Making an Example

A Florida woman was sentenced in Manhattan federal court by Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who called the Palm Beach, Florida, woman’s actions “despicable.” What I want to know is how a Manhattan court, which seems to be doing all of the President’s dirty work nowadays, has jurisdiction over a crime which is alleged to have occurred in Florida. There are actual Federal courts in Florida, so there was no need to have the trial in New York, but if you are a liberal, you know that the best place to have a Kangaroo Court that will find someone on the right guilty of being an enemy of the state is New York.

Whether or not you want to get engaged in a legal argument over how someone can steal something that a person left behind, there are a few questions that no one in the MSM is asking. One of them concerns this quote:

With a lawyer for Ashley Biden observing from the courtroom’s spectator section, Harris apologized to the president’s daughter, saying she regrets making her childhood and life public.

Yes, with this trial, the Federal government is officially acknowledging that the document is the actual diary of Ashley Biden. So with that being said, can we now also begin looking into whether or not the diary entries about Biden showering with his then teenaged daughter are accurate? Then there is the money quote:

“Ms. Harris is not the victim in this case,” Sobelman said. “Ms. Biden is the victim in this case.”

That’s correct. But what crime is she a victim of? I would say that the crime of having her diary sold is far less traumatic than being the victim of a pedophilic, child molesting father. Can we now investigate that? I thought that no one was above the law?

No matter what, it was important that an example be made of Harris. She unmasked a Democrat for being the pedo that he is. That can’t be allowed to stand.

They are coming for everyone who dares to oppose them.


This is why I get sort of aggressive when responding to comments on here that suggest I should be out there doing something instead of just posting on this blog. The government is out there trying to “nudge” people into breaking the law. IOW- entrapping them.

Second Amendment Questions

A leftist judge, in an obvious attempt to make the Second Amendment look ludicrous, has ruled that the law prohibiting illegal immigrants from possessing firearms is unconstitutional.

The case at hand centered on Carbajal-Flores, who was “charged with possession of a firearm while illegally or unlawfully in the United States.” He had a handgun in his possession “in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois,” on June 1, 2020. He was charged for being a non-citizen in possession for a firearm.

Question 21l on the 4473 asks if the buyer is an alien illegally in the United States. The law in question is 922(g), which is the same law that prohibits felons, fugitives from justice, veterans with dishonorable discharges, citizens who have renounced their citizenship, people who are under a domestic violence restraining order, and those who have been convicted of domestic violence form owning firearms. Are we to believe that all of those people are now permitted to own firearms?

The court ruled that it is unconstitutional to prohibit someone who has never been convicted of a felony, a violent crime, or a crime involving the use of a weapon from owning a firearm. Think about the implications.

Now consider that this is the first time a Second Amendment court decision that affirms someone’s right to own a firearm hasn’t been protested by the left. Why is that? It’s because the left isn’t antigun. They are anti-people that they don’t like owning guns. Since they love everyone, including brown people, their own security details, and others who follow leftist orders, and hate themselves some white people, any gun decision that favors illegals is something the left will support.

Illegals with guns will be the left’s foot soldiers in the coming Civil War. Picture the military aged males pouring across the border, mostly with military equipment. Now ask yourself what’s going on here.

Now combine that with the man in Plant City, Florida who tried to buy a firearm while there was an ATF agent in the gun store. The agent believed that the man smelled like marijuana, so he ordered the gun store to deny the sale, even though the man had passed a background check for the handgun and denied that he was under the influence of marijuana. In a case earlier this month, the DOJ argued:

Because they are not responsible citizens, unlawful drug users and addicts do not have a Second Amendment right to possess firearms.

DOJ, in their brief for the appeal to SCOTUS of United States vs. Daniels

How is it possible that a person who uses drugs is not a responsible citizen, and can thus be denied the right to keep and bear arms, but an illegal alien, who is neither responsible nor a citizen, has Second Amendment rights?

The answer is simple: your government is at war with you. They are using the law and your rights as weapons against you.

Yet Another Bad Apple

5 days for committing felony battery, and for threatening to arrest the guy under false pretenses? His job is to prevent crime, not commit it. How can you completely violate the purpose of your job and still keep it? Become a cop, then you are above the law. You can even read the arrest reports here. This douchebag cop even tried to find a way to have the guy he punched arrested.

Even better? He is a school resource officer. This unhinged asshole is carrying a firearm around your kids. What happens the next time he loses his cool after a 15 year old kid calls him an asshole?

If I did something like this at work, I would lose my fucking job, and rightfully so. I used to be a HUGE supporter of police. No longer. They, as near as I can tell, are little more than an armed criminal gang with delusions of adequacy. Bolstered in their bravado and tyranny is the fact that cops have qualified immunity and the “thin blue line” bullshit to do whatever they wish and walk away without a concern for legal consequences.

IMO, as soon as he flashed a badge, he was depriving the victim of his rights under color of authority. There should be a law that states any time a city loses a lawsuit or pays a settlement for a cop’s bad behavior, the money to pay it should be deducted from the police pension fund. Then perhaps, with skin in the game, cops will finally clean up their own ranks, instead of covering each other’s asses.

If cops want to change my mind, and the minds of others, they need to clean up their ranks.

How I Would Be on the News

If I am standing on my porch more than 30 feet away from a cop that is making an arrest in my driveway, and the cop walks over to claim that I am interfering in his arrest to arrest me, we are gonna have a problem. However, that’s exactly what happened in 2019 in Vallejo, California.

First, he has a motorcyclist at gunpoint, but holsters his firearm before showing the motorcycle rider his back. I would argue that the cop never really felt that the rider was enough of a threat to justify pointing a gun at him.

Second, you come onto MY porch because I am filming your empty headed conduct from 30 feet away, then you try to arrest me? Things will not go well, and we are going to be on the news that night. Just because you are a cop doesn’t mean that you get a free pass to violate my rights in my house, and I don’t give a shit what court decisions you have that claim otherwise.

But Burrell says [the cop] told him that he would let him go because he was a veteran, thanked him for his service and let him out of the car.

Bullshit. This hotheaded cop realized that he was making a HUGE mistake and used the “you’re a veteran, so I am letting you go” as a way to try and correct his error.

Burrell said he then went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. He is still seeking treatment and says his fingers remain numb from the handcuffs.

This is 100% tyrannical bullshit. I am normally a “let’s fight it out in court” kind of guy, but once you are on my porch, that shit goes out the window. Is that a threat? You bet your sweet ass it is. Just watching this video pisses me off.

Officer David McLaughlin has also been involved in two shootings since joining Vallejo police. He and Officer Matt Komoda fired on a suspect who was allegedly driving at them before crashing into a parked car on Aug. 31, 2016. No one was injured.

If you shoot like shit, it’s not a good idea to be driving around acting like an asshole while you point guns a people. Sooner or later, someone is going to accept your challenge. He has already shot at two people in his ten years as a cop. Most cops go their entire career without shooting at anyone.

Similarly, if I wind up on a jury in a case like this, I am going to oppose whatever this miniature tyrant’s position is. In this case, the Marine veteran got paid $300,000 by the city.