Antifa Organization

The reason for all of the medical posts is that I have been under the weather for a few days, and I had those on deck in the event I couldn’t post anything. I have some kind of respiratory infection that has knocked me for a loop. I was working last night and had to leave work early because I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been sleeping for the past 14 hours, and now I am going to try to go to work again tonight, fortified with more drugs than Motley Crue.

For the moment, take a look at this post from Matt Bracken which is a photo breakdown of this video. You can also read Peter’s comments on these events here. Now ask yourself (and be honest- there is no point of lying to yourself out of bravado)

Do you and your prepper friends have this kind of command and control? Drones for recon, fast reaction ATVs, radio coordination? These guys are effective because they are willing to do whatever it takes to win, and they are obviously getting training and equipment from somewhere. Look at the ambush tactics here. Even two years ago, they were well trained, funded, and equipped. They have a nationwide organization that is operating like a CIA led operation. Think about the implications.

Tons of people responding on both threads, complete with chest thumping about how “If that had been my car…” derp, derp. Watch the video. There is a woman in the crowd yelling “shoot him.” You can say that we have guns all you want, but most people are not willing to take the actions that will be required of them. Most don’t even understand just how savage they will have to be in such a conflict. Don’t underestimate these people. They’re not fucking around and they’re zealots. It’s time to stop with the chest thumping and bravado. They are preparing, while we are sitting around talking about how the war will be short.

Election season is underway. There will be more and more violence leading up to that. Know where the cells in your area are.

Get ready for what is coming.

Mug Club Undercover

Tucker Carlson leaving FOX News and starting his own streaming show has started a new trend in online news. Many Americans, myself included, have cut the cord and moved away from cable television. This is beginning a new era of news that is uncontrolled by the MSM megacorporations.

Steve Crowder has launched a new channel on Rumble- Mug Club Undercover. Here is the first episode, an undercover story on ‘kid friendly’ drag shows that are being guarded by armed Antifa members.

Portland is Enemy Territory

A Portland jury found two Antifa members not liable for attacks on journalist Andy Ngo after defense lawyer Michelle Burrows told the jurors that not only does she self-identify as both a progressive and an “anti-fascist,” she strongly declared, “I am Antifa” and insisted upon making herself an “I am Antifa” t-shirt, which she said she would wear after the trial. Then made the statement that this would be her last trial, before telling the jurors that she “will remember each one of their faces.”

There is a reason why I have advised everyone to get out of the entire area of Portland, which can best be described as being behind enemy lines. Anyone who finds themselves in this area is advised to leave immediately, even if this means abandoning property.

There is no longer any redress available through the courts in large areas of the country. The only justice you get is what you take for yourself. As we approach another election season, expect violence to begin ramping up. Make sure that you are familiar with your area and have identified those who may be enemy combatants.

The Question

The left likes to pretend that the road is public, and

  • they have the same right to stand there and block the road as drivers have to drive on the road
  • this is a ‘peaceful protest’
  • until someone tries to get through, then this is considered “violence” against the crowd on the part of the driver that permits them to attack that driver in self defense through a twisted interpretation of “stand your ground”

In other words, allow them to block the road, or get physically attacked by the “peaceful” crowd. They have taken Ghandi’s tactic of sitting there and waiting for the government to use force in removing you- a so called “sit in” and turned it up to level 11 by using force to hold their position.

This is, in my opinion no different than the person who engages in a “peaceful rape,” a peaceful armed robbery, or a peaceful occupation of your house by an armed home invader. It’s the “or else” that changes the act of peaceful protest into an act of violence. This is the threat of force in order to get the public to capitulate to their demands. They are holding the ability to travel and engage in commerce hostage while holding a metaphorical gun to the heads of those who refuse to comply.

They claim that they are unarmed. False. They are armed in that the amount of force that can be brought to bear by a large crowd is far in excess of the capabilities of individuals that would oppose them. The only choices that an individual has is to:

  • Try and reverse down the highway, which is unsafe and impractical or
  • sit there, or
  • Drive through.

Once the person attempts to sit there, the crowd will usually try to disable and/or gain entry to the passenger compartment by breaking the glass. This means that there is only one remaining option is the last one: floor it.

This is nothing more than holding someone against their will. The legal term for this false imprisonment. In Florida, false imprisonment is a felony.

787.02 (1)(a) The term “false imprisonment” means forcibly, by threat, or secretly confining, abducting, imprisoning, or restraining another person without lawful authority and against her or his will.

