Elections have consequences

Now that there is no such thing as a free election, expect more of this. Property ownership is absolutely hated by Communists. Stand by.


Chloroquine and biowarfare

During the Vietnam war, the US Army had all soldiers who were in country take pills to prevent malaria. The Platoon Medic, referred to as “HOTEL”, came around every morning handing out a “little white pill” that soldiers called the “daily-daily,” and once a week he handed out a big orange pill.

That weekly orange pill contained chloroquine phosphate, 500 mg (equivalent to 300 mg of chloroquine), and primaquine phosphate, 79 mg (equivalent to 45 mg of primaquine). The combination of chloroquine and primaquine has proved much more effective—100% effective in servicemen who took the pill regularly—than chloroquine alone for the prevention of malaria due to Plasmodium vivax. However, it had no prophylactic value for malaria due to P falciparum in Southeast Asia. Therefore, those servicemen stationed in Vietnam, where falciparum malaria is endemic, took a daily dose of dapsone, 25 mg, (the daily-daily) in addition to the chloroquine-primaquine pill. It is approved by the FDA for that use.

How does it work? Chloroquine interferes with the degradation of hemoglobin by lysosomes in a malarial infection caused by P. vivax. One of the things that COVID does is degrade hemoglobin. The release of iron caused by hemoglobin destruction is what damages the lungs. This is why it makes complete sense to me that chloroquine containing drugs would be helpful in preventing hemoglobin destruction and high blood iron.

This also explains why COVID patients have such low blood oxygen saturation, and also why some patients with high saturations are having poor outcomes. The hemoglobin that is there is fully saturated, but since so much of it has been destroyed, the red blood cells simply can’t carry enough oxygen to meet metabolic demands.

Reading the study found here makes me realize that there are a large number of problems and target cells for COVID. I am convinced that this is a biological warfare weapon.


You get what you pay for

So I am going to have to disagree with Linda on this one. She states that the liquor being rationed due to shortages is only expensive because men use expensive liquor to impress women. Liquors that cost more aren’t just for impressing women. As a person who is a fan of Tequila, I can tell you that price is usually related to quality. Like most things, the more the quality, the more you pay, even though there are some exceptions.

Most people you meet who tell you that they don’t like Tequila have usually only had Jose Cuervo Gold when they were in college. That swill is only good for college frat boys to get themselves and the cheap tarts they are chasing drunk enough to rub genitals. The lower end Tequilas (like the aforementioned Cuervo Gold at $15 a bottle) are horrible for any purpose. They taste like paint thinner and cause horrible hangovers.

Many “house Margueritas” that get sold by bars and restaurants are made from this junk. If you are going to drink these at a bar, ask what their call brands are, and pick a better one. I always avoid Cuervo.

The middle Tequilas usually cost $30 to $60 a bottle are good for mixing drinks like Margueritas. My go to for this is usually Herradura. I am partial to Reposados, and the Herradura Reposado runs about $45 a bottle. Don Roberto is decent for making drinks and costs about $35 a bottle. Another that I recommend is 1800, which also runs about $35, as well as Casa Noble.

At the low end of the sipping Tequilas, Cincoro runs about $80 to 100 a bottle. This is a good enough Tequila that you don’t want to be covering up the taste with mixers. Do not waste your money getting an expensive Tequila mixed drink. You drink good Tequila straight, like a good sipping whiskey. I use whiskey stones to chill it, because the melting of ice waters down the wonderful, smooth taste of a good Tequila.

One of the Tequilas on the above rationing list is Don Julio 1942. A bottle of that will set you back $150, but it is a great Tequila for sipping. Other Tequilas in this price range that I will tell you are just as good: Clase Azul, and Casamigos.

Remember earlier when I said price usually equals quality? The exception to me is Patron. Everyone gushes about the quality of Patron. I don’t like it. My opinion is that Patron is overpriced and overhyped.

If you are one of those who like good spirits, try one of the high end Tequilas. If you are a fan of Margueritas, try a good mixing Tequila and follow the recipe below, you will be surprised at the difference it makes:

  • 6 ounces of Herradura Reposado Tequila
  • 8 ounces Grand Marnier
  • 8 ounces lime juice
  • 6 ounces simple syrup 

Mix the above in a pitcher, then pour over ice into a glass. I like mine without salt on the rim. My wife chooses to salt the rim of her glass. YMMV.

As usual, I gain no profit, nor do I have any financial interest in the products on this page. I simply am a customer and a fan.

Education Failure of Education

Dead Students? Yes

In Baltimore, it is being reported that dead students continued to be enrolled in classes. Why? The answer lies in three letters: FTE, or Full Time Enrollment. Schools get money that is dependent upon how many students are enrolled in the school.

When I was a teacher, I had a student who died in a car accident. Even though I was notified by the Principal of his death, the student continued to be carried on my rolls. Since taking attendance is a legal requirement, I marked him absent. After a week of this, I was contacted by the Principal and she told me that every time I did this, the computer system was calling the mother with an automated message, which stated “Your student was absent from Science class today.” The Principal said, “Do you have any idea how upsetting that is?” I said, “Well, he isn’t here. Maybe we could change the mother’s number in the system, or remove him from classes.” The Principal said “We are working on that. For now, just mark him as present.” I asked her to email those instructions to me. She got angry and refused. I marked him present as I was told.

