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Mayor Wants Gun Free Zone

Buddy Dyer, the Mayor of Orlando, wants to declare all of downtown Orlando to be a “gun free zone” but is upset that he cannot do so, thanks to the state’s preemption law.

Dyer said there will be access checkpoints on Friday and Saturday evenings downtown to limit how people can enter the downtown area. The city said patrons will have to go through metal detectors and a weapons check at these checkpoints before walking into the access areas.

I believe that this zone is a clear violation of Florida’s preemption law. What’s more is that violating this law places Orlando and any of its officials at risk of a lawsuit. Even more, since the quote in this news article shows that the mayor knew it was illegal to do so, he becomes liable to any taxpayer whose rights are violated.

If any county, city, town, or other local government violates this section, the court shall declare the improper ordinance, regulation, or rule invalid and issue a permanent injunction against the local government prohibiting it from enforcing such ordinance, regulation, or rule. It is no defense that in enacting the ordinance, regulation, or rule the local government was acting in good faith or upon advice of counsel.
 If the court determines that a violation was knowing and willful, the court shall assess a civil fine of up to $5,000 against the elected or appointed local government official or officials or administrative agency head under whose jurisdiction the violation occurred.

So my question here is this: Are there any pro gun organizations who are willing to take this on?

Criminals Economy

Buy Backs

Not those buybacks. Nope, after selling all of our oil reserves to the Chinese, the US is now planning to buy back 60 million barrels of oil at a future date.

The call for bids on the initial 60 million barrels “will take place in the fall of 2022 to secure delivery in future years when prices are anticipated to be significantly lower than they are today,” according to the press release.

I wonder if the press will investigate just who is making money on this deal. We already know that Hunter Biden is an investor in the company that is buying US oil, and I am wondering if he is an investor in the company that will be selling it back. I would also be interested to know if the deal is still “ten percent for the big guy.”

Can you imagine what the press would have done if Trump had been involved in a deal like this?


The Rest of the Story

Radio personality Paul Harvey used to do a bit called “The Rest of the Story” where he would tell a story. The end of the story would have a surprise ending, revealing a connection that the listener wouldn’t suspect. He would then close with the tagline: “Now you know… the rest of the story.” In homage to that show:

Stop me if you have heard this story before. New York police attempted to arrest a 21 year old man for driving with a suspended license. His 30 year old brother tries to physically prevent the arrest. Before it is over, 16 cops wind up involved. At the end of the day, the 30 year old brother winds up dead, and two cops are injured, one with a broken kneecap, and one with fractures in his back. The year was 1978, and the man’s name was Arthur Miller.

The son of that 30 year old man, Lamor Miller-Whitehead, was only six months old when his father died. Whitehead was arrested in a $2 million identity theft scam in 2006. When he was arrested, he was wearing a long mink coat like some bad 1970’s stereotype.

Whitehead and former girlfriend Valerie Rodriguez had access to personal identifying information of customers of the Honda dealership where she worked. They created fake email accounts and voicemail boxes using stolen identifying information, filled out fraudulent loan applications, and bought cars with the proceeds.

He was was convicted of one count of Scheme to Defraud in the First Degree, one count of Attempted Grand Larceny in the Second Degree, thirteen counts of Identity Theft in the First Degree, and two counts of Identity Theft in the Third Degree. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

He served five before being granted parole. (He claims that his conviction was overturned, but I can find no evidence of that. In fact, every one of the many appeals that he filed was denied, at least that I could find.)

Whitehead founded his own church when he got out of prison in 2013, and gave himself the title of “Bishop” just two years later. As the leader of this church, it appears as though the charity most favored by Whitehead’s church was Whitehead himself; he regularly drove the church owned vehicles: a Maserati, a $350,000 Rolls-Royce, and a Bentley. His church has over a million online followers, who he regularly urges to vote for politicians that he favors.

Whitehead is also a “community organizer” and has donated large sums to political causes. One politician that he favors is close friend Hizzoner Eric Adams, the mayor of NYC. In fact, he has called the mayor his “mentor” and is frequently seen with him.

It’s obvious what is happening here, at least to me. This guy is a scam artist, a convicted felon, and con man. He is using his fake church to con people out of money, then donating it to politicians so that they will look the other way. This is what community organizing is: criminals donating dirty money to corrupt politicians. If it seems like the criminals are running this country, that’s because they are.

Still, let’s stick with Whitehead’s story. So here we have a convict parolee who is running a fake church while driving multiple cars worth $300K apiece, while wearing ten thousand dollar outfits adorned with hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry.

Whitehead and his wife

That’s why I really don’t care that members of his flock decided to redistribute some of his property at gunpoint during a livestream of a church service.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Anti American left Criminals

Question to Ask

A person who gets elected to the House of Representatives receives a salary of $155,000 per year. Prior to being elected, they lived with their mother while working as a bartender and were fighting the foreclosure of their home. 29 months after assuming office, they have a net worth of $29 million. This person now owns 6 homes, 5 Cars, 2 Luxury Yachts, has cash reserves of over $3 Million and a stock portfolio that is valued at $15 million.

