Floor It

The best response to this is

Just floor it, make a slight adjustment to the direction of your car, and run his ass over at 50 or 60 miles per hour. My F150 travelling at 60 miles per hour has damned near a million foot pounds of energy, about equivalent to a 600 pound bomb. Turn this asshole into road pizza.

Bad Legal Takes

An apartment complex calls the police because they have a problem with people who don’t live there using the pool, because a group of the usual suspects Amish Canadians “teens” and their feral parents were using the pool for a Memorial Day pool party, even though they didn’t live there. The cops arrive and ask one of the people in the pool where he lives. He can’t tell them. They ask for ID, which he doesn’t or can’t provide. Then they ask him to leave, he refuses. Now he is trespassing after warning, so they attempt to take him into custody. The ‘teen’ then punched one of the cops in the face. This is the result:

Now I am arguing with some retard who is claiming that you can’t be asked to leave the pool if you live there because you have a lease, you can’t be asked to provide ID because no one carries ID at the pool, and the cops aren’t the owner of the property, so they can’t ask you to leave anyway.

This “child” weighed in at 375 pounds.

The attorney for the lawbreaking kid has a request that isn’t legal:

Malcolm said they want the charges dropped, the officers to be suspended without pay during an investigation, and transparency and truthfulness from Lakeland PD.

It is a violation of a cop’s Constitutional rights to suspend them without pay until an investigation and hearing has taken place, showing that the cop was in the wrong. It was decided by the US Supreme court that public employees have a right to due process, just like anyone else who is accused of wrongdoing by the government. The case was Cleveland Board of Education v. Loudermill, a 1985 case that was decided by the US Supreme Court. The underlying question for the case was:

“Can the government remove a civil servant’s property rights to employment before providing an opportunity for that employee to respond to the charges offered for his termination?”

The court said that the Constitution prevents the government from depriving anyone of their property without also providing that employee a chance to defend themselves. Calling witnesses, having counsel, a hearing, and all of the other due process rights that any other person would have before the government can take something from them.

In this case, the lawyer for the family surely knows this. He is merely playing to the court of public opinion, because he knows that this is where this case will be won or lost.

Pastor Clayton Cowart with the “Poor Minority Justice Association” is claiming that this is police brutality and child abuse. You punch a cop, you (rightfully, in most cases) have an ass whipping coming to you. This isn’t police brutality. Just because you are 16 doesn’t mean that you get a free pass on lawbreaking.

I call it like I see it- sometimes the cops are right, sometimes they are wrong. In this case, I don’t see where the cops did anything wrong.

The pastor isn’t new to demanding that blacks receive special treatment. In February, he was protesting the arrest of a 78 year old woman and her 44 year old daughter for pulling a “dine and dash.

The fact that Willie “Mother” Lewis and her daughter Ruthena Lewis, 44, ate at A&G and left without paying is undisputed.

So they admit to the crime, but don’t feel like they should have been arrested.

This is nothing more than entitled blacks insisting that the law should not apply to them. This is why blacks as a race can’t live in civilized society.

Keep Your Head on a Swivel

This she-boon was yelling and ranting at Taco Bell employees because they were in her opinion taking too long to prepare her food. Management asked her to leave, and she kept yelling. One of the customers told her to zip it and just leave. So she did, and returned minutes later. This is what happened next:

She was on probation for an armed robbery conviction in Maryland after she held up a pizza delivery man.

Can’t be too careful around those Canadians.

Our Government is Evil

78,000 firearms have been confiscated in Mexico that came from the US. Half of the top sources of these smuggled guns were acting at the behest of the ATF. In fact, the top 5 gun stores that were the source of these firearms accounted for 1102 firearms. The ATF, during Operation Fast and Furious, is known to have been responsible for more than twice that number.

Mexico has filed a $10 billion lawsuit against American gunmakers, as well as accusing five Arizona gun shops of selling guns that crossed the border and were used in crimes. The problem here is that most of those guns were knowingly sold to drug cartels because the ATF told them to do so.

Uriel Patiño was notorious for being the top straw purchaser in the Fast and Furious debacle, purchasing 700 guns under ATF’s watch. Our government is trying to make this happen, which was the entire point of Fast and Furious- to make the gun problem on the border so newsworthy that they would get more power and more budget money.

It is obvious that the bureaucracy is running the government, and the politicians are merely grifters who are under their complete control.


A 17 year old was shot in Haines City, Florida this weekend. The police officer in question spotted a 2014 Nissan Versa that had been reported stolen that day. They initiated a felony traffic stop, and the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed before striking another car, so police cancelled the pursuit. A short distance away, a Polk county deputy tried to use stop sticks on the car, but the car went off road to avoid them before taking off again at over 100 miles per hour. passenger of the car. The police then used a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

The passenger in the vehicle then tried pulling a gun, so one of the cops shot him. The 19 year old driver was then arrested.

These “teens” aren’t choirboys.

  • The 19 year old driver has 11 felony, six misdemeanor arrests, and three probation violations.
  • The 17 year old (deceased) passenger had been arrested for four misdemeanors, a felony and five probation violations- all by the age of 17.

They were in a stolen car, fleeing from the police, were involved in two hit and run crashes during that chase, and were illegally in possession of drugs and firearms. In my opinion, the actions by the cops here were proper, and the driver should be charged with felony murder.


Five different people with what appear to be long rifles ambushed a family in Miami Gardens.

 A quiet night was shattered by the rapid staccato of gunfire that police say created a “warzone” in a Miami Gardens neighborhood on Wednesday.

Being that Miami Gardens is referred to as “Murder Gardens” by locals and has a crime rate that is double the state’s average, it’s hard to think of that as a quiet area. It’s easy to guess the demographics of the area:

Miami Gardens has Florida’s largest percentage of blacks of any city in the state, with 71% of the city’s population being black. Only three percent of the city’s population is white. But that is just white people failing upwards, I guess. 

Police and Crime

I am sure by now you have all seen the video of the guy in NYC who kidnapped a woman by throwing a belt over her head before raping her:

When the cops caught him, they had to keep the crowds from lynching him on the spot:

I have been saying for awhile, the true purpose of the police isn’t to collect fines. It isn’t to solve crimes and punish criminals. The true purpose of the police is to ensure that accused criminals get a fair trial. When people think that the legal and justice system have failed, they will take care of the criminals themselves.