How To Lie

According to Robert Heinlein, there are three ways to tell a lie:

  • Complete fabrication. This is the means of lying used most by children. The reason is that this is the easiest way to be caught as the liar loses track of what lies they have already told.
  • Tell partial truth, partial falsehood. This is the way that most people lie. You tell the truth, but modify that truth with enough facts to tell the tale you wish to tell.
  • Tell the absolute truth, but tell it in such a way as to misdirect the listener.

With that being said, read these headlines from the leftist media:

This is why I don’t watch traditional media. If I catch you lying to me once, I can never again trust anything that you tell me. Note that they are telling the truth, but are doing so in such a way as to misdirect the receiver of the message. The omission of the key facts completely transform the message, making the received message a different one that the reality that the message was based upon.

You don’t hate our media enough.

In the meantime, I continue making sure that my family is ready for what is coming.

I Noticed

I noticed that WKMG always mentions the race of accused criminals when the criminal is white.

They never do so when the criminal is black, even when that black criminal is an armed robber, or when he is a child molester who murdered a 13 year old girl while he was raping her. Or when a pair of Canadians and their mudshark girlfriend are shooting at a crime victim, but more on that in another post.

There is no Pravda in Isvestia

The press is supposed to keep the people informed on what government officials are doing, but today it fails in its job, in that the press isn’t doing any actual reporting. What they are doing is simply asking the questions that they are being told to ask.

It’s come out that interviews of Biden are completely staged because reporters are being told what questions to ask.

Ingram told ABC he didn’t see anything necessarily wrong with the practice. “To think that I was gonna get an opportunity to ask any question to the President of the United States, I think, is a bit more than anybody should expect,” he said.

The expectation of all of us should be that the press is more than just the disinformation bureau of the President’s office.

Stretching the Truth

The headline:

Shots fired near DeLaSalle Education Center graduation Saturday

The reality:

The shots fired incident did not involve the graduation, and no injuries were reported in the incident

No mention of how “near” the shots were. A mile away? Half a mile? This headline is a misleading nothingburger, but the left will claim it as another “school shooting.”

I Should Know Better

News6 in Orlando has their panties in a twist over 17 people statewide who died after being sedated in Florida over the past decade. Every time I try to comment on an article on this website, it gets censored for violating community standards, because lefties have to be protected from facts.

You have a violent psychotic person that is a danger to themselves and everyone around them. Now explain how you get that violent person under control. There are only a few ways to stop someone who is out of their minds in a violent rampage:

  • You can shoot them.
  • You can sedate them.
  • You can beat them into submission.

Which of those is the least likely to cause lasting harm? The ones who died are being killed because they are using some sort of illegal drug, whose effects can’t be predicted because criminal drug dealers can’t be bothered with things like quality control. The drug user, who already likely has mental issues BEFORE becoming an addict, then becomes violent, delusional, and psychotic.

So an EMS crew administers a sedative. Those sedatives are safe and effective, and get used thousands of times every day in the state of Florida without incident. (Just yesterday, I gave Versed to a 5 year old. She did fine, and all that happened to her was she took a nap) The problem here is that the sedative interacts with the unknown substances that the violent drug abuser is using, and the results are unpredictable, and sadly, sometimes fatal.

Of course they are given without consent. A person who is out of their minds while under the influence of drugs can’t legally give consent, any more than a person in cardiac arrest can. That statement is enough for me to realize that this entire article is clickbait.

Just yesterday, I gave Narcan, Fentanyl, Versed, Morphine, and Dilaudid to patients- some of them without consent. They all lived, because most of them weren’t drug fueled psychotics.


A group of scientists have declared that lobsters, shrimp, and cuttlefish are sentient and conscious. The specialties of the scientists?

A review of the signatories on this declaration indicates most of the expertise is in philosophy, psychology, and environmental studies.

They are no more qualified to comment on this than I am on any number of random subjects. By using the term “scientists,” they attempt to claim an expertise that they do not possess. It’s like that time a bunch of Doctors expounded on gun control.

Just because you have expertise in one field doesn’t mean that you have been granted any special wisdom in any other.

Myth Busted

The climate change hucksters are claiming that March of 2024 was the warmest on record. I thought this year was rather cool, so I did a little checking.

I have a personal weather station on the roof of my (old) house. It recorded the temperature of March for years. This year, there were 11 days where the high temperature never went above 79 degrees, last year there were 8. In 2024, the high temperature was not above 90 degrees on any day of the month. In 2023, the mercury rose above 90 degrees three times.

There were 5 days in 2023 where the low temperature was below 50 degrees. There were 9 such days in 2024. The coldest morning of March 2024 was 42 degrees, on the 20th. In 2023, the thermometer showed that we hit 42 degrees twice, and 41 was the low for the month, on the 21st.

