Race baiting

Left= Racism

Colleges, who if you remember are controlled by the left, are united in their hatred of Asians. They have proven it by filing a court briefing with SCOTUS that is supportive of discriminating against Asians.

They are even angry that an Asian used a literal “white privilege card” to get out of a traffic ticket in Alaska. As if we would be taken in by that. We all know that you have to be white to use that card.

Anti American left Race baiting

Post Racial World

Leftist minorities hate you. They are telling you what their goal is: The elimination of all white people. A significant segment of the left wants to eliminate you, your society, and your values. I have always believed that Obama intended to ignite an American race war, and nothing I have seen makes me believe otherwise.

Keep this in mind in all of your decision making.

Race baiting

Next for SCOTUS

SCOTUS will be hearing two huge affirmative action cases on October 31: Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina. At issue are two main questions:

  • Whether the Supreme Court should overrule Grutter v. Bollinger and hold that institutions of higher education cannot use race as a factor in admissions
  • whether a university can reject a race-neutral alternative because it would change the composition of the student body without proving that the alternative would cause a dramatic sacrifice in academic quality or the educational benefits of overall student-body diversity.

Grutter v. Bollinger was a SCOTUS case on affirmative action in student admissions. The Court held that a student admissions process that favors “underrepresented minority groups” does not violate the Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause so long as it takes into account other factors evaluated on an individual basis for every applicant.

In other words, this allows colleges to reject more qualified Asian and white candidates in favor of less qualified black candidates. It’s about time that we get rid of racial preferences in college admissions.

Gaming the Courts Race baiting

How Does She Know?

The MSM is claiming that Ketanji Brown Jackson was sworn in today, making her the “the first Black woman to serve as a justice.”

Since she testified to Congress under oath, claiming that she didn’t know what a woman was, claiming to be one means that she should be impeached for lying to Congress. Isn’t that the standard now?

Criminals Race baiting

Criminals Running the Place

Congresswoman Corrine Brown was convicted of fraud and tax evasion for running a fraudulent children’s charity and then using the money for her own benefit. She was sentenced to five years in Federal prison. She was let out after only two because of COVID.

Her conviction was later overturned because a juror told the judge that God came to her in a dream and said the congresswoman was innocent, so he replaced her.

Before she could be tried again, she reached a plea deal to plead guilty to one charge of tax evasion.

Now a convicted felon, she is running for office again. Many blacks will vote for her, because for all of the talk that we hear about wanting to eliminate racism, she is black.

Race baiting

Targeting White Men

Police are targeting a truck meet:

An unsanctioned truck meet over the weekend in Daytona Beach Shores resulted in 688 issued traffic citations and 46 trucks towed, as well as multiple misdemeanor and felony arrests. Law enforcement prepared for the event by utilizing the city’s new zero-tolerance policy for traffic infractions and designating The Shores as a Special Event Zone in which fines are doubled for noncriminal traffic infractions and loud noises are banned near private residences.

Why? Because white men are those who are most well known for driving pickups. You can bet your ass that any rally involving black stereotypes will be carefully left alone. You know, like BCR. We know this because the police have a specific web page highlighting how they won’t racially profile.

Antigun Crime Guns Race baiting

CDC to have Gun Study Ban

It seems that the CDC has been doing firearm homicide studies. The study found that the rate of gun homicides among Black males between the ages of 10-24 was 21.6 times higher than white males of the same age. I guarantee you that this means the CDC is about to have its gun violence budget cut.

The CDC also claimed that the study showed that planting trees and grass on vacant lots reduces firearm violence by nearly a third.

Education Failure of Education Grooming Children Race baiting

Making Math Racist

A few days ago, I posted about Florida refusing to buy certain math textbooks because they contained CRT and SEL propaganda, and the state is trying to keep political topics out of elementary school. No groomers allowed, to put it bluntly.

Now the state has finally given some examples and reasons for why they rejected some textbooks. Take a look:

It’s subtle, but they are grooming the kids in their care, so that they grow up to be good little communists.

Grooming kids to become little communists. That is why these books were rejected. I took the Implicit Association Test, and it is garbage. It asks questions like “Are those that you are sexually attracted to mostly of a similar skin tone?” and “Do you think that certain skin tones have an advantage over others in making money?”

Garbage. This isn’t math, and it isn’t science. It’s propaganda.

Cancel Culture Race baiting Tipping

Tips Below 20% Make You a Racist Homophobe

According to this article, everyone should tip 20% no matter what.

You cannot will yourself to be blind to physical differences. Remove those biases by deciding to tip 20% before ever laying eyes on your server. Don’t even bring the quality of your service into the equation.

First, they attempt to quote scholarly sources like the characters in Harry Potter:

The sometimes-wise Sirius Black tells always-garbage Ron Weasley, “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” Well said, dog stars!

The odd part is that this moron doesn’t even know that JK Rowling plagiarized that line from numerous historical figures.

Then they appeal to your leftist cred, because if you don’t tip at least 20%, you are a racist or something.

The tipping system also opens up opportunities for us to flex our unconscious biases. Racism, sexism, ageism, and ableism decimate the earning potential of many competent servers.

Not to be appropriative, but: you’re woke, aren’t you? A big part of being woke is admitting that you have unconscious biases.

Then they proceed to make flawed analogies:

I work a salaried job. I have bad days—days where I am grouchy, disorganized, and distracted. You know what my company doesn’t do in response? Send me a smaller paycheck that month.

Here is the flaw in your argument, cupcake: I am not your employer. You don’t work for me, I have absolutely no contractual obligation to you. If you don’t like your job or what you get paid, get a different job. To show you exactly how asinine and flawed your position is, I could use your same logic and apply it to my own job: If I have a great day at work and save your life, will you give me extra money in appreciation? If I have a bad day and kill your mother when I accidentally give her the wrong medication, shouldn’t I still get paid the same amount as when I saved a life?

This mental midget then goes on to make the classic threat that they always make: threaten to spit in your food.

Presidency Race baiting

CRT Macht Frei

You need an ID to open a bank account, use public transport, receive welfare, food stamps, or even enter many Federal buildings. However, asking to see ID to make sure someone only votes once is racism or something.

So many things are racism now that even claiming that you aren’t racist makes you a racist in the eyes of the Federal government. According to recent CRT training given to Federal employees, the things that make you racist include:

  • Asking someone where they are from
  • The belief than anyone can make it, if they try hard enough
  • Opening a liquor store in a minority neighborhood
  • Not opening a store in a minority neighborhood
  • Offering to play sports with someone who is a minority
  • Refusing to play sports with someone who is a minority
  • Interrupting a minority or a woman while they are speaking

So pretty much anything you do or say, including doing or saying nothing, makes you a racist, if you are white. In other words, if you exist and are white, you are a racist who wants to keep minorities from voting.

The boxcars will be coming soon. Refusing to get into them is racist.