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Third World Policing

Wirecutter over at Knukledraggin my Life Away points out a story of a tiny Alabama town that has discovered that it can use cops as a money making machine and has become the worst speed trap in the entire nation. The town has less than 1300 residents, but has at least sixteen full time cops and a number of part time cops. (The police chief, claiming “security” won’t tell how many cops he has) Those cops make over 1,000 arrests, write over 3,000 traffic citations, and have their own SWAT team, complete with an armored vehicle that they call a “riot control vehicle.” (How big of a riot can that small of a town have?)

Read the article that the post is based on, and think about this quote:

Chief Jones testified under oath that just one of the 10 Brookside vehicles is painted with police striping, but nine others bear no emblems, and seven are tinted all the way around, making it impossible to see inside. Jones testified his officers wear gray uniforms with no Brookside insignias.

These dumbasses think that they are badasses because they carry the authority of a badge that they don’t even wear. Thinking that they are some kid of secret agents, they act more like a street gang that is shaking down the citizens for protection money. They refer to themselves as “agents” and do not provide their identification, even on arrest affidavits:

The names of the officers were not listed on the tickets in secretive Brookside. Instead, the arresting officer was listed as “Agent JS,” while the assisting officer was “Agent AR.”

Arrests in Alabama come from all sorts of things that you wouldn’t think are a crime. For example: It is considered road rage in Alabama to drive in the left lane for more than a mile and a half. One of my favorite legal Youtube channels is Lehto’s Law. Take a look:

The entire thing is a scam. The traffic court judge is a local lawyer who was hired as the municipal traffic court judge to hold court one day a month. When audited, the town had no written budget. Wanna take odds on some skimming off the top by the police chief, Mayor, and judge?

These idiots are so predictable, it begs for an ambush. The kinder version would have a person with hidden cameras break a traffic law in full view of Roscoe Coaltrain, and when he pulls you over it seems like it would be easy to get some civil rights violations on film. Then they can be taken down by some good attorneys.

The more aggressive ambush would be to goad them into a traffic stop, coming to a halt in a kill zone, then having an ambush team light up one of these would be secret agents. Since they are in unmarked vehicles and wearing clothes with no insignia, one could argue that they look more like a criminal gang conducting an ambush than they do a legitimate police force.

Police State tyranny

Kill Switch

Former Vice President Joe Biden signed the infrastructure bill into law. Buried in that law is a provision that requires all new cars, trucks, and SUVs to have a “kill switch” installed by 2026. The system must connect to the vehicle’s operational controls, so as to disable the vehicle either before driving or during, when impairment is detected.

Marketed to Congress as a benign tool to help prevent drunk driving, this measure is disturbingly short on details. The switch will passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired. The term “impaired driving” isn’t defined by the legislation, so it would be open to interpretation by regulators such as the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The worst part of the legislation is the open nature of the system which will feature at least one backdoor for third-party access to the system’s data at any time.

Who has access to the data collected by the kill switch system? Will the police be given access to the data without a warrant? What about insurance companies, will they be granted access to the data in order to better understand what kind of driver is being insured, or worse, will they know with what frequency your driving habits “change” which could then be interpreted as impairment?

What if a driver is not drunk, but sleepy, and the car forces itself to the side of the road before the driver can find a safe place to pull over and rest? Considering that there are no realistic mechanisms to immediately challenge or stop the car from being disabled, drivers will be forced into dangerous situations without their consent or control. Imagine your car stopping in the middle of a bad neighborhood.

This law is a disaster in the making. They just can’t resist bossing people around. Tyrants, the whole lot of them.

Police State tyranny

Secret Police

Marsalee (Marsy) Ann Nicholas was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only one week after her murder and on the way home from the funeral service, Marsy’s family was confronted by her daughter’s murderer. Having received no notification from the judicial system, the family had no idea he had been released on bail mere days after Marsy’s murder. Marsy’s family was not informed because the courts and law enforcement had no obligation to keep them informed.

As a result, voters in seventeen states have passed Marsy’s law, with Florida voters passing its version of the law in 2018. The law was sold as a victims’ rights bill, but it wasn’t long before the law of unintended consequences showed itself.

Since police who use force against someone are only doing so because they claim themselves to be victims of a crime, they can refuse to allow their names to be released. A cop can claim that someone threatened them, use force against that person, and then demand that their names be withheld because they are a victim.

That is exactly what happened here when a police officer shot and killed a man on the campus of a Melbourne college. The odd part here is that the same law doesn’t appear to apply when a private citizen does the exact same thing.

When the voters of this state voted on the amendment, it was intended to give victims of crimes a bit of privacy. It wasn’t intended to give police a means of becoming secret death squads with no public accountability.

Police State tyranny

Water Gun= Deadly Weapon

A water gun is a deadly weapon, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department, who arrested a 14 year old boy for shooting a 12 year old girl with one. He is facing a felony charge of “shooting a weapon/missile in a public or private building that could cause death or great bodily harm.”

So now the boy’s family will have legal bills in the $100,000 range, or they will be forced to take a plea deal. This is ridiculous.

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Air Security Failure

A man flew from Barbados to Miami International with a loaded .32 revolver in his carry on. They claim that he was arrested after TSA agents found a handgun in his belongings.

I don’t buy it. Since when does the TSA screen people who are getting off of a plane? One of two things happened here: Either he brought it to their attention himself, or he was caught because he had to exit and reenter security for some reason.

The article reads like the TSA is so much better at security than other agencies. This summer, it was announced that TSA agents missed 95% of weapons that were placed in luggage by inspectors. In 17 out of 18 tries by the undercover federal agents saw explosive materials, fake weapons, or drugs pass through TSA screening undetected.

The problem that I have here, all incompetence aside, is that TSA is wasting time and effort looking for drugs. Their main and only purpose is supposed to be safety. in fact, the only reason that SCOTUS even allowed this violation of the Fourth Amendment was that the TSA was for safety and not law enforcement purposes, but that is not the point of this post.

The 2021 failure rate is not anything new. In 2017, they missed 70% of weapons. In 2015, they failed 95% of the time. Congress has been briefed that the TSA is a colossal waste of money.

I can believe it. I have had two incidents where I accidentally flew with weapons.

  • I once flew from Fairbanks to Los Angeles with a large container of bear mace in my carry on bag.
  • I once flew from Orlando to Nashville, including a layover in Atlanta, with a Glock 9mm in my carry on. I had simply forgotten that it was in my bag. I went to the airport, passed through security, and boarded the plane. When I put my bag in the overhead compartment, I heard a loud thump. I wondered what I had in there that was so heavy, and it dawned on me in an instant. I flew the entire way to Atlanta in a cold sweat. I was worried that I would have to pass through security again to change gates at my layover. It turns out that I didn’t. Once I was on the second flight, I realized that most security is theater. The TSA is staffed with a bunch of minimum wage high school dropouts. The only reason that 911 hasn’t happened again is that no one has tried.

The TSA catches 4,500 or so firearms at checkpoints per year. Assuming that they catch as many as 30% of them, as they did in the best year they ever had, this means that 15,000 or more firearms per year wind up on America’s aircraft. If they only catch 5%, as they did in the most recent test, as many as 90,000 firearms per year wind up flying the friendly skies.

The TSA costs us taxpayers $8.24 billion per year. That is over $1.8 million for each detected firearm, while they miss 95% of the firearms in passenger luggage. Who knows how much extra the TSA agents steal on top of that? The TSA has fired nearly 400 employees for stealing from travelers’ luggage.

The Miami Airport is #1 in TSA agent thefts, which ranks twelfth in passengers, with 29 employees terminated for theft from 2002 through December 2011.

This is one of the marks of third world shithole countries: the police are often on the take. If they are willing to steal, how willing are they to take bribes? Officers in Palm Beach, New Haven, Newark, and Westchester have all been caught accepting bribes from people for circumventing security. In fact, 20,000 of the TSA’s 55,000 agents have had complaints of misconduct against them, but 95% of the time, no discipline is administered.

The TSA, like most of the government, is a jobs program that is nothing more than a waste of taxpayer money that doesn’t accomplish the mission that it has been assigned.

Disclaimer: The stories above are for illustrative and artistic purposes only. They may or may not have happened. The posts on this site should not be construed as a confession or admission of guilt. So if any Federal, State, or Local law enforcement are reading this page, you should keep in mind that I probably never did any of the things I claim to have done. So there.

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More homicides?

In response to my post about the increase homicide rates nationwide, a police officer from Houston sent me an email confirming that the same is happening in his city. Since he sent me an email rather that post a public comment, I will assume that he wants his identifying information held confidential. Here is what he had to say:

while we are nowhere near the 600-900 murders per year when I was a rookie in the early 1990’s, we had been cruising for years with 230-250 per year. Which ain’t bad for 2+million population and a police department with less than 5000 total classified officers.

Buuuuut, beginning in 2020 things have certainly changed: at this point in 2019 we had 249 murders enroute to around 300 total This time in 2020 it was 360 and ended up at 405, first time over 400 in years. This year, 2021, we are at 448 with a month to go. Probably gonna top 500.

Combination of low morale, administration that disincentivizes proactive policing, and officers not wanting to get screwed over, PLUS our local Soros-funded DA, Kim Ogg, putting violent offenders on the street with low/no bail to continually re-offend. Perfect shitstorm.

Things are looking worse all over. Once the police have collapsed nationwide, they will be replaced with cops who are more, shall we say, politically reliable. Maybe a national police force, maybe not. No matter what, they will be more amenable to the left.

Antigun Police State

Gun control

New Federal law being proposed. Let me explain:

The problem: There’s no requirement for a background check on ammunition sales.  So you can be someone who just stole a gun, illegally got your gun from some kind of trafficking, or were in possession of it and you are intending a crime. You can walk into any store and buy the bullets and nobody is going to check. If we extend background checks to ammunition, we immediately save lives

Fred Guttenberg, father of Jaime Guttenberg

Fred Guttenberg is pushing for the proposed law, named Jaime’s law after the man’s daughter. Jaime was killed in the Parkland shooting in South Florida. Here is the thing: this law wouldn’t have done a single thing to prevent the shooting that killed his daughter. The killer in that particular case obtained his gun legally because authorities couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs.

If the law passes, it won’t fix a single one of the hypotheticals in the above quote. If a person steals a gun, buys one on the black market, or is intending to commit a crime, there is no way that such scenarios would result in failing a background check.

No, the real purpose of this law is to inconvenience shooters. It requires that ammunition can only be bought from licensed dealers. It also appears to require a permit to purchase ammunition at anywhere other than a shooting range where the ammunition will be fired on the premises. The law also states that there is no limit to the fee that can be charged for the background check.

Keep buying ammo, it may be needed very soon.

Police State tyranny

Louden County Sheriff chooses to side with the communists

Let me warn you now that what I am about to tell you is not pretty, but I am going to describe what happened in detail, because the only way to fight evil is to understand the evil that you are facing. The events that happened in that school were verified with DNA evidence, and the boy was arrested.

A high school boy in Louden County, Virginia put on a skirt and claimed to be “gender fluid,” meaning he can decide from one minute to the next what gender he identifies as.

On May 28, that boy entered a girl’s restroom at the Stone Bridge High School, where he found the 15-year-old daughter of Scott Smith. Over the next 15 minutes, he forcibly placed his penis into the mouth and rectum of that teenaged girl, brutally raping her for a quarter of an hour. After being sodomized, the girl was examined in a local hospital, where DNA confirmed her story. That teenage girl will be psychologically traumatized for the rest of her life by the events that took place in that school bathroom. Months later, in late summer, the boy was arrested and charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.

As far as the school district, all that they did for discipline was transfer the boy to a nearby high school, Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia, where on October 6, he attacked another teen female.

On June 23, the school board of Louden county was having a meeting, where they were to vote to allow students to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify as. Scott Smith was there to speak in opposition to that proposal. During the meeting, school superintendent Scott Ziegler flat-out lied to those assembled when he said, “The predator transgender student or person simply does not exist. We don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

When Scott Smith got up to speak in disagreement, he was confronted by a pro tranny activist named Jackie Schworm. She shouted Mr Smith down, and threatened to dox him and eliminate his livelihood. It was then that sheriff’s deputies took sides. I will let you watch what happened next:

They tackled and arrested him. Just watching this video makes my blood boil. These cops are actively supporting rape for political points.

Other parents who were present spoke up, so the cops declared that the entire meeting was “an unlawful assembly” and ordered all of the parents to leave or be arrested for trespassing.

Then the school board association declared that Mr Smith was a “domestic terrorist” who was deserving of having the full power of the Federal government brought to bear upon his head.

If ever there was any question of who the police will support, you see it here. I know what some of you are thinking, “My buddy is a cop. He is a good guy, and would never support this.” Bullshit. If you ever get crossed with a cop, your buddy will side with that cop EVERY time. He will choose his fellow cop and his pension over ANYONE, possibly even his own mother, wife, and children. Don’t think for one second that your cop friend will side with you.

This is policing in America- arresting people who want to redress their grievance over policies that allow trannies to ass rape their daughters.

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COMSEC alert

Your Proton Mail accounts have been compromised.

Police State tyranny


A US Capitol Police officer’s friend of 40 years worried he’d “fallen into a cult” and reported the officer to the FBI for telling Trump supporters where the secure locations of lawmakers were.

You’d think you’d know someone after 40 years of friendship. Turning him in was for his own good, you see. To save him from the cult.