(b) Confinement of a child under the age of 13 is against her or his will within the meaning of this section if such confinement is without the consent of her or his parent or legal guardian.

(2) A person who commits the offense of false imprisonment is guilty of a felony of the third degree

Since it involves the threat of force, or if the crowd has already used force, a person has the right to use a reasonable amount of force in order to prevent the imminent commission of that felony. That would be the case that I would make, were I forced to drive over the crowd that was attempting to hold me against my will.

Antifa Intel: Getting Spicier

From Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man, we see the latest tactics being used attacks from Antifa. They are running their operations like a military ambush. Watch the video below:

They have an assault element, consisting of two members with umbrellas and one with pepper spray. The assault element engages the peaceful protesters by coordinating to spray them in the face with pepper spray.

They also have a fire support element, consisting of two members armed with AR-pattern rifles carried at the low ready as they approach the ambush location to make sure that no one defends themselves from the assault elements. Note that all have on helmets, masks, and communication devices (probably Baofeng) radios.

Note that when the cops go to arrest the guy who actually used the pepper spray, other Antifa members attempted to actively interfere in the arrest. They do this knowing full well that they will be bailed out and have their lawyers paid for. Note that arrestee #3 claims to be a medic coming to help.

With all of this, the left still claims that Antifa doesn’t exist.

Arrestee #1

Samuel Fowlkes, 20, a tranny terrorist that is a member of Antifa, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a peace officer, four counts of assault causing bodily injury, evading arrest & resisting arrest.

Arrestee # 2

Note the plate carrier

Christopher Guillott, 33, is a leader of the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club. He was arrested outside a drag show in Fort Worth, Texas on April 23 and charged with assault on a peace officer & interfering with public duties.

Arrestee #3

Meghan Grant, 37, of Dallas, is a communist tranny Antifa member who claims to be nonbinary. She (he? it’s confusing) was arrested on April 23 in Fort Worth and charged with resisting an arrest and interfering with public duties. Grant is member of the North Texas cell of the John Brown Gun Club.

Why is she purple and shaped like a butt plug? Wait, that may not be her. It’s hard to tell.

All of the Antifa suspects were bailed out within hours by the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club they are a part of used CashApp to facilitate cash donations. The campaign was promoted on Twitter by far-left extremists.

These guys are becoming more and more dangerous, and are displaying a level of organization and C3 that is impossible to understate. They have a communications plan, they are motivated, and appear to be standardizing their loadouts. This is a real threat to everyone, unless you are organized and operating in mutually supporting groups. This is the sort of language being posted by arrestee #1:

They are mentally unstable, delusional, and ready to commit suicide. Any person willing to take their own life is willing to take yours without a second thought. Let’s not give them the opportunity. These people are getting more and more dangerous as time goes on. Don’t assume that you live in a totally safe area. Still, some areas are more dangerous than others. See the ‘zones’ link at the top of the page for more details. I just added Fort Worth to zone 1, and Austin has been recently upgraded to a zone 3.

So, how do you counter this?

First, intel. We need to have anyone in the area monitoring the local frequencies with radio scanners. I would suggest beginning with the FRS, MURS, and GMRS frequencies. If those come up empty, HAM 2 meter band. Looking at the antennas on their radios, I think they are using one of those. We need to be able to monitor (and record) their radio traffic. Figure out their comm plan. We desperately need more intel, and I think SIGINT will pay off.

Then, when things begin to get spicy:

I would suggest that the best way to defeat them is to use the same tactics, just better executed. Anyone protesting needs to have an overwatch position for recon, and a fire support element. When the fire support fags come out of hiding to prance across the street like they own the place and begin threatening others, the opposing fire support element needs to be prepared to light their asses up. (In self defense, of course. I would never suggest breaking the law.) Overwhelm them with incoming fire. They are wearing varying amounts of body armor, so aiming for the belt buckle is probably more effective. A couple of casualties will teach them that sometimes waving guns around isn’t enough to get the OPFOR to back down.

I’m Not Touching You

Remember when you were a kid, and your sibling would play the “I’m not touching you” game to piss you off?

Sometime, someone, is going to have to stop putting up with this behavior and begin feeding guys like this their whistles and their teeth.

EDIT: After thinking about this some more, I thought about how “misgendering” someone is considered violence by the left, but blowing a whistle in an old lady’s ear is celebrated. Read the comments.

Who is Jo to assume the whistle-blower’s gender? Isn’t that violence?