Twisting the facts

The press is surprised that a person making MINIMUM wage can’t afford the MEDIAN cost of renting a two bedroom apartment in Florida. This is largely because they apparently don’t understand math. The minimum of anything will, by definition, not be the same as the median.

“Right now, the University of Florida estimated in 2020 that almost 70,000 metro households in Orlando and surrounding areas earning 50% of the area median income or less are paying more than 50% of income on their housing. That is not sustainable,”

Median income in Orlando for a household is $61,876, but this includes two incomes (pdf alert). A household with one wage earner would of course earn half of that, or about $31,000. I can’t believe a college had to study this, it seems like common sense to me.

A person making minimum wage (currently $8.65, soon to be $10.00) would make half of the individual income, or a quarter of the median household income.

“If they have children, we’re talking three to four full time jobs at minimum wage and obviously that is not something a single parent can do,” Nazworth said.

They are of course ignoring two things: If you make minimum wage, don’t have kids, and those who do aren’t forced to pay rent without assistance. They are actually making more than the rest of us. Read an older post on this, and see that a woman making minimum wage gets another $40,000 a year in benefits from the government.

A single mother with four children who earns $2,500 a year in a part time job (that works out to 6 hours a week at minimum wage) gets another $40,000 in government benefits.

But landlords are the greedy ones here.

Police State

Avoid biometrics

Do not lock your electronic devices using biometrics. The courts are twisting the Constitution as another end run towards tyranny

Anti American left Police State

Felony photography

Disney claims that it is a felony to take photos of their behind the scenes areas from your car, if you are driving on roads owned by Disney. Many of the roads near the Orlando theme park are actually private property. When you arrive at the gate to the Magic Kingdom parking lot, you have been on Disney property for 7 miles or so.

Any lawyer types here care to specify what specific felony is being committed by taking pictures?


Not for Americans

This woman helps people get dual citizenship so people can dodge taxes on their bitcoin holdings. It doesn’t work if you are a US citizen.

Police State Power Grab The Collapse

End runs

Let’s say that the police want to search your home, but they don’t have the probable cause needed to get a warrant. So to solve this “problem” they come up with a plan. They have a criminal on speed dial who they recently caught committing a burglary do them a favor in exchange for the cops not arresting them. In this case, the burglar breaks into your house then anonymously calls the police to report seeing a dead body in the home. Or perhaps bomb making material. It doesn’t matter what he claims to have seen. This call falls under one of the exceptions that would allow the police to enter your home.

That’s a dick move, right? Would you consider that to be a violation of your Constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure? In this case, the police didn’t have the legal ability to search your home, so they got another person to do it on their behalf.

Isn’t having a private business violate your First Amendment rights the same thing?

The “liberal” or “progressive” stance has always been that free speech is only about state suppression, not about private companies or individuals.

The argument has always been that Facebook/Twitter/Google etc. are private companies that have every right to decide what appears on their platforms. Of course, if the state is actively instructing the private companies on what to remove…that argument crumbles to dust.

Now do a little thinking and let me know what other Constitutional rights are being subverted because the government has enlisted others to do the violating.


Only one

The US government has decided that only their employees can be called astronauts, unless you do what they say.

According to the FAA, space explorers must go through training and fly beyond 80 kilometres above the Earth surface as a flight crew on a permitted launch or reentry vehicle to be considered an astronaut. They also must have “demonstrated activities during flight that were essential to public safety, or contributed to human space flight safety.”

By that definition, there were no US astronauts from 2011 to 2019, since all Americans who went into space in that time period were passengers on Russian spacecraft.

Crime Criminals

Bring chalk and a sponge

Investigators said a woman came running up to them screaming and told them a man had forced his way into her home and attacked her while also asking her not to call law enforcement.

“Hello, 911? I found your fleeing felon. Yeah, he broke into the wrong rec room. Bring some chalk and a mop.”

Crime Criminals

Murder and the truth

A man kills two people and is driving around with their bodies in the bed of a stolen pickup truck that belonged to one of the victims when he is seen by a third man, who he also kills.

The bodies of the two in the bed of the truck were bound with tape on their hands and feet and had suffered several gunshot wounds. The third victim, who apparently was killed because he came upon the crime in progress was shot five times, including a coup de grace to the head.

There is no description of the killer, even though he is named in the article as 23 year old Bryan Rhoden. They also make no guesses as to the motivation of the killer. I wonder why not?

Oh, now I see. News reports describe the shooter as an up-and-coming rapper who goes by the name B Rod, who has more than 18,000 followers on Instagram. Aren’t they ALL up and coming rappers? In this case, he was a drug dealer with a history of violent crimes, including shooting two men during a drug deal in 2016.

That isn’t all- he had a LONG and busy criminal career. He was a one man crime spree.

