Rotting Carcass

We keep hearing from the left how our Ar-15s are no use against an Army that has tanks, aircraft, and artillery. I won’t even bother finding a link to any of those claims. We have all heard them before. But what if all of those toys don’t have any people to run them?

The Army is supposed to be able to engage in Corps level engagements by 2035. The problem with that is our Army is having trouble meeting recruiting goals, and will likely have fewer than 450,000 personnel by October 2023 (pdf alert). That means our Army has only 31 active duty brigades, and those will be understrength. To even reach THAT number of brigades, the Army has had to strip personnel from other locations to the point where readiness has been affected. To put this in perspective, the troops who put ashore on D-Day as a part of Operation Overlord numbered about 160,000 troops. That would be roughly half of our entire Army today. Army planners think that the only way they can maintain 31 brigades is to cut them from 3 battalions per brigade down to 2. Paper tiger, indeed.

So what, you say. We can just bring in the reserves to get our staffing up to snuff, right? Nope. The Army has had so many issues finding officers to command reserve units that they have had to engage in some creative personnel management.

Over a five-year period, 110 command positions could not be filled because the Army Reserve lacked willing commanders. The shortage of willing commanders has become so acute in the Army Reserve that O5 command is no longer an opt-in board to be considered for command, but opt-out board, meaning that lieutenant colonels and majors who are up for promotion who do not wish to command must proactively go into the system and state that they do not wish to be considered for command.

This is creating havoc with morale and retention, which is making the problem even worse.

Army Reserve soldiers have seen commanders who are clearly in their position not because they were highly qualified or competitive, but solely because they put their names on the list, and that is not a good place to be as an organization.

That makes for an Army that won’t be able to put down an uprising of kindergarteners, much less repel an invasion. Reading this would you say that allowing women, fags, and trannies to serve has made our military better, or worse?

The only good thing here is knowing that it will be difficult to slaughter armed citizens when there are no warfighters left. We appear to be back in the days of Jimmy Carter’s hollow military. Sure, some units will be staffed with capable and willing soldiers, but those are far less likely to be gunning down civilians than the woke units that make up the majority of the force.

Military The Collapse

Paper Eagle

China is about to invade Taiwan. I know that Taiwan’s intelligence chief says it won’t happen this year, but hear me out. I would say it will happen before the end of October. Let’s look at why I think so:


The weather in that area of the world becomes too treacherous for an amphibious invasion from the end of October through the end of March. Once fall sets in, the water around Taiwan is too rough for an invasion force. That means putting things off until at least April. Why won’t they do that?


China has mobilized large portions of the PLA, moving a large number of forces to the area, I think we are looking at an invasion within the next 90 days. No country mobilizes a large military force only to call it back.

Those air incursions into Taiwanese airspace haven’t just been saber rattling. Nor was the model of American carrier battlegroups they were using as target practice. These point to a country practicing for war. They are ready to fight and win. Our military is busy learning to put on drag shows and recognizing each other’s pronouns.

Every simulation run by the US military shows China defeating the US in detail. While China has carriers in the area, they won’t need them. The order of battle is impressive:

Military Situation Overwhelmingly Favors China:

The US carriers in the area are the USS Ronald Reagan with Carrier Airwing 5, which has less than 60 F/A-18E Super Hornets embarked. The USS Tripoli with its 20 embarked F-35B‘s is there, as is the USS America, but only carries aircraft for transporting its embarked marine battalion. Taiwan themselves have several hundred first line fighters, but the combined Taiwanese and American aircraft would quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer number of aircraft China has in the area (over 1,000).

There are some airbases on Okinawa (400 miles or so away) where there are a couple of squadrons of F-15s, F-35s, some AWACS, aerial tanker support, and there are a few strategic bombers there (I think B-1s). The rest of the US forces in Okinawa are marines, some spec ops people, support units, and some air defense units. I don’t know if Okinawa based units can get involved, since Japan would have a say and would not want to get drawn into the conflict. If these units DO get involved, expect Japan to get hit with some missile strikes, which would be HUGELY unpopular with the Japanese people, who overwhelmingly don’t want US forces there anyway.