I am of course talking about AOC. The question I think we should all be asking is- how do you increase your net worth by over $1 million a month when your salary is only $13,000 a month?

She is a self described socialist, yet drives 5 cars with a combined value of half a million dollars: a Mercedes-Benz GLA, an Audi Q2, a BMW X7 ($100,000), a Mercedes-Benz EqC (valued at $140,000), and a BMW X8 ($200,000).

Crime Criminals

Paying Your Debt

Prisoners are complaining that they are being made to work and not receiving high enough wages while in prison.

Uh, it’s not supposed to be a vacation. It isn’t a resort. It’s prison. It’s supposed to suck. That’s why they call it “paying your debt to society.” Remember that next time you are tempted to break the law.

Criminals Government

Government Beat Down

An Atlanta Patient Advocate at the VA (a government employee) brutally beat a 73 year old veteran. He still has a job there.

If this is how they treat citizens now, think of how things will be if the citizens are disarmed. You will also note that it is a black man beating the shit out of a white man, but not one of the articles on this event make a single mention of race. If it were reversed, how would the stories read?

Criminals Race baiting

Criminals Running the Place

Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted of fraud and tax evasion for running a fraudulent children’s charity and then using the money for her own benefit. She was sentenced to five years in Federal prison. She was let out after only two because of COVID.

Her conviction was later overturned because a juror told the judge that God came to her in a dream and said the congresswoman was innocent, so he replaced her.

Before she could be tried again, she reached a plea deal to plead guilty to one charge of tax evasion.

Now a convicted felon, she is running for office again. Many blacks will vote for her, because for all of the talk that we hear about wanting to eliminate racism, she is black.

Crime Criminals Insanity

The Problem

So I asked in a previous post, what are police good for? Today we ask why mass shootings have become such a problem? The root of the problem lies with a movement that started out west in California during 1955. I am referring to deinstitutionalization.

Deinstitutionalization began in 1955 with the widespread introduction of chlorpromazine, commonly known as Thorazine, the first effective antipsychotic medication, and received a major impetus 10 years later with the enactment of federal Medicaid and Medicare. Deinstitutionalization has two parts: the moving of the severely mentally ill out of the state institutions, and the closing of part or all of those institutions.

In 1975, the Supreme court ruled that people cannot be involuntarily committed to a mental institution unless it could be proven that they were a danger to themselves or others. That high bar caused many mental patients to be released from the country’s public mental hospitals. With no patients, those facilities ceased to exist.

The entire idea was to use medications to manage mental illness and make the mentally ill well enough to live amongst the rest of society. The problem with this theory is that many people with mental illness don’t take their medications, either because they can’t afford them, or they simply don’t take them. The medications, especially first generation antipsychotics like Thorazine, carry a huge number of serious side effects, so many of those who are supposed to take them wind up self medicating with street drugs, alcohol, or both. In fact, 80 percent of the most severely mentally ill are never able to manage their illness and slowly slide into an endless cycle of prison, psychiatric facilities, halfway houses, homelessness, then back to prison.

Psychotic people often can’t maintain a job, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and find it impossible to maintain interpersonal relationships. So they fall out of society. They wind up homeless, they cycle in and out of prison, and there are no real answers that protect society or the mentally ill.

Then you add the war on drugs with their minimum prison sentences to the mix, and mentally unstable people get tossed out of jail to make room for drug offenders. Most of those who were deinstitutionalized from the nation’s public psychiatric hospitals were severely mentally ill. Between 50 and 60 percent of them were diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of this, deinstitutionalization has helped create the mental illness crisis we are seeing now by discharging people from public psychiatric hospitals without ensuring that they received the medication and rehabilitation services necessary for them to live successfully in the community.

Deinstitutionalization further exacerbated the situation because, once the public psychiatric beds had been closed, they were not available for people who later became mentally ill, and this situation continues up to the present. Consequently, approximately 2.2 million severely mentally ill people do not receive any psychiatric treatment.

The connection between deinstitutionalization and incarceration is all too obvious. In 1978, the prison population was about 25,000. In 1980, that had grown to 501,886. In 1995, there were 1,587,791 people in US prisons, and 30 percent of the prison population were designated as needing mental health services.

In the last several years, California engaged in mental health deinstitutionalization 2.0. This time it was Gov. Brown who pushed for sweeping new laws. Measures approved by the Legislature and voters have drastically changed the legal landscape and reduced prison and jail populations. By the end of his tenure, prison population in California had fallen by almost a third.

As the jails and prisons emptied, homelessness jumped. Now, approximately a quarter of all people experiencing homelessness in this country reside in California. And while there are fewer inmates, the prevalence and severity of the mental illness among prisoners has increased. Astonishingly, in just four years, the number of people in California who were deemed incompetent to stand trial has increased by 60 percent, straining courts and state hospitals.

