Vaccine Banned

The CDC has banned the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine and ordered all health care providers to destroy all remaining doses. I will say that I remember when claiming this vaccine was bad for you would get you a ban from social media. I’m betting that the friendly folks at the CDC and in government knew this all along, since they gave themselves AND the vaccine manufacturers complete immunity from all legal liability.

I will begin this by saying that I got the Moderna vaccine. I don’t regret getting it, because no one I know suffered ill effects after receiving it. At this point, I will not suggest that anyone take another dose of any of the COVID vaccines.

All of society, all of civilization, relies on trust. You trust that the person behind you won’t shove you onto the subway tracks. You trust that the cars in the oncoming lane won’t swerve into your path. You trust that the person who just cooked your meal in the restaurant didn’t poison your meal, or that the waiter didn’t spit in it.

Like society, the entire scientific community, the entire medical community relies on trust. You trust that the supplies in the package that says “sterile” actually IS sterile. You trust that the vial labelled as “dopamine” doesn’t contain something else, and that it actually will work for its intended use.

Likewise, when other medical professionals tell you that a vaccine is safe and effective, you have no choice but to believe them, because a failure in that trust means that the entire system will fail.

Believe it or not, nearly every medical professional got into the medical field because they want to make a difference. They want to help people. Only a person that is truly psychotic would deliberately harm someone else, but that is exactly what the CDC and the rest of the government has done.

Not only did they make the choice to deliberately harm people, but they did something that is far, far worse. They damaged the trust that underpinned the medical profession, and by extension, all of civilization. This was a deliberate attack. Not just a biological warfare attack, but an attack on the very fabric of our society.

EDIT: Now that Godwin’s law has shown its head, comments are closed.

Teaching Pigs to Sing

A report has come out, showing that math and reading proficiency dropped nationwide during the COVID lockdowns. Maryland students have the lowest test scores in reading and math of any US state or territory, with only 19 percent of Maryland students performing math that is appropriate for their grade level. Some schools in Baltimore had NO students who were proficient in math.

It doesn’t take long to figure out why. The scores are available online. It isn’t that the test is too hard or that teachers in general aren’t doing their jobs- there are schools in Maryland that had 91% of students proficient in math. In general, whites and Asians score higher on standardized tests than do other races, and the more affluent a student is, the higher the test scores.

The 5 cities with the best scores (racial makeup, median household income) were:

  • Bethesda: 88 percent white and Asian, $173K
  • Ellicott City: 83 percent white and Asian, $136K
  • Clarksville: 87 percent white and Asian, $161K
  • Rockville 68 percent white and Asian, $116K
  • Glenelg 88 percent white and Asian $181K

Some would see that and think that there was racism involved. That is what “equity” is all about- looking at outcomes, then trying to make them the same, but that is simply saying that correlation means causation. Instead, let’s look at the correlation and see if we can find the causation.

Parents who make more money do so because they value education, hard work, or some other trait. That doesn’t always mean college- it can mean trade school, learning to run a business, something. Those parents are also clever or intelligent, which is inheritable. The point is, parents who make money tend to impart the values that made them successful upon their children. Parents who are not successful pass their traits on as well. So children in affluent households tend to be successful. The children in poor households tend to be less successful.

How do you fix this? School and teachers can’t. Teachers who are with a student for less than 1100 hours a year can’t fix 18 years bad parenting coupled with the handicap of losing the genetic lottery. All of the programs in the world won’t turn a student with a 75 IQ and no motivation into a scholastically successful person. In that case, you are doing nothing more than trying to teach a pig to sing.

The other thing that I would like to point out is that the response to COVID had an effect on an entire generation of students, who lost learning opportunities that will hurt them in lost learning gains, thereby affecting them for their entire lives. The knowledge gap that they have as a result of missing a year or more of school will cause them to play catchup for years.

Back Pay

So now the military wants to reinstate those who were kicked out for refusing the vax, complete with back pay. So what happens to those who were kicked out, but whose normal EOAS date has since passed? Do they still get their checks? Or is it only the ones who agree to be reinstated?

But who says that any of them want to serve under the freak show that is their chain of command?

This One is a Better Example

Everyone who reads this blog knows that I don’t think that the collapse of Damar Hamlin had anything to do with the vax. However, if you want to see a great example of the collapse of a young athlete, look no further than the collapse of Old Dominion sophomore point guard Imo Essien. He collapsed about halfway through the first half a basketball game after having trouble catching his breath.

The team will be sending him to see a cardiologist before allowing him to return to play. Twenty year old collegiate athletes don’t typically collapse from idiopathic cardiac events. Granted, there is no evidence either way as to his vaccine status, but it would certainly be something to keep an eye on.

The pro vaccine folks are already calling it fake news because it isn’t like the collapse of Hamlin, but in my opinion the fact that it isn’t like the collapse of Hamlin is exactly WHY it needs to be looked at.


I am sick of hearing people talk about how this person or that one is spreading misinformation, and how people who do should be silenced, deplatformed, or even jailed, when this is the timeline of COVID vaccines, as told by the MSM:

November of 2020: Moderna said Monday that early analysis from its Phase 3 trial shows its Covid-19 vaccine is 94.5 percent effective at preventing the illness, offering hope of a second breakthrough in as many weeks. The news comes a week after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said early analysis showed its vaccine candidate was more than 90 percent effective. NBC NEWS (emphasis added by me, in red)

March 4, 2021: Both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines were primarily evaluated for their ability to prevent symptomatic COVID-19, with the former having a 95% efficacy and the latter having a 94% efficacy in the clinical trial data submitted for the original authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. This means your risk of getting sick is cut by 94% or more if you are vaccinated. The final phase 3 data showed an efficacy of 91% for Pfizer/BioNTech and 93% for Moderna. A quote directly from (emphasis added by me, in red)

April 28, 2021: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were 94 percent effective in preventing hospitalization for COVID-19 among people age 65 and older, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study released Wednesday. The (emphasis added by me, in red)

March 28, 2022: Three doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were 94 percent effective in preventing death or the need for a ventilator during the omicron surge, according to a new study. The (emphasis added by me, in red)

Note that the goalposts continue to move. At first, it was two doses were 94% effective in preventing the illness, then it was preventing symptoms, then it morphed into preventing hospitalization in people over 65, then it became three doses preventing death or a ventilator.

So who exactly is spreading misinformation? My guess is, everyone. Simply because some people are lying, some don’t know anything, and no one really knows the truth. Well, someone does, but they aren’t telling anyone.


I haven’t posted in a couple of days. After managing to make it two years without COVID, I have managed to catch it twice in as many months. The odd part is that the two episodes have differed in symptoms.

The first time consisted of large amounts of congestion and coughing that lasted eleven days. I had no fever and COVID tests came up negative, but I lost my sense of taste and smell.

This latest bout had me with a mild stuffy nose and cough, no fever, and only lasted four days. I was so tired, I couldn’t stay awake. I wasn’t sure that I had COVID until my wife got sick, took a test, and it was positive. So I took one too, and what do you know, it was positive. Then yesterday morning, I woke up without a sense of smell or taste. This second bout with COVID has been MUCH milder than the first. The only other symptom is copious amounts of sweating.

I have no idea how we caught it. With my wife being a teacher and me working in a busy emergency room with daily contact with COVID patients, who knows?