S&W sales up 170%

Smith and Wesson released its quarterly statement today.


ATF lawsuit

Rare Breed Triggers is suing the ATF over a cease and desist order. The company claims that their forced reset trigger is not legally a machine gun. The owner of the company says “It’s not how fast the gun shoots, it’s how the gun shoots fast.” Judge for yourself:



I am looking for a Primary Arms scope, because I like the illuminated ACSS reticle calibrated for 308. I want a variable optic with a max near 14x or 18x. Everywhere that normally stocks it is sold out. Anyone know where I can find one?

Arts and Crafts Guns

Resuming the build

Thanks to the magazine catch on my lower being out of spec, all work on the skirmish rifle had to come to a halt. The slot for the magazine catch is supposed to be 0.250″ but looking at the measurement, you can see that this is not the case:

Since it is several thousandths too small, the catch doesn’t fit. I sent this photo to 5d, the maker of my 80 percent lower, and they shipped me a new one. As soon as I get a day off, the build will resume.

Arts and Crafts Guns

Out of Spec

So I decided to continue working on my Skirmish rifle this morning. I completed the machining of the lower that I got from 5d, washed it, dried it, and began to put the parts into the lower. The first step was the magazine catch, and…

It doesn’t fit. The slot in the lower is too small for the catch to fit. I tried a second catch, and that one doesn’t fit, either. So I am assuming that the slot that 5d cut for the magazine catch is out of spec. I emailed them, and we will see what they say.

In other news, here is the parts list so far for this lower:

That brings the cost (so far) for this lower to $691, with nearly half of that ($270) being the trigger and buffer. I want to have this rifle done by the end of September, so I am still on schedule.

DISCLAIMER: I have no relationship with any of the vendors or manufacturers mentioned in this post, other than me being a customer. The prices paid and any discounts I received were those available to the general public.

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Not a toy

Florida man accidentally shoots himself while playing with his pistol in a bar.

Laws broken:

  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Carrying a firearm in an off limits establishment
  • Carrying a firearm without a permit
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • Being a complete and utter dipshit

AWB propaganda?

It looks like the press is about to begin beating the “easily converted” drum to have semi autos declared to be NFA. What do you think, do these look like DIAS for ARs?


Rifle project, part 2

Looking for information. I just ordered the parts to complete a DPMS pattern AR308. This is actually the second stage of completing my skirmish rifle project from last year. If you don’t need to read the entire thing, scroll down to the last paragraph for my question. If you are a gun nerd who likes to tinker, read on:

For those who aren’t familiar with the build, I did the upper last year. I took a DPMS Oracle and reworked the upper. I put a new barrel, BCG, and forend on the rifle. I did this because parts were hard to come by at the time, and I did what I could with the parts that I could find.

I reworked it by replacing the 16 inch heavy barrel that came with the rifle with an 18 inch Faxon pencil barrel. Then I added an EDGE 15 inch Carbon Fiber handguard from Brigand Arms, an adjustable gas block, a Nitromet gas tube, and a Gemtech compensator. I also replaced the bolt carrier with a low mass bolt carrier from JP rifles. At the time, JP didn’t have any bolts. They do now, so we will go ahead with that.

I decided to go all out and build my dream AR308. So this is what I have come up with so far:

The upper

Total cost for the completed upper was just over $1400, and I completed it back in December. (I had to add a couple of things so that I could reassemble my Oracle. When I am done, I will have 2 AR rifles in 308). The next part of the project will be building a lower receiver.

The lower

I began this build by buying a Freedom Kit from 5D tactical. The whole kit costs $584. The majority of that cost covers the jig and tools needed to complete the two 80 percent lowers that are part of the kit. That also means that I get a 223 lower to practice on before I do the 308 one. I am only going to count $140 of the cost of the kit against the cost of this rifle.

I have no relationship with any of the vendors or manufacturers mentioned in this post, other than me being a customer. The prices paid and any discounts I received were those available to the general public.

Here is my information request. I am looking for recommendations for two important parts. I am looking for recommendations for a drop in trigger and a buffer assembly. For the buffer, I am thinking either a captured spring buffer like this one, or a hydraulic buffer like this one. What do you my readers think?

Guns Me


One of my employees had a bit of an anger management problem. He has frequent bouts of ranting and yelling when things don’t go his way. He will even throw things on occasion. He once broke a computer monitor when he threw a stapler during one of his fits. Everyone knows about his temper, and frequently jokes about it when he isn’t around.

This week’s rant is a scheduling dispute. Short version is that he doesn’t like his schedule and is taking it as a personal attack. He made the statement “I’m tired of getting screwed. Everyone responsible needs to die a painful death.” I had enough and went to the supervisor. She replied: “I didn’t hear the death threats. The other stuff is just how he is. He’s been saying that stuff for years and hasn’t done anything.”

So I am carrying a handgun to work, in violation of policy. Hard to do in scrubs. I have a S&W Bodyguard .380 in a Graystone holster tank top underneath my scrubs. It is the only gun I own that is small enough not to show under the thin material of hospital scrubs.

Antigun Guns

Should I tell my neighbors I own guns?

I saw the headline on Slate, and I thought, oh crap. What will this be?

It is a question written by a pair gun owning, liberal Fudds who believe that guns are only for them and not anyone else, it is over the top ridiculous cuckold crap.

They are locked in the attic (which is only accessible from a pull down ladder that even my 6-foot tall spouse can’t reach without a step stool). What do we do here?

This is NOT responsible gun ownership. Your entire idea of securing your guns away from your children is to hide them in a spot where you think your kids can’t find them. As your kids get older, they will find them just like they would find Dad’s porn stash, except that this cuck likely doesn’t look at porn. Here is an idea- as a card carrying anti-gun hunting liberal, why don’t you have a locking gun safe? Isn’t that what you assholes demand of the rest of us?

The advice he gets from Slate is just as bad:

Explain why you have the guns, appease my fears (that you’re pro-strong gun laws), tell me where you keep the guns, and explain how difficult it would be to access them.

Why not do the same with your bank accounts?

How about this:

Me to neighbor: “I own guns. They are locked in a safe unless I am using them to kill small woodland creatures or frighten off some minorities.”