Not Hate

There are those who say that I “hate cops” because I disagree with their actions when they screw up. Well, here is a time when I think that the police were completely justified in their use of force:

I don’t care that she is a girl. I don’t care that she is, at 16 years of age, still legally a child. She entered into a fight with a police officer and attacked him in an attempt to disarm him and acquire possession of his weapon. The police must presume that, should she gain control of this weapon, it will be used against them.

For that reason, the officer was entirely within the bounds of being reasonable when he threw her to the ground. This is a clear case of self defense.

SERE training

We have talked about how you should never talk to the cops. In the video at the end of this post, a heroin addict who is under arrest because he was found near the scene of a robbery conducts a master class in applying this tactic:

  • Cop1: Reads Miranda Warning, and says “Do you understand your rights?”
  • Heroin Addict: Remains Silent
  • Cop 2: If you have something to show you didn’t do it, this is your time to talk
  • HA: Are you the good cop?
  • Cop 2: No, I’m the prick
  • HA: You look like a prick.
  • Cop 1: I’m not asking you to talk to me at this point. I just want to know if you understand your rights.
  • HA: Am I under arrest?
  • Cop1: Yes
  • HA: Then take me back to my cell, because I don’t talk to you motherfuckers.

They took him back to his cell, but questioned him again two hours later, and this time they brought him sodas. Still he didn’t talk.

  • Cop 1: Talk to me.
  • HA: You’re not my friend. You’re just trying to get some stupid ass confession from me.

The video talks about cops using the Reid technique. It is a trick used by cops, especially the FBI, to trick people into confessing. This technique is a form of psychological manipulation that is designed to trick people into agreeing to a set of facts that is a confession.

The best way to avoid this technique is not to say anything beyond:

  • Am I being detained?
  • Am I free to go?
  • I don’t wish to make a statement
  • I want to call my attorney, or I want to be provided with an attorney.

That’s it. I’m guessing that psychological games and manipulation are why the J6 supporters are being held in the deplorable conditions that they are. A person who has been denied nutrition, sleep, and social interaction is easier to manipulate. At this point, they are political prisoners or even POWs.

Anyhow, the video is below:


I don’t know where people get the idea from that taking pictures of or looking at others without their permission is illegal. It isn’t. If it was, shooting the video below would be just as illegal as taking a picture of some random whore’s ass.

Still, this happens periodically. For some reason, some muscle head always decides that he is going to be a freelance cop and use force to defend some skank’s honor. It happened to me a few years ago.

In this case, someone grabbing me by the back of the neck is about to become a cautionary tale at someone else’s concealed carry class. At the very least, there will be a bar clearing discharge of some tactical spices, and there is a distinct possibility of you having a cool cast for the skank to sign later.

It’s Hot, Dammit

A local man was part of a landscaping crew, and wasn’t feeling well because he had used a little meth that morning. His coworkers told him to go take a break in the truck with the air conditioner running. He crawled in and passed out without starting the truck. That day, the heat index was 105 degF. Inside of that uncooled truck, it was much higher. An hour later, they went to check on him and found him unresponsive and covered in vomit, so they called 911. The ambulance crew rushed him to the ED, and he went into cardiac arrest during the trip to the hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, his rectal temperature was 110 degrees F (43.3 C). We worked him for an hour and a half. I was in charge of getting fluids into him. I pressure infused 6 liters of refrigerated Normal Saline into him. He was covered in cold blankets and had a fan blowing on him. We finally got his rectal temp down to 100degF, and got pulses back. He wasn’t even 30 years old, and wound up dying later that day of the heat stroke that literally cooked his brain.

I saw Graybeard’s post about the hot days of summer, and I will second that. The people who live here know that anything needing to be done outside is best done before 11 am, when the thermometer typically breaks 90 deg. It isn’t the temperature, it’s the dew point. As of right now, the dew point here in Sector Ocho is 73 degF. Yeah, we do this every year. Here we are complaining about humidity from back in 2016.

The dew point temperature is the temperature at which the air can no longer hold all of its water vapor, and some of the water vapor must condense into liquid water. At 100% relative humidity, the dew point temperature and the air temperature are the same, and clouds or fog can begin to form. Dew point is the best indicator of comfort in a hot climate. Once the dew point of the air exceeds 66 degrees Fahrenheit or so, the air begins to feel hot and uncomfortably stuffy. The reason for this, is that your perspiration can not evaporate to cool you off.

The thermometer temperature and the dew point are used to calculate the heat index (feels like) temperature. Any heat index above 125 degrees is likely to produce heat stroke, which is deadly.

Here in Florida, there are 4 seasons:

Hot: March through May
F’ing Hot: June through mid September
Still Hot: Mid September through Mid November
Snow Bird: Mid November through February

When it’s hot, you get your outside work done in the morning, then stay in the air conditioning until at least 4:30 in the afternoon, when the afternoon thunderstorms come calling. That is what we do from mid June until about the middle of September.

Back to 45ACP or .40?

I began carrying 9mm several years ago because modern bullet design has made the difference in energy transfer between handgun rounds of different calibers virtually identical when striking internal organs, and I wanted the higher ammunition capacity of 9mm. However, with JKB over at Gunfreezone pointing out that increasing numbers of opponents are wearing body armor, that it is becoming necessary to aim for the pelvis. Shattering the pelvis in such a situation carries certain benefits: it immobilizes the target (a person with a shattered pelvis can’t stand, much less walk or run) and with the major arteries that are located there, bleeding out is a definite advantage.

The heavier bullets of .40S&W and .45ACP are better suited to shattering bone. I may be doing a bit of research into this to see if my choice of EDC needs to be updated. I might even take a real look at getting me a 10mm. Always good to have an excuse for a new gun…