Race baiting War on the Right

I don’t buy it

So I can believe that there are swastika wearing idiots who identify with the right. It isn’t like I am going to claim that it’s impossible that a guy like that could exist.

I just don’t believe this story. We are expected to believe that a person can drive from California to Washington, DC with no plates, his truck covered in swastikas, and not one cop pulled him over? An Internet search for the guy finds nothing but the story from DC. Nothing on social media, no criminal record, nothing. It’s like the guy didn’t exist before today.

It just stinks.

Education Failure of Education Race baiting

Cause, effect

One of the many jobs I have had was at a plant that made stainless steel pipe and tube. The process was that we would buy large rolls of stainless steel, slit them to the proper sizes, then cold roll those into pipe. The edges of the roll would be welded together, then the now completed pipe was induction annealed so it would hold its shape.

We had a woman there who was in charge of QA. It was her job to test each batch of pipe to ensure that the pipe was properly manufactured. Once, the woman decertified an entire batch of pipe because the welds were faulty and had microscopic cracks in them. That batch had to go out the next day so we could meet the customer’s deadline. It was a couple of dozen tons of pipe.

Management fixed the problem by firing the QA department and shipping the pipe. Of course, the entire batch of pipe came back when the welds began to fail. Due to bad management, the company went out of business less than a year later.

I am telling you this story because there is a lesson there. One that will easily apply to the situation in this country with regards to our education. The Oregon governor recently decided that too many black students were failing tests in reading and math proficiency. To her, the obvious problem lies in the test, so the test was eliminated.

Race baiting


A member of the NFAC shot a cop awhile back. The Orlando media did a story about how he was tracked down. Read the story, and think for a minute. The shooter got rid of his car because he knew the police would be looking for it, but kept his cell phone. That’s how they knew where he was.

The same station published photos from inside of the man’s house, taken during the police execution of the search warrant. One of the things in the house was publications that he had been reading. I link to a story from one of those papers. It is an interesting read and will help you understand the mindset of the NFAC and the New Black Panther Party. In order to defeat an enemy, one must know how they think. I recommend reading it. It is eye opening in its revelation of the indoctrination coming out of the black separatist movement.

Race baiting

Racism lawsuit

A family is suing Universal Studios because their half black daughter allegedly had a “white power” symbol placed upon her shoulder by a costumed character while visiting the Orlando theme park in 2019.

(the news channel blurred out the gesture, not me)

The man in the costume was fired, and now the family is seeking $30,000 in actual damages, plus whatever other bonus money the jury sees fit to give them as winners of the ghetto lottery.

Let’s see who else we can sue. William Shatner, who was a part of the first interracial kiss to appear on American television. Racist.

Usain Bolt. I had no idea he was a closet racist.

Eddie Murphy. Of course he is a racist. He was also a huge homophobe, so why not a secret racist?

Oh shit, not you too, Oprah.

The first black president.

No, not THAT one, this one:

Race baiting

Shut up, white boy

Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce Lee, says that she is tired of white men telling her father’s story. Why does she think that they are incapable of telling it?

“I’m tired of hearing from white men in Hollywood that he was arrogant and an asshole when they have no idea and cannot fathom what it might have taken to get work in 1960s and ’70s Hollywood as a Chinese man with (God forbid) an accent, or to try to express an opinion on a set as a perceived foreigner and person of color.”

Note that she doesn’t deny that he was an arrogant asshole, but instead excuses it because racism, or something. I would point out that Ms. Lee, who was born in 1969, wouldn’t have any idea about what it was like to get work in 1960s and ’70s Hollywood, either. So maybe she should shut the fuck up. But that isn’t what she is saying. What she is saying is that Whites need not have an opinion about anything because we can’t know what its like to ever be discriminated against because of the color of our skin. The irony completely escapes her.

Race baiting

Black Magic

Read this ad copy for shampoo:

Experience the gold standard in moisture, with Gold Series from Pantene Moisture Boost Shampoo. Thoughtfully developed by Black PhD scientists and perfected by Black hair stylists, every bottle of our paraben-free formula is infused with Argan oil. (emphasis added)

What difference does THAT make? Why is the word ‘black’ capitalized? What would be said if a company advertised that their products had been invented by other races? “Our calculators were designed by Asian PhD scientists and perfected by Asian math students, because you know that Asians are good at math!”

This is more proof that using black people to do things is evidence that your company is woke, because black people are magic. This woke bullshit is a religion.

Education Failure of Education Race baiting

Race quota in education

The Biden administration is bringing back an Obama era policy of racial quotas in school discipline. One of the many problems that forced my exit from education was my experience with this policy, although I was not aware that the policy had ever ceased. Behavior that gets a white student suspended will not even merit a stern talking to if displayed by a black student.

