From a nursing textbook:

Delusions: A false, unshakable belief which is out of keeping with the patients social and cultural background.

Primary delusions

  • A new meaning arises not in connection with other psychopathological event and is not understandable.       
  • Delusional mood: has knowledge of something going on around him but do not know what it is.
  • Delusional perception: attribution of new meaning to a normally perceived object.
  • Delusional idea: delusion appears fully formed in the mind.

Secondary delusions

  • A delusion which is understandable in terms of persons cultural background or emotional state.

Content of delusions

  • Delusions of persecution
    • Persons or groups.
    • About to be killed or being tortured.
    • Being robbed of property or knowledge.
    • Of being poisoned or infected.
  • Delusions of reference.
  • Delusions of influence.
  • Delusions of jealousy.
  • Infidelity- seen in brain disease, alcohol addiction, affective psychoses and can be dangerous, may attempt murder.
  • Delusions of love.
  • Erotomania: may try to follow, contact or persuade.
  • Grandiose delusions.
    • Schizophrenia, drug dependence ,organic brain syndromes, mania (jocular and haughty).
    • Regarding worth, talent, knowledge or power.
  • Delusions of ill health
    • Depressive illness, schizophrenia.
    • Could be extended to cover persecutory delusions.
  • Hypochondriacal delusions.
    • Some physical defect, disorder or incurable diseases.
    • Infestations, ugly or dysfunctional body parts
    • May include spouse or children.
    • Result of somatic hallucinations in schizophrenia.
  • Delusions of guilt
    • Unpardonable sin.
    • Can give rise to persecutory delusions.
    • Lead to suicide.
  • Nihilistic delusions .
    • Denies the existence of body, mind, loved ones or the whole world.
    • Very agitated depression, delirium, schizophrenia.
  • Delusions of poverty- Destitution is facing him and family.
  • Delusional misidentification.
  • Capgras syndrome.
  • Religious delusions- Can be grandiose  in nature.
  • Delusions of control.


  • Don’t play into the delusions, but don’t argue with the patient.
  • Instead, be firm: “You know that isn’t true. Let’s stay focused on what is real.”
  • Be calm, patient, acceptance, active listening. Don’t condemn the patient, but help them to come to the realization that what they are experiencing isn’t reality.
  • Place delusion in a time frame and identify triggers.
  • Identify all the components , triggers related to stress or anxiety.
  • If related with anxiety, teach anxiety management skills.
  • Develop symptom management program.
  • Assess intensity frequency and duration
  • Fleeting delusions can be worked out in a short time frame.
  • Listen quietly until need to discuss.
  • Identify emotional components.
  • Observe for evidence of concrete thinking. Is patient and nurse using language in the same way?
  • Observe speech for symptoms of a thought disorder.
  • Maintain consistency.

Just going to leave this here while noting that it doesn’t say to buy into the delusion by using their preferred pronouns.

Your Business Model is Trash

A Gay bar in Orlando called “Hamburger Mary’s” is suing the state of Florida because the law that prohibits adult performances in front of children is putting them out of business, which according to them is a violation of their First Amendment rights to helicopter their dicks in front of children. Hamburger Mary’s owners said once they told customers that children would no longer be permitted at any of its drag shows, bookings in fell 20%.

Reading the comments, the people there demanded to know what constitutes an adult performance. So here it is. The law defines adult content as follows:

Adult live performance” means any show, exhibition, or other presentation in front of a live audience which, in whole or in part, depicts or simulates nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or specific sexual activities as those terms are defined in s. 847.001, lewd conduct, or the lewd exposure of prosthetic or imitation genitals or breasts

It refers to 847.001, which defines:

Sexual conduct” means actual or simulated sexual intercourse, deviate sexual intercourse, sexual bestiality, masturbation, or sadomasochistic abuse; actual or simulated lewd exhibition of the genitals; actual physical contact with a person’s clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or, if such person is a female, breast with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of either party; or any act or conduct which constitutes sexual battery or simulates that sexual battery is being or will be committed. A mother’s breastfeeding of her baby does not under any circumstance constitute “sexual conduct.”

Sexual excitement” means the condition of the human male or female genitals when in a state of sexual stimulation or arousal.

 “Specific sexual activities” includes the following sexual activities and the exhibition of the following anatomical areas:

(a) Human genitals in the state of sexual stimulation or arousal.

