Stretching the Truth

The headline:

Shots fired near DeLaSalle Education Center graduation Saturday

The reality:

The shots fired incident did not involve the graduation, and no injuries were reported in the incident

No mention of how “near” the shots were. A mile away? Half a mile? This headline is a misleading nothingburger, but the left will claim it as another “school shooting.”

The Show Trial

I was going to do a post on the Trump charges in New York. I had all sorts of stuff lined up to show that Trump is being accused of what would be misdemeanors (and thus outside of the NY statute of limitations) except that the state is alleging that the misdemeanors were done to conceal another crime, which makes them a felony and is covered by a longer statute of limitations. The only issue here is that the indictment doesn’t mention what other crime he was trying to cover up that raised this indictment to the level of a felony.

Then it occurred to me that none of that matters. This trial is in leftist controlled Manhattan, where the facts don’t matter, all that matters is Orange man bad. The followers of this anti-Trump cult don’t know the law, don’t care what the Constitution says, and most of them are frankly slobbering retarded morons who only care about Trump being opposed to their view that we can’t know what a woman is. The left has the ability to understand reason and the law about as well as my spoon understands the difference between mint chocolate chip and rocky road.

Presenting them with facts and evidence on gun control is met with remarks about penis size. Talking about case law is like banging your head against a wall. Talking simply won’t work with them.

In Case You Aren’t Watching

The left got their panties in a bunch over Putin’s reelection, claiming that it was rigged. The entire time, they have ignored the evidence pointing to the 2020 US election being rigged, and now have announced that Ukraine will not be having elections for the foreseeable future:


Florida Highway Patrol arrested 3 people for blocking exit 67 from Interstate 4 on Saturday afternoon. They (and one other) parked across all three lanes of the exit at about 5 pm, holding up “Free Palestine” signs and covering their faces with keffiyehs. The exit that they blocked is heavily trafficked, as it is the main entrance to the Disney complex just to the southwest of Orlando.

One of those arrested was 26 year old Isabella Giannosa. Since the address listed in the booking report is in Oveido, she is likely a student at the University of Central Florida. She looks like you would expect, kind of like Radar O’Reilly’s illegitimate child.

The second one arrested was 24 year old Jenni Nguyen lives in Winter Garden. She is the “Reproductive Justice Coordinator” for Florida Access Network, who calls themselves the only “queer and bipoc abortion provider” in Florida.

Here she is at an Orange County commission meeting back in November.

The third arrestee was My Donga Truong, also 24 years old and living in Oviedo.

Reports are that at some point, a motorist confronted them and threatened to thrash them within an inch of their lives, so they moved over a bit and let that guy through.

The left keeps insisting that this is peaceful protesting. Bullshit. There are only two ways to secure someone’s cooperation: voluntary agreement, or coercion. By physically blocking the road, you are using coercion. That is not peaceful, that is force. However, you don’t have to respond to these retards by using a violent response. The idiots are blocking the pavement, but they have left plenty of nice, fresh grass to simply drive around their stupid roadblock.

If they then try to jump in front of my car to hold me prisoner, then there will be a more forceful response from me. It won’t even involve a firearm. Just a gas pedal.


I would suggest that you watch this video. Even if you don’t watch the entire thing, I want you to pay special attention to the portion from 2:00 to 2:47, where this Atifa leader talks about publishing maps of where Trump supporters live, then immediately begins talking about arming themselves with firearms.

This video is an important look into the organization and training that Antifa/BLM and other insurgents on the left are attending.

Intel Report

This is an intel report on seven of the ten agitators who were arrested at USF this week. It makes for interesting reading. All information found from public sources and publicly available government records.

  • Adnan Yousef Elyaman. DOB 12/3/2003. There is a pediatrician of the same name in Ocala, Florida, just with the first and middle names reversed. His father? From the middle east. Charged with misdemeanors
  • Jake ‘Yaakov’ Geffon. DOB 9/24/2000. He is a writer for the magazine “Creative Loafing” which is the Communist rag for the Tampa area that’s been pressing for rent control. He also claims to be a member of the Progressive Jewish Coalition of Central Florida and also appears to be a member of the Progressive People’s Action, Inc. Felony Battery on a LEO
  • Daniel Powell. DOB 8/24/1991. There is a person who is a director at Progressive People’s Action, Inc- a 30 year old woman named Kelsey Powell. I am not sure if they are related, but it is a coincidence at the very least. Misdemeanor Charges.
  • Anas Khalid Juma DOB 10/7/2002- Part of Muslim Students Association at USF. looks like December would have been graduation date. Misdemeanor charges
  • Sara Fayiz. DOB 11/5/1998. Her parents are from Afghanistan, with her father being the President of Global Humanitarian Resources Inc and owns a martial arts studio. Her mother is the owner of the Fayiz Foundation, a social justice organization dedicated to financially helping people from Afghanistan. Misdemeanor charges.
  • Cameron Pressey. DOB 4/20/1997. He was arrested for trespassing, but came back the very next day. Wouldn’t this be a violation of his bond? Unsurprisingly, a registered democrat. He works as a biologist for Florida’s FWC.
  • Leonardo Tilelli. DOB 10/27/2000. His Instagram page has links to the Palestinian Youth Movement, Students for Socialism, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other communist/socialist organizations. It appears as though he was active with Antifa as well. Charged with Felony Resisting with Violence.

That’s all I have for now. I am out of time to research the rest. Perhaps another day. Remember- it’s an election year, and the communists continue with their juvenile, yet dangerous violence. Keep your head on a swivel, stay armed, and stay informed.

But you banned me from social media for spreading ‘disinformation’