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Environmental Shell Game

There is an old physics joke that goes like this: “There’s this farmer, and he has these chickens, but they won’t lay any eggs. So, he calls a physicist to help. The physicist then does some calculations, and he says, um, I have a solution, but it only works with spherical chickens in a vacuum.”

The joke here is that theory frequently ignores reality. In order for the theory to match reality, one has to assume that things like irregularly shaped chickens living in contact with the real world don’t exist, because they make it impossible for theory to match reality. Which brings us to today’s post.

The claims about EVs are that they are more efficient than internal combustion engines. The claims are that even an F-150 gets an equivalent to 65 miles per gallon. What are they using for an equivalent? Some bullshit math that is purely theoretical and has no basis in reality? Or are they representing the actual facts?

The EPA is the one who decides, through what they call ‘advanced computer modeling’ what the Miles Per Gallon equivalent is for each car. The EPA says one gallon of gasoline contains 115,000 BTUs of energy–which equates to 33.7 kilowatt-hours, equaling 3,412 BTUs per KW-hour.

A natural gas powered generator like this one uses 301 cubic feet of gas to generate 20 kilowatt hours of electric power. Since  1 cubic foot of natural gas = 1,037 BTU, then one KW of electricity costs 15,606 BTUs to create in the real world. What this means is that the EPA is claiming that electric generation is almost 5 times more efficient in theory than it is in practicality. Why? Because a lot of the energy in that natural gas is lost to inefficiencies like friction in the bearings, hysteresis losses, and other things in the generating process that generate heat.

Perhaps it’s more efficient in large power plants? Nope, it turns out that large powerplants are inefficient as well.

In theory, 3,412 Btu of thermal energy is equivalent to 1 kWh of electric energy. For existing coal-fired power plants, heat rates are typically in the range of 9,000 Btu/kWh to 11,000 Btu/kWh. 

There are also line losses. That is, the electric lines, transformers, and other parts of the electric grid have their own losses caused by imperfect conduction and distribution. Physics is a bitch.

The game that they are playing here is obvious. They are taking the theoretical value for gasoline and electricity and ignoring the losses that occur due to inefficiencies in generation and transmission of electricity so that they get a number that far overstates the efficiency of electricity, making EVs seem far more efficient than they are.

This is why that F-150 that is supposed to be the most efficient pickup truck only has a range of 58 miles when towing a boat. My F-150 with its 36 gallon fuel tank has a range of over 300 miles towing my 18 foot pontoon boat.

Since we know that they are vastly overstating the efficiency of electric vehicles, that calls the environmental value of electric vehicles into question. Even using the EPA’s faulty metrics, one must drive an EV for over 20,000 miles before it becomes ‘greener’ than than an internal combustion powered vehicle. This is due to the toxic and environmentally unfriendly battery.

The thing is, the battery must be changed out much sooner than the engine in an ICE powered car. The US government requires that a battery on an EV be warrantied for 8 years or 100,000 miles. That is apparently the limit for batteries, as one Florida family recently discovered. I once had a car with over 250,000 miles on it. I still saw it driving around town for years after I sold it.

Over all, I think that there is a shell game being played with EVs. They are not nearly as efficient or as environmentally friendly as we are being led to believe. So the question remains: Why are we being misled, and to whose benefit?

Grooming Children Tranny Insanity

More Teachers Grooming

In yet another case of liberals thinking that they are smarter and more caring than anyone else, teachers in an Ohio school district are being told that they don’t have to inform parents that their children are requesting changed names, pronouns, or sexual identity.

Then they tell you that sex and gender are not the same thing. This is gaslighting, pure and simple. They are telling you that things don’t mean what they have meant for thousands of years. The left is deliberately and systematically feeding people false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. The targets of this behavior wind up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, their manipulations are growing more complex, more potent, more out of touch with reality, which is making it increasingly difficult for the victims to see the truth.

We are seeing the left targeting our most vulnerable people- our children- at the core of their being: their sense of identity and self-worth. It isn’t just children, almost anyone is susceptible to these tactics, which have been deployed throughout history by domestic abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders.

Don’t let anyone do this to you or your family.

Tranny Insanity


I do get so weary of the debate about transexuality. The worn out argument that trannies try to make is that, because about 1 in 1,000 live births involve Klinfelter’s syndrome, there can be no objective definition of what men and women are. That is silly nonsense. First, some biology:

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. When we reproduce, the DNA in the reproductive cells splits, and those cells contain 23 chromosomes instead of 23 pairs. When a sperm and an egg meet, their DNA combines to again form 23 pairs.

The 23rd pair is the one that determines gender. In that 23rd pair, a man is one who has a Y chromosome as one of those chromosomes. All fetuses begin as female. The Y chromosome tells the developing fetus to grow male reproductive organs. Those reproductive organs then cause the development of secondary male characteristics like a male skeletal structure, etc. The absence of that Y chromosome means that the fetus remains female in structure.

That is how it is supposed to work, but there are sometimes defects that occur in that incredibly complex process. Perhaps the meiotic division in one of the parent haploid cells (its usually the mother’s) didn’t properly take place. In that case, the fetus winds up one chromosome (or part of one chromosome) too many or too few.

