To The UN: Get Bent

The UN is set to demand that Americans stop eating meat because of Global Warming. I want to point out to you that the average American eats more than 260 pounds of meat per year. That’s three quarters of a pound of meat per day, every day. For every person, and that doesn’t even account for the 8 percent of Americans who claim to be either vegan or vegetarian.

If you want to see a US population that’s ready to start using Sky Blue helmets as target practice, tell them that they can’t have BBQ or a nice steak. I just ate a nice bowl of beef based chili. Last night, I had meatloaf. For Christmas dinner, we are going to buy a nice rib roast and let it cook in the smoker so we can have some Prime Rib. So the UN can kiss my American meat-eating ass.

NYC Residents Stupid

The people at NASA say that parts of New York City are sinking, and are claiming that this is the reason for New York’s recent flash floods. Are people really that stupid? Even assuming that this has been going on that long, New York has only sunk nine and a half inches since the Civil War, only about 5/8 of an inch per decade. Still, I can prove that to be a lie with a couple of pictures. Here are two photos of Whitehall Terminal, where the Staten Island Ferry departs from Manhattan, taken about 60 years apart. The first was taken in 1956, pay special attention to the water level in comparison to the waterfront to the left of the building:

Now the same building, taken in 2014:

Can you see a difference? Of course you can’t. Do you want to know why New York flooded this week? Because they had more than 7 inches of rain in less than 48 hours.

The article goes on to say that the ocean will rise an average of .04 inches by the year 2100. Four hundredths of an inch in 77 years. That means nothing. In fact, that works out to an average of 0.005 inches per year, or 0.127 millimeters per year. We can’t even measure ocean rise at that level, it’s physics.

The margin of error for the synthetic aperture radar that they are using to measure the ocean is one twentieth of the wavelength of the radar doing the measuring under perfect conditions, but is actually less due to atmospheric conditions. The wavelength of Ku band SAR is 17 to 24 mm, making the maximum precision to be plus or minus 1 mm. So NASA is claiming to be able to measure ocean height changes that are more than 8 times smaller than what they are physically capable of measuring.

In summary, we don’t know if the ocean is rising or not, because even if it is, we don’t have a way of measuring the small amount that it is rising, and even if it is be rising, it is doing so at such a slow rate that it will only rise about half an inch in the next eight hundred years. This is all a scam that is being designed to whip morons into a frenzy, so that they can be more easily manipulated.

Volcanoes, Water Vapor, & Climate Change

Last August, NASA reported that the Tonga volcano eruption blasted an amount of water vapor into the stratosphere that has not been seen before. In fact, the volcano ejected approximately 146 million tons of water vapor into the stratosphere- that is the equivalent of 13% of the water vapor that was already there, a 5-fold increase of stratospheric aerosol load. Since water vapor is 4 times more effective at being a greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide, it’s responsible for about half of Earth’s greenhouse effect.

The January eruption of the underwater volcano saw the catapulting of millions of tons of water vapor dozens of miles into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, where it is usually not as prevalent. This greatly increased the greenhouse effects of water vapor and raised global temperatures. (pdf warning)

That’s why everything was fairly normal until mid-March 2023, and then a dramatic 1°C warming spike in a matter of 2-weeks raised global temperatures to the record levels we are at today. We are going to be stuck with higher than normal temperatures for the next few months. So don’t let those with a political agenda tell you that this is man’s fault. This is nature at work. Science, it’s a thing.


We have been getting high heat advisories from the NWS every day for weeks. I recently saw a blogger (I’m sorry I can’t remember who) that was observing that these advisories seem to be trying to scare everyone into a climate hysteria, even though it’s this hot every year.

I have records. Let’s take a look. I have a personal weather station on the top of my house. The same exact station has been up there since July 31, 2019 when the previous station was taken out by lightning. Let’s take a look at the last four years to see what the weather has been like:

July 24, 2023

Temperature88.7 °F75.2 °F78.4 °F

July 24, 2022

Temperature96.6 °F73.9 °F81.9 °F

July 24, 2021

Temperature92.1 °F72.9 °F81.2 °F

July 24, 2020

Temperature103.3 °F71.2 °F83.6 °F

So it’s actually a bit cooler today than it has been in years past.

Price Tag

Bloomberg claims that it will cost $200 trillion to save the planet from climate change by 2050. So let’s do some math- $200 trillion in 27 years equals $7.4 trillion per year. The GDP of the entire planet- the sum of all goods and services produced worldwide- is $45 trillion. This would mean that 16% of the entire world’s production would have to be diverted to combating climate change. At only 3% inflation, that cost would balloon to $16.5 trillion per year by 2045.

Medicine, food production, transportation, manufacturing, energy, sanitation, one sixth of everything that everyone on the planet does, would need to be diverted to this goal of avoiding climate change.

It is physically and fiscally impossible.

This Is Stupid

The left is claiming that so much ground water has been pumped out of the Earth, that it is causing the planet’s rotational axis to tilt and is contributing to global warming/climate change. This is absurd, for multiple reasons.

First, the amount of water humans have pumped out is claimed to be 2.15×10^12 tons. The entire planet has a mass of 5.97×10^21 tons. The mass pumped is equal to 0.00000000036% of the mass of the planet, or 3 parts in 10 billion.

However, that mass didn’t simply disappear- the water is still here. In fact, with the exception of a couple of thousand gallons that went into space on spacecraft, man hasn’t removed any water from the planet. That isn’t what the idiots interviewed for CNN had to say:

In 2016, another team of researchers found that drift in Earth’s rotational axis between 2003 and 2015 could be linked to changes in the mass of glaciers and ice sheets, as well as the planet’s reserves of terrestrial liquid water.

In fact, any mass change on Earth, including atmospheric pressure, can affect its axis of rotation, Seo told CNN in an email.

The water that has been pumped out of the ground, the ice sheets, the glaciers, all of that mass is still here. It didn’t disappear.

The redistribution of groundwater tilted Earth’s rotational axis east by more than 31 inches (78.7 centimeters) in just under two decades, according to the models. The most notable driver of long-term variations in the rotational axis was already known to be mantle flow — the movement of molten rock in the layer between Earth’s crust and outer core. The new modeling reveals that groundwater extraction is the second most significant factor, Seo said.

31 inches in 20 years. That works out to 1.55 inches per year, with the circumference around the poles of about 15,800 miles, or just over 1 million billion inches. This means that the “shift” in the rotational axis is one part in a million billion. They use the position of Quasars to measure the position of Earth’s rotational axis. (this paragraph was edited to correct the error you see as a strikethrough)

The current gold standard for measurements of Earth’s rotation vector comes from very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), which involves radio receivers around the world. The receivers use the slight differences in the times at which they detect sudden changes in the microwave emissions from very distant quasars to precisely determine their own positions. This information allows them to monitor small changes in Earth’s orientation with respect to these far-away objects. But it can take days to translate VLBI observations into the final, useful results. A rotation sensor at a single location could provide an independent measurement and could allow the data to be available continuously.

It’s a pretty precise measurement. They claim that they can use that to determine shifts in the rotational axis going back to the 1800’s.

Future models can use observations on Earth’s rotation to illuminate the past, Seo added. “The data is available since the late 19th century,” he said. With that information, scientists can peer back in time and trace changes in planetary systems as the climate warmed over the last 100 years.

Since quasars weren’t discovered until 1960, the means of measuring the rotational axis were limited until that time, and precise measurements of the Earth’s rotational axis were impossible to within 1 part per million, which is the precision needed to detect a 1 inch per year shift. In fact, the first measurement of the change of the rotational axis of the planet wasn’t made until 2011.

This is junk science.

Can’t Legislate Math

As the left continues to crow that we need to switch to electric vehicles to save the planet, they are overlooking the fact that the nation just doesn’t have the electrical generating capacity to do that. As I post this, two thirds of the nation is facing the possibility of blackouts due to insufficient power generation capacity to handle the power demands of air conditioning that deals with the summer heat. Why? Because the nation’s electrical generating companies have been closing coal and oil fired power plants rather than pay for expensive repairs and upgrades caused by the government’s efforts to deal with “climate change.”

By 2035, automakers will have turned away from the internal combustion engine. The electric grid doesn’t have the capacity to charge all of those new cars, trucks and buses. This will cause an increase in electric demand that would require 50% more electricity than we generate now. There isn’t enough land area to rely on wind and solar for our current needs, much less adding that much more.

For example, Florida is second in the nation in electric vehicles with over 100,000 of them, but ranks 42nd in the infrastructure needed to charge them with 24 cars in the state for each charging station.

Because F- You, I’m Rich

Bill Gates made some comments on why he will continue using a private jet while demanding that you stop producing so much CO2 by driving to work. His comments boil down to, “Because I’m rich, that’s why, you peons.”

Well, I buy the gold standard of, funding Climeworks, to do direct air capture that far exceeds my family’s carbon footprint and I spend billions of dollars on … climate innovation. So, you know, should I stay at home and not come to Kenya and learn about farming and malaria? I’m comfortable with the idea that, not only am I not part of the problem by paying for the offsets, but also through the billions that my Breakthrough Energy Group is spending, that I’m part of the solution.

It isn’t an either or situation. If he really believes that he is helping, he can still help without flying all over the world in a private jet. Also, we have seen the Climeworks people on this blog before. It’s a bullshit grift that purely exists to take money from gullible people.

This is like most green energy/climate stuff- you can’t get more out of a process than you put into it. These companies are collecting billions, and Bill Gates gets to go on being a hypocritical asshole.