretty cut and dried. Looking at his extensive history, I don’t think he is redeemable. Fry his ass. Better yet, let Biden send his ass to Afghanistan.