Violence Ramping Up

It’s an election year. First, some background:

Brandon Fellows was convicted of one felony count of obstructing an official proceeding for his actions at the January 6 protest, and was sentenced to 36 months in prison.

Federal prosecutors sought a top-of-the-guidelines sentence o 37 months in prison – describing him as a “cheerleader” for violent rioters and saying he could be expected to be back at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2025, if his preferred candidate again doesn’t win.

You bet your ass, if the left cheats another election, many people will be back to protest the results- and next time, you can expect them to be armed. They won’t repeat the mistakes of 2021.

Anyway, Fellows also got an additional 5 months for contempt of court for calling the proceedings a kangaroo court being run by a bunch of Nazis. Since the Feds had held him in pretrial confinement for 32 months before his conviction, he was out less than a year later.

“You have repeatedly made a mockery of these proceedings,” McFadden said, noting Fellows had shown the “height of contempt” for all three branches of government and had “flagrantly lied” on the stand at trial. McFadden also pushed back against Fellows’ belief that he was the victim of a “grand conspiracy” against him.

It turns out that he was right, since SCOTUS declared in June that using the obstruction of an official proceeding statute in the case of the J6 defendants was unconstitutional. Fellows is now appealing the conviction, and is likely going to get it tossed out. Until then, he remains a convicted felon. As if “felon” really means anything nowadays, since we are letting rapists, armed robbers, and other violent criminals walk, but using felony charges for political reasons, but I digress.

This guy acted more like a prisoner in a POW camp than he does a criminal. He has my respect. From the Code of Conduct:

If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and to aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.

I myself am holding all three branches of the Federal government in contempt. Our national government is truly evil- we know that they have experimented with biological warfare by using them against our fellow citizens without their knowledge. We know that they care only for power and wealth. Anyhow-

So that’s the background. Now to the point of today’s story. Fellows was eating dinner in a DC restaurant with journalist Connie Clifford. (Note that the report calls her “right-wing journalist Connie Clifford” but Newsweek doesn’t ever refer to CNN reporters as “left-wing journalist Chris Matthews.”) Fellows was wearing a MAGA cap and talking about the progress of his case. A nearby commie couple was annoyed and a verbal argument began, with Clifford catching the argument on camera. The couple told him he was “not welcome with your Trump bullshit.”

The female of the couple slapped Fellows in the face, and Fellows pushed her away. At that point, the woman’s companion began punching Fellows in the face.

The violence is ramping up again. They want us dead- they want you dead. Prepare for what is to come. Things are going to get much, much worse. They are going to try and kill or enslave you. Be ready for that.

In the Basement

Jill Biden went on the campaign trail today, appearing in campaign stops in NC, FL, and GA. So did the Vice President, following in her own plane. That’s right- Jill and the Hoe are campaigning for Joe’s Presidency.

Where was the President? Campaigning?

Nope, he was closeted in the White House. This isn’t doing anything to dispel the story that Biden has the mental capacity of a house plant.

I almost feel sorry for Joe at this point, except he was a criminally corrupt piece of shit while he was mentally intact. He is being used by people who don’t give a shit about him or his well being. This is elder abuse, and his family should be ashamed of themselves. So should any Democrat who votes to continue this abuse.

Evidence Based Medicine

Light posting today. I am under a deadline to finish an evidence based project to evaluate one of our medication administration policies. I found an error in the way that we administer and document medicine, and I have been assigned the project of reviewing the evidence and submitting it to management so that the policy can be changed.

There is no Pravda in Isvestia

The press is supposed to keep the people informed on what government officials are doing, but today it fails in its job, in that the press isn’t doing any actual reporting. What they are doing is simply asking the questions that they are being told to ask.

It’s come out that interviews of Biden are completely staged because reporters are being told what questions to ask.

Ingram told ABC he didn’t see anything necessarily wrong with the practice. “To think that I was gonna get an opportunity to ask any question to the President of the United States, I think, is a bit more than anybody should expect,” he said.

The expectation of all of us should be that the press is more than just the disinformation bureau of the President’s office.