(b) Acts of human masturbation, sexual intercourse, sodomy, cunnilingus, fellatio, or any excretory function, or representation thereof.

(c) The fondling or erotic touching of human genitals, the pubic region, the buttocks, or the female breasts.

(d) Less than completely and opaquely covered:

1. Human genitals or the pubic region.

2. Buttocks.

3. Female breasts below the top of the areola.

4. Human male genitals in a discernibly turgid state, even if completely and opaquely covered.

Tell me which of the above described activities are OK for exhibition to children. I posted the above legal definitions to the comments of the clickOrlando website, and they were immediately removed for violating community standards. Now if the legal description of what is prohibited by the law is such a violation of community standards that the LAW can’t even be viewed by the public, then how in the world is it OK for children to view the acts described and proscribed by that law?

If your business model depends on performing acts like this in front of children, your business model is trash, and you know what? It has nothing to do with the fact that they are gay or trans. I would have an issue with children being in a straight club that was performing these acts as well.

Sexual performances are not protected by the First Amendment if they are obscene. Whether or not they are obscene is determined through a three pronged test known as the Miller test. That standard can be found here. Those standards are stricter when involving children. I think Hamburger Mary’s and those trannies are on the losing end of this one.


I hate these kinds of pranks. What if your “killer clown” gets double tapped? I could justify shooting the clown in any one of these scenes. It would be reasonable for the person shooting the clown to be in fear for his life, so no charges there. In fact, the video would be the primary defense exhibit in my trial, followed by the primary exhibit when I sued everyone involved for the emotional distress of forcing me to shoot someone.

Should everyone involved be prosecuted for manslaughter? Why is it funny to make people think that they are about to be murdered?

Vaccine Banned

The CDC has banned the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine and ordered all health care providers to destroy all remaining doses. I will say that I remember when claiming this vaccine was bad for you would get you a ban from social media. I’m betting that the friendly folks at the CDC and in government knew this all along, since they gave themselves AND the vaccine manufacturers complete immunity from all legal liability.

I will begin this by saying that I got the Moderna vaccine. I don’t regret getting it, because no one I know suffered ill effects after receiving it. At this point, I will not suggest that anyone take another dose of any of the COVID vaccines.

All of society, all of civilization, relies on trust. You trust that the person behind you won’t shove you onto the subway tracks. You trust that the cars in the oncoming lane won’t swerve into your path. You trust that the person who just cooked your meal in the restaurant didn’t poison your meal, or that the waiter didn’t spit in it.

Like society, the entire scientific community, the entire medical community relies on trust. You trust that the supplies in the package that says “sterile” actually IS sterile. You trust that the vial labelled as “dopamine” doesn’t contain something else, and that it actually will work for its intended use.

Likewise, when other medical professionals tell you that a vaccine is safe and effective, you have no choice but to believe them, because a failure in that trust means that the entire system will fail.

Believe it or not, nearly every medical professional got into the medical field because they want to make a difference. They want to help people. Only a person that is truly psychotic would deliberately harm someone else, but that is exactly what the CDC and the rest of the government has done.

Not only did they make the choice to deliberately harm people, but they did something that is far, far worse. They damaged the trust that underpinned the medical profession, and by extension, all of civilization. This was a deliberate attack. Not just a biological warfare attack, but an attack on the very fabric of our society.

EDIT: Now that Godwin’s law has shown its head, comments are closed.

Hiding the Truth

NBC news does a story about a teacher who had a police report filed against her because she read a book to her fifth grade students. They make it sound like this book was harmless.

“The difference is that I have that love and care for all students, not just a singular student,” she adds. “In regards to the book that was challenged in my classroom, it was a message to the LGBTQ+ community in my room and in my district that they’re ‘less than.’”

No, this book was intended to teach ten and eleven year old kids how to have gay sex. Here is some of the content of that book:

This is entirely inappropriate for children. The book claims that we teach kids about sex at ten years old. No we do not. We teach about reproduction in school, not sex. It’s done in the tenth grade for most students, the eighth grade for advanced students. I taught the class, so I know. The course is about reproduction, but makes no mention of sex. At all. We talk about sperm and egg, how they are made and how they come together to make a child. I don’t mention how the sperm gets there, nor do I give instructions on sex.

In fact, my school ordered teachers to tell students about gay sex back in 2016, and I refused.