Make up your own mind as to how you react to a Republican congressman saying that other Republicans are terrorists because they won’t install McCarthy as speaker.

If you don’t want to get into the Octagon and get punched in the face and don’t get into the Octagon, that’s how I feel about it. I mean, this is because there’s no good faith here. The good faith has been lost. We keep talking about good faith. And then they want to play victim. No. No. So now I’m not going to apologize for harsh language. You guys know me. That’s how I am. I speak boldly. You know, and this is this is. This is terrorism tactics.

Good For You

My opinion on the voting for Speaker of the House? Don’t keep voting for the same RINO assholes that have been selling us out for years and expect to get anything different. I’m sick and tired of voting for candidates who promise to protect gun rights and support Conservatives, only to watch them vote to go along with Democrats and increase their own power.

Of course sellouts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are pissed that the party doesn’t come first because the important business of the people isn’t getting done. I call bullshit. What business of the people is getting ignored? Do these RINOs really think that they are going to impeach Biden? If they do, do they really think it will get past the Senate? What is it that you expect to accomplish, other than cutting more deals with the Democrats?

I don’t give a hairy rat’s ass if you never select a Speaker of the House, because until you do, the House won’t be able to do anything else. That’s fine by me, because the best that Americans can hope for at this point is gridlock.

Those 20 Republicans don’t have to pack it in, Hannity, you fucking sellout. The Republican party is now faced with a choice- you can either acknowledge the freedom loving wing of your party and give them a seat at the table, or you can show your true, power seeking RINO colors and cut a deal with Democrats. At least then we will know that you only pay lip service to conservative principles. How many of those 200 Republicans were OK with Trump being impeached? How many of them stood up and called the rigged election of 2020 for what it was? Not you, you pussy.


US soldiers are being told to apply for food stamps so they can feed their families by the administration that won’t stop blathering on about how companies won’t pay a “living wage.”

Visa, MasterCard, and Amex are flagging purchases from gun stores

Were is the Republican party on any of this? Why aren’t they speaking out?

I have said it before “just because the Democrats are your enemy doesn’t make the Republicans your ally.”

Enemy Action?

According to the NY medical examiner, Ivana Trump died from trauma to the chest. They say it was an accident. She was found at the foot of the stairs in her New York residence. No other details are available.

Being a former President’s EX-wife, Ivana is not under Secret Service protection.

Democrats hate Donald Trump and have been calling for the killing of Republicans.

I’m sure all of that is a pure coincidence.

Bargaining Chip

Like I said earlier today, your rights are there to be sold out, used as bargaining chips so that Republicans can get and hold onto money and power. The Republicans think that your rights and your freedom are nothing more than silly items to be used at the negotiating table. After all, what are you going to do, vote for someone else?

So what are they going to cave on?

  • Universal Background checks: This is really a code word for national firearm registration. The ATF has been illegally keeping a record of all firearm sales reported to them. Universal checks will ensure that nearly all legal sales will be recorded for easier confiscation in the future. This will, of course, do nothing to curb criminal trade in firearms. This is the same reason why the ATF and the other alphabets are opposed to homemade firearms.
  • Red Flag laws: This will allow the government to take your guns, even if you haven’t committed any crimes.
  • Safe Storage Laws: Depending on the wording, you will be required to keep all of your guns locked up. This was already ruled unconstitutional in Heller*, but since when does the Constitution matter?
  • Of course, handing out money. Since when did the government ever see a problem without throwing money at it? It isn’t like we have an inflation problem, or anything
  • Mental Health Resources: I happen to agree that mental health is the problem, but I think that we all know that whatever the government decides to do will be the wrong thing.

*Heller v DC holding: “Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.”

Political Sell Out

Mitch McConnell is about to sell out gun owners. Reports on CNN that McConnell has encouraged Texas Sen. John Cornyn to begin discussions with Democrats to see if they can find a middle ground on pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Texas elementary school shooting.

The Republicans are about to sell out gun owners in order to gain political capital to get some other Republican project a green light. This is why I can’t trust Republicans. They always find a way to feather their own nest at the expense of gun owners.

I used to say that I would never vote Democrat, because Democrats are evil. The problem is that voting Republican isn’t much better, because Republicans will sell out in order to get money or remain in power. Perhaps it would be better to vote for the most lefty politicians there are, so we can get the fight started. I’m not getting any younger, and if it’s inevitable, we might as well get it started while I can still contribute.

Stupid and Evil Parties Unite

Republicans and Democrats have decided to jointly start WW3. I was watching Hannity on FOX News last night, and he had several Republicans and talk show pundits on there. All of them were pushing for US military involvement.

The biggest idea that I have heard, one that 72% Americans support, is a no fly zone. A no fly zone means that anything flying over Ukraine would have to be shot down. As soon as a NATO aircraft shoots down a Russian aircraft, it’s on. Russia will surely down a few NATO aircraft. On top of it, it’s pretty likely that NATO airfields would receive attention from Russian missiles and aircraft. NATO is now in a full on war. What if the Russians sink a US aircraft carrier? How will US citizens respond to the loss of 6,000 sailors?

If that isn’t enough, Marco Rubio has decided that he wants to simultaneously take on China.

So then what? You think the supply chain issues are bad now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. As for me, I have been buying stock in oil companies and agriculture companies.

We’ve got it from here

When I was a newly discharged veteran, I tried opening my own business repairing electric motors, pumps, and transmissions. Although the military had taught me the technical side of things, I didn’t know anything about running a business. I only lasted about three years before I was flat broke. It was during those three years that I discovered Rush Limbaugh’s show. I played his show on the radio every single day. It was refreshing to hear someone speaking the very things that were in my head.

Sure, we didn’t agree on everything. His stance on the war on drugs, for example. Even so, our basic philosophies were remarkably similar. I realized that I was not crazy. His show was the light that guided me through the dark Clinton years when it felt as if all was lost. He did the same for all of us- I think that he was directly responsible for major changes in this nation- he created Conservative talk radio and the contract with America that saved us from the Clinton AWB. He influenced the creation of Fox news, the Drudge report, and spawned the Conservative movement as we know it today. We all owe him a debt, whether we realize it or not.

There are those who are saying goodbye in ways that are far better than my own words.

Today, we are a little less fortunate, the Conservative movement is a little weaker without him. Even so, we will continue the fight. We must. Rest easy Rush- we’ve got it from here.