One chromosome missing means that one chromosome is left without its matching pair and is called a monosomy or partial monosomy. That usually results in miscarriage. Occasionally it doesn’t. If part of one chromosome is missing, this is called a partial monosomy. An example is part of the 5th pair missing, called Cri du chat syndrome. A missing chromosome at the 23rd pair can also be survivable. If there is only a single X and no matching X or Y, the fetus is female and has Turner’s syndrome. Is there is only a Y with no matching X, miscarriage. Less than 1 in 10,000 live births has a monosomy.

Sometimes there is one chromosome too many. This is called a trisomy, and trisomies are more survivable than monosomies. Trisomies are classified by which chromosomal pairs they occur at. For example, if the spare chromosome is in the:

There are others, but you get the point. Trisomies are abnormal conditions. About 3 in every 1,000 live births has some sort of trisomy.

The one that the left is most concerned with is a trisomy at the 23rd pair, which results in XXY and is called Klinefelter’s syndrome. Since there is a Y chromosome present, a person with this syndrome usually has male genitalia, but occasionally will be indeterminate sex (also called intersex) or will appear female. People with Klinefelter’s are infertile and cannot reproduce, making it a genetic dead end. About 1 in 1,000 people have Klinefelter’s. It is a birth defect, no different than other genetic defects. That doesn’t mean we modify the definition of male and female so you can make the rest of us dance to your tune. The exception doesn’t mean that we change the rule.

Now to be clear, people with birth defects still have rights, are still human, and deserve treatment. What I have an issue with is people with mental problems latching on to a birth defect that happens in less than 0.5% of all humans and using that to justify their aberrant and sexually deviant behavior.

This is no different than a person faking a limp so they can park in handicapped parking, or go to the head of the line at a theme park. You are wearing the modern equivalent of blackface so that you can force the rest of us to treat your mental illness as if it were normal behavior.

If you want to believe that you are a different sex than the one you were born with, the odds are overwhelming that you do not have Klinefelter’s. You most likely have a mental illness. The fact that it has become trendy in some circles to pretend otherwise doesn’t change the objective facts.

Trannies can wear gender bending outfits. I don’t care, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else. What I do care about is when you demand that the rest of us play along with your delusion or when you attempt to inflict it on children. Live and let live goes both ways. Stop trying to convert us into your mental illness.

Tranny Insanity

My body. My choice.

I am not sorry. I don’t do trannies.

Your so-called “trans rights” don’t extend to forcing others to date you, any more than a woman is obligated to have sex with a man, just because he paid for dinner. I choose who I associate with, and no one else.

If you don’t like that, tough shit.

and on a side note, why is there a child on this poster about sex?

Anti American left Grooming Children The Collapse Tranny Insanity

The enemy in our homes

Less than a year ago, I told you about one of my wife’s friends and her stepson. The little asshole had declared to his family that he was a Marxist. The father had been ignoring it, assuming it was just some sort of phase.

Well, the kid came home and announced that he is now a girl. No longer Carlos, he is now calling himself Inez and insisting that everyone use that name. He is telling them that Carlos is dead, and using that name is “deadnaming” him. He is now Inez.

Well, his dad has been crying for three days. He is supporting his son in this new name, because he is afraid that his son will commit suicide if they don’t play along. Carlos is basically holding himself hostage and using that to control everyone in the house.

That, in my opinion, is what this is. It’s about control. When I met the kid seven years ago, I thought he was a little odd, but many kids are. However, this kid is as hardcore left as they come. He is a committed socialist who wants to destroy this country and replace it with a communist one.

We all need to think about that for a moment. The people that will be on the other side of any civil war will be people that we have known for years. That little boy who lives down the street? The one you have known since he was in kindergarten? He is plotting to kill you.

That’s where we are. So as you listen to our President tonight, and hear him tell America that *YOU* are the enemy, that you are a threat to our nation, and that you don’t deserve to live here, remember what the left has done to our children. Remember what they want to do to you.

Plan accordingly.

climate change

Physics- Trust the Science

An Electric Vehicle company is claiming that their electric school buses are “sending energy back to the grid to help conserve and reduce emissions.” They do nothing of the sort. All they are doing is returning a portion of the energy that they used in being charged back to the grid.

Energy is not created or destroyed, it merely changes form. In changing form, some of that energy is converted to heat, and is thus lost. Charging the bus causes losses as the batteries heat up. When the busses discharge into the grid, more energy is lost. Then the bus has to be charged again in order to be driven, meaning that even more energy is lost.

I don’t know if the left is stupid or thinks we are. On second thought, perhaps it is the left who is stupid, because they actually believe that it is possible to have perpetual motion devices. I guess arts majors don’t know anything about the First Law of Thermodynamics.


Mom, He’s Looking at Me

One of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me was when I was out with some friends. I was sitting in the bar and noticed that a woman kept staring at me. My friends urged me to go talk to her, so I did. I approached the table where she was sitting with her friends and said, “I couldn’t help but notice you were staring at me. Can I buy you a drink?”

