I Thought You Wanted Wakanda

The wealthier residents of Baton Rouge, LA have been trying for a decade to break away from the rest of the city and form their own city government because they are tired of the high crime and shitty schools. Well, the case finally made it to the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the court has ruled that they can move ahead.

“This is the culmination of citizens exercising their constitutional rights. We voted and we won,” Andrew Murrell, one of the leaders of the St. George campaign, said in a statement following the victory.

That’s right- this is what democracy looks like, to borrow a favorite phrase from the left, who cares very much about supporting and defending democracy.

Blacks have been saying for years that they want to form their own country, one that they can run without interference from whites. Here is their chance. Baton Rouge is now yours to run as you see fit.

Except the blacks are now complaining that it is racist to expect them to run the city without the white man’s money.

the mayor-president leading the combined Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish governments, had sued the St. George organizers arguing that the split would siphon more than $48 million in annual tax revenue from the local government.

So you want your own country, but you want to build it with white money. Blacks should be happy that they can now run their city without the white people using their privilege to keep them poor and uneducated.

The real truth is one that everyone- blacks included, knows that the problem is that there is a threshold of a critical mass of blacks, and once that critical mass is reached, crime, poverty, and slum status is inevitable. Still, even with blacks in charge (name a city run by a black mayor and city council that is well run with low crime rates and great schools) they have to somehow blame white people.

They Want You Dead

Let’s connect the dots. The leader of the Columbia student protests says that:

  • white supremacists and Zionists are supporters of genocide
  • Since the world is better off without these people, they deserve to be murdered.
  • All whites are racists

The left is telling us what they want to do.

Congress had hearings where they claimed that there were 200,000 so-called ‘hate crimes’ in the US each year, and named off ways to eliminate them.

stop vilifying Muslims, LGBTQ individuals, and immigrants, and stop calling white supremacists fine people.

They are forgetting that the “fine people” trope isn’t what was said- the entire story was, and remains, a hoax that was a misquote. What Trump actually said was:

Excuse me, they didn’t put themselves down as neo-Nazis, and you had some very bad people in that group. But you also had people that were very fine people on both sides. 

In support of all of this, the left claims that more than half of all hate crimes based upon race are ones where blacks are the victims. Hate crime with race as its basis are judged by criteria that allows selection bias to cherry pick crimes so as to get the results that the picker is looking for.

This tells us exactly what this asshole and the rest of those assholes on the left want to do. They are TELLING you that they want you dead.

The White Person Tax

If you remember about 40 years ago, it was illegal to charge people more for using credit cards than those who used cash. In attempt to get around the law, businesses began offering products at a set price, then offering a discount for cash.

California politicians, being stymied in their efforts to hand out some government money as reparations, have brought the idea of discounts as a subsidy back.

It’s the white people tax.

California’s emerging reparations package includes two contentious proposals that would single out reparations-eligible black Californians for special treatment: one would order all the state’s professional licensing bodies to expedite their applications, while another would subsidize their property taxes by up to $4,000. The package would create the “California American Freedman Affairs Agency”—a permanent state bureaucracy—to decide which Californians should receive reparations benefits and to make sure they are doled out. It would be funded through a separate proposal to siphon off budget reserves specifically for reparations.

A bureaucratic agency would tax white people at a rate that is $4,000 higher than blacks, slow walk their applications for professional licenses, and take other punitive measures. Next up is sure to be a law that requires white owned businesses to display signs identifying them as such.

Trump Wins Again

Trump’s Presidency will turn out to have been one of the most positively impactful events in recent history. The fact that he was able to put a right leaning SCOTUS in place is going to have a positive impact on the US for decades. In a landmark 9-0 ruling on Wednesday that you will never hear about in the media, the US Supreme Court has undercut all DEI-based discrimination, sending the Marxists into a tizzy. The case Muldrow v. St Louis, was decided on April 17 and can be read in its entirety here.

The US Supreme Court’s ruling that a St. Louis police sergeant can sue over a job transfer she claims was discriminatory because of DEI policies lays the foundation for legal action against employers who push discrimination against white people in job hiring, work assignment, and promotion.

That’s right, those “diversity-preferred” job postings, the practice of passing over whites for promotions, discriminatory job transfers, pushing unfair diversity trainings, etc…all of these are now legally actionable. The ruling was championed by human rights groups as “an enormous win for workers,” but has lawyers for companies like Disney warning that it could have a chilling effect on employers’ diversity initiatives.

Disney’s “Pale and Male is Stale” policy is a prime example. Disney has allegedly used it to drive out white animators by giving them the worst assignments, even though they have the most experience, skill, and seniority, in order to make the job humiliating enough that they quit…which many of them have done. The same companies argue that there is ‘good discrimination’ and “bad discrimination’, that white people should be purposely disadvantaged to pave the way for diversity. The lawyers stated that the decision will ‘complicate’ DEI programs and limit their ability to discriminate against white men. (Good) The Supreme Court torpedoed these claims, re-asserting that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.

Secondary Stops

A proposal to ban police officers from pulling over drivers for minor traffic violations, known as “secondary stops,”

Wait, so the cops in Connecticut won’t be able to use stops for your license plate light being out as an excuse to search you and your entire car? Republicans are opposed to it, of course. They can’t wait to lick the boot.

I was with the article until I got to this:

Data on traffic stops in 2023 also showed that Black and Hispanic drivers were more likely to be stopped for an “administrative offense” or a license plate display issue, were stopped for longer periods of time, and more likely to have their vehicles searched when compared to White drivers.

That’s because most of the police are sent to black neighborhoods, due to those neighborhoods being where most of the crime is located. They should have stuck to showing how these stops don’t really do anything to prevent crime and left the race card out of it.