In May 2020, he was driving a maroon Chevy Silverado when Atlanta police pulled him over for allegedly driving with a cell phone in his hand. Police said they smelled marijuana coming from the car and placed him under arrest. A search of his vehicle revealed 44 individually rolled and packaged marijuana cigarettes and $3,000 in cash. He was cited for distracted driving and possession of marijuana. During that arrest, police learned that Rhoden had a warrant out of East Point and took him into custody. I couldn’t find out what the warrant was for.

In August 2020, Rhoden was arrested in Indiana after a high-speed chase. A state trooper reportedly attempted to pull Rhoden over for speeding in excess of 100 miles per hour when he fled the scene. After a three-mile chase at speeds up to 150 miles per hour, he was arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement, a felony, and two misdemeanor counts of reckless driving. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

In April of 2021, an Uber driver called Atlanta police claiming that Rhoden and his group got into an argument with him so he decided to pull over and kick them out. According to a report, the Uber driver told police that Rhoden threatened him with a gun. Police said Rhoden admitted having a gun but denied using it to threaten the driver. Police couldn’t determine which party was telling the truth, so they let them go their separate ways- even though Rhoden was a convicted felon and should not have had a gun at all.

If this were reversed, and the killer were white with the victims being black, we would already be hearing about how the killer had racist motivations. But a black killer with a long, violent criminal history involving drug dealing and firearms with three white victims? Well, we can’t have people rushing to conclusions. Nope, no idea why he did it.

It gets harder and harder every day not to judge people on the basis of race. How many times do you have to be hit in the face with the facts of crime in this country before you just can’t overlook race any longer?

We are supposed to ignore the fact that blacks commit nearly half of the homicides in the country, despite the fact that only one in eight Americans is black.

We are asked to ignore that murder rates don’t increase with population, but instead increase in proportion to black population. For example:

  • Atlanta has a population of 524K, of which is 51% black, and had 157 murders for a murder rate of 30. If Atlanta were a country, it would have the 12th highest homicide rate in the world.
  • Baltimore has a population of 593K, which is 62% black, and had 335 murders for a murder rate of 56.4. If Baltimore were a country, it would have the highest homicide rate of any country in the world.
  • Dallas has a population of 1.3 million, which is 24% black, and had 200 murders for a murder rate of 15.4.
  • Sacramento has a population of 500K, which is 13 percent black, and had 43 murders for a murder rate of 8.6.
  • San Antonio has a population of 1.5 million, which is 7 percent black, and had 128 murders for a murder rate of 8.5.

While I still believe that we cannot predict the behavior of an individual by looking at demographics, it is undeniable that blacks are more likely to be violent criminals than any other demographic. Convince me otherwise. What other explanation fits the data?

Everyone is so afraid of being labeled a ‘racist’ that they are being forced to ignore what is right in front of them. This is gaslighting at its most potent. A black man walking through the whitest neighborhood in America is supposed to be in danger of a racist attack, but the facts rarely support that. How many white people could walk through a black neighborhood in Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Memphis without being attacked?

You know the truth. Blacks know the truth. Everyone does. To admit the truth is to invite the destruction of your entire life: lose your job, become labeled a racist, become a pariah. THAT is why no one dares speak the truth.

White Americans are the Jews in the attic of today’s America. I have seen this movie before. It always ends in a bloodbath.


No F15s or nukes needed, just pussy

The US Army is investigating this lieutenant colonel for reportedly creating a series of lies over several years in order to carry out affairs with several women. Scummy enough, but it gets worse.

Lt. Col. Richard Kane Mansir, a civil affairs officer based at Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, has had “serious, long-term relationships” with at least six other women over the last five years, while still married to his wife of 18 years. That’s a bit worse, you say, but this isn’t even close to the worst part.

He lied about being on deployments, going so far as to fake papers claiming that he was deploying to Afghanistan and that he received the Silver Star. He rented a townhouse for one woman who was pregnant with their child, went on trips with another woman he was engaged to, and even met the womens’ parents. He told them he was divorced, and told them that one of his three children had died. Wow, but wait, there’s more.

He had serious relationships with at least five women in as many years. He apparently targeted subordinates and widows of men who died in combat—women who’d be too embarrassed to say anything about it, or whose careers would be ruined if they did. Oh, so this guy is a complete whoring scumbag.

He eventually got caught, like all such people do, and now has to pay the price for his stupidity.

This is not the sign of a well disciplined military. The “politically unreliable” troops are all being run out of the service while whoremongering, pencil pushing douchebags like this are the only ones who will remain.

Too bad Afghanistan is over. The Army should send this dude to command an isolated firebase staffed with security troops consisting of the buddies of the dead soldiers whose widows this guy was fucking, all armed with a big bag full of frags. Bringing back the time honored tradition of fragging officers would be the only justice to be had here.

Is the title of this post crass? Of course it is. It is still not as crass as a commissioned officer preying on the widows of dead soldiers.

Crime Criminals

Pike County Massacre

I know the court case was in April and the murders happened five years ago, but this is the first I heard of it. This loser and his entire family killed the mother of his child and her entire family because of a child custody dispute. What in the hell is happening in this country?