The person urging you to do illegal shit is probably an FBI agent. You can’t trust anyone, not even family. Even if you ARE among those you can trust, letting someone new into the group is a huge threat. That person may be, or may become, an informant.

Trust no one, or you may wind up like this guy.

The guy who keeps telling you he isn’t a cop? He is a cop. This guy was an undercover informant twice- for a total of over 10 years. How many people are in jail because this guy gave them a little nudge? Made a couple of suggestions? Keep in mind that informants only get their deal or get paid if they continue to serve up the goods. That means they will frame or entrap you, if that is what it takes for them to get whatever it is that the cops have promised them: clemency, leniency, or simply money.

It is nearly certain that some of the commenters on the blogs you read, perhaps even some of the bloggers themselves, are informants or even cops who would love to see you behind bars. The more tyrannical the government becomes, the more informants there will be.

Comport yourselves accordingly.

Me Medical Medical News

Airplane Medical Kit

Because of the comments to the post about the doctor on the airplane, I wanted to do a follow up. So let’s first talk about what is in the medical kit on a commercial aircraft. The FAA requires an AED, and a medical kit that contains the following items:

The most common inflight medical events are:

  • Gastrointestinal/Nausea (31%)
  • Neurological, such as fainting or seizures (26%)
  • Respiratory (7%)
  • Cardiovascular (5%)
  • Dermatological (5%)

My wife was on an aircraft flying from JFK to Heathrow where there was a death in flight. The flight attendants cleared out the back row of the plane and put the body on the seats, covering him with a blanket. That is where he stayed for the remainder of the flight.

I myself have been on two flights were there were medical issues. In both cases, the flight crew called for medical personnel. I wasn’t going to volunteer, but no one else did, so I raised my hand. The FA brought me a radio headset that was connected to the airline’s on call doctor, who consulted with me and we agreed upon a course of action.

The first was a moderate allergic reaction (urticaria, wheezes, pruritus) on a flight from Orlando to Boston. The passenger got himself 50mg of IV diphenhydramine and some inhaled albuterol. He was fine and slept the rest of the flight.

The second was on a flight from Las Vegas to Orlando. It was a guy who was having himself an anxiety attack. He was hyperventilating and complaining of shortness of breath, chest pain, along with numbness and tingling to his fingers and lips.

The reason for it was hilarious. He had gotten married to his fiancé (a white woman) while in Vegas. He was Puerto Rican, and was dreading his mother’s reaction when he told her that he had married a woman (who wasn’t Puerto Rican) that his mother hadn’t even met yet. If you know anything about Puerto Rican mothers, you would know that they are much like Italian mothers. He had every right to be afraid.

Anyway, I told the doctor that his vitals looked good and I felt like it was an anxiety attack. The doctor agreed. I traded seats with his wife for about half an hour and talked him down. Once he felt better, I went back to my seat. An hour later, his wife came and got me a second time. During that second visit, his wife told mine that I was a very patient and nice man.

That’s it for my aircraft stories.



Ran into an old friend while at the grocery store today. I hadn’t seen him in about two years. He is a teacher who used to work at my old school. He is even more into guns and self defense than I am. He is no poser. He paid his way through college as an MMA fighter and holds black belts in at least two different martial arts.

He owns more AR patter rifles than anyone else I know, and has an extensive collection of cans. His favorite shooting is distance shooting, and he loves shooting .300 Blackout. He has a couple of sweet shooting rifles.

We caught up a bit. He just graduated a school in Georgia in CQB, and we made promises to get to the range soon.

In the times we are facing, it is a good idea to have like minded friends. Ones that you have known for years, that you trust, and know aren’t Feds. We are soon going to need all the friends we can get.

Humor Medical

We’re Doing Science

Scientists have announced that animals can breath through their anus. I can believe it, because the left has been talking out of their ass for decades.

With that in mind, I am working on a new first aid class. It’s still in the early stages, but I will let you know when I have more.

No, not like that…

Arts and Crafts Firearms Training

Dispersal of Forces

Now that there is a Red Flag law that will soon be signed by Biden, there are some realities that must be faced. Think about what the left has been doing and saying for the past two years: anyone who disagrees with Fauci is crazy, anyone who argues with a leftist is a fascist, and other arguments intended to make you an unperson. How easy has it been to get banned from social media? That same moron that complained about the meme you posted on Facebook now has the ability to send an armed SWAT team to your house to have you killed. SWATting on steroids.

Of course Red Flag laws will be abused. Divorce attorneys salivating at this idea.

Those attempts at destroying your First Amendment rights will soon be applied to your Second Amendment rights. The Disinformation Bureau will soon have a counterpart for guns, bet on it. The agents of the ATF have a collective boner at the thought of new budget money. Government informants will soon get rewards for turning you in.

I have experienced this first hand. A couple of years ago, I was made into a prohibited person, thanks to an ex-girlfriend who used allegations of domestic violence to get a domestic violence injunction from a court. It took me weeks to clear my name, thousands in legal fees, and was a real inconvenience.

The first hint that you have of this is there will be a knock at the door, and you will open it to find the cops standing there with a court order to take your guns. Now in my case, they were stupid. I handed them a couple of token firearms and the left without searching. I don’t expect cops in these future red flag cases to be so casual. So here is my suggestion:

The military has had a policy of “dispersal of forces” ever since nuclear weapons became a thing. The idea is not to put all of your forces in one spot, thereby ensuring that all of your weapons won’t get caught up in one giant fireball. We can do the same thing.

  • Make sure that you cache some of your weapons and ammo in locations away from your property. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Bury some in the backyard. You do have some 6 inch CPVC, don’t you?
  • Have others at a trusted friend’s house.
  • If you get a visit from the confiscation police, don’t immediately go retrieve your cache. They will likely return, looking for you to do exactly that.
  • Best if those cached weapons are “ghost guns” or guns bought on the secondary market, so there is no record of you having them.

Be paranoid, because as we have explained here on this very website, someone IS out to get you. If you DO get raided, get the word out. Make sure others know that they are taking guns. Maybe you can keep it from happening to someone else.


Childhood Development

When a child is very young, from birth to about 18 months, their first attraction is to their primary caregiver. The secondary caregivers are added to that, and the child remains firmly bonded to those caregivers until about 9 years of age. This early childhood bonding is important, because that is how children learn about trust: a parent being loving while caring and nurturing the child teaches them to trust. That the parent doesn’t “spoil” the child by over coddling also teaches the child a healthy mistrust that is important to a child’s development. If a person learns to trust others too much, then wind up in unhealthy, dependent relationships and never learn self reliance.

Anyway, the child at age 9 has learned a healthy balance between trust and mistrust, and soon this develops into a sense of independence that allows them the confidence to begin exploring relationships outside of the family.

At that point, children become attracted to (not in a sexual way) same sex peers (usually same sex peers, but there are some exceptions- think the traditional tomboy who played baseball with the boys) who are outside of the household. They begin to emulate those peers, children their own age, plus or minus a year or two. This learning behavior is a normal part of childhood development, and is driven by the fact that humans are social animals.

We emulate the behavior of other humans so that we can enter societal groups and not be outcasts. This normal attraction to same sex friends has been called the “normal homosexual phase.” Homosexual in this case not referring to an erotic, sex driven attraction, but to an emulation of those who would become a child’s social peers. Those of you reading this who are boys might remember this as your “girls are icky” phase. These are the days of summer camps, fishing with your best friend, or girls playing house and dolly. Skipping rocks, making mudpies, and playing pickup games of baseball. This is when children learn traditional societal roles and responsibilities.

There are adults who use this phase as an opportunity to confuse children. It is during this phase that children begin to form friendships and a sense of their role as it relates to the society in which they live. Those adults who want to take advantage of this have a narrow window of opportunity, because beginning about two years later, children begin to show the first signs of sexual attraction to the opposite sex. It is during this “normal homosexual phase” that children are most easily groomed into being confused about their role and can be swayed into accepting a nontraditional role such as transgenderism or homosexuality. The formative years from about 9 to 12 or so is when children form their sense of who they will become. It would be easy for a manipulative adult to convince a child that his deep friendship for his same sex best friend is really some sort of homosexual attraction of a more erotic nature, rather than of a developmental nature.

Children who are emotionally, sexually, and mentally abused or those who receive emotional trauma during these formative years are those who go on to experience mental health issues as adults. This is why allowing teachers to push these alternative roles upon children in the age groups from Kindergarten through seventh grade is so damaging to children.

This is also why there are teachers who are fighting so hard for access to children in this age group. It is access to young children that allows them to build the next generation of adults with misaligned emotional and psychological compasses.

Arts and Crafts Training

Moar Training Manuals

Look at the “training manuals” link at the top of the page. I have added four manuals on making homemade firearms to that page. All of the manuals are in alphabetical order. The new ones all begin with “homemade.”

Since it is easier to make fully automatic firearms than semi, three of them are for submachine guns, and one is a break open. They can all be made with common parts found at a hardware store using inexpensive hand tools.

As a disclaimer, please note that they are being provided for educational purposes only. If you make any of the firearms there, remember to follow the law in making these evil “ghost guns” and you do so at your own risk.

Humor Self Defense

You shot me in the …

This post brought to you by an idea I had when I saw JKB’s post over at GunFreeZone this morning. It’s how you deal with a shooter wearing body armor:

Crime Self Defense

Public Service Announcement

Look at this picture of a “protester” tossing a Molotov cocktail at a Wisconsin church, and reflect on Florida law:

Throwing a Molotov cocktail is arson, which is a forcible felony. A Molotov cocktail is also considered to be a destructive device under 790.001. Throwing one is a forcible felony Participating in a riot whereby the participants are forcibly and violently attempting to destroy any building is a forcible felony under 870.03.

Forcible felony, according to 776.08, includes arson, aggravated assault, and the unlawful throwing, placing, or discharging a destructive device or bomb, and any other felony that involves the use or threat of force.

n Florida, deadly force may be used to protect oneself from death or serious bodily injury, or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony.

If you see this in Florida, deadly force is authorized. You can shoot this fucker dead in the face.

Self Defense

Car Burglaries

Your car is being burglarized right there in front of your house. You can see them on camera. Your impulse is to run out there and protect your property. I don’t recommend that, and would tell you not to. If you decide to any way, there is a right way and a wrong way. That is the subject of this post.

In the eight years that I have lived in this neighborhood, we have had two attempted burglaries of my pickup truck parked in my driveway. Since my truck is too big to fit in the garage, I have to leave it outside. Both attempts to break into it occurred in the summer, and I wasn’t home for either one. The first time was in June of 2017 while we were in Alaska. Several cars were broken into, and they stole the Jeep across the street. The idiot left the keys to the Jeep in the glove box of the unlocked car that was parked next to it.

The second attempt was a year later and was caught on my security cameras. The cops used my footage to catch the burglar, but he reached a plea deal that included expunging his record. All he got was probation, even though he broke into four vehicles, stealing one of them. One of the cars was a police cruiser that he stole a fingerprint reader from, another was a truck where he stole a handgun, and some items from a few other vehicles. In both break-ins sprees, my truck was spared simply because I lock the doors. The thief tried to blind my cameras with a flashlight, but was unsuccessful. At the time he was trying to break into my truck, he was already armed with a stolen handgun.

The point here is that thieves are frequently armed. That is why I don’t think it is a good idea to leave the house in order to confront burglars. My truck is both empty and insured. The only thing I keep in it are my work IDs and the HAM/CB radio equipment that is mounted in it. Not worth my life. Even if I *do* confront him, my truck will likely be the backstop to my gunfire, so either way I am filing an insurance claim, and the best way to survive a gunfight is not to get in a gunfight in the first place.

If you MUST confront car burglars, there are a few things that are important:

  1. Wear body armor and ear protection. They will give you an advantage.
  2. Don’t exit from the door closest to the burglars.
  3. Don’t forget that there will likely be more than one. Keep your head on a swivel, focusing on the burglar in your car may cause you to miss the one in the getaway car to your right.
  4. Bring enough gun and more than enough ammo. Say an AR with two mags, or a PDW like this one with at least one extra mag. Since you will likely be facing more than one assailant, you want a gun that will allow you to put a lot of accurate fire down range.
  5. Have a good IFAK with a tourniquet and chest seals.
  6. Call the cops before going outside, so backup is on the way. Hope they don’t shoot you by mistake.

Or you can just call the cops, stay inside, then call your insurance company.

Oh- don’t forget your gun in the car and lock the doors.