Another Theory Shot to Hell

The theory is that armed police shouldn’t be dispatched to calls of violent people with mental health issues. Instead, unarmed mental health counselors should be sent, they claim.

Guess what? Ronald Mosely was under the care of court ordered mental health professionals when he decided to go to his former workplace with a gun in an attempt to kill two of his coworkers. Police had to smoke his ass.

Come to think of it, the majority of spree shooters have been under the care of mental health professionals.

As a medical professional, I think that mental health is not real science. It’s voodoo wishful thinking with fairy dust. I can’t tell you how many of these violent nutcases come into my hospital every week. I was attacked by one in December. He was delusional and thought I was trying to sleep with a female technician in the room, who he mistakenly believed was his wife.

In October, I had another patient who shit in a plastic urinal and threw his feces at me.

Just last week, we had a psych case go nuts and punch a doctor so hard that the doctor’s orbital bone was fractured and it caused bleeding in his brain.

On Friday night, I had a patient who was talking to someone who wasn’t there for over four hours (yeah, he was a nutcase). The doctor wouldn’t Baker Act him because, “Being an annoying asshole isn’t illegal and doesn’t make him a threat to others.” The doctor also wouldn’t discharge him without a drug test. The house supervisor (nurse in charge of the hospital) told me that I *had* to attempt to draw the patient’s blood so we could do the test. The patient told me that he had HIV, and said he would stick me with a needle tainted with his blood if I tried to start an IV on him. I told the charge nurse this, and she said I still had to try. That was when I told her that if she needed his blood so bad, she should be the one to draw it, because I wasn’t going to do it unless he was placed in restraints.

She didn’t do it, either.

There are only two ways to deal with anyone: you can reason with them, or you can use force. People with certain mental health conditions don’t reason or reach conclusions like normal people. They are broken. You can’t bargain with them, you can’t appeal to their better nature. Anyone who insists that this isn’t true is either lying to you for personal gain, or has no idea what they are talking about.


I worked yesterday. The theme of the day was insane people with mental problems and intoxicant day.

One woman came in with a complaint of constipation. She said that her anal sphincter was too tight, and wanted us to loosen it for her. I told the charge nurse that we should send her to the local bar with a couple of coupons for free drinks, and I am sure one of the patrons of the bar would help her out. The charge nurse actually snorted.

Then I was given a Baker Act. She was being Baker acted for the third time for threatening to kill herself. This time, threatened to get a gun and come back to kill us all after she was discharged. Then she told me that she would look for me when she got out, so she could “fuck me up.” She also said that she would follow me home one night so she could kill my family. I had to get a female staff member to escort the patient to the bathroom. Once they were in there, the patient attacked the female. After that, I couldn’t get a single female to take over my patient. They were all afraid of either being attacked and injured, or being attacked and getting suspended. Since I already was suspended recently, I insisted that my manager call the local cops and filed a police report. My amanger wasn’t happy about that, but I don’t care. I am not going to put up with crazy bitches threatening me. The cops wouldn’t arrest her, but at least it creates a record in the event that I see her near my house. Other than taking reports, cops are largely useless. I don’t know if the threats and her appearing in my neighborhood would be reasonable fear or not, but it can’t hurt. I am pretty sure that, should I see her in my neighborhood, I will call the cops and probably hold her at gunpoint.

Name another job that requires its employees to be physically attacked and put up with threats of being murdered.

Speaking of that, one of my former druggie dirtbag patients decided to perform a home invasion, and got ventilated by the homeowner. He is now fully rehabilitated. I love happy endings.

Then I had to spend the day in recertification classes, doing my recertifications in Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, and Pediatric Life Support.

More Silliness

From Peter, we see this story about a man who is taking hormones to be a woman and is now claiming that he is having menstrual cramps. Impossible. Menstrual cramps are caused by the female reproductive organs responding to hormone changes: thickening endometrial tissue, then shedding that thickening tissue as a part of the monthly reproductive cycle.

Even ignoring the absence of endometrial tissue, the hormone changes that cause this cycle aren’t there. The hormones responsible for driving this cycle are the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Estradiol, the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), and Progesterone. It’s a complex dance of hormones that work to control the menstrual cycle.