It’s a serious issue. Approximately 14.8 million people in the United States have severe mental illness. We emptied out the mental hospitals, and many of the former patients wound up in prison or in homeless camps. Now they are clearing out the prisons, so we can expect to see more and more attacks by people who are mentally ill. Since there are not enough mental health services, many people who would have been identified and institutionalized before they could hurt anyone now slip through the cracks, unnoticed.

America doesn’t have a gun problem. It has a mental health problem, and it is getting worse. America is sliding into madness, a phenomenon that Heinlein referred to as “the crazy years.”

Much of this post is the research I did for a paper that I wrote for a public health class I am taking for my BSN. It was interesting enough to me that I put some of the things that are inappropriate for school into a post, and the result is what you see here. This isn’t even a rough draft of the paper, just disjointed facts that are part of my process.

Criminals Police State

TSA Agent Lies About Robbery

A TSA agent made a habit out of being late for work. To excuse her latest tardiness, 34 year old Taleta Collier concocted an elaborate story about a man with a knife who tried to rob her. Collier told her supervisor she was visiting her parents’ home when a man armed with a knife attempted to burglarize their vehicle. She said she drew her agency-issued weapon and aimed it at the suspect, causing him to flee.

It isn’t every day that a Federal law enforcement officer has to draw their weapon in the line of duty, so her supervisor requested the Polk Sheriff case number, and the TSA agent provided one. She even texted her supervisor a screenshot of a document that appeared to be a police report.  It was soon discovered that the report number was fake, and now the loser is facing criminal charges.

The TSA has been a disaster from the start. All this agency is, is a jobs program for morons who would otherwise be collecting welfare. I can’t believe that we give idiots like this a badge, a gun, and real authority.

The list goes on and on.

Criminals Military tyranny

The Story Keeps Changing

As far back as February 8, Russia claimed that the US had secret laboratories in Ukraine that were and are researching biological weapons. Russia claimed that they had destroyed 7 of the 11 laboratories using missiles during the early hours of the Russian invasion. Politifact, the same people who told us all about COVID and totally debunked the rumors of a stolen election, immediately fact checked the entire story as being “false”

On March 8, China echoed Russia’s claims that the Pentagon has been funding bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

The US called the claims absurd on March 9th. The US press secretary took to Twitter to call the claims made by Russia “preposterous” and made the claim that it was a disinformation operation by both China and Russia.

In a statement, Ned Price, spokesperson for the Department of State, accused Russia of “inventing false pretexts in an attempt to justify its own horrific actions in Ukraine” and said Washington was “in full compliance with its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and Biological Weapons Convention, and it does not develop or possess such weapons anywhere.”

John Kirby, Pentagon spokesperson, called the Russian accusations “absurd,” “laughable,” and a “bunch of malarkey.” “There’s nothing to it. It’s classic Russian propaganda,” he told reporters.

Then on March 10, the US government admitted that there were biological research laboratories, but stated that the labs were not secret and were not being used to research weapons. The US maintained that, even though the labs were funded through the Department of Defense, they were for purely scientific in nature and totally not for biological warfare.

On March 11, the World Health Organization advised the Ukraine to destroy the pathogens in the laboratories so that they wouldn’t fall into Russian hands. You know, because the pathogens that are in the labs are totally for peaceful research and couldn’t possibly be weapons, but would be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands. We all know how forthright and trustworthy the WHO is, since they so masterfully and truthfully handled the worldwide COVID response.

Then on March 14, White House press secretary Jen Psaki cautioned officials to be on the lookout “for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false flag operation using them.”

On March 15, the UK intelligence community predicted that Russia would use fabricated claims of weapons of mass destruction to discredit the west and justify their invasion of Ukraine.

By April 1, the US government’s story had changed. Now the Pentagon was telling Congress that there are “no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with.”

According to a Pentagon fact sheet released in March (pdf warning), since 2005, the United States has “invested approximately $200 million in Ukraine … supporting 46 Ukrainian laboratories, health facilities, and diagnostic sites.”

Robert Pope, the director of the DTRA’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, told the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in February that the labs might contain Soviet-era bioweapons and warned that the conflict in Ukraine could accidentally lead to the dangerous disease-causing pathogens being released. Wait a minute- I thought the Pentagon said that there were “no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with?”

The ever changing nature of the story being released by the Pentagon is what smells like disinformation. Have you ever caught someone in a lie, so that person then modifies the lie to fit the newly discovered facts? That is what this looks like.

The most likely story that fits these facts is that the US, along with the rest of NATO, has been engaged in illegal research into biological weapons in China (don’t forget that Fauci was funneling money into the Wuhan lab) and the Ukraine. The Ukraine was kicking some of the money back to the then Vice President of the US in order to keep the money train moving. They did this by hiring Hunter Biden at an outrageous salary to be in charge of a fake company that he was wholly unqualified to run.

It is looking more and more like our government is evil, corrupt, and willing to do anything to gain more power.