Ate Too Many Crayons

You would think that a guy running for Sec State would be able to read COTUS. Instead, he relies on “I was a Marine, so I am a Constitutional Law Expert”

It’s almost like he hasn’t read the Heller decision.

Be Positive

Miguel points out that many people don’t know their blood type. He says you should find out. It will help you avoid what happened to my friend when he got shot. He needed blood, but we didn’t know his blood type. He kept telling us to be positive, but it’s really hard to do while your friend is dying.

Get yourself a blood tag like one of these, and affix it to your kit, or to your usual range attire. It will save some time when time is critical. (And no, my blood type isn’t B+)

I don’t think it was a coincidence

Nutty mental case anti gun assholes are on Twitter right now trying to confuse people on the difference between an AR15 and an M4, because it has come out that the Nashville shooter and her mother were anti-gun warriors.

Saying things like

Does putting in a modified trigger group for a better trigger pull in an M-4 make it not an M-4? Also, also, the M-4 IS an AR-15. M-4 is the military designation for a specific build of AR built by Colt. The M4 is not full-auto. That would be the M4A1 and it’s later models.

So I argue: “Wrong. The M-4 is the full auto version, and is by legal definition a machine gun. So is the AK-47. Yes, the platforms look the same, but looks aren’t the same thing. It isn’t just a ‘modified trigger group for a better trigger pull.’ You are either ignorant or dishonest.”

I don’t think that it is a coincidence that the shooting happened when it did, nor that the army of antigun PR folks is so on the spot with everything.

I just get so tired of arguing against the same old, tired bullshit arguments that they have been making for over 30 years, being dishonest because they know most people don’t know any better. I just want to say “No. Your move.”

More About the Nashville Shooting

So an update to the douche canoe that shot up the Nashville school. The transgender, whose pronouns are now was/were, was a student there in 2006. This delusional piece of human shit originally looked at shooting up a different school, but selected the private school as a secondary target because the primary target had security that would have made successfully killing a bunch of kids more difficult. Gun free school zones resulted in death this week, and there is no other way around it.

Nashville Metropolitan Police Chief John Drake said that Hale was “prepared to do more harm than was actually done,” and that she had drawn up plans to attack another school in the area, but backed out of them because the school was too secure.

per the New York Post

The police in this case did a good job, even advancing on the school while under fire. (Take THAT, Uvalde pussies.) Still, the shooter had 14 minutes to shoot and kill people. They claim that the shooter didn’t have any mental problems, but that is false. Delusionally believing that you are a different sex than you are is a delusion, and its a mental problem, even if political correctness has removed it from the DSM.

The assailant was armed with a Kel-Tec SUB2000 carbine (9mm), a Smith and Wesson Shield EZ (9mm), and a Lead Star Arms grunt (5.56mm). Only one of them was legally a rifle, and it fires pistol cartridges. Still, the usual suspects are lining up to demand more gun control, specifically a new AWB. There are even some calling for the banning of all guns. I don’t see any of that happening in my lifetime, short of someone seizing control of the government and outlawing Congress. Both parties get too much in fundraising cash by using this as a wedge issue.

Still, there are many who are pointing out that Congress is debating gun control, and exactly on cue, there is a mentally deranged person shooting up a school. It happens like clockwork.

Not Getting My Sympathy

This story came up about a man who is suing the Pasco County Sheriff’s office, claiming that they have been harassing him. He makes the claim that they have arrested him at least 6 times for county ordnance violations, but each time no charges were filed. I felt sorry for him, and pulled his court history, ready to call out the Sheriff’s office for harassing him.

It turns out that he is a liar, a pain in the ass, and the kind of guy no one wants for a neighbor. Yes, he has been arrested ten times by Pasco county, and it turns out that at least 6 of those cases involved ordnance violations. One for having grass that was at least a foot tall, with snakes observed crawling around the property. The others were for parking jet skis and other trailers all over the front yard of the property.

He wasn’t arrested in those cases for the ordnance violation. For those violations, he was issued a citation, which he refused to sign receipt for. Then he was arrested when he refused to appear in court. In another case, he was arrested for allowing other people’s children to smoke on his property without their parents’ knowledge. He was also arrested for furnishing his 16 year old child with marijuana. His son has 9 warrants out for his arrest. Yeah, real nice people there.

This also illustrates why you can’t trust the press. They lie and leave out details to push a false narrative. This lawsuit? In cases like this, the person suing should be forced to pay the Sheriff’s legal bill, and his lawyer should be fined for wasting the court’s time.

More on Defensive Shooting

Last month, I posted about a shooting at Applebee’s that later appeared to be a defensive shooting by a CCW holder. The police have released more details:

At some point, Hudson got into an argument with a male and female out in the parking lot, and as the pair left in a car, Hudson pulled out a handgun and fired three times into the air. Hudson then walked to a side door that the employees use, which is where a female friend of his tried to get him to leave before police showed up. The release shows that Hudson refused to leave, instead heading into the restaurant and demanding to know who called the police.

Investigators said that Hudson reached into his pants, prompting a patron — identified as 27-year-old Drew Manno — to fatally shoot Hudson. Police added that Manno had a concealed weapon permit and told police he was in fear for the lives of himself and those with him. Hudson’s handgun was not found at the scene, and its whereabouts are unknown at this time. Police said they were able to find the three shell casings from Hudson’s handgun in the parking lot.

Sounds like a good shoot.

TN School Shooter is a Tranny

Notice how the press isn’t really spreading that around? Yeah, the shooter is described as a 28 year old female former student named Audrey Hale. I thought that was odd, mostly because the vast majority of school shooters are men, and 28 years old is a bit old for a former student to be holding a grudge. After all, the school only teaches to 6th grade, meaning that this loon wasn’t a student there for at least the past 16 years.

