Antigun tyranny

Closer to CW2

After SCOTUS declared Maryland’s AWB and magazine ban unconstitutional, the Marlyand AG has refused to comply.

Democrat Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh was defiant: “Military-style firearms pose grave risks to public safety, as recent mass shootings in other states have made clear. Despite the Bruen ruling, the state’s law remains in effect. Marylanders have a right to be protected from these dangerous weapons.”’

Three of the four boxes have failed. The government is refusing to comply with its own laws. What else is left?

Gaming the Courts Race baiting

How Does She Know?

The MSM is claiming that Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in today, making her the “the first Black woman to serve as a justice.”

Since she testified to Congress under oath, claiming that she didn’t know what a woman was, claiming to be one means that she should be impeached for lying to Congress. Isn’t that the standard now?

Anti American left Government


So the court just shot the latest sacred cow of the left with the decision on West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency by limiting the EPA’s ability to regulate CO2 emissions.

The money quote comes from page 19 of the decision:

Agencies have only the power given to them by Congress, and enabling legislation is generally not an open book to which the agency [may] add pages and change the plot line.

The left, as I am sure you are aware, is pissed:

I wonder how long it will take for one of these assholes to shoot a SCOTUS justice. I think things will get spicy after that.

Larry Correia has an interesting take:

I’m with Larry in recognizing that this decision will be far more impactful and wide ranging than the decision striking down Roe. The left is so busy being pissed off about abortion that they haven’t noticed that bureaucrats just lost a lot of power with this decision.

COVID Government Grooming Children

Program me Elmo

Elmo from the children’s show “Sesame Street.” got a COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday. Programming kids to be good little communists.

Police State tyranny

This Is Why

People ask why a person needs an AR-15. The Uvalde shooting is a great illustration as to why. Dozens of police were in fear of a single loser with an AR-15, but have no problem harassing an unarmed mother who is telling the truth about their cowardice.

Perhaps if she had an AR-15, they would leave her alone, too.

On a side note, this is why I have security cameras. To catch wrongdoing. The videos of cops parking outside of my house and flashing the lights at me would look great in the courtroom when I sued them.

Criminals Government

Government Beat Down

An Atlanta Patient Advocate at the VA (a government employee) brutally beat a 73 year old veteran. He still has a job there.

If this is how they treat citizens now, think of how things will be if the citizens are disarmed. You will also note that it is a black man beating the shit out of a white man, but not one of the articles on this event make a single mention of race. If it were reversed, how would the stories read?

Antigun Government

Breaking SCOTUS Decision

SCOTUS releases decision in NY pistol case, ruling that New York’s means test is unconstitutional. The decision can be found here (pdf alert). A couple of money quotes:

Indeed, the Court recognized in Heller at least one way in which the Second Amendment’s historically fixed meaning applies to new circumstances: Its reference to “arms” does not apply “only [to] those arms in existence in the 18th century.”

Here is another gem where SCOTUS declares that we have a right to bear arms outside of the home:

The Court has little difficulty concluding also that the plain text of the Second Amendment protects Koch’s and Nash’s proposed course of conduct—carrying handguns publicly for self-defense. Nothing in the Second Amendment’s text draws a home/public distinction with respect to the right to keep and bear arms, and the definition of “bear” naturally encompasses public carry.

There are also some phrases that may come back to haunt gun owners because they discuss historical restrictions that form the basis of what the court would find constitutional. For example:

the common-law offenses of “affray” or going armed “to the terror
of the people” continued to impose some limits on firearm carry in the
antebellum period.

It seems like the court is saying that either concealed or open carry must at a minimum be permitted:

In the early to mid-19th century, some States began enacting laws that proscribed the concealed carry of pistols and other small weapons. But the antebellum state-court decisions upholding them evince a consensus view that States could not altogether prohibit the public carry of arms protected by the Second Amendment or state analogues.

or this one that I can see as the foundation for a challenge to “assault weapons”:

The statutes essentially prohibited bearing arms in a way that spread “fear” or “terror” among the people, including by carrying of “dangerous and unusual weapons.”

There is a lot here, and a further review by someone more knowledgeable than I is needed. One thing is for sure: the lower courts will be visiting this topic for years, but at least we have a win for gun rights.

Education Grooming Children


Yet another LGTBQWhatever groomer in schools. But they aren’t grooming your kids

Antigun Police State tyranny War on the Right

Effective Gun Ban

We all know that the Democrats want a 1,000% tax on assault weapons. This law is very broad and will tax most guns out of existence (pdf warning):

semiautomatic rifles that have the capacity to use a magazine that isn’t a fixed magazine, and any one of the following:

  • a pistol grip,
  • a forward grip,
  • folding, telescoping, or detachable stock.
  • a barrel shroud,
  • a threaded barrel,
  • a “functional grenade launcher.”

Or a semiautomatic rifle that has a fixed magazine with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, except for an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.

any semiautomatic pistol that has the capacity to use a magazine that isn’t a fixed magazine, and any one of the following:

  • a threaded barrel
  • a second pistol grip (these are already NFA weapons. I don’t know what effect this law will have)
  • a barrel shroud
  • the capacity for inserting the magazine anywhere outside of the pistol grip (such as the CZ Scorpion and other PDWs)
  • if it looks like a machine gun
  • weighs more than 50 ounces (this is obviously aimed at AR pistols)
  • a Stabilizing brace
  • a buffer tube (again, aimed at AR pistols)

The tax will also apply to any ammunition magazine, belt, drum, etc. that holds more than 10 rounds of ammo, but specifically excludes fixed tubular .22LR magazines.

Plus a bunch of other stuff. Then it goes on to charge the tax on any of the frames, parts of the firearms covered, and parts of magazines. This is, in effect, a ban most firearms and their parts by taxing them into oblivion. Essentially the same thing that happened with the NFA. The only firearms that seem exempt are bolt, lever action, and rimfire.

Imagine a basic AR-15 that costs $11,000 and using $110 magazines.

Since it is a tax, the Senate doesn’t even have to vote on it. It can be passed through budget reconciliation.

Police State

The Atlantic is Right

This is one of those rare times where I think The Atlantic makes a good point

It was always obvious to me that military tactics, training, and weaponry had little place in civilian policing. The goal of the military is to overwhelm enemies, regardless of whether any particular individual on the other side “deserves” to be overwhelmed. It seems clear that police should not approach fellow citizens, rights-bearers, with the same attitude.

The article goes on:

So much of this turns out to be LARPing: half-trained, half-formed kids playing soldier in America’s streets and schools. Many of the thousands of SWAT-team members in this country don’t have the training and expertise to respond like they’re SEAL Team 6. It’s time to stop pretending that they do.

Read the entire article. It makes some great points. The money quote?

we have accepted a more and more militarized and aggressive police culture, with serious damage to basic constitutional liberties. What we got in return is 19 cops standing outside a classroom while children were slaughtered.

I couldn’t agree more.