In other words, it was cooler this year than it was last year, but not by much. Still, that means this March was certainly not the hottest ever. Don’t piss on my shoes and tell me that it’s raining.

American Dream

From wirecutter, we see yet another article lamenting the loss of the American dream and how it isn’t possible for a family to live in a home with only one breadwinner. I call bullshit.

I hear this all of the time, and I have to say that I disagree with it. Americans don’t want to have the lifestyle of their grandparents, they want to live a life of unbelievably expensive leisure and luxury.

Degradation of the Family

The idea of a basic family: The Father, Mother, and 2.4 children is no longer the case in America. The share of one-parent families with children under the age of 18 has grown from 7.4% of all families in 1950 to 34.3% of all families today. It’s harder for a family to make it when there is only one adult taking care of what used to be taken care of by two adults.

My mother made most of our clothes, and what store bought clothing we did have wasn’t expensive designer stuff. For jeans, we wore Sears Toughskins because my mother claimed that they lasted longer than the stuff she made at home. I was lucky, being the oldest. My younger brother wound up wearing all of the stuff that I handed down after it no longer fit. My brother and I owned two pairs of shoes at a time- tennis shoes for general wear, and dress shoes for church and other “nice clothes” events.

Mom cooked all of the meals. We almost never ate out. When there were dinners out, it was Mom and Dad going out and we got a babysitter.

Owning a home

The average home built in 2023 is 2657 square feet. Just 50 years ago in 1973, the average new home in the US was 1660 square feet. Seventy five years ago, in 1948, the average size of a new single family home was 983 square feet. In 1938, new homes were slightly larger at 1173 square feet, but it was also more common to have multigenerational households then, with grandparents, parents, and children all living under the same roof.
Children shared a bedroom. I remember when I finally got my own room- I was a teenager and thought we had become rich. My parents bought a new house, and my brother and we finally got our own rooms. Looking back, I remember thinking how large that house is. Built in the late 70’s, it’s a four bedroom house that is only 1854 square feet, small by today’s standards.


Technology has played a role as well. Everyone in the family now has a smart phone with a data plan that permits them to be online 24/7. Multiple televisions in a house, something virtually unheard of in 1973, are the norm.

The stay at home mom didn’t sit around all day and watch TV 50 years ago. No, the woman of the house cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, made her own and the children’s clothes, and all of the other household chores.

Back then, Dad had the only car, and the upper middle class families had a second, family car. If one of the kids wanted their own car, they paid for it themselves by getting a job.


In 1970, only half of Americans graduated from high school, less than 10 percent went to college. When you were 15 or 16, you went out and got a job. You didn’t spend your whole life in school majoring in smoking weed and getting laid while studying gender roles of non-binary sexual predators. No, you became a mechanic, a farmer, or a factory worker. You did something productive with your life and didn’t waste it making TikTok videos about sex toys.

If you want to live like Americans did in the 50s through the 70s, it is still attainable.


The left is ramping up their propaganda for election season.

Of course, that isn’t the price of insulin. Not even close. I give people Insulin in the ED every single day. Here is the cost: less than $40, and that is for a 30 day supply. That includes Novalog, Lantus, and others. The cost is slightly more than a dollar a day, which is nowhere near the $1,300 a month being claimed.

Even if a drug was more than a person can afford, all they have to do is go to the ED. The hospital will give it to them while they are a patient.

The entire post above is a lie. It didn’t happen, or at least not the way that the person creating it wants you to believe that it happened, and that’s before we get into how a restaurant manager only made $35k a year.

I had to left align this picture.

Propaganda Piece

The ATF gets a puff piece on Face The Nation. One of the key moments in the video that just tipped my “that’s stupid” radar was at 16:40, when they are looking at a Cartel pistol, the woman reporter gets all flustered when the ATF tells her that you can get the Virgin Mary encrusted diamond grips for your pistol, because they are not regulated. Um, why does that matter? What do diamonds on your pistol grip do to make a handgun more deadly?

The ATF’s firearms “expert” doesn’t know how to disassemble a Glock, nor does he know the difference between a clip and a magazine. Then at 19:30, he makes the claim that anyone who walks into a gun store and puts down $12,000 for a Barrett must be a criminal member of a drug cartel, because that’s the only reason why someone would do that, so dealers should automatically refuse to sell it. There is also a SAW on the table, not because people have them, but because it looks scary for the Infomercial they are filming. That’s what this is- it isn’t journalism, it’s a paid Informercial for the ATF and gun control. See for yourself:

The press in this country are nothing more than mouthpieces for the leftists.