A gland in a woman’s brain (the pituitary gland) produces Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). FSH is carried by your blood to her ovaries. FSH stimulates follicles to grow. As she approaches ovulation, one of these follicles will start growing bigger and faster than all the others. It’s known as the dominant follicle. It is this follicle that contains the mature egg that will be released when she ovulates.

While FSH is encouraging lots of follicles to grow, LH, luteinising hormone, is also produced in small amounts (by the same gland in the brain that produces FSH, the pituitary gland) throughout the follicular phase. LH encourages the follicles already growing to produce estradiol (estrogen). As a woman approaches ovulation, a surge in LH will help to ripen the dominant follicle and rupture it for the egg to be released. (This surge in LH is what the ovulation test kits try and pick up on.)

When the dominant follicle ruptures, it is now called the corpus luteum. LH stimulates the corpus luteum to produce progesterone. The corpus luteum produces both progesterone and estradiol, with the primary role of these two hormones ensuring that the lining of the uterus is fully prepared for implantation by making it thicker, so that it is ready in the event that fertilization occurs. If the woman doesn’t get pregnant, the corpus luteum breaks down, progesterone production decreases and the next menstrual cycle begins when follicle stimulating hormone starts to rise again.

He isn’t taking any female hormone except for Estradiol. Even though men produce many of these hormones, they do so in a steady level. LH and FSH order testes to produce sperm, progesterone is key in the production of testosterone, and estradiol is produced when men have an excess of testosterone, so it is converted into estradiol by an enzyme called aromatase. You can see that, even though men have all of those hormones, they are not cycling up and down from the actions of the pituitary gland and cannot produce a menstrual cycle.

So even if he DID have a uterus and other female reproductive organs, he doesn’t have the necessary hormone cycles to be having menstrual cramps. He is a delusional, mentally disturbed male who needs counseling, not pills.

Shut ’em Down

I don’t care if a man is interested in having another man push a penis in his rectum. That’s his business. I don’t care if a man wants to dress up like a woman and introduce himself as a woman. Just don’t expect me to go along with any of it, and don’t parade it around in front of kids. The problem is that the left just can’t let it stay there. They have to use is to groom kids, they have to parade around and demand that we accept it, too. It’s like they are trying to use this as a lever to relive the civil rights marches of the 60’s. This isn’t that.

The Orlando Philharmonic has been advertising a “family friendly” drag show and have been allowing kids inside. The state warned them that they had better not have the show in front of kids. The Philharmonic went ahead and performed the show with children in the audience any way. Look at the content of the show for yourself and tell me that this is OK for children.

That was one of the milder parts of the show. If you want to see more, you can check out this link, where there are more videos embedded. One of the performed songs was “Screwdolf the Red Nippled Reindeer.” Aimed at kids, but not kid appropriate, in my opinion. That apparently doesn’t matter, because the website was advertising for “all ages” yesterday.

Children were there, so they have raised and called.

Well, the Governor of Florida says he isn’t going to put up with it, but the process takes time. They were warned, and did it anyway. I am going to wait and see if DeSantis is going to actually take action, or if this is simply a stunt to gain publicity. The “drag brunch” that DeSantis threatened to shut down six months ago is still in operation, so I am not holding my breath. This event from last night is supposedly “under investigation.”

There are a number of laws that can be used here. Chapter 847 of the Florida statutes makes it illegal to have sexual performances in front of persons under 18 years of age. Chapter 823 states that anywhere that performs these acts for minors may be declared a place of public nuisance. Once that happens, all sorts of state laws and regulations come into play. No one can carry a concealed weapon there, no liquor license, no business license, no children allowed inside, and all sorts of other legal headaches.

One of the legitimate functions of government is the protection of those who cannot protect themselves, especially including children. This venue, the parents who brought their kids, and the performers all need to be prosecuted.

The Orlando Philharmonic has called the Governor’s hand. I look forward to seeing what the Governor will do about this- is he holding a full house, or is he bluffing with a pair of fives? Governor DeSantis needs to prove that he isn’t all talk- do something to protect those kids, our kids, and our state.

