How I Would Be on the News

If I am standing on my porch more than 30 feet away from a cop that is making an arrest in my driveway, and the cop walks over to claim that I am interfering in his arrest to arrest me, we are gonna have a problem. However, that’s exactly what happened in 2019 in Vallejo, California.

First, he has a motorcyclist at gunpoint, but holsters his firearm before showing the motorcycle rider his back. I would argue that the cop never really felt that the rider was enough of a threat to justify pointing a gun at him.

Second, you come onto MY porch because I am filming your empty headed conduct from 30 feet away, then you try to arrest me? Things will not go well, and we are going to be on the news that night. Just because you are a cop doesn’t mean that you get a free pass to violate my rights in my house, and I don’t give a shit what court decisions you have that claim otherwise.

But Burrell says [the cop] told him that he would let him go because he was a veteran, thanked him for his service and let him out of the car.

Bullshit. This hotheaded cop realized that he was making a HUGE mistake and used the “you’re a veteran, so I am letting you go” as a way to try and correct his error.

Burrell said he then went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. He is still seeking treatment and says his fingers remain numb from the handcuffs.

This is 100% tyrannical bullshit. I am normally a “let’s fight it out in court” kind of guy, but once you are on my porch, that shit goes out the window. Is that a threat? You bet your sweet ass it is. Just watching this video pisses me off.

Officer David McLaughlin has also been involved in two shootings since joining Vallejo police. He and Officer Matt Komoda fired on a suspect who was allegedly driving at them before crashing into a parked car on Aug. 31, 2016. No one was injured.

If you shoot like shit, it’s not a good idea to be driving around acting like an asshole while you point guns a people. Sooner or later, someone is going to accept your challenge. He has already shot at two people in his ten years as a cop. Most cops go their entire career without shooting at anyone.

Similarly, if I wind up on a jury in a case like this, I am going to oppose whatever this miniature tyrant’s position is. In this case, the Marine veteran got paid $300,000 by the city.


The left thinks that they have a smoking gun because the White House medical unit ordered thousands of narcotic pills during the Trump Presidency, and the Pentagon says that they were not tracked very well. It isn’t smoking, nor is it a gun.

The White House Medical unit maintains a health clinic for all of the staff members of the White House, the Naval Observatory, Air Force 1 and 2, as well as assisting the Secret Service in setting up and maintaining emergency trauma centers everywhere their protectees go. The office also maintains fully stocked pharmacies at the White House, Naval Observatory, Old Executive Office Building, and aboard Air Force 1. There are 1800 staff members of the White House alone. The WHMU also provides emergency coverage for more than 1.5 million annual visitors to the White House and guests of the President, as well as national and international Heads-of-State and diplomats when they are in Washington, DC. So the amounts ordered aren’t really that remarkable.

The same doctor has been assigned to the WHMU since1995, and has been its director since 2000- more than 24 years. He is an Air Force Brigadier General by the name of Richard Tubb.

As an ED nurse, I see between 10 and 30 patients a day, most days. On any given day, I give controlled substances like Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Morphine, Norco, Xanax, Valium, Versed, and others a dozen or more times per day, and I am not filling prescriptions like a pharmacy, I am personally administering them.

The difference here is that our medical staff at the hospital have a pharmacist who checks every medical order for safety. The doctor writes the order, the pharmacist checks to make sure it is safe, then releases it. The nurse retrieves it from the automated dispenser, then administers it to the patient after also checking to make sure it’s a safe and appropriate medication. That’s right- at least three different people check to make sure it’s safe.

Not so in the WHMU. The providers are directly administering the medications without a pharmacist or nurse backstopping them. This makes errors more likely, but it doesn’t mean that the drugs are being abused.

The fact that some drugs weren’t well maintained doesn’t mean that Trump or someone on his staff was abusing them, it just means that government workers, being immune from fines for not tracking narcotics or lawsuits from improperly dosing or prescribing them don’t bother to do so. They track their controlled medications like law enforcement tracks their firearms. That is to say, not very well.

The IRS War on the Right

Do you remember when Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies? I do. The IRS even settled a lawsuit and apologized. So did Obama.