The US is likely to put a dent in an invasion force, if they decide to intervene. A US submarine is likely lurking in the area, and China would lose some amphibious ships to it, that is almost a certainty. If the US becomes involved, there is a better than 50-50 chance that we would lose at least one of those carriers, and a near certainty that we will lose several ships. All of this means thousands of US casualties, perhaps 10,000 or more, within days of the onset of hostilities. Is the US ready for that?

In the end, there is only one possible outcome: Taiwan will fall. The only possible answer for the US would be to accept the loss of Taiwan, or go nuclear. Biden doesn’t have the stomach for nukes, and even if he DID use them, Taiwan will eventually be lost.

So what will happen?

Joe Biden has said that the US is committed to defending Taiwan. South Korea is fully expecting the US to honor that commitment. This puts him in a bind. If we refuse to defend Taiwan, the US looks weak, and we lose more influence in the region. If Biden tries to defend Taiwan then loses anyway, the US looks even weaker and loses influence worldwide. Then we also know that China owns Biden’s greedy, crooked ass.

The US has never been weaker, with a weak leader, weak economy, and a failing military. American political and military leadership is a joke.

In short, we have already lost. China knows it. The US military knows it. So does Foggy Bottom. I’m not sure Joe Biden knows it, but he is a senile old man. The only reason that China hasn’t invaded yet is that they don’t want to lose the US as a trading partner, but the US is quickly failing as an economic powerhouse and is no longer the profit center it once was.

For all of the above reasons, I think China invades Taiwan before Halloween. I think the US does nothing but whine and complain to the UN. I also think that this does severe damage to our influence in the Far East.

This is strangely reminiscent of Japan’s actions a century ago. Japan’s big failure then was that they didn’t have raw materials and depended on imports. China learned from that. They have access to all of the raw materials they need. We are looking at China becoming THE dominate world power for the foreseeable future.

The US, on the other hand, is staring at economic collapse and political instability. The peak of the American empire has come and gone.


Okinawa also has a squadron of F-22 Raptors, but China has them outnumbered ten to one with their own advanced fighters. Even if the Raptor is a better airplane, quantity has a quality all its own.


This is why

When I first went into the military, one of the things I used to hear from the old timers were stories about how bad things were just a few years before. I heard about people using drugs right out in the open. I heard stories about how officers were afraid to enter certain areas of the ship without an escort. The post Vietnam military was a mess.

Now it’s worse. We have ships rusting away.

Want to know why? Shit like this:

If things kick off in Europe or Taiwan, our military is going to get its collective ass kicked.

Military War on the Right

Marching to War

I just can’t figure out who the left is more interested in warring against. As the US military sends F-22s to Europe, it seems as if it is Russia. Then I see a story where the left is looking for a Civil War where they get to purge the nation of Republicans and other despicables, and I just don’t know.



When I was in the military, split tails routinely used the fact that they are women to get men in trouble.

That’s why I don’t feel sorry for these chicks.

Military Purge opposition

Military Purge

The military continues eliminating officers for political unreliability.

Anti American left Military


They claim that AR-15 owning gun owners can’t possibly hope to fight the US military. I doubt that. The US military will be too busy protesting the lack of abortion access to worry about my AR-15.

What I want to know is when the Article 15 proceedings begin. Or does that only apply to the right?


Data Point

The US Army is changing the paint scheme for its vehicles from desert tan to woodland green. What is odd about this is that the woodland green is usually the primer for a camouflage paint scheme.

Instead of using it as a primer color like the US Army in Europe has done. In this case, it appears like the woodland green will simply be the final color. Why?

Military tyranny War on the Right

Can They Guard Everything?

Let me get this straight- the left was seriously contemplating using the military to prevent parents from addressing their local school boards?

That would piss me off to the point where I would consider this to be martial law. So let me ask this- how many troops would it take to guard every school board, every school board member, and every school board member’s family? To create a secure bubble with a radius of 300 yards, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week?

According to their Wikipedia page, the NSBA represents 90,000 local school board members and the 3,000 attorneys that advise them. So let’s say that a security detail would require 6 personnel at a time, meaning that this would require about 20 armed security personnel per member plus their families. Assuming an average of 2.5 people per school board member, the trigger pullers alone would require that the US commit something on the order