Transition to Jimmy Carter Era is Complete

The Biden administration is supposedly pissed off that Israel didn’t inform them of the strike in Damascus that killed an Iranian General. Do you know why Israel didn’t inform anyone? Because Biden is a Neville Chamberlain kind of milquetoast jellyfish. He called Netanyahu and asked him not to retaliate for the over 300 missiles that were fired at his country overnight because, “they didn’t hit anything of value.”

Except there were casualties, including a 7 year old girl who was struck by shrapnel. I’m sure someone thought that their 7 year old daughter was of value. The only reason that there were few casualties was that the Israeli systems were able to intercept 99% of the missiles before they hit anything.

Look, I am against the US getting militarily involved in foreign wars, and that includes both Ukraine and Israel. With that being said, how hard would it be to make a call telling Netanyahu, “The American people are both saddened and shocked at Iran’s attempted attacks on your civilian populations. We will not stand in opposition to any action that your nation chooses to take in response to this ghastly attack.” Instead, Biden proved that his statement of supporting Israel was bullshit.

Otherwise, you embolden those dictators who would attack others.

He is deliberately ignoring that it was his sponsoring of terrorists, to the point that his own generals were planning and supporting the attacks on Israeli citizens, that prompted the Israeli drone strike that got his panties in a bunch.

Just because Democrats have been kissing Iran ass since the 1970’s doesn’t mean that Israel has to.


Woman is murdered by an illegal immigrant… crickets.

Tranny dies of a drug overdose:

When I see this, I love this answer to the problem:

Tenth President

A President, born while George Washington was still in office, yet has a grandson who is still alive. He was the first Vice-President to ascend to the Presidency due to the death of the President. He was a slaveholder who owned 40 slaves, yet opposed slavery. He signed a treaty that outlawed slave trading by sea.

While he was in office, he pissed off his party (Whig) by vetoing their bill to create a national bank because he was a strict constructionist who believed strongly in states rights. He had a strong dislike for the Federal Government, believing that the more populous northern states were using it as a cudgel to beat down the more agricultural southern states. The Tariff of 1828 was a great example of this- the tariff placed a 38% tax on some imported goods and a 45% tax on certain imported raw materials, especially iron products, as well as wool and cotton textiles. The target of these taxes were the southern states, and most of the southern states were demanding secession over the taxes.

The manufacturing-based economy in the Northeastern states was being undersold by manufactured items from Britain. The major goal of the tariff was to protect the factories by taxing imports from Europe, thereby forcing the agrarian southern states to buy northern goods at higher prices. This also prevented the southern states from selling their products overseas, because the loss of European nations’ ability to sell their manufactured goods to the Union meant that they no longer had the money to purchase the south’s agricultural goods. This in turn forced southern farmers to sell cotton to northern mills at lower prices. South Carolina refused to pay the tax. President Jackson was advocating for the use of military force, with Congress voting against it.

John Tyler, being one of the main opponents of Jackson’s plan, was forced out of the Democrat party and would eventually cause him to join the (northern based) Whigs, where he was elected to be the Vice President in 1840. After only 31 days, President Harrison died of pneumonia, and Tyler became President. Members of his own party attempted to use him as an empty suit to carry out the party’s wishes, and he refused, which caused the party to expel him.

When Tyler, who was from Virginia, vetoed tariffs that would further damage the south, the Whigs in the House of Representatives began the first impeachment hearings in this nation’s history. John Quincy Adams, an abolitionist who disliked slaveholders like Tyler, condemned Tyler’s use of the veto and attacked his character when pushing for impeachment. He survived, and finished out President Harrison’s term.

If you think that the Civil war was about slavery, you would be taking a shortsighted view that has been pressed by the North. The real story here is that the northern states had for years been using their numerical superiority to force the south to pay large sums of money to support northern industry.

We see the same thing playing out today, although the lines aren’t north-south. The lines are a bit more geographically muddy. Still, many of the things that happened nearly two hundred years ago have well defined parallels today.

First Domino?

Now that the Colorado Supreme Court has disqualified Trump from holding any public office, will this be the first domino? Are we seeing the first steps towards the 2024 cheat? Is this the next step in an American dictatorship?

Here is the tracker. This is important. Colorado is out of play for Trump, meaning that even if he DOES get the Republican nomination, he has just lost 10 electoral votes. Now Biden doesn’t have to cheat or even run for office in that state. He is the default winner. Watch this closely. If only ten states disqualify Trump, there is no point in even having the election. It’s a done deal.

The Republicans have no balls. If they did, Colorado delegates would not be seated at the convention.

It’s a good thing that the Democrats saved our Democracy, eh?

Poor Reaction Times

A car ran into the Presidential motorcade last night. The sedan struck a trailing vehicle as the President was exiting his campaign headquarters and heading towards his vehicle. The collision happened less than 100 feet from the President. What’s important here is the poor reaction times displayed by the USSS agents in his detail. Watch closely. The collision happens 10 seconds into the video.

The agents spend the next 5 seconds looking around and trying to decide what to do. Their first reaction should be to get the President to safety. They don’t get him into the armored SUV until 14 seconds after the collision. Had this collision been an attack involving an VBIED or a gunman, there is a fair chance that the President would have been caught in the open.

Stunt Double

Ear lobes being attached or not is a genetic, inheritable trait. I used to use it as an example in the Biology class I taught. We are looking at Joe Biden’s right earlobe. Take a close look at this picture of Joe Biden as a younger man, in 1987.

Here is a picture of Joe Biden receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in January of 2017:

Here is a picture of Vice-President Joe Biden from an official White House photo in 2013:

Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden in his West Wing Office at the White House, Jan. 10, 2013.

Here he is in a story from September of 2019:

Now take a look at this picture of Joe Biden from March of this year:

Any picture that I could find from before 2019, he has free earlobes. In any picture from 2019 or later, he doesn’t. Until recently. The last time I posted this, there were people who commented, claiming that Biden had gotten facelift as a way to explain this away. So I ask you- what if this article contained a picture of Biden with his earlobes unattached from just three months ago? Would that change your opinion?

What in the hell is going on?