Race baiting

Kill everything white

The New Black Panther party sponsored a rally in Tulsa, OK over the weekend. The theme of the rally was “Reparations Now!”

“The struggle for Reparations must be escalated,” a news release from organizers read. “We must fight on every front to achieve redress and Reparations for the atrocities committed upon Tulsa Massacre descendants; and we must intensify the fight to achieve Reparations for all 40-million Blacks still grossly affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like. Tulsa will mark a new beginning in the upgraded fight for Reparations for Black people.”

The following groups were present:

  • The Huey P Newton Gun Club (HPNGC)
  • The Elmer Geronimo Pratt Gun Club (EGPGC)
  • The New Black Panther Party for Self- Defense (NBPP)
  • The Fred Hampton Gun Club (FHGC)
  • The New Black Liberation Militia (NBLM)
  • The Panther Special Operations Command (PANSOC)

The rally was nothing but a black version of a Klan rally, with one speaker saying “We will kill everything White in sight.”

Why is the press ignoring this? Would they ignore it if the Klan made a similar speech? While I will point out that this rally was “peaceful,” the rhetoric was inflammatory. The entire basis of the rally, that whites are killing blacks, just isn’t supported by the facts. Per the FBI, even though white people outnumber black people 5-1, black people kill white people at a rate greater than 2-1.

Facts don’t matter.

Crime Race baiting

No racist traffic stops

Florida’s population is 53% white, 17% black, and 26% Hispanic. This is important, because the Florida highway patrol did a study of the race and ethnicity of those who are pulled over by police. They found that 55% of those stopped where white, 22% black, and 18% Hispanic.

In other words, the claim that blacks are targeted for traffic stops by racist police officers is false.

Crime Race baiting

Inside a liberal’s head: thoughts on the cops

Thanks to Big Country, I saw a story that came out yesterday about the Seattle Police Department no longer performing traffic stops. I met my wife after work last night- we went to the house of one of her friends. Another of her liberal teacher friends who was there was talking about this story with me. He is all in favor of it. I shot several holes in his argument.

His claim was that there is no reason for police to do a traffic stop when they can simply take down your tag number and mail a ticket to your house. Traffic stops, he says, are an escalation and almost ensures that the subjects of these stops will be nervous or scared, thus also ensuring that there will be some kind of violence that will end with the police shooting people.

I replied, “So you don’t think the cops should ever stop anyone?” He replied no, and I told him that as a paramedic who has responded to perhaps 25,000 car accidents in his career and seen hundreds of fatalities as a result, that I disagree. People would soon drive even worse than they already do. He replied that people mainly have any good driving habits because they are afraid of getting a ticket, so mailing out those tickets would have the same effect.

This was where I laughed and said, “I will just remove the license plate from my car and never get another ticket in my life. After all, if there are no traffic stops, without a tag, you have no idea where to send the ticket.”

His reply was that, of course police would stop you for no tags. I said, “Oh, so SOME traffic stops are ok?” He says yes, in cases where there are no tags, or for safety reasons. So now I move on to- what about suspected DUI? Yes. What about someone speeding? Yes, but only if someone is 25 mph or more over the speed limit. What would prevent the police from simply lowering speed limits by 25 mph? What about the kid who gets hit by a car going 44 mph in a school zone?

So then he moved the goalposts. He said that his problem was that the police use traffic stops to profile people. His daughter (white, liberal, purple hair and many piercings) lives in a ghetto, all black neighborhood and drives a red, lowrider Honda with dark tinted windows. She “gets pulled over all of the time” they question her and then “let her go because she is white.”

I said, “But profiling works.” He replied: “What?”

“Look, you are a cop. You are trying to prevent crime, or at least catch a criminal. It’s kind of your job. Which scenario will likely accomplish that- Stopping a 60 year old man driving a Lexus in a neighborhood of half million dollar homes, or a red Honda with dark tinted windows and a coffee can muffler being driven by a couple of white kids in an all black neighborhood that is notorious for drug sales and random drive by shootings?”

To his credit, he admitted that the Honda is most likely. Then I said, “Could it be that they let your daughter go because they could see that she wasn’t breaking the law, and not merely because she was white? Is it possible that they let black people go without a ticket as well?”

Then I had to let it go, because my wife was giving me “the look” for grilling her coworkers.

The fact is this: Florida did a study of traffic stops. They found out that blacks are not stopped in numbers that are out of proportion to the population of the areas where the stop is made. That is, in areas where all of the residents are black, police stop- mostly black people. Not because they are black, but because that is who is driving in that area.