Only in Florida

Kids prevented from going to school by an alligator blocking the front doors.


Car Hacked

Hackers are breaking into EV charging stations. Just wait until they load some ransomware onto your car, and require you to pay $2,500 to unlock it.


Canadian Carjacking

Someone in Canada robbed at gunpoint? Impossible. Canada has all of those gun laws.



Take a look at this article: The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican. The “othering” continues. The road looks like this:

The left began with “Anyone who says things that I disagree with is a racist,” which has turned into “Anyone who says things that I disagree with needs to be prevented from speaking.” A quote from the article:

He may have, as he claims, become radicalized by over-enthused browsing of the Internet’s sewers, principally 4chan. But his fixations mirror those of the right wing more broadly, from violent transphobia to a loathing of immigration to a preoccupation with the possibility of civil war.

Enter the new Disinformation Governance Board. Expect there to be a wholesale attack on things like 4chan. Note that the line is now: “Anyone who says something that I disagree with is a mass murderer.”

How long before it turns into “Anyone who says something that I disagree with needs to be eliminated?”


It’s Like a Religion


New Weapons for Ukraine

From Reuters:

Ukrainian border guards repelled an incursion by a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group in the northeastern region of Sumy on Monday, the governor of the Sumy region said.

The picture with the article:

Is that what $80 billion gets you?


Conversation with a Child

My wife and I took my sister to lunch yesterday. My sister brought her youngest daughter, aged 14, with her. We had a conversation about economics. It started because my niece made the statement that people should get things that are necessary for free, because we all have a right to the necessities of life. She used feminine hygiene products as an example. I don’t hold it against her- she is a child and has no idea how life works.

So I told her that I wasn’t picking on her, but pointed out to her that, since no one was paying for tampons, there would be no money to pay the people who worked in the tampon factory, so why would anyone work there for free?

Her first reply was, “Wait! There is a tampon factory?” (Again, a child)

I said, “Well just where do you think tampons come from? Is there a tampon tree somewhere?”

She replied, “Well, in that case, I suppose you could get women to work there and pay them with free tampons.”

I said, “What would that be worth? Everyone gets tampons for free in this scenario, so how is this woman going to eat, buy gas, or buy a house?”

She said, “That’s my point. Money is stupid. Why can’t everyone just trade and barter for stuff? Why should we all have to go to work just to be able to afford the things we need to live? The government can just print all of the money we need.”

Sigh. That began my attempted explanation of how money works. She tuned me out after the first couple of minutes. The thing is, this is the exact same attitude that her 21 year old sister has.

Her older sister is 21 years old, still lives at home with mommy but is saying that she is an adult and doesn’t have to follow rules. She doesn’t have a drivers license and depends on her mother for rides to work, shopping, etc. She went to college for a year, but decided that was not what she wanted, so now works as a waitress and refuses to help with rent, food, or any other expenses or chores around the house. She expects mommy to cook, clean, and do her laundry for her. No surprise: she is a hard core left wing Democrat and dresses like a walking freak show. A lot like her mother was when she was younger.

My sister finally gave her daughter an ultimatum: she has to move out by October 1. My patience would have run out about 2 years ago.

This is a large portion of the youth of today. They want socialism because they don’t want to do anything but party. I don’t know how we can reach them. It seems to be a lost cause. Instead of working for a living, they are voting for a living. It’s been going on for a decade.

I sound like an old man bitching about “these kids today.”

Antigun Crime Guns Race baiting

CDC to have Gun Study Ban

It seems that the CDC has been doing firearm homicide studies. The study found that the rate of gun homicides among Black males between the ages of 10-24 was 21.6 times higher than white males of the same age. I guarantee you that this means the CDC is about to have its gun violence budget cut.

The CDC also claimed that the study showed that planting trees and grass on vacant lots reduces firearm violence by nearly a third.



Democrats are down in the polls, and so we have two mass shootings in two days. What’s up with that?

Once is happenstance, twice coincidence, three times is enemy action. Where will the third one be?

Grooming Children

Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse

The more I see child molesters in charge, the more I think that this country actually IS being run by pedophiles. Why would you put an avowed pedophile in charge of the center for preventing child sex abuse?

What’s next, putting Robert Downey Jr in charge of the DEA?