Time Clutches Pearls

An article in Time magazine engages in some serious pearl clutching when they note that armed, private security is replacing the power vacuum left behind by the police that have been defunded all over the nation’s blue cities.

He seems unaware of the flutter of anxiety spreading through the store as customers see his weapon, handcuffs, and bulletproof vest. But if anyone asked, which they don’t, he’d assure them that he’s there for their own good, even though it’s hard to be relaxed in the presence of a loaded gun.

I thought that the left has claimed for decades that the only people who should have guns are the police, licensed security guards, and the military? The press certainly has no problem with their own, unlicensed security guards gunning down and killing people, nor do they have a problem when those guards get off scott free because the local DA is a known Antifa member.

Here is the naked truth: the police are there to first protect the public from criminals. When they begin, as they have in the country, to protect the government instead of the people, the people will find ways to protect themselves. It may be with paid security, or it may be with armed vigilance committees. This is also why the police have a second function: to protect the rights of accused criminals to have a fair, impartial trial. When the people form their own protection units, you get lynchings, which are soon followed by the anarchy of might makes right.

That’s where we are, the people are thoroughly disgusted with their government and are taking things into their own hands. I believe that this is being done on purpose as one of the tenets of the CIA Insurgent Manual. To be successful, and insurgency that wishes to overthrow the government must force the government to fail in providing basic services like police. The insurgents then step in and provide those services. “We can protect you from this violence, because the government can’t”

We are currently staring into the abyss.

Victim of own inattention

Colorado is now the most crime ridden state in the US. A former cop complains that the police are leaving the profession because they don’t like all of the monitoring and second guessing that they are being forced to endure.

“Law enforcement in Colorado is facing a historic recruiting, retention, and morale crisis,” Evans said. “Nobody wants to be a cop. The cops that were cops are fleeing the profession in droves. And that’s the second prong of this kind of two-pronged issue that’s driving crime up in Colorado.” Specifically, according to Evans, one of the policies that “broke the back” of law enforcement was the passage of SB 217.

According to Evans, two parts of SB 217 are particularly demoralizing to law enforcement. The first was the requirement that every encounter be extensively documented, adding significant paperwork to an already demanding job, and the second was a body camera requirement.

What brought that law about was events like randomly shooting people from a moving car because you find it to be funny.

One of the officers admitted in court during the trial: “We went out that evening and concealed our presence so people wouldn’t flee and we’d be able to get close enough to shoot them… and we were actually having fun shooting them”

Or cops threatening people, simply because they can.

“You seem like an argumentative person. You need to take your hand, go like this, and pull your head out of your ass. Don’t mess with me, I am not the guy you want to mess with. You hear me??”

Even people like me, who worked with cops for decades and haven’t had so much as a traffic ticket in more than 20 years, yet get threatened with death because a cop wants to prove who is boss now see police for what they are- criminal gangs with badges.

Cops have no one to blame for this but themselves. There are loads of bad cops out there. Now we can argue as to just how many of the cops out there are bad, but they have to take responsibility for the “thin blue line” nonsense where cops are not cleaning up the problems in their own ranks because they view the very public that they are supposed to serve as being the enemy. Get rid of your own bad cops, clean up your own ranks.

The police are making enemies of both sides in this conflict.

Two Legal Systems

Two people posted memes to different target audiences during the 2016 campaign. The memes were nearly identical in every way: they encouraged people to vote by sending a text message containing their candidate’s name. This way, the meme alleged, you could avoid waiting in long election day lines. The only difference between the two was the voting block that they were targeting. One targeted Trump voters, the other targeted HRC voters.

Guess which one was arrested in 2021, has been convicted, and is now facing 10 years in Federal prison?

The Democrat tweet is still live on Twitter.

We have two different legal systems. One jails people indefinitely for trespassing, the other gives people a pass for blinding people with lasers while they burn down Federal courthouses. One jails people of one political faction for doing the exact same thing that they ignore from the other political faction.

The entire Federal legal system has been weaponized. The FBI is investigating people who oppose the Democrats, the IRS is auditing reporters who write damaging articles, social media has been completely subverted, and we are on the verge of being a police state.

As bad as that is, things are going to get worse. Much worse. Just wait until the disappearances begin.

Ate Too Many Crayons

You would think that a guy running for Sec State would be able to read COTUS. Instead, he relies on “I was a Marine, so I am a Constitutional Law Expert”

It’s almost like he hasn’t read the Heller decision.

Don’t Talk To Cops

AWA over at GunFreeZone shows us once again why you shouldn’t talk to cops, beyond what the law requires. In his post, he refers to a case where a cop initiates a traffic stop without any clear evidence that the target of the stop was breaking any laws. The target then hands over his license and his CCW, even though CT doesn’t require that you inform* a police officer that you are carrying a weapon. The cop then uses the fact that the target has presented a permit that the cop hasn’t bothered to verify to say that the target is likely committing the crime of carrying a weapon without a permit.

Ever since my incident in Orange County, Florida in 2001 where a Deputy Sergeant threatened to kill me when I presented him with my permit during a traffic stop, I don’t inform cops of shit. This is how it should go:

Cop: “Do you know why I stopped you?”

Driver: “No, I have no idea.” (Truthful. How do I know what he was thinking?)

Cop: “Where are you headed?”

Driver: “East on Highway 23.” (Again, be factual)

Etc. Don’t say shit.

* Title 29: Chpt. 529 Sec. 29-35 only requires that you present your permit if the officer is investigating a crime AND has observed you are are carrying a pistol or revolver. The law reads:

(b) The holder of a permit issued pursuant to section 29-28, as amended by this act, shall carry such permit upon one’s person while carrying such pistol or revolver. Such holder shall present his or her permit upon the request of a law enforcement officer who has reasonable suspicion of a crime for purposes of verification of the validity of the permit or identification of the holder, provided such holder is carrying a pistol or revolver that is observed by such law enforcement officer


Take a look at this. Comment below.

This cop has been involved in three shootings. If there had not been a camera recording this, he would have gotten away with this beating, too. Had this man fought back, the cop’s partner would have killed him. His only real choice is to take the beating. Why? Because cops ALWAYS cover for other cops. One lies, and others swear to it.

What needs to happen is that BOTH cops need to be fired, and need to have their law enforcement certification taken for life. Then EVERY single use of force that they have been involved in needs to be reexamined.

Perhaps it is time to have an elected citizen review board in each jurisdiction. Say, a board made up of two cops and three elected citizens who review every use of force incident and every citizen complaint. If a cop is found to be using illegal force, they can file charges and yank his law enforcement credentials by majority vote until he faces a criminal trial for depriving someone of their legal rights. If found guilty, the loss of credentials becomes permanent.