IRS leaks have targeted Democrats’ political enemies, such as the National Organization for Marriage, to which the IRS was obliged to pay a settlement after leaking the identities of the group’s donors in order to enable political retaliation against them. For some reason, Barack Obama’s Justice Department never got around to prosecuting that case. Or the case of the IRS director lying to Congress about targeting conservative political groups, or … well, you get the picture.

That was before the Treasury Department investigated itself and found that it did nothing wrong. So now the left is claiming that it was all fake news. Next they will say that the Russians did it because Trump asked them to.

So why am I posting about things that happened more than 7 years ago? Because it is still happening. The House Oversight Committee is looking into allegations that the IRS is selectively not enforcing its tax-exempt rules against liberal nonprofits.

Don’t Be a Victim

This is why I have video cameras covering my property and a video doorbell. I don’t answer the door in person, especially at night. I might be home, or I might be on a different continent. This cop mag dumped on a woman for having the audacity to be armed in her own home.

Under these circumstances, some return fire from 5.56 green tip would be appropriate. Aim for the belt buckle when you clap these assholes. You might as well take 3 or 4 of them with you.

Enemy of the State

Leticia James has announced that NY will confiscate all of Trump’s NY property, including Trump tower, if he doesn’t or can’t pay the $354 million fine. I don’t see how they can do that, since Trump only has a 30% stake in the building.

The interesting part here is that Trump tower contains 2.1 million square feet of floor space, with 98% of it currently leased at about $100 per square foot. Trump’s 30% stake in the tower nets him $62 million a year. So overall, the building brings in $210 million a year in rent. The judge in the case found that Trump lied about the value of the building, which Trump claimed was $806 million. The judge claims that the building is worth only $40 million. I am not a billionaire tycoon, nor am I a NY judge or a NY real estate expert, but I think that a building that brings in $210 million a year in rent is worth more than $40 million.

Similarly, the judge in the case claims that Trump’s Mar a Lago in Palm Beach is only worth between $18 million and $27 million. That’s bullshit, and I can easily prove it. Just a block away in Palm Beach is 1200 S Ocean Blvd. That house is a 12,000 square foot home located on 3.4 acres with 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The lot borders on the Atlantic ocean on the east, and A1A to the west. It’s estimated value is $110 million, or about $9,100 per square foot. Another home which just sold in 2022 for $9.5 million and located less than a mile from Mar a Lago is a 1900 square foot 3/3 home on a third of an acre that doesn’t border the water at all. It works out to $5,000 per square foot.

Contrast those two homes with Mar a Lago- a 16,500 square foot home located on 17 acres of land. If we are to believe the judge, this resort is worth 5 to 10 percent per square foot of the two homes above?

Or you can instead view it as the commercial property that it is. The Mar-a-Lago Club had $29.7 million in gross revenues in 2015, $25.1 million 2017, $22 million in 2018, and $21.4 million in 2019. So it brings in $20 to 30 million a year in revenue. Again, hard to claim that a business brings in 100% of its value each year.

As I have been saying- the left is going to destroy Trump. I don’t think that simply making him a pauper is going to be enough. He will wind up in prison, where he will be killed pour encourager les autres.

Facts Coming In

This is why the gun banning left tries to get the narrative going on shootings as soon as possible, before the facts are in. With regards to the shooting at the Kansas City Superbowl parade, the shooters were two juveniles and two black adult males with criminal records who got in an argument when one of them made eye contact with another, who began firing.

An account of the bloodshed pieced together from witnesses and video footage found that the violence started when Mays and a group of individuals who confronted him “began arguing about why they were staring at each other.”

Not only that, but at least one of the guns was stolen.

I’m willing to bet they were gang members, but we will never know, because now that the shooters wasn’t a white male wielding an AR-15, the lefty antigun press no longer cares. Now it’s just black dudes participating in their culture.

It Isn’t Just the US

This is the kind of thing to make you begin to believe conspiracy theories about the NWO. The UK’s National Health Service has come out with a statement that breast milk produced by men who think they are women is just as healthy for breastfeeding babies as natural women’s breast milk.

This can’t be a coincidence that the entire world is losing its ever loving mind in the same way at the same time. There must be some sort of central power that is directing and controlling this insanity. It’s been going on at least since 2020. Look at this picture, taken by me on the Dutch island of St Maarten in November of 2021: