Give Us Your Money

Hawaii residents still think that they are entitled to payment from the mainland. There are a large number of ‘native’ people who believe that Hawaii was some sort of peaceful paradise until Europeans arrived, and they think secession will return them to the ‘good old days.’ Of course that is false, and is simply another variation on the myth of the “noble savage.”

In reality, most Hawaiians are rather racially biased against white people, who they refer to as Haole (pronounced “howly”) and blame them for all of Hawaii’s perceived problems. They demand that whites pay them, because reasons, thinking that white people giving them money will solve their problems.

Whites Aren’t Buying It

All branches of the US military have been reporting that they are falling short in their recruiting goals, and they have been trying some pretty spectacular stunts to get more recruits. It seems that the Military’s recruiting woes are due to whites not enlisting.

A total of 44,042 new Army recruits were white in 2018, but in 2023 that had fallen to 25,070. That represents a drop of over 19,000 recruits per year. With the Army having a shortfall of more than 10,000 enlistees in its recruiting target, it’s plain to see that it is a lack of white candidates that is the reason.

It seems that whites, and specifically white males, are tired of being told that they are the enemy, that they are racist, and they have decided that they don’t want to sacrifice their lives to defend people and a nation that despises them.

Blacks Want Segregation

Former NFL player Rashard Mendenhall says that:

I’m sick of average white guys commenting on football. Y’all not even good at football. Can we please replace the Pro Bowl with an All-Black vs. All-White bowl so these cats can stop trying to teach me who’s good at football. I’m better than ur goat.

Remember the time that Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy an NFL team, but the players union stated that they would refuse to play for him, so he got rejected? The reason he was rejected was for a statement like this:

The NFL all-too-often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.

There are those in the sports commentator ranks who have no problem attacking their own race to get their valid left wing street cred.

Rush still lived on to launch Donald Trump and put his permanent stamp on the Republican Party as one rooted in white grievance, bigotry, and incitement to violence.

This is the same attitude that saw football players taking a knee and calling the NFL the slave plantation. I’m over all of this. It’s time that the blacks of this nation stop appropriating white culture. We invented football. Let the Africans play African sports. What sport did they invent again?

Let them live in houses that were invented by Africans. They would all live in mud huts. Sub-Sahara African negroes have invented nothing: farming, building construction, sanitation, and sports are all beyond their capabilities. Art? African art looks like a preschooler’s Pla-Do sculpture of people screwing.

So let’s just agree to let blacks have their culture. What is their culture again? They can’t even do drive-by shootings and sell cocaine. Both of those were invented by whites as well. At least they will have ghetto apples, live in mud huts, and eat fried chicken. Oops, fried chicken was invented by whites as well. Holy shit, what did they invent again?

Still, I am at a point where I fully support Mendenhall’s position. It’s time that we segregate the black race from white society. Let the US negro have their own state. All of them can move there and live their lives steeped in their culture. No more welfare, jobs, food, or banking. Go. I can live without all of the things that blacks bring to the table: shootings, drug abuse, violence, and that horrible rap music. We will even let you have the NBA, even though you won’t have any money to pay your players because your fans won’t have money to buy tickets without EBT cards.

Stereotypes suck, don’t they?

Pop Warner Shooting

In Apopka, one 11 year old player got into a fight with two other 13 year old players, decided that it would be a good idea to go to his mother’s car, retrieve her unsecured handgun, then shoot the two 13 year olds.

Apopka police say that they will only be charging the 11 year old with one count of attempted second-degree murder, because the chief of police doesn’t feel that it’s necessary “to stack charges upon an 11-year-old with no criminal history.” UH, he has a criminal history- he tried to murder two people. I would even argue that walking to the mother’s car to retrieve the handgun before returning to the practice to shoot the two boys could even be made to support a first degree murder charge. Still, second degree is easier to prove, and an 11 year old can’t be sentenced to more with one charge than with the other.

The mother is likely facing a second degree misdemeanor charge for leaving a loaded, unsecured firearm where a minor could access it.

In case you were wondering, here is a picture of the Pop Warner team in question, taken last season.

The shooter was likely on this team last season, the 10 and under team.

Yeah, it’s what you would expect, and no, I am not insinuating that the shooting happened because the players involved are black. I am not insinuating anything, I am coming right out and saying it.

“Male Subject” Shoots Car After Driver Honks

An individual described in a news release as a “male subject” was reportedly one of several people crossing Grove Street when the victim honked their horn at the group. The subject then allegedly brandished a gun and fired a single shot into the vehicle’s trunk as it left to the north.

To the police: If you are looking for him and want the public to give you leads, perhaps a more accurate and precise description is in order…Never mind, a picture speaks 1,000 words.

They Want to Kill You

The Root is a black news and opinion website. It bills itself as “Black News and Black Views with a Whole Lotta Attitude.” Do you want to know what black people are saying? Read this article, titled “Whiteness is a pandemic.

White supremacy is a virus that, like other viruses, will not die until there are no bodies left for it to infect. Which means the only way to stop it is to locate it, isolate it, extract it, and kill it.

You say, “but he is talking about white supremacy, not white people.” Nope. Read his definition:

gentrification, to red-lining, to racial profiling, to gerrymandering, to voter oppression, to mass incarceration, to the war on drugs, to the subprime mortgage crisis, to the vast disparities in both COVID deaths and who receives COVID vaccinations, to how the men and women who stormed the capitol just went home and had dinner with their families afterward.

  • Gentrification is another word for “improving slums and making them livable.”
  • Racial profiling? Guilty. When half of all violent crime is committed by 1/8 of the population, that’s where you concentrate your law enforcement efforts.
  • COVID is racist?
  • The jab was free to anyone who wanted it. How does blacks not getting the jab have anything to do with white people?
  • .How many black people were killed at the Capitol? Zero.

He clearly wants whites to be the scapegoat for all that ails the black race. Including for the death of his mother. Was she murdered? He says that she was. No, she died of lung cancer cancer, but he says that, if his mother had been white, she would have lived. He comes right out and says it, that if his mother had been a white woman, she would have gotten better medical care and would still be alive. There is no way to reason with or talk to someone who is that biased and racist. He wants you dead because you are white, and are thus responsible for every bad thing that happens. To anyone, but especially to him, and his mother- who received a full ride scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University, thanks to white people and affirmative action.

He isn’t some unknown hack writer. Noe, Damon Young writes for the Washington Post, GQ, and the New York Times. He is a well known liberal member of the MSM. And he hates you.

Don’t you understand? There are people that have declared war on you, and you are at war, whether or not you know it, or want to be. He bitches about black people being killed by whites, but ignores the fact that 88% of black homicide victims are killed by other black people. (In fact, 49% of ALL homicide victims are killed by black people, but that is a discussion for another day.)

Just Pay Them

Meet Herman Grim, who was just awarded $2,055,383 from New York State. Why? Because black people failed an objective test called the National Teacher Examination more often than other races. Mr. Grim failed “many times.”

The assumption made is that black people are just as intelligent and well educated as other races, including Asians, Hispanics, and Whites, even while objective test after test proves that this is not so. Still, it isn’t politically correct to believe these tests, so the only possible explanation must be that the tests are all biased against blacks. Therefore, the state has to pay black people because they are obviously not incapable of learning.

Grim said he’s in disbelief but the money can’t come fast enough because he’s racked up serious debt on his Queens home and credit cards. He couldn’t recite examples of why the test was biased. But Grim recalled hiring private tutors and studying for it during the early 1990s, before failing many times.

In all, this lawsuit cost the taxpayers of New York $225 million.

Nope, math is racist. The SAT is racist. Exams are racist. Credit scores are racist. There, I fixed everything.