Social Justice

Self described “social justice warrior” Monique Worrell beat “law and order” candidate Jose Torroella in 2020 to become the prosecutor for the 9th judicial district of Florida. She ran on the following platform:

Monique Worrell has pledged to:

  • Implement policies to hold police officers accountable for misconduct
  • End the use of cash bail
  • Expand programs to divert children and adults away from jail
  • Partner with community programs to address mental health and substance abuse issues

The voters of Orange and Osceola counties overwhelmingly voted for her. In so doing, they sided with the “Defund” movement and elected someone who is soft on crime. The woman she replaced was removed from office by the Governor for the exact same policies.

The shooter in this case was pulled over by OPD with three of his friends less than a year ago. They had drugs and ski masks in the car. They had thrown at least one firearm out of the window before stopping. If the prosecutor had done her job instead of campaigning for “soft on crime” social justice, those people wouldn’t have been shot.
So, I ask the voters there: Where is the social justice in a known gang member with multiple violent felonies on his record being able to walk the streets and kill children and news reporters? Yeah. Dead women. Dead reporters. Dead kids. That’s the justice you voted for. You are getting what you wanted.


But instead, as I predicted, you are blaming law abiding firearms owners. Screw you. Keep voting for this shit. Keep watching animals murder your women, your children, and each other. I don’t care. This is what you wanted, and you have it.


Crime Hills Strikes Again

One of Orlando’s worst neighborhoods, Pine Hills, aka Crime Hills, has seen yet another shooting. A woman was found shot to death at 11:20 a.m., then the killer returned to the scene at 4 p.m., shooting and killing a reporter and wounding his cameraman who were out covering the story. Not done yet, he entered a nearby home and shot a 20 year old woman and her 9 year old child. Five victims, three of them black. Where is black lives matter and all of the race hustlers to condemn this? Let’s take a look at the killer:

Never mind. No one will care, as long as white people can’t be blamed. At 19 years old, he already had a lengthy criminal history, with convictions for burglary, armed robbery, grand theft, aggravated battery, and multiple gun charges. But instead, let’s blame “gun violence” so they can later blame gun owners and not the criminals who are running wild on our streets. Let’s take a look at murder rates, including white USA versus black USA.

I think I see the problem, and it isn’t guns. Look deeper into the story- two of his victims were a 20 year old mother and her 9 year old child. Can things get more obvious?


Two “teens” decided to redistribute a homeowner’s car and got shot for their trouble. Note that the report doesn’t mention the race of those involved, but the local news stations are well known for burying the details of criminals that don’t fit the narrative.

This happened in the Pine Hills neighborhood of Orlando. The city refers to the area thusly: “Pine Hills is one of the most ethnically diverse regions of the Greater Orlando metropolitan area and is a minority majority community.”

For those of you who don’t know, locals refer to that area of town as “Crime Hills,” and it’s an area where you don’t want to get caught after dark, especially if you are white. The area is more than 70% black, and has a violent crime rate that is 73% higher than the average US neighborhood. The crime in the neighborhood is bad enough that there are numerous charities and government programs that are dedicated to lowering violent crime in the area.

The best way to defend yourself in Pine Hills is just don’t go to Pine Hills.

It’s a fact

Demetrius Cox Jr was shot and killed a day after his 21st birthday, only a few hours after his mother bailed him out of the Osceola County jail, where he had been held since April on murder charges. At 21 years old, he was still a high school student at an Orange County private school that is located in Pine Hills, one of the most dangerous zip codes in the USA. He has been involved in at least three different gang-related shootings, including one that resulted in the death of a small child.

The family is blaming- you guessed it- gun owners for his death.

“This family said it wants gun violence to stop. “Stop the violence and find something else to do. It ain’t worth it. We’re all losing kids out here,” Burton said. “The gun violence is horrific since COVID,” Laster said. “It’s through the roof. Somebody needs to do something about this.”

Even people in the comments blaming guns while ignoring the truth:

Blacks make up 13% of the US population, but commit 45% of the homicides.

The facts are obvious to anyone who chooses to look at them without bias:

  • Black males are the victim of homicide 10 to 20 times more often than any other demographic
  • Black males commit homicides 15 to 35 times more often than any other demographic
  • Black males commit armed robbery 10 to 15 times more often whites
  • Most crime is committed by perpetrators who are the same race as their victims
  • More than 90% of homicides where the victim is black, so is their killer

It would be easy to take a racist slant, but I don’t think that blacks are inherently more violent or prone to crime. Studies show that black children raised by non-black parents more closely model their non-white peers. Instead, I believe that the root cause lies in the disintegration of the black family. In black communities, we now have more than two out of every three black children growing up in single parent households. Compare that to white children, where three out of four grow up having two parents in the family. In 1960, that was where black families were: 22% of black children were in single parent homes.

In other words, children growing up raising themselves are growing up without the guidance and direction that having a parent around provides. Children model the behavior of their role models. This is how we learn to comply with societal norms. When they are young, those role models are their parents. As they approach the teenage years, those role models become their peers. When there are no parents around, the young children model the behavior of the only others that they see: older kids.

So the black community has as its role model the leaders of street gangs. Criminals. This has been the case for nearly four generations. Solve the increasing problems of dads leaving as soon as a woman gets pregnant, and you solve the problems of our society. Of course this will never happen, because the people who could solve it are instead selling away the American nuclear family in exchange for votes. As long as we continue to subsidize single mothers, we will get more of them, which in turn will erode our society even further.

Orlando crime news

One “teen” shoots another “teen” inside of an Orlando gym. Whenever the local media talks about “teens,” anyone who has lived in Orlando knows that they are talking about black gang members. On a side note, since it is already illegal for 15 year old “teens” to have guns, what gun laws would prevent these shootings?

