Myth Busted

The climate change hucksters are claiming that March of 2024 was the warmest on record. I thought this year was rather cool, so I did a little checking.

I have a personal weather station on the roof of my (old) house. It recorded the temperature of March for years. This year, there were 11 days where the high temperature never went above 79 degrees, last year there were 8. In 2024, the high temperature was not above 90 degrees on any day of the month. In 2023, the mercury rose above 90 degrees three times.

There were 5 days in 2023 where the low temperature was below 50 degrees. There were 9 such days in 2024. The coldest morning of March 2024 was 42 degrees, on the 20th. In 2023, the thermometer showed that we hit 42 degrees twice, and 41 was the low for the month, on the 21st.

In other words, it was cooler this year than it was last year, but not by much. Still, that means this March was certainly not the hottest ever. Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me that it’s raining.


Woman is murdered by an illegal immigrant… crickets.

Tranny dies of a drug overdose:

When I see this, I love this answer to the problem:

Setting the Stage

If you are opposed to trannies and don’t celebrate them, you are committing violence, says Lady Gaga. (What a stupid fucking name. Who is her husband, Lord GooGoo?)

It’s appalling to me that a post about National Women’s Day by Dylan Mulvaney and me would be met with such vitriol and hatred. When I see a newspaper reporting on hatred but calling it ‘backlash’ I feel it is important to clarify that hatred is hatred, and this kind of hatred is violence. Backlash would imply that people who love or respect Dylan and me didn’t like something we did. This is not backlash. This is hatred. But it is not surprising given the immense work that it’s obvious we still have to do as a society to make room for transgender lives to be cherished and upheld by all of us.

I feel very protective in this moment, not only of Dylan, but of the trans community who continues to lead the way with their endless grace and inspiration in the face of constant degradation, intolerance, and physical, verbal, and mental violence. I certainly do not speak for this community, but I have something to say. I hope all women will come together to honor us ALL for International Women’s Day, and may we do that always until THE DAY that all women are celebrated equally. That all people are celebrated equally. A day where people of all gender identities are celebrated on whichever holiday speaks to them. Because people of all gender identities and races deserve peace and dignity. May we all come together and be loving, accepting, warm, welcoming. May we all stand and honor the complexity and challenge of trans life-that we do not know, but can seek to understand and have compassion for. I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as ‘backlash.’ People deserve better.

Lady Gaga on Dylan Mulvaney being a woman because he says that he is, and if you disagree, you have committed violence against him

So if a man says he is a woman, and you use objective reality to disagree with him, you have just committed violence against him. Why are they saying this?

So they can justify the actual violence that they are about to use in eliminating you. Make no mistake, this is the attitude that they will use to come after you, to unperson you, deny you services, and place you into reeducation camps. You will deserve it in their minds, because you called Dylan Mulvaney a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’ while not allowing him to celebrate being a woman.


There is a tranny at work. It’s the most fucked up thing ever. This dude has a woman’s haircut, but Don Johnson style stubble. He wears women’s clothes and facial expressions like Dana Carvey doing the Church Lady.

This is so insulting to actual women. This is what these crazy freaks think a woman is: a hairstyle, some clothes, and a stupid expression. Then we are all expected to pretend that he is actually a woman.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not an asshole to him. I’m cordial, because he obviously is mentally ill. Any man who thinks he is a woman must be. I’m not mean to people with diseases- I mean I won’t bully or make fun of crippled people. I just carefully avoid talking to him unless work duties require me to do so.

Every conversation that you have with these nutcases places your job at risk. It’s a political minefield. So I just avoid him as much as I can.

Do You Get It Yet?

This is a US flag level officer:

The military’s greatest strength, according to her, is that its personnel are permitted to cut off their dicks and pretend to be women.

If you are straight, your only purpose in this nation is to pay taxes so delusional faggots can live the life that they have always wanted, all at your expense. If you don’t want to pay for this, then you are the enemy. You can be anything that you want, as long as what you want doesn’t include being left alone.


The following poster was seen in a high school. When you first go to their website, you are told by a popup how to hide the fact that you are on their site. That’s because GLSEN is a secret teacher organization whose aim is to turn kids into good little leftist faggots. They are deliberately grooming your kids.

Read the bottom. It was paid for by a grant from the CDC to GLSEN. How is printing things like this even remotely connected to the CDC?