It turns out, not so much. The shooter, according to the Nashville Police Chief, is a man who claims to be a woman: a tranny. (Confirmed with a second source here)

While police initially described the suspect as a 28-year-old white woman, social media profiles under Hale’s name list he/him pronouns. Nashville Police Chief John Drake said at a press conference Monday afternoon that Hale was transgender.

The police also revealed that this shooting was planned for some time, with the date being chosen for some sort of significance as stated in his manifesto (don’t the usually have a manifesto?).

A search of Hale’s home turned up “maps drawn of the school, in detail, so, surveillance, entry points, et cetera,” Drake said. Cops also found a manifesto and “some writings that pertain to this date, the actual incident… of how this was all going to take place.”

They even stereotypically described him as “quiet” and a bit of a loner. I’m sure that he chose the school because it was a soft target. Of course, the left is already dancing in the blood of the victims and demanding that we “do something” meaning, of course, ban guns and is already lining up to say that the shooter’s gender is irrelevant to the shooting.

I say that the fact that the shooter is transgender IS relevant to the facts of the shooting, since we know that 32-50% of transgenders are suicidal. Perhaps its time to add anyone with gender dysphoria to the NICS prohibited database. Now that puts the left in a quandry- they will be forced to choose one or the other- admit that firearms ownership is a civil right for everyone, or that transgenders have mental problems that justify denying firearms ownership.

Stories from the Emergency Room

I spent my latest shift in triage. There are two triage positions in the emergency room- one prioritizes the patients arriving by ambulance. The charge nurse usually does this. The second triage position is where patients who walk in are prioritized and sometimes treated. It was a slow day by ED standards, as we had less than 200 patients for the 12 hour shift.

The interesting patients of the day were a guy who ran his hand into a table saw, removing the tips of two fingers, a woman who came here from Canada seeking treatment that she had been unsuccessfully seeking for over a year in her home country, and a fentanyl overdose who came back to us after only being discharged 90 minutes earlier (that particular patient came to us by ambulance). The nurse who wound up treating him and I agreed that this guy obviously didn’t care about his own health and just wanted to get high, and that society would be improved if hospitals simply stopped handing out Narcan to every junkie on a constant basis. Sorry, but this guy has been in our hospital more than a dozen times in the past month. I can’t see how we benefit as a society by indulging in this behavior.

I had to teach one of our new nurses how to splint. She had to do a sugar tong splint on one of her patients for a wrist fracture, but didn’t know how. I went back and had to show her how to do it. Then a second came and asked me if D5W had sodium in it. (D5W literally means 5% dextrose in water. Why would there be sodium in that?) What are these nurses learning in school?

The worst part of the shift was the screensavers on the computers. They show a nurse I work with getting an award for saving a patient back in December. Good for her, except she got the award for what I did. A patient had come in complaining of passing out several times. No one could find anything wrong with him, even after the man had been in the ED for 2 days so they were about to discharge him. I went into the ECG server and reviewed the last 2 days of his heart activity and found that his heart occasionally went into a third degree AV block. He would then spend the next couple of minutes in a ventricular escape rhythm, and his heart rate would drop into the 20’s. There’s your problem, and I can’t believe cardiology missed it. I printed the ECG strips and gave them to his nurse, who forwarded them to cardiology. The man got a pacemaker and was sent home. The nurse got an award. I didn’t do it for accolades, but it still sucks that someone else got credit for my brilliant detective work.

Everything that follows is a “me, me, me” story, so if you aren’t interested, the post can end here.

I got another offer for a job this week, this time for $11 an hour more than I make now. Even though the money isn’t as good as the offer I received a month ago, the benefits are much better. Still, I’m not interested, as that particular hospital is about 45 minutes away from where I live and I don’t feel like driving that far. Still, the jobs are there.

Perhaps the attitude about druggies is the reason why, when I had a conversation with my manager about my coming departure, he didn’t seem to care a whole lot. It went like this, “You know that hospitals around here are aggressively recruiting nurses? Did you also know that this hospital is paying more than $10 an hour less than all of the others in the area?”

He says, “Yeah, I’ve heard.”

Me: “To be honest, I have offers from two other hospitals in the area. Both are for significantly more than I make now. I want to stay here, if possible. My evals are good, above average, in fact. You say you want me to stay and value me as an employee, so what kind of a raise are you willing to give me?”

Manager: “I really can’t have this conversation right now. There are a lot of things going on, and it would be better if you came back in two weeks, and we can talk about it then. My plate is just full, and I really do want to help you, but this just isn’t the time.”

Me: “That’s what you said three weeks ago, and a month before that.”

Him: “I know. Sorry, this just isn’t the time.”

It sounds like they really DON’T value me as an employee. I can’t see any manager who cares about retaining employees saying things like that to one who is making noises like they are looking to go. I do know that they have recently (in the past three months) hired half a dozen new nurses, all fresh out of school. They aren’t hurting for nurses as badly as they were a year ago, even though we are still woefully understaffed, it’s my belief that they WANT to be understaffed. It’s cheaper that way, I guess, even if patient care suffers and nursing ratios stay at 8:1 on the floor, with 30 or 40 ED holds.

So I am going to assume that I have just gotten my answer in the form of a “pocket veto.” If they really respected and wanted me to stay, we would have had the conversation about pay and retention by now. I have done everything but put in my notice, and the manager doesn’t seem to care.

So I have decided that my last day will be in 6 weeks. In three weeks, I will put in my notice.