In other Orlando crime news, most of the time violent crime occurs in Pine Hills, or as locals refer to it: Crime Hills. Today was no exception:

Orlando block party ends in gunfire Saturday night

Man carjacked at gunpoint in Orange County


An Orlando cop has gotten himself into trouble because he was caught referring to black people at a local gay bar as ‘savages.’

The bar, called Parliament House, is right between two notoriously crime ridden neighborhoods: Paramore, and Pine Hills. I have written about Pine Hills being one of Orlando’s ‘no go’ zones before. In fact, I have blogged about the neighborhood on many occasions. Pine Hills is one of the 4 most dangerous zip codes in America.

Savages, indeed.

No go zones

Like all large cities, there are areas of Orlando that are just not safe to enter. In Orlando, one of those areas is Pine Hills. Locals have referred to that area as “Crime Hills” since the late 80’s. The area of Pine Hills used to be an upscale neighborhood that primarily housed engineers who worked for Martin Marietta’s (later Lockheed Martin) Orlando plant. It was the first neighborhood in Florida to contain golf courses. At just over 12 square miles, this neighborhood is just about 1% of the total land area of the county, but accounts for 10% of the murders, and 15% of robberies.

Martin Marietta was once the largest employer in Orlando, with 15,000 employees. I remember when I was a child, my father (who was an engineer for an electronics firm) used to do work there, but he could never tell me what he did there, claiming it was classified. However, he would occasionally bring home pictures of missiles being test fired, which my brother and I happily hung on our walls.

By 1987, that payroll had declined to 5,700. The engineers have moved away, and the area is now what they call an “ethnically and racially diverse” neighborhood where crime runs rampant. The census figures for the area’s income are unreliable because the statistical area includes a high income area that makes it appear to be more affluent than it is.

So with that background, we are now equipped to hear the tale of how Tavaris Davis got robbed. Apparently, one man at a convenience store was robbing another at gunpoint, and the two began shooting at each other. Then a third man joined in. Marksmanship was poor, because all of the shots exchanged hit cars, buildings, etc. with only one person being hit in the ankle. When Tavaris Davis realized what was going on, he fled. While fleeing, he was robbed at gunpoint by a group of locals who were unrelated to the individuals robbing each other at the nearby store.

The vast majority of gun violence in this nation is located within just a few square miles. The rest of the nation has a crime rate that is on par with Canada. The areas that are filled with crime tend to be “diverse” neighborhoods. Unless we can have an honest conversation about race and the causes of crime without people calling others “racist,” we can never find a solution.

Combat pay

Taking a break from my trip report to talk about a news story that appeared in the Orlando Sentinel back in May:

Carver Middle School is an F rated school in the middle of the Pine Hills neighborhood, located west of Orlando, in Orange County. This school’s students tested in the lowest 3 percent of all students nationwide. In order to correct this, Orange county is attempting to lure the best teachers in the state to the school by offering an extra $20,000 a year to teachers willing to work there.

The problem is that the school is in a crime ridden, poverty stricken neighborhood. I have blogged about Pine Hills and its surrounding neighborhoods before. More than once. The school is 91% black, 6% Hispanic of any race, and less than 1% white. Seventy percent of the students receive free or reduced lunch.

Both the violent and non-violent crime rates in Pine Hills are double the national average. Police officers are shot and killed in the area of this school often enough that several streets in the area are named for fallen officers, and shootings happen there nearly every night. The local government repeatedly dumps millions of dollars into this blighted area in an attempt to “clean up” the crime problem, to no avail.

Currently, the teachers there are inexperienced first or second year teachers who transfer away at first opportunity. Teacher pay is tied to student performance, and combined with the crime in the neighborhood, teachers avoid the area like the plague.

Any teacher who accepts a job at this school is placing his or her life in jeopardy. A $20,000 bonus is not worth it, in my opinion. The plan likely will not work and be a waste of money, anyway. You cannot, no matter how good of a teacher you are, teach a student who does not want to learn. The crime problems need to be addressed, the gangs eliminated, the drugs under control, before you can convince the students to give up the thug lifestyle and learn.

Honest discussion

Early this morning, an Orlando police officer attempted a traffic stop on Bruton Boulevard near Chandler Street, which is near the corner of LB McLeod and John Young Parkway. He got into a gunfight with the occupants of the vehicle, and was severely injured in the exchange of gunfire. Two officers were shot, one of them fatally, on that corner 13 years ago. Some things never change.

23-year-old Demetrius Patterson was taken into custody shortly before 8
a.m. saying Patterson has been arrested 42 times prior to the shooting. Arrested 42 times by the age of 23. I looked up his arrest record at the Orange County Clerk’s office website. Some of his arrests included selling drugs, 3 arrests for burglary, brandishing a firearm, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, along with two paternity suits from two different women, and that is just his adult record in only one county.

This area is in the middle of Florida’s 5th congressional district (changed to the Tenth in 2013), a district that is staunchly Democrat (formerly Republican, before the Democrat-sponsored gerrymandering redistricting).The neighborhood where the shooting occurred is called “Richmond Heights,” and is bordered on the east by Bruton Boulevard and on the west by President Barack Obama Parkway. The area is over 80% black. It is also a high crime area. It is bordered by the Pine Hills neighborhood to the north, which locals refer to as “Crime Hills.”

Here is a youtube video that illustrates what is typical of the area:

So now you have a picture of what is going on.

The black community is filled with young males who are stealing, robbing, killing, dealing drugs, and breaking the law. The nuclear family has all but ceased to exist in the black community. These young criminals are then getting women pregnant, and the cycle starts all over.

Before accusing me or anyone else of racism and blaming us for the problem, why not start where the problem lies?