Take another look at the content. Women, Fags, Illegal Immigrants, Hispanics, Arabs, and the disabled. Do you see what’s missing? Yeah, straight white males. Remember back in the 80s, when it was illegal to charge extra for accepting credit cards, so businesses gave discounts for using cash?

This is the same concept. They can’t discriminate against whites without backlash, so instead, they are giving special privileges to everyone EXCEPT straight white males. They get privileges that YOU paid for, and you get nothing but the bill. Even Time magazine says that you are the enemy because all white people are racist oppressors.

This is how the US military turns on white neighborhoods. Remember that currently, only 45% of the US military is white men. A number of those white men are fags and trannies. So call about 40% of the military is straight white men. The airstrikes, door kicking, and missile strikes will be OK, because it will be against their racist white oppressors.

At Least She Wasn’t From Florida

A woman on an airplane performed an oral sex act on the man in the seat next to her, who was a stranger to her, at least at first. The man resisted at first, but then eventually stopped fighting. The flight crew then did him a solid and waited until she had completed her mission, and separated the two. The woman then smoked a cigarette before being arrested when the plane landed. She isn’t even horrible looking.

The jokes write themselves:

  • I wonder if the unknown male paid her bail money.
  • Many men would fly more often if this becomes the norm.
  • This airline’s first class tickets offers more amenities than most.
  • Honey, you won’t believe it. This woman overpowered me. I tried to fight her off, but…

To The UN: Get Bent

The UN is set to demand that Americans stop eating meat because of Global Warming. I want to point out to you that the average American eats more than 260 pounds of meat per year. That’s three quarters of a pound of meat per day, every day. For every person, and that doesn’t even account for the 8 percent of Americans who claim to be either vegan or vegetarian.

If you want to see a US population that’s ready to start using Sky Blue helmets as target practice, tell them that they can’t have BBQ or a nice steak. I just ate a nice bowl of beef based chili. Last night, I had meatloaf. For Christmas dinner, we are going to buy a nice rib roast and let it cook in the smoker so we can have some Prime Rib. So the UN can kiss my American meat-eating ass.

Florida Educators Allowed Tranny to Play

Some South Florida educators allowed a delusional tranny (chick with a dick) to play volleyball with the real girls. They are about to get fired, because that shit is against the law here in the Sunshine state. You will note that the AP version of the story (linked above) has a large portion of the article missing from the original NY Post version. Why? Because of this:

In the wake of the investigation, an unidentified family friend told CBS Miami the trans athlete in question had not yet “come out” as transgender and is blaming officials for outing the high schooler.

This handling of the “incredibly sensitive” situation has left Scott Galvin, the executive director of Safe Schools South Florida, wanting answers.

“It’s horrendous first on just a human level that the school would out somebody on an issue like this that’s obviously incredibly sensitive,” Galvin told CBS Miami.

“It’s just dumbfounding, and the Broward County Schools should be ashamed of themselves.”

Lisa Maxwell, executive director of the Broward Principals and Assistants Association, wrote that she’s “confident that at the end of this investigation, principal James Cecil will be fully exonerated and return to Monarch High.”

Some students were allegedly planning a protest and possible walkout over the reassignment and in support of the transgender community, NBC6 reported.

“If we were to just sit here and just get them to go to the boys’ team, then it would look like we are not supportive of people’s perspective on things, like, being a girl or a boy or whatever, and this school is really big on LGBTQ+ clubs and stuff like that, so, it kind of would look more hypocritical on our part,” an unidentified student told the outlet.

Another unidentified student said they are siding with the Florida law if the trans athlete is a biological male.

“If he is a biological boy, I don’t think he should be able to play on a girls’ team,” the student told NBC6.

Twenty-three states have banned transgender students from competing in high school sports consistent with their gender identity, according to the Movement Advancement Project.

In Florida, a female transgender student-athlete can’t participate without first showing a birth certificate saying she was born a female.

The law does not prevent athletes born female from playing on boys’ or men’s teams.

So this is in ultra-liberal Broward county, you know, the one that keeps “finding” Democrat votes after election day? Where the Parkland shooting took place? The coward from Broward?

I hope that every one of the teachers involved loses their jobs and is permanently barred from teaching again.

Oh, and the only reason why we don’t want male to female trannies playing sports against actual girls is that their inherent biological advantages of the male anatomy and physiology gives them an unfair advantage over actual females. That, and there is no way that girls should be forced to look at some wannabe girl’s dick in the locker room.