No Money for White People

Wells Fargo was sued in April 2022 for not loaning money to enough black people. On December 21, the bank reached a settlement agreement where they agreed to pay $3.7 billion in damages and civil penalties.

The bank has decided to take the only path that makes sense from a business standpoint. They are not going to lend any more money to white people. The noose tightens. If you are a white person with a job, you aren’t wanted in this society.

I think it went swimmingly

There was a man in Missouri who murdered a police officer. He was convicted and sentenced to die. The story would end there, but his 19 year old daughter wanted to be there with him when he died, but was denied because she wasn’t yet 21. The daughter claims that the justice system failed her. Of course you know that I have some thoughts on this.

First, the convict was 37 years old on the day he was executed. His daughter was 19, making him 18 when she was born. She has a 2 month old child. Three generations of welfare recipients- children having children. The mother in this case was killed by her boyfriend when the daughter was 4 years old. It seems that the black men in this story are all about violence and death.

Second, the reason why he got the death penalty in the first place. Williams had punched his girlfriend. When the police showed up to arrest him, his brother fled on foot and collapsed of a heart attack, which was caused by a genetic defect. Williams blamed one of the cops for the death, ambushing and killing him by shooting him multiple times. Williams confessed to the murder and was sentenced to death. Of course, the leftist lawyers all cried about how the process was races ‘n sheeit. Williams claims that it was due to his mental illness.

The daughter is an advocate against capital punishment. The family’s reverend says that there were other ways to handle this. In full disclosure, I oppose the death penalty as well, but only because I don’t trust the government to get the right guy. In this case, they did. She is an advocate against the death penalty? Why not be an advocate of black people committing violent crimes or murders? Then the death penalty would be wholly unnecessary.

My feeling here? No one in this scenario seems to even consider what the police officer and his children went through. No one considers that Williams was a violent criminal with a history of committing violent felonies. So he found religion as his execution date came near. So what? He wasn’t sorry for what he did, he was sorry that he got caught. How many crimes were prevented by his incarceration and execution?

Not Surprising

University of Florida had some woke bullshit BLM stuff on their medical school webpages. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. I didn’t go to UF, but this is widespread throughout US colleges. I had to listen to and report on Podcasts talking about Health Equity and how all white people have privilege and are racist.

One of those podcasts talked about how black women have worse outcomes in healthcare than do white women, and this is proof of racial bias. As evidence, the podcast offered Serina Williams’ issues during childbirth to show that black women can’t get quality care, even when rich and famous.

Except that isn’t what happened. Ms. Williams has a preexisting condition requiring that she take anticoagulants to prevent blood clots. When she was to give birth by Caesarian section, the hospital told her to stop taking the anticoagulants, as they increase the chances of severe bleeding during surgery. After the surgery, she developed blood clots because she wasn’t on her medication. That happens and had nothing to do with her race.

That doesn’t matter to the woke professors that have infected our colleges. What do you do as a student? Well, you can do what I did when I was in grad school to be a PA, which was be loud and defend your opinions, but all that does is make an enemy of the professor who will then run you out of school and make certain you won’t ever be accepted to another grad school. Or, you can do what I did when I went to nursing school: keep your mouth shut, parrot the woke party line, and try to not be noticed.

Don’t Label Me

A staffer for Marco Rubio was attacked merely for being a Republican. It wasn’t enough that they put him in the hospital. Now the communists and their lackeys in the MSM are adding insult to injury. ABC news in Miami has decided to doxx him. It turns out that his name is Javier Lopez, a 22 year old staffer Christopher Monzon, a canvasser for the Rubio campaign. ABC news takes it one step further and calls him a “white supremacist.”

Sören Kierkegaard wrote, “Once you label me, you negate me.” This is exactly what the left is doing. The label that they have found most effective is “Racist.” There are others. They accuse gun owners of having a small penis. They accuse parents of being terrorists and abusers.

It’s an effective tactic. It not only forces the person labeled to defend themselves from the accusation, but also allows the person and their family to be targeted by the communists’ black bloc enforcers. This young man and his family will be targeted at work, at the store, and at school. Your job, your spouse’s job both forfeit. Your kids will be bullied at school. You may even have physical security threats at home.

Look at what they have done to George Zimmerman, the original white supremacist Hispanic. The lesson there worked as intended, with people afraid to report crimes or confront criminals for fear of being labeled and negated.

I have been hit with that label pretty often. It’s a tool used to silence and negate others. It’s a weak argument.

Who’s the Racist Here?

Ron DeSantis said:

Don’t even think about looting. Don’t even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation. And so local law enforcement is involved in monitoring that. You can have people you know bringing boats into some of these islands and trying to ransack people’s homes. I can tell you, in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home, and I would not wanna chance that if I were you, given that we’re a Second Amendment state.

Joy Reid from that leftist show of cackling chickens then accused DeSantis of racism by claiming that he was exhorting people in Florida to kill black people.

Here is my question: DeSantis was talking about shooting looters. What makes Joy Reid think that all looters are black? Doesn’t that make HER the racist?

Dangerous Road Rage

Check out this video from Dade county, Florida. I was going to make this post about using force, but the left as usual made it a racial discussion.

The comments saw someone saying this would be a legal use of force against this road rager. The exchange went like this:

You are easily wrong, his life unfortunately was still not in danger yet..the last thing you wanna do is take someone’s life away when you are still in your car an can drive away.


The law in Florida doesn’t require you to drive away. What he is doing here is a forcible felony and a person may use lethal force in self defense.


This is not a crystal clear case and certainly if the guy behind the camera were Black, the prosecution (and the judge) would have been less likely to give him the SYG benefit of the doubt. Studies have shown SYG works more often to the benefit of whites.


Whites need not apply

Bank of (parts of) America is offering home loans with very favorable terms. No minimum down payment, no minimum credit score, no closing costs, and no mortgage insurance or points required. Instead, eligibility will be based on factors like timely rent payments and on-time utility bill, phone and auto insurance payments. The only catch? Those terms are only available to black or Hispanic first-time homebuyers.

Someone please explain to me how this doesn’t fall afoul of the Fair Housing Act. Imagine if someone were to offer similar loan products to whites only. The screaming would be audible in space.

Not Racist or Sexist

Everyone but the one person responsible. It’s like they are all children. Who are they? The left, of course.

Domestic abusers blame their victims: “Look what you made me do!” That is the case here, as the left begins to blame the US for Brittney Griner’s prison term.

At first, the blame was placed upon the Russian cops who failed to read her Miranda rights to her, despite the fact that there are no Miranda rights in Russia. Then it was the injustice of the Russian court system. The race card was tried. None of it worked.

So now the left blames the NBA and income inequality because LeBron James makes $43 million a year, but Griner only made $200K because gender inequality. The only way that Griner could make good money, they claim, was for her to play in Russia. Bullshit. If Griner were even half as good as James, she would be playing in the NBA. Teams would love to have a talented player for less money. No, Griner makes less than Lebron for one simple reason. Women can’t play sports as well as men. That is why women don’t get paid as well. It’s why there have to be different leagues for men and women. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t need separate sports for men and women and trannies wouldn’t be kicking woman ass in every sport. The women don’t get paid as much for the same reason why minor leaguers don’t make as much as major league players: they aren’t as good.

I have a couple of acquaintances who play professional basketball. One plays in the NBA. Whenever he is in the area, we pay him a visit if he has time. The other wasn’t as good of a player, so he plays in Europe. The guy in the NBA is making millions of dollars per year. The other doesn’t make nearly that much.

Griner went to Russia to make money. Not because of sexism. Not because because she is black (most basketball players are).