As for the Drag Show? The last event of the tour will be held in Clearwater on Thursday (tonight).

Yoel Roth

Yoel Roth was the head of Twitter’s safety department and policy. He chose to ban the right while leaving all sorts of pedophile related content in place. Why did he do that? Because he is likely a pedophile himself. Behold my evidence:

Here is a 2017 article where he discussed how social media can be used to influence elections and change behavior.

In his doctoral dissertation, entitled “Gay Data,” Roth argued that minors should have access to Grindr, an app that enables gay men to instantly pinpoint each other using GPS technology. “Make no mistake,” as Vice News put it, “Grindr is more about hooking up than dating. It’s basically a 24/7 theme park of sex in your immediate locale and uses geolocation to provide a location of the closest users. Roth, who is gay, noted in his paper that he was “documenting and analyzing my own use of these services.”

In one section, Roth wrote:

Grindr may well be too lewd or too hook-up-oriented to be a safe and age-appropriate resource for teenagers; but the fact that people under 18 are on these services already indicates that we can’t readily dismiss these platforms out of hand as loci for queer youth culture. Rather than merely trying to absolve themselves of legal responsibility or, worse, trying to drive out teenagers entirely, service providers should instead focus on crafting safety strategies that can accommodate a wide variety of use cases for platforms like Grindr—including, possibly, their role in safely connecting queer young adults.

Roth named Twitter as a platform that had become—and presumably, should remain—a “general-purpose” site for “connecting queer young adults.” Roth’s says that platforms should “focus on crafting safety strategies that can accommodate a wide variety of use cases,” including “their role in safely connecting queer young adults,” in an “overall queer social landscape” that “increasingly includes individuals under the age of 18,” rather than trying to “drive out” these users attempting to engage with “peers about their sexuality.”

In 2010, he wrote on Twitter: “Can high school students ever meaningfully consent to sex with their teachers?” Roth’s tweet contained a link to an article, “Student-teacher sex: When is it OK?” in Slate, a left-wing publication, about the perils and pitfalls of age of consent laws.

“Musk falsely implied in tweets that Twitter’s former head of trust and safety, Yoel Roth—who is gay—has advocated for child sexualization,” wrote Chas Danner at Intelligencer.

I don’t think it was false at all. I think that there has been a concerted effort to groom and sexualize students. When I was a teacher, we were specifically instructed to talk to high school students about the benefits of gay sex (I refused to do so) even back in 2016. There has been a nationwide push to turn children into little sex slaves.

I used to think that the entire “Q” thing was conspiracy theory bullshit. I am no longer quite so sure that it was.

Preferred Pronouns

Read this story about the Colorado gay nightclub shooter. What jumps out at me is that the article uses everyone’s preferred pronouns. It makes for a very hard read because it sounds like more than one person did the shooting.

Appearing in person at court Tuesday morning for the first time since being arrested, Aldrich, 22, sat alongside their public defender as the state prosecution presented their case…

Aldrich, who identifies as non-binary, allegedly opened fire at Club Q in Colorado Springs on the night of Nov. 19. They continued shooting for six minutes, at which point they were tackled and beaten by patrons.

emphasis added

Since, in this case, ‘they’ refers to a single person and is not the plural pronoun, the last sentence should read: “They continued shooting for six minutes, at which point they was tackled and beaten by patrons.” Or perhaps we can revert to the rules of the English language and use the proper ‘he’ instead of ‘they’.

The English language is dead.

It was GunFreeZone’s Idea!

I just saw his post about the killer bomb robots of San Francisco. I would point out that I beat him to the punch, but JKB over at GFZ in 2017 was the one who first proposed arming SF robots so they could protect themselves from being sexually abused by the city’s homeless.

So when you get attacked by a fear crazed, killer attack robot bomb who is claiming that he was just standing his ground, remember whose fault it is!

(For those of you with no sense of humor, this is satire and I am just pulling the legs of AWA, JKB, and Miguel. I swear that today’s headlines seem more like satire than actual satire does)