She replied, “I am not staring at you. You are sitting under the TV.” I slinked back to my side of the bar.

Now people in Australia can get you tossed in jail for that.

Anti American left Tranny Insanity

I Can’t Even

Look at this from the CDC. (emphasis added by me)

Even if you feel well, here are some ways to reduce your chances of being exposed to monkeypox if you are sexually active:

  • Take a temporary break from activities that increase exposure to monkeypox until you are two weeks after your second dose. This will greatly reduce your risk.
  • Limit your number of sex partners to reduce your likelihood of exposure.
  • Spaces like back rooms, saunas, sex clubs, or private and public sex parties, where intimate, often anonymous sexual contact with multiple partners occurs—are more likely to spread monkeypox.
  • Condoms (latex or polyurethane) may protect your anus (butthole), mouth, penis, or vagina from exposure to monkeypox. However, condoms alone may not prevent all exposures to monkeypox since the rash can occur on other parts of the body.
  • Gloves (latex, polyurethane, or nitrile) might also reduce the possibility of exposure if inserting fingers or hands into the vagina or the anus. The gloves must cover all exposed skin and be removed carefully to avoid touching the outer surface.
  • Avoid kissing or exchanging spit since monkeypox can spread this way.
  • Masturbate together at a distance without touching each other and without touching any rash.
  • Have virtual sex with no in-person contact.
  • Consider having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash is present, reducing as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. Leather or latex gear also provides a barrier to skin-to-skin contact; just be sure to change or clean clothes/gear between partners and after use.
  • Be aware that monkeypox can also spread through respiratory secretions with close, face-to-face contact.
  • Remember to wash your hands, fetish gear, sex toys, and any fabrics (bedding, towels, clothes) after having sex. Learn more about infection control.

How about this- just don’t go to a bath house and fuck dozens of guys that you don’t even know in the ass? Or let them do the same to you?

Failure of Education Grooming Children

Librarian Groomers

When I was teaching, every few years the school district had to select a new textbook. The process would include the district narrowing it down to a few likely candidates. The books which effectively covered your student benchmarks were listed, and parents would have an opportunity to look them over. So did teachers. The final textbooks were then selected with this feedback in mind.

After a book was chosen, there were of course dozens of books that were not chosen. No one ever accused the schools of censorship or book banning because they chose to have one book over another.

Not so much anymore. Now school librarians are “enraged” because schools are not allowing them to promote books that openly discuss fellatio between a 12 year old boy and a grown man, called Lawn Boy. There is also the story about two teen boys who wake up to discover they are in space before embarking on a gay love affair, or stories about how hard it is to be a teen transgender. They complain about parents not wanting their children to read about fathers raping their daughters.

This is just a way for librarians to attempt to get grooming past parents who don’t want their children educated in how to be sexual deviants. This particular story even goes on to complain that complaints about CRT are actually just “amorphous conspiracy theories” that gained traction in conservative circles last year, before going on to blame these “book bans” on deep-pocketed rightwing donors who are carrying out a campaign to ban books from school libraries, often focused on works that address race, LGBTQ issues or marginalized communities.

You will note that none of the “banned books” these librarians are fighting for are things like the Bible, Rush Limbaugh’s “The Way Things Ought to Be,” or other books from the right.

Librarians are claiming that they are “banding together” to fight “book bans.” Look- the books aren’t being banned. The parents and others who pay the taxes that fund your library and your job have decided that they don’t want to use their money to fund their children reading stories with passages in them like this one:

What if I told you I touched another guy’s dick? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I put Doug Goebbels’ dick in my mouth. I was in fourth grade, it was no big deal. He sucked mine too. And you know what, it wasn’t terrible.

Citation from “Lawn Boy”

You want to publish a book like that, fine. It isn’t illegal. This isn’t a First Amendment issue. No one is restricting your speech. The First Amendment prevents the government from restricting you from speaking your mind. What it doesn’t do is require that the government fund it.

When you are a librarian in a government funded facility, you are an agent of the government. While you are acting as an agent of the government, you are not acting in your individual capacity. This is why clerks of court can’t refuse to issue a marriage license. This is why a judge can’t have a sign with the 10 commandments mounted on the front of his desk in the court room. It’s also why teachers can’t explain gay sex to children and why librarians don’t get to push children to read “how to” books on sucking dick.

I will fight against using taxpayer funds to provide that book to children, you sick fucks.

Grooming Children

This Happens Too Often

Or: “It followed me home, can I keep it?”

A child is missing before being “found” at a female teacher’s house. I wonder what she was planning on doing with him. In comments, people are saying that there is no evidence that she was going to molest him, and the typical shit about “she was hot, this will make the kid popular” bullshit.

A groomer is a groomer. A molester is a molester.


The teacher’s arrest affidavit is here. (pdf alert) Here is the information on the class she teaches, which is English 1. The arrest affidavit says that she was his English teacher last year, meaning that the boy is most likely a 15 year old who is just beginning the 10th grade.

No mention is made of sexual activity. I wonder if it was that, or if the teacher was planning on helping the boy become a girl.