The New Yorker Post is claiming that Florida is a “snoozefest” compared to New York.

I guess it is.

The truth is:

  • We aren’t all old.
  • Yes, we eat early down here. I usually eat dinner before 6.
  • No, we don’t have crocodiles, you moron. We have alligators. You must have learned that in your superior New York education you are bragging about.
  • We have hurricanes. So what? We aren’t pussies about it. Remember “Superstorm” Sandy? Yeah, that was a Category 1 storm. Pussies.
  • No, we don’t all sit around waiting for you to hand us money to drive your mother around.

On the other hand:

To the NY Post: please, please keep telling New Yorkers that Florida sucks. We don’t want your liberal asses and their votes down here. Stop trying to turn Florida into the southern annex of New York. We don’t care how you do things “up north” or even want to hear, “Well, up in New York, we…”

We don’t care, as long as you keep your liberal ideas, taxes, and votes up in New York, where they belong.


Florida has had a preemption law for damned near 35 years. The only entity that can pass laws restricting guns is the state legislature. The left didn’t like that, and frequently ignored the law. They would pass gun restrictions and would hassle lawful gun owners, safe in the knowledge that they would never pay the price for violating people’s rights.

Until the state managed to get a law passed in 2011 that allows public officials to be held personally accountable for violating people’s rights with regard to guns. The left absolutely hates this law. Several cities, aided by that antigun commie bitch Nikki Fried, tried to sue the state to get the law overturned, which would have allowed every political entity in the state to pass its own gun laws. Concealed weapons permits would have become useless, as each city and county passed its own restrictions on carry.

That case died last week as the Florida Supreme Court refused to hear the case, leaving the preemption law in place.

Gamer Fags

This guy who spends all of his time online complaining about people who cheat at a first person shooter is also saying things like this:

I don’t think he is expecting the military to do it because he hates them too:
He spends the rest of his time spouting and retweeting communist shit like this:
How about instead I tell you this: Bring it, pussy. Who’s gonna stack at the door? You? Real life isn’t a video game, ass.

Follow the Trail

  • So Joe Biden was keeping classified documents at his house.
  • Where crackhead son Hunter was staying.
  • Hunter was being paid obscene amounts of cash by foreign intelligence agents of Ukraine and China for running companies that he was wholly unqualified to run, and never had to actually go to work.
  • Hunter was also being paid under the table in untraceable assets like diamonds.
  • Hunter then paid his father Joe amounts of money that were far, far above market as “rent” for staying in the house where the documents were being stored.
  • Worse is that the Secret Service and the FBI are actively helping to cover it up.

I also want you to remember when the Clintons did the same thing. The Chinese got nuclear secrets while at the same time the Clintons were making gobs of cash in shady financial deals.

Our so-called leaders have been busy whoring themselves and selling out our nation for decades. Interestingly, why is this just now coming to light? Who is leaking this? According to the press, only 8 people knew about the scheme involving the Bidens. I’m thinking that we are seeing the installation of our next President about to happen.

Criminals Aren’t to Blame

Wirecutter posted a link to a story about Clemmie Greenlee’s campaign to punish gunowners whose guns are stolen by criminals. For those who don’t know, Clemmie Greenlee is the founder and CEO of Nashville Peacemakers, an antigun advocacy group. She founded it after her son was murdered in “gang violence” in 2003.

She and her organization don’t want prison or death penalties for those who commit murder using guns, however. What she wants is to have guns made illegal and for the government to put more money into neighborhoods where murders and other crimes are being committed. In other words, black neighborhoods. To make that happen, she wants victims of criminals to be punished for daring to become victims. In other words, she wants white people to be put in prison because they were the victims of crimes committed by black people.

How about some background?

Her son, who she likes to make sound like an innocent victim? He had more than 2 dozen arrests between his 18th birthday and his death 11 years later. Those resulted in more than one felony conviction. Things like dealing drugs, stealing cars, and criminal trespass (likely burglary). So he was a confirmed criminal and likely a gang member.

According to police, Rodriguez had walked down the street wearing a blue scarf in a red-scarf area. He was wearing the wrong gang colors and was murdered for it.

At 29 years old, a criminal, and a drug dealer, he knew what areas were controlled by which gangs. He was almost certainly a gang member.

She herself was a prostitute for over 30 years who “snapped” and stabbed a man 5 times and was sentenced to prison for it. In other words, a criminal. Sure, she claims that she wasn’t a criminal, but a victim. She was using weed and LSD before she became a prostitute. Yet this is the same democrat party that is currently grooming kids for more of the same.

It’s not their fault. Nope.

Propaganda from an American Whore

Three days ago, the NY Times ran an editorial titled “China Helped Raise My American Kids, and They Turned Out Fine.” I disagree:

Our stringent government co-parent quickly made its presence felt. The girls’ Chinese kindergarten lectured us on everything, including how many hours our daughters should sleep, what they should eat and their optimal weight. Each morning all of the students performed calisthenics in straight rows and raised China’s red flag while singing the national anthem.

I don’t see where she can claim that her children pledging allegiance to the Chinese flag are American. Now, I don’t blame the Chinese for having them pledge. You attend school in China, you gotta expect these sorts of things, after all the Chinese government is paying for the schooling, they get to dictate things like this, even when noting that children here in the US are not required to do the same.

Raising kids in China was a plus in other ways — such as the heavy censorship, which results in a kid-friendly internet, and national limits on how many hours young people can spend playing online video games.

She celebrates the clean, orderly society.

Ironically, the tight control of the Communist Party surveillance state results in its own kind of freedom: With crime and personal safety concerns virtually eliminated, our daughters were riding the subway unsupervised in a city of around 26 million people from the age of 11. A constant but benign (and mostly unarmed) police presence kept order

What she refers to as “the police” are unarmed, but they are little more than informants for the secret police and the military, who are certainly armed and will have you eliminated if you so much as speak out against the government. I would hardly call that benign.

She talks about how much safer it is to live in China because they don’t have active shooter drills. We could ask the 2 million Uyghurs how much safer they feel, as the Chinese government engages in genocide to wipe them out. Or perhaps we could contact one of the people inside of the “Lao Gai,” what the Chinese call their reeducation camps. Except they can’t really be asked, now can they?

We will just have to read the words of Ovalbek Turdakun and his wife and son. Ovalbek is the first Christian to speak out about his detention in the camps in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. He escaped and made his way to the US after being held in a concentration camp for the simple crime of being a Christian. In a news conference on April 13, Ovalbek described a 10-month detention by the Chinese government that included torture and forced injections. Life in the camps includes indoctrination, rape, torture and coercive organ harvesting. Uyghur women are at the mercy of forced abortions and sterilizations.

Chinese officials took Ovalbek from his home in Xinjiang in February 2018 because they said he had stayed longer on a previous trip to Kyrgyzstan than was allowed, Axios reported. Ovalbek and other inmates were tortured in “tiger chairs,” devices in which prisoners are frequently held in painful positions for hours or days. They were shocked with electric prods when they sought to change their positions, he said, according to Axios.

[Prisoners were] forced to take pills and herbal teas, as well as “different kinds of injections,” Ovalbek said. The prisoners experienced hearing loss and fluids leaking from their ears after injections, he told Axios. He was unable to walk for months and had to be carried by other prisoners, Ovalbek said, according to Axios.

But we have this traitorous bitch who comes here to the US, spreading communist propaganda and trying to make it seem as though China is some sort of communist utopia, even as the CCP is killing and imprisoning millions of people.

This is where we are. The Chinese are taking over this nation without ever firing a shot because so many of our own citizens are whores who sell out for money that has no real value. I guess that she thinks her kids turned out fine, but we all know that they learned to believe that it is OK to treat people who oppose the government like those in the Lao Gai. It’s practically part of the Communist platform.

TX NG soldier attacked by Mexican National, shots fired

A soldier of the Texas National Guard was attacked by a Mexican national who had illegally crossed the US border. The infantryman shot him. A US (supposedly) Representative had this to say:

Governor Greg Abbott’s reckless and political decision to place our National Guard service members in situations where they have no specialized training and for which they rarely – if ever – have jurisdiction makes an already challenging situation potentially dangerous,”

Sounds to me that the National Guard, who is supposed to protect the state from foreign invasion is perfectly trained and suited to this mission.

No Money for White People

Wells Fargo was sued in April 2022 for not loaning money to enough black people. On December 21, the bank reached a settlement agreement where they agreed to pay $3.7 billion in damages and civil penalties.

The bank has decided to take the only path that makes sense from a business standpoint. They are not going to lend any more money to white people. The noose tightens. If you are a white person with a job, you aren’t wanted in this society.

Thoughts on ATF rule

Correia for the Win

This next one is the truth. I am a life member of the NRA, but mostly because I paid for it almost 20 years ago. I haven’t had faith in them in at least 10 years. Shoot, last month they sent me an email asking me to renew my membership, which shows you how with it they are.

I wasn’t convinced by gun manufacturers or the NRA that I need military weapons. I was convinced by asshats like you making statements about wanting to eliminate me.