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More homicides?

In response to my post about the increase homicide rates nationwide, a police officer from Houston sent me an email confirming that the same is happening in his city. Since he sent me an email rather that post a public comment, I will assume that he wants his identifying information held confidential. Here is what he had to say:

while we are nowhere near the 600-900 murders per year when I was a rookie in the early 1990’s, we had been cruising for years with 230-250 per year. Which ain’t bad for 2+million population and a police department with less than 5000 total classified officers.

Buuuuut, beginning in 2020 things have certainly changed: at this point in 2019 we had 249 murders enroute to around 300 total This time in 2020 it was 360 and ended up at 405, first time over 400 in years. This year, 2021, we are at 448 with a month to go. Probably gonna top 500.

Combination of low morale, administration that disincentivizes proactive policing, and officers not wanting to get screwed over, PLUS our local Soros-funded DA, Kim Ogg, putting violent offenders on the street with low/no bail to continually re-offend. Perfect shitstorm.

Things are looking worse all over. Once the police have collapsed nationwide, they will be replaced with cops who are more, shall we say, politically reliable. Maybe a national police force, maybe not. No matter what, they will be more amenable to the left.


Pedo gonna Pedo

In a comment to a recent post, a pedo stopped by and left this comment:



My first inclination was to do one of two things: either delete the comment, or publish the poster’s details (including the GeoLocation of his IP address. However, I don’t like using the ban hammer or the delete button. Instead, let me formulate my thoughtful reply and post it here.

I think that being attracted to minors falls into one of two categories. The first is a person who is attracted to someone that is post pubescent. That is, the people who are attracted to people in the 16 and up age range. This is a fairly widespread and common attraction. This is the reason why so many people found Brittney Spears attractive back in 200, when she first appeared on the pop music scene.

We see this all of the time with the popularity of the “schoolgirl” outfits that many women wear.

Since the target of their affection has all of the physical attributes of a full grown adult, the only thing separating them from full grown adults is the fact that they have poor decision making skills. That may or may not be part of the attraction, I wouldn’t know.

This is a dilemma faced by many a high school teacher. I know, I was one, and I can tell you that many of those 16 and 17 year olds are indistinguishable from 20 and 25 year old women, with some being quite attractive. Teens are all impulse and hormones, and have rather poor decision making skills. That is why they can’t consent to a number of things like contracts, intercourse, and other complicated decisions.

The thing is, you as the adult are the one who must act like the adult. Even though a teen is a victim of their raging hormones, you are supposed to be the adult here and remember that they are off limits.

One of the problems that I have with state laws concerning minors in this age group is there is no defense permitted by law if the adult involved has a legitimate reason to believe the minor is not a minor. I have blogged about this in the past.

That particular case involved a 13 year old who appeared older than what she was. She had a social media page indicating that she was a 19 year old divorcee. She engaged in a sexual relationship with a 20 year old man. Once he realized her age, he contacted and notified her parents. They called the cops, and he was jailed. The worst part of the story? This was the second time that she had done the same exact thing.

The second type of person who is attracted to minors are the people who are attracted to pre pubescent children. I have nothing but contempt for anyone who would even consider a sexual relationship with a 9 year old child.

When he was growing up, my son had a circle of friends. Let’s call one of them “Brad.” As they grew older, many of this circle married, some had children. Since they had been friends since they were 11 years old or so, Brad was welcome as a babysitter. Brad got married, his girlfriend got pregnant. They got married. All was well. Until police caught him distributing child porn, and some of the kids in the pictures were the children he was babysitting. Some as young as 3 years old.

He is currently doing time in Coleman Federal Prison. If I remember correctly, he is serving 20 years.

I have no sympathy for people who would prey on children. None. As an adult, we are supposed to protect those who cannot protect themselves, not use them as our sexual playthings. I have nothing but contempt for this sort of person.


Justice Denied

A 13 year old shows off multiple guns in multiple social media messages sent to threaten other middle school students. The mental health counselors at the juvenile justice facility state that he was at moderate risk to repeat the behavior, so the judge assigned him to write a 250 word essay on “The Importance of Abiding By The Law.”

What do you think happened just nine months later?

If you guessed that he would be growing and selling marijuana and would shoot a 20 year old man during one of his drug deals, you would have been correct.

Yet Kyle Rittenhouse is facing multiple life sentences for shooting a convicted, mentally disturbed child molester who was trying to kill him.

Our justice system is broken. Our society is irreparably broken.

Crime Criminals

I knew

Before I finished the second paragraph, I knew what the student looked like. No, that isn’t a racist dog whistle. I’m flat out saying it: blacks are more violent. We all know it. All evidence points to it. Stop avoiding it.

Anti American left Crime

Yes, you are

Portland residents ask the police, “Are we a lawless city?” Of course you are. What did you think would happen when you got rid of the police? Dumbasses.

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Chickens Roosting

A man rapes a woman on a train while bystanders film it with their cell phones and people are amazed. How can you be? California has enacted a law that allows people to be sued for making 911 calls about minorities. The law is called the ‘CAREN Act,’ named for a racial pejorative that refers to middle aged white women and their “use of white privilege” to get their way or complain about the behavior of minorities. The left claims that the CAREN Act will save lives because blacks are being prejudged by people whose unfounded fear triggers them to call 911, then the cops are showing up and killing them.

So I have been commenting on local media sites that I completely understand why this is happening. Why would a white person risk a lawsuit or criminal prosecution for a stranger by calling 911 or otherwise intervening?

Ask George Zimmerman what happens when you intervene. You risk everything: you might be called a racist ‘wannabe’, prosecuted, cancelled, and having your life destroyed. You may even have to defend your life before having it destroyed by the media lynch mob.


So I brought that up, and one leftie poster said:

You are comparing a child, Trayvon Martin walking through an apartment complex as the same thing as an adult raping a woman? Zimmerman shouldn’t have intervened. He deserved his future being ruined my killing an unarmed child.

So I see what I think is a man raping a woman. I call out and tell him to stop. He stops, and instead decides to pounce on me, beating my head on the steel floor of the train. I cry out for help, and the others on the train simply film it with their phones. I am about to have my skull caved in because it is being beaten on the floor of the train. So I draw my legally concealed handgun and shoot him. It turns out that it wasn’t a rape, it was a 17 year old and his 16 year old girlfriend who were just playing around. Now I am being tried for killing an unarmed child. Since he is not the same race as I am, I am accused of being a racist, my life is destroyed, and I am charged with murder.

Why risk it? Instead, I decide to mind my own business. It isn’t my responsibility to defend you, or anyone else. Try bringing a mental health counselor with you to deescalate the situation. 

Crime Insanity


A couple decides to commit mutual suicide, so they go to a local gun range, sign up for a class, then rent a handgun. The man shoots the woman in the head and then shoots himself.



Woman pulls out a gun in a Philadelphia Chipotle and demands to be served.

Then she puts the gun back in her purse when it appears that she is getting her way. When it appears like they aren’t moving fast enough, she pulls the gun out again. The odd part here is the customers in line behind her don’t even react to her producing a firearm and threatening the staff.

Antigun Crime

Wish in one hand…

Two years ago, Kroger banned open carry in their stores. Surprising no one with two or more functioning brain cells, homicidal shooters don’t obey laws or rules. Who knew?


Always be armed

when you answer the door. Two men, backed up by three others, posed as utility workers and knocked on a man’s door Saturday night.

Do that at my house and see what happens. FAFO