That continued for a month. As a teacher, you do what you are told, or your contract won’t be renewed for the next school year.

Now the news from Baltimore was far worse than that, in that they carried the dead students for years. However, the difference is one of degree, not of principle. So, I can believe it.


Too convenient

COVID is killing an average of 0.83 percent of the people who catch it. So why are we hearing about families with 6 dead in 3 weeks? The odds against this are astronomical.

This smells.

COVID Military

This week’s COVID update

A couple of things. The cases at the hospital are declining. One of the four hallways that we staffed to handle COVID patients was closed this week because our number of patients fell.

The second, and more interesting to me, piece of information came to me last night. I was having a couple of beers with a some military pilot friends of mine. They were telling me the story of the mandated vaccine. The President declared that, since the Pfizer vaccine was now approved by the FDA, he was mandating that all military members get the vaccine.

The military, being the efficient government agency it is, doesn’t have enough of the Pfizer vaccine for the military to get vaccinated. So they solved it by forcing the military to get the Moderna vaccine. You know, the one that isn’t approved.


Transitory Inflation

A billionaire hedge fund manager is contradicting the Fed’s claim that the high inflation we are seeing now is “transitory.”

The central bank in August 2020 tweaked its policy, saying it would allow inflation to run “moderately” above 2% “for some time” in order to help the central bank meet its goal of full employment. The problem here isn’t that the economy is preventing full employment. There are jobs, business wants to hire. It’s just that the money being dumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government are allowing people to sit at home without working.

It is only a matter of time before the Reserve Banks have to acknowledge what all of us already know- inflation has massively taken off. Once the FR makes it official, the market will tank, the bond market will go sour, and interest rates on the debt will soar. That will force the government to devalue the dollar in order to be able to afford the interest payments on our $30 trillion (give or take) debt.

Our rate of borrowing is already incredible. We have increased the National Debt by $6 trillion in the past two years. Since September of 2016, we have borrowed $9 trillion. It took our nation from its inception all the way to 2007 (231 years) to borrow $9 trillion. Since 2007, we have borrowed another $19 trillion.

Our debt is so large that a one percent increase in interest rates represents almost $350 billion in extra interest that must be paid. An interest rate that increases by just 3 percent will leave no money in the budget for anything else, not even Social Security.

Every President and Congress for the past 80 years has kicked this can down the road.

Trump increased the National Debt by 141% from $19.6 to $27.7 trillion in four years.

President Obama increased the debt by 185%- to $19.57 Trillion.

President George W Bush borrowed $5 trillion in 8 years, increasing the national debt by 187%.

It took President Clinton 3 and a half years to borrow his first trillion dollars. All told, he borrowed $1.2 trillion in his first term, and $600 billion in his second. He increased the national debt by 140% in eight years.

George HW Bush borrowed his first trillion in 3 years, and he increased the National debt by 170% in four years.

Reagan borrowed his first trillion in 6 years, and doubled the National debt during his eight years in the White House.

Carter increased the National debt by 150%, but “only” borrowed $300 billion in 4 years. I guess that was when $1 billion was real money.

Ford increased the debt by 147% in 3 years., Nixon by 135% in 5 years, Johnson by 116% in 6 years, Kennedy by 106% in 2 years, Eisenhower by 108% in eight years.

Biden may well be the President who is left holding the bag.

Power Grab

Emails, and the chain of command

According to Newsweek, Americans were emailing Pence and asking him to remove Trump from office by using the 25th Amendment. So? Which Americans? Why does that matter?

Now knowing what we know about Milley telling military leaders to ignore the President’s orders, Trump had already been removed from office in all but name. That was why Pence was the one ordering the National Guard into the Capitol.

Because the Washington, DC area is a Federal District, the General in charge of the unit answers only to the President of the United States. This authority to activate the D.C. National Guard has been delegated by the President, to the Secretary of Defense, who has further delegated to the Secretary of the Army.  Note that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is not anywhere in that chain of command, nor is the Vice President.

The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President. Any orders given to the Commanding General of the Washington, DC National Guard by any other entity or individual are not lawful orders. Why is that important?

On January 6 at 3:30 pm, Vice President Pence ordered the activation of the DC National Guard.  The Vice President is nowhere in the military chain of command, and as I pointed out, doesn’t have the power to order the DC national guard to do anything. Anyone who obeyed these orders was doing so without lawful authority. Those orders were not lawful orders.

No matter who sent emails to the Vice President.

Anti American left

Fugitive Slave Act

This is what happens when some uppity negro dares to attempt an escape from the Democrat plantation. The Democrat party may claim to be the new progressive party, but they are still the same old slave owning party that they always were. It’s just that now they no longer require that their slaves all be black.

Now they are for equality- we can all be slaves! (But if you don’t vote for us, you ain’t black)



Some serious time, effort, and skill went into this piece of satire. Every time I watch it, I catch something else.