Whenever I say that we should get rid of government giveaways and welfare programs, I get to hear people tell me how I am heartless and want people to starve, as if the economy is a binary choice between the government doing it, or no one doing it. Read this, and see how kind people can be:

The problem here is that commies aren’t generous. They want the government to take from those who have more than they do, and give it to them. That’s what communism is.

Sell Outs

Another dancing monkey, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame, proves that if it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all. Grohl used to attend concerts at “Rock Against Reagan” in the 1980’s, he was a staunch critic of Donald Trump, and has frequently complained and protested against Conservatives for being religious zealots, often in a profane and obnoxious manner.

He called the J6 protest “the craziest fucking shit I’ve ever seen in my life.” A classic Fudd, Grohl is an advocate for gun control. Shortly after the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks, he stated in an interview that the attacks were “an indication of the direction the country’s heading in if we don’t get tougher with gun laws… People need to realize that our country has to get tougher on gun laws, it just does, and I grew up in suburban Virginia going hunting in season. I grew up with a firearm myself. But I’d be willing to give it up, if everyone else would.”

Proving that most anti-gun celebrities are criminals, he famously admits to using weed and LSD. He was also a huge supporter of Barak Obama and of Biden, even playing at his 2021 inauguration.

He has also famously protested the right, calling them religious fanatics.

It’s easy to stand up to the man when you live in the US. What happens when you go to countries that don’t have the freedoms we do here? You bend the knee, of course. Here is this asshat playing in Abu Dhabi:

I guess principles are easy to set aside when there is some money to be made.

Protesters are now parking their cars on the highway and tossing away the keys.

Note that they chained themselves to the cars. Some Twitter users have a solution:


A little over a month ago, I pointed out that five men spent hours erecting a gallows in front of the Capitol in the early morning hours of January 6, with one of them making a coffee run at the shop closest to the FBI’s headquarters. This to me indicates that the Feds know who these men are, because they are likely FBI informants or agents.

Now the B-list media has begun to notice.

Martin believes that the gallows were constructed by those wishing to paint President Trump and his supporters in a bad light. Specifically, Martin wonders why police did not stop its construction. So far, there is no evidence to support Martin’s claims.

False. There IS evidence.

  • The police didn’t stop the construction. That is a known fact that can’t be disputed. The area of DC around the Capitol and Whitehouse is one of the most heavily policed and surveilled areas in any American city.
  • Likewise, the FBI is a counterintelligence agency. They have every inch of the area around their headquarters monitored by security cameras. There is no doubt that there is closeup video of at least some of these men.

So why aren’t they looking for them? It is reasonable to infer that they aren’t looking for them because they are already known. If the press in this nation was actually doing its job, they would be asking these questions and finding the answers.