Howitzer Deployment

The Biden administration deployed 30 self propelled howitzers to the Ukraine, near the border with Belarus and Russia. The report is that the move also includes several dozen tanks, armored vehicles, and several thousand NATO troops. Sounds to me like an Armored Brigade, which would have 80 M1 tanks, and a few batteries of self propelled artillery.

A similar deployment was made into Poland 4 years ago. Funny how there are mentions of this from several European news sites, but none from the US. Does that mean it is a false report, or is the US media simply ignoring news in Europe?


Congress abdicated its responsibility

The Pentagon says that the National Guard has to take the jab, even though their state governor may be refusing. Why can they do this? Well, here is the theory:

The National Guard is usually controlled by the state , but the president has the power to federalize the guards at any time, which would require the guards to receive the vaccine. Because President Joe Biden has not federalized the guards in Oklahoma, the state mandate stands.

That isn’t how it works. The President can’t call the militia- only Congress can. Article I, Section 8, clause 15:

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;

The President can’t call forth the militia of a state. So how did they get around that? Thank our courts, who decided that, when a person enlists in the state National Guard, he or she is also enlisting in the National Guard of the United States. Congress has thus delegated to the President its authority to call forth the militia, and the courts rubber stamped it.


Failing Empire

The Commandant of the Marine Corps has announced a new plan where some Marine Corps recruits won’t have to attend boot camp. He claims that some positions don’t require Marines to, well, be Marines. So much for “every Marine is a rifleman.”

The rapid rise in importance of the cyber domain, for instance, has challenged us to find creative ways to quickly build critical skills at mid-career and senior levels. Unless we find a means to quickly infuse expertise into the force – at the right ranks – I am concerned that advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, among other fields where the speed of technological change is exponential, will force us into a reactive posture.

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger

When he says it, he claims that cyber warfare is the reason. When I hear it, I think this means each unit will have an assigned “gender studies specialist” or some other political officer assigned to it.

He also wrote that Marines no longer on active duty who now have “critical career experience” should be able to return to service at a higher rank.

“I can envision a Marine who left active duty as a captain or corporal rejoining our ranks as a lieutenant colonel or gunnery sergeant, respectively, after spending 5-7 years working in a cyber or IT field where the service currently lacks capacity,” Berger wrote. “With the right education and experience, that same corporal might also be eligible to return as a mid-grade or senior officer.”

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger

So a person can sign up for 3 years, leave as an E-4, then 5 to 7 years later return as an E7? What about those who stayed? Are they gonna be stuck without promotion because the ones returning are taking up billets? For those who don’t know, a person who enters the service as a brand new O-1 (Second Lieutenant) officer takes a minimum of ten years to be promoted to O-5 (Major).

Sorry, but this destroys the entire idea of the Marines. I say this as one of your Navy brothers: Anyone who serves from this day forward won’t have my respect.

On the other hand, it isn’t like the US Navy is doing much better. Navy ships are becoming rust buckets that are filled with unqualified personnel, which is why they can’t seem to stop colliding with everything that gets near them.

This is the same thing I noted when we talked about this fat ass from Meal Team 6:

Our military is a shell of its former power. If we engage in combat with any near peer adversary, we are going to get our asses kicked.

Glory Days Military

Veterans’ Day

Today is November 11, veterans’ day. As a veteran, I can tell you that I don’t need or want a holiday to honor what I did. I don’t even stand when places ask us to. My wife doesn’t understand why. I just don’t think that I did anything special. If you want to honor someone for their service, please wait for Memorial day.


Scaring the PTB, part 2

Remember when I told you that the Biden administration was scared of losing control over the military? Then news that the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (also known as the Confederate flag) was found flying from the flagpole of the headquarters of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, located at Rose Barracks in Germany, is certainly feeding those fears. The American and German flags for that installation are also missing.

The worry that the military won’t all go along with their plans scares the crap out of them.


Tax dollars well spent

The US Navy is caught in ANOTHER scandal where officers took bribes in exchange for overspending on port services by millions of dollars. It appears as though our military officers are better at lining their own pockets than they are at actually winning wars or avoiding collisions with other ships.

Military Purge opposition

The Purge Continues

I recently asked “Can you imagine how that would go today?” about a sailor who was brought up on charges for saying he was “on the pussy watch” while serving as the sentry in front of the women’s barracks. Well, now we know. Anyone in the military who is accused of sexual harassment will be summarily discharged, as the military will have civilian oversight that will investigate charges of sexual harassment:

For sexual harassment cases, it also calls for independent trained investigators and the mandatory discharge of those who engage in sexual harassment.

I once had a boss who gave us a sexual harassment class. He summed it up perfectly: “Sexual harassment is whatever the woman says it is.” Of course, he said that back in the 90’s. Today, the accuser will also be one of the LGTBQHRY… mafia. Say anything that a person under your command doesn’t like, and your career is over.

Now that isn’t to say that all claims of sexual harassment are bogus. Some men are pigs who will use rank to get sexual favors. However, the vast majority of sexual harassment complaints are not because of that. The vast majority are for perceived slights that exist more in the mind of the accuser than anywhere else.

This is just another tool that will be used to eliminate those who are politically unreliable from the ranks of the military.

COVID Military

Felony for refusing the jab

The President is proposing to court martial and dishonorably discharge any service members who refuse the jab. A dishonorable discharge is a felony conviction.

COVID Military

This week’s COVID update

A couple of things. The cases at the hospital are declining. One of the four hallways that we staffed to handle COVID patients was closed this week because our number of patients fell.

The second, and more interesting to me, piece of information came to me last night. I was having a couple of beers with a some military pilot friends of mine. They were telling me the story of the mandated vaccine. The President declared that, since the Pfizer vaccine was now approved by the FDA, he was mandating that all military members get the vaccine.

The military, being the efficient government agency it is, doesn’t have enough of the Pfizer vaccine for the military to get vaccinated. So they solved it by forcing the military to get the Moderna vaccine. You know, the one that isn’t approved.

Economy Military

We are the Taliban’s bitch

We are sending money to the Taliban. Let one more person try to tell me “We won all of the battles, so we technically didn’t lose to the Taliban.”