In Common Use

The AR-15 is the most popular hunting rifle in America. So much for the theory that “assault weapons are only good for killing humans.” Also, since there are approximately 20 million Ar-15s owned in the US, making that rifle the single most popular firearm in America. The AR-15 is in common use, meaning that banning it would be unconstitutional under the Heller decision.

One thing I take from the article:

Of that total, around 741,000 are fully automatic machine guns registered in the US, up from almost 457,000 in 2010, per ATF reports.

Since the registry has been closed to privately held machine guns since 1986, that entire increase has to be dealer samples and police machine guns. I can’t see more than 300,000 dealer samples, so that must mean cops have greatly increased their inventories.


Good Guy with a Gun

The press is making a big deal out of the Indiana mall shooting and how one first victim shot was carrying a gun that he never got to use. They are, of course, claiming that this is proof that carrying a gun won’t do you any good, because a mass shooter will just shoot you before you can use it.

We all know that this is bullshit. The fact that the first victim was carrying a firearm was just happenstance. After all, it was concealed to the point that police didn’t know the decedent was armed until they moved the body.

The guy who took the shooter down made a hit with a handgun from 40 yards. If I were that guy, I would be cutting a deal with the maker of my firearm to do some paid advertising: “When I have to hit a mass shooter in a crowded shopping mall from 40 yards away without hitting a bystander, the only gun I trust is my Blastomatic M6.”

All fun aside, this shooting and the Texas school shooting where the CCW holder made a headshot across a crowded church have given me pause. In both cases, the first person shot by the killer was armed. The guy who wound up taking the killer out did so at distance using some pretty good marksmanship.

In Florida during the summer months, I frequently have to wear clothes that make concealing a large handgun very difficult. For that reason, I usually carry a Smith and Wesson 642. Taking an accurate shot at distance with a snub nosed revolver just isn’t practical.

So I need to be able to make rapid, accurate hits from distance. That means carrying one of the pistols that I have that is equipped with a microdot. Now one of those two is an M&P 9c. The 9c is still a little bit too large for carrying in clothing that is comfortable in Florida’s July and August heat.

My other option is to carry my performance center Shield Plus. The only problem is finding comfortable leather for it. The only holster I have that will fit is my custom Milt Sparks. I am going to have to work on some more holster options.


HexMag Gear Review

This is a gear review of the HexMag Series 2 AR-15 30-Round polymer magazine. I first came upon these when I was shopping for new magazines for my AR pattern rifles over at GunMagWarehouse.

The price was right at $9.99, and being that they are selling at 33% less than the Magpul PMags, I decided to get a few. The magazine spring is stainless steel for corrosion resistance, and you can disassemble the magazine without using any tools. The magazine follower is safety orange, but more on that in a minute.

The construction is sturdy, and I especially like that the hex pattern on the magazine enhances grip, especially if your hands are wet. Speaking of wet hands, HexMax also makes grip tape to make the outside of the magazine easier to hold on to. The biggest flaw with this tape is that it is not available in any colors other than black or grey. The other major drawback to the tape is that it is out of stock.

One of the things that I like is the ability to order color identification kits. These kits allow you to change out the follower and dust cover of a magazine. This allows rapid identification of different loadings or calibers (say 300 Blackout, or different bullet weights). You can get them in any one of seven different colors, and they sell in packs of four for $7. I didn’t buy any, but it’s nice to know that they are available. You can see that the color code is visible from the base as well:

They engage my rifles well, and there are no problems with them at the range. The fed and operated flawlessly.

For the price, I recommend them. Keep stocking up on mags, guns, and ammo. You can resupply friends, or even resell them later. At least their value isn’t being destroyed by inflation.

As usual, the disclaimer: I don’t advertise, and receive no compensation whatsoever for my reviews. I have no relationship with any products or vendors that I review here, other than being a customer or user of those products. I pay what you would pay and don’t take any discount that is not available to the general public. I only post these things because I think that my readers would be interested.

Guns Prepping

Ammo Prices Surging Again

The Biden administration is cutting civilian ammo supplies off. When the news broke, I upped my ammo order above what I usually get. When I placed the order on Wednesday, 1,000 rounds of Winchester green tip was selling at 2A warehouse for $499. By 9 pm on Thursday night, that price had increased to $550.

On June 8, a 420 round can of green tip on stripper clips was $272. By 9 pm on June 16, that same can was up to $293.



Don’t let anyone tell you that the AR-15 has no purpose other than killing humans, or that you can’t use it for hunting. Anyone who tells you that is clueless.

Antigun Guns


New York now, among other things, requires that all handguns sold in the state have microstamping technology installed in them.

New York citizens buy approximately half a million firearms a year. In contrast, Floridians buy about three times that many, 1.5 million.

My prediction is that this law will do nothing for solving crime, but that isn’t the goal. The goal here is to make owning a firearm impossibly expensive.

In case you are interested, Texans buy the most guns (1.6 million), Florida the runner up (1.4 million), then California (1.1 million), Pennsylvania (1 million), and Tennessee rounding out the top 5 with 700,00 firearms sold per year.

All of this because of an average of less than 20 fatalities a year involving shootings on school campus. Not mass shootings on school campus, ALL shootings on school campus, even those that happened when no students were present (at night, summer break, weekends, etc.) and it was simply one drug dealer shooting another.

Antigun Crime Guns Race baiting

CDC to have Gun Study Ban

It seems that the CDC has been doing firearm homicide studies. The study found that the rate of gun homicides among Black males between the ages of 10-24 was 21.6 times higher than white males of the same age. I guarantee you that this means the CDC is about to have its gun violence budget cut.

The CDC also claimed that the study showed that planting trees and grass on vacant lots reduces firearm violence by nearly a third.



DeSantis is the best thing to happen to Florida in quite some time. Now he is pushing for Florida to join the 25 states who already have Constitutional carry.

Crime Guns

I Was Right

Remember when I said that it looked like the DC shooter’s rifles had autosear pins?

It turns out that is exactly what he had. This now raises the question: Where and how did he get three fully automatic rifles? Those look like new manufacture.


DC Shooter Machine Guns?

Go to this story and look closely at the picture of the AR pattern rifles found at the DC shooter’s apartment.

Now zoom in and see if you can see what I do.

Look just above the selector of those two rifles, and it sure looks to me like there are holes in them for an autosear pin.