Crime economics

My parents were wrong

The Six Flags CEO is having to explain the decision to raise prices and eliminate discounts at the company’s parks, in light of the emerging fact that attendance is down by 22% since the decision was made. He said in a statement that the price increase was a result of the company’s problems with what he referred to as “rowdy teenagers.”

We realized that we had discounted too much and we were filling the park with the wrong kinds of customers. So, we only got the discounter or we became a day care center for teenagers. It was a cheap day care center for teenagers during breaks and the summers. So we began raising prices to reduce the numbers of rowdy teenagers running around.

By rowdy teenagers, he means groups of feral black teens who had bought discount tickets before running amok in the parks and beating the shit out of customers who were paying full price. The Six Flag parks were becoming areas that families were learning to avoid.

The Six Flags America, located just outside of DC in Maryland, hosted a Halloween event called “Fright Night.” It was attended by large groups of blacks that began vandalizing cars in the parking lot and attacking other customers by using mob violence tactics who were executing planned ambushes of young white girls. The local cops claim that they were searching for the perpetrator, but it’s nearly a year later and no arrests have been made.

A similar story in Six Flags Great America just outside of Chicago. Out of control blacks attacked a family for asking them to control their foul language around small children. They wound up beating a 12 year old girl and her parents.

We can’t be seen as racist, because not all black people are like that, or something. So let’s call criminal behavior, vandalizing property, and beating the shit out of people as being “rowdy.” Let’s refer to black adolescents as “teens” so no one will know we are talking about a violent race of criminals. It sure isn’t Norwegians or Canadians that are terrorizing the paying customers here.

On average, the black race is broken to the point that wherever blacks congregate, crime, violence, and poverty are more likely than places where they are not found. The only place where this is not true is in Hollywood. The only places where blacks in large numbers are successful doctors, lawyers, and other professionals are make believe- television and movies. It isn’t that the US is racist, so don’t go there. Name an economically successful black country. The only one I can think of is Wakanda, also make believe.

So back to Six Flags. As a result of increased pricing, the company said it has lost about 2 million season ticket holders who did not renew their membership over the past year. As a result, total revenue for the quarter decreased by 5% to $24 million, fueled by the the lower attendance and $5 million reduction in sponsorship revenues.

Once people realize that the reign of people who are annoying them is over, the family customers will return with their money. Until then:

  • Stay out of cities. Especially ones with high concentrations of blacks.
  • Avoid large congregations of blacks.
  • If you are in a place where you find yourself suddenly surrounded by large numbers of blacks, get the fuck out of there.
The answer, of course, is “NAGGERS.”

We keep being told to ignore the evidence. Don’t believe what you see with your own eyes. My parents pounded that into me day after day. I learned the hard way that this isn’t true. I no longer trust cops, blacks, or eat my vegetables. That last one may be the only one of the three where my parents were correct. The great melting pot is a fantasy.

Anti American left Crime


Many people are up in arms about Britney Griner receiving a nine year jail sentence for smuggling marijuana into Russia. The most numerous claim I have seen is that the sentence is out of line with the crime she committed, or that the sentence was politically motivated. That is immaterial, as the nine year sentence was not out of line with what other people in Russia have received for the same crime.

Griner also complained in court that no one read her her Miranda rights. That is just class A stupidity. A person has no rights in Russia, and even if they did, Miranda is a US court decision under US law and wouldn’t apply in Russia. Griner is supposedly a college graduate, even though I could find no mention of her major. Every article I could find only talked about her accomplishments as a college athlete and not as a scholar. With her applying logic like this, it had to be a degree in something inane and easy so that she could qualify for sports.

What makes her claimed defense under Miranda even worse is that the MSM then ran with that, claiming that this raised “procedural questions about her arrest.”

All of those defenses became moot when she pled guilty. Admitting guilt would mean that she was going to face the full wrath of the court. A court, I would add, that she denigrated in the press every chance she got. I am sure that they were not inclined to go easy on her after that.

People need to understand that the rest of the world isn’t the United States. These morons take a knee to protest the US, claiming that it is fundamentally unjust without stopping to consider what the rest of the world is like. You think 9 years for drug smuggling is harsh?

Do you remember the teenager who got caned in Singapore back in 1994 because he stole some traffic signs and vandalized 18 cars? Americans thought that was harsh, but sentence was carried out.

In Iran, you can be executed for being of any religion except Muslim.

Speaking of Iran, it is one of the ten countries that officially allow executions for being homosexual. There are other countries that executed homosexuals, but it is unofficially carried out. Saudi Arabia has executed people for that offense as recently as three years ago.

Try going to North Korea and saying that Kim Jong-Il was lying when he claimed to have played golf once, where he got 5 holes in one, and finished with a 34 before he declared that the game was too easy and resolved never to play again. You will get life in prison if you are lucky.

Go to China and protest against the government. Take a knee during the Chinese National Anthem before declaring that the government is oppressing you. See what happens.

So Griner, who spent years taking a knee during the National Anthem because she believed that the US was unjustly treating blacks, has an all new perspective on what justice means. Or she should, but I am betting that this self important knucklehead hasn’t learned a thing from all of this.

Well, she has nine years to think about it.


Change My Mind

Last week, I said “Stay away from large numbers of black people- where they congregate is always accompanied by crime and violence.” This is why the cities with the highest murders per capita so far in 2022 are New Orleans, Baltimore, Birmingham, St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Cleveland. All cities with a high percentage of their population being black.

So it comes as no surprise that one black man shot another because the victim worked at a McDonald’s and the shooter was angry because his mother’s French fries were cold.

So change my mind: On average, the black race is broken to the point that wherever blacks congregate, crime, violence, and poverty are more likely than places where they are not found. It isn’t that America is a racist country, because this remains true wherever blacks are found: Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the US. This is why they had to invent Wakanda- because such a country could never exist- you can’t name one single nation that is run by blacks that is successful in the arts, science, mathematics, economically, not in any single metric. Not one.

In fact, the nation in the world that has led more blacks out of poverty than any other is the USA.

Change my mind.


Another Orlando Shooting

For the second week in a row, Orlando has another gang shooting over the weekend. It was Saturday night at nearly 2:15 am, but this time it was at a downtown block party that was largely being attended by black people. The shooting appears to have been centered around or just outside of a black nightclub called Beacham, which holds a dance party called “Notorious Saturdays” every Saturday night. The event was heavily patrolled by Orlando police and fire. They were supposedly screening for weapons.

Seven people were injured after what I count as ten shots being fired. No word on whether the injuries were from bullets or simply spraining an ankle while fleeing in panic. Here is a local video blogger’s footage from the moment when shots were fired.

Police still have no leads on who did the shooting, but that isn’t unexpected. The black community is notoriously tight lipped about such things.

  • Nothing good happens after midnight
  • Stay away from crowds
  • Stay away from large numbers of black people- where they congregate is always accompanied by crime and violence
  • Don’t go downtown, especially after dark
  • Even cops and weapons checks won’t protect you.
Antigun Crime

Only Happens in the US!

A spree shooter in Canada. I’ve heard that this doesn’t happen in Canada, or anywhere other than the US, because lax gun laws, or something.


Orlando Tourist Attraction Gang Shooting

A fight broke out in the parking garage at Universal Studios on Saturday night, and the Orlando police evacuated the parking garage “out of an abundance of caution” due to “a fight between several juveniles.”

We all know that the police don’t evacuate major tourist attractions because of simple fist fights, and we also know that “juveniles” is a code word used by the local press for black teenage gang members. To understand what a HUGE thing this is, you have to understand how Universal Studios is set up:

You can see the two parking garages. There are elevated walkways that run from the garages to a rotunda, also elevated. (I marked the rotunda with a 5 pointed star). In the rotunda, there is a security station where they inspect bags and run everyone through a magnetometer.

That parking garage is the ONLY parking garage for the three main USO attractions: Universal Studios Orlando, Islands of Adventure, and Orlando City Walk. So the police evacuating the parking area means closing all three. Since it happened at midnight, the only thing open would have been City Walk, which is a Universal owned attraction of restaurants, bars, stores, mini golf, and other associated businesses.

So theoretically, no one is armed past that security station and the magnetometers that are located in that rotunda. I say theoretically, because that security station has been in place for nearly a decade, but I have made a hobby out of smuggling firearms past it. While I will admit that Universal has better security than Disney, it isn’t foolproof. They have even tried to claim that they are a school.

The area where Universal is located is a bad neighborhood to start with. Once when I was leaving the park, I missed a robbery of a nearby store by seconds.

The police claim that there were no weapons found or shots fired.

So with all of that being said, I can’t see the OPD evacuating a major tourist attraction to the point where people fled and left personal belongings behind, to include vehicles.

The news is calling it a “shooting scare” and blaming guns, even though there is no evidence that any guns were involved. Note that the parking garage was evacuated, which means that the “fight” occurred in the area outside of the security inspection station.

Me? I don’t see there being an evacuation of a major theme park unless someone in the OPD overreacted, or unless there really WERE shots fired.

This is the weakness in having a gun free zone with security inspections: you have an area where victims are guaranteed to be disarmed, and are easy pickings.

Cops Crime

Following Orders

The police and their supporters in the Uvalde shooting have been making a couple of excuses for standing around while children died. The two that I see the most are: “You don’t know how you would react unless you have been faced with the choice of running into a deadly situation,” and the other, “They were following orders to wait.” Let me tell you about those:

I was a firefighter and a paramedic. I can recall a few times that I ran into truly dangerous situations, because not only was it my job to save defenseless people, but because I could not call myself a man while standing there safe as children (or others) were dying.

  • There was the time when we went into a burning house. We entered through the garage. The door that led into the kitchen from the garage was under so much pressure, that it was bowing out towards us. It was outlined in fire, looking like the door into hell.
  • There was the time that I entered an apartment through the front door, following my Lieutenant through a wall of flame, searching for two lost children. Even though it wasn’t safe to do so, we split up to do the search. I found one kid, but knowing he was unable to get out through the wall of fire between us and the door, we took refuge in the bathroom. I put him in the tub and laid on top of him to shield his body with mine.
  • When 9/11 happened, I think every firefighter in the country watched those 343 firefighters enter those towers, many of them *knowing* that the tower was going to collapse. They went in anyway. We all wondered if we would have the same set of HUGE balls that they did. I finally decided that I did, because it was what we all did. every. single. shift.

So I think that I can say that I would have the guts. What about following orders?

I think back to the time when we were called to a house where a woman had gotten a suicide note email from her ex-husband while the kids were there for visitation. We arrived and peeked in the door to see the man’s body hanging by a noose. We were told to wait for the cops. I wasn’t going to do that, so I went in against orders, looking for the kids.

I just couldn’t sit there, knowing that children were in danger while I sat safely outside. It turned out that the kids were at the grandparents’ house. I got a stern talking to for that one, nothing more.

So with that, I feel qualified to speak about this. Those cops? They were cowards. The one that stood outside, trying to get his wife to respond to text messages? If he didn’t go in to at least TRY and save her, he is a pussy. If she lived, I hope that she divorces his cowardly ass and takes his fucking pension in the divorce settlement.

Then there are those who ask how armed teachers would have done any better. The answer to that? The teachers are locked in the classroom with the little mass shooter asshole. They are committed, they have skin in the game. Nothing would be better than watching some mass shooter incel getting his ticket punched by a school librarian carrying a pink .380 Lady Smith.

At the least, this incident shows that we could cut the number of cops in half in this country and it would have no effect on stopping violent criminals.

Crime Criminals

Paying Your Debt

Prisoners are complaining that they are being made to work and not receiving high enough wages while in prison.

Uh, it’s not supposed to be a vacation. It isn’t a resort. It’s prison. It’s supposed to suck. That’s why they call it “paying your debt to society.” Remember that next time you are tempted to break the law.



Today is the ninth anniversary of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

In other news, Trayvon Martin celebrates 9 years without committing a crime. Another successful rehabilitation.

Also, Happy Birthday to BLM.

Antigun Crime

Not Accepting the Blame

A man with 14 convictions for dealing drugs left his gun in reach of an 8 year old, who then used it to shoot a pair of small children. One of the children died.

Then leftists predictably leave out the drug dealing part and try to blame the gun.

Roderick Dwayne Randall, who is a 14 time convicted felon, left his sleeping girlfriend and the young children in a motel room. Randall’s 8-year old found the gun in a closet and fired a shot. The bullet struck and killed a 1-year old girl and injured a 2-year old girl. He then fled the room with his drugs and gun before returning.

Randall was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, two counts of culpable negligence, tampering with physical evidence, and failing to store or leave firearm in a required manner.

Imagine my surprise to see that his is black. Another criminal in a race that is filled with them. The sheriff said he has 129 pages of criminal history, 28 previous felony charges and 14 felony convictions.

I suggest a few more charges. First, the girlfriend. She should be charged with child endangerment for living with her children in a dive motel with a convicted drug dealer and his drugs. Get the remaining child away from her, where it will have a chance at a decent life.

I, as a responsible gun owner, am not taking the blame for some drug dealing scumbag’s criminal actions. Democrats are sitting here passing red flag laws, while they can’t even keep dudes with 14 felonies from owning guns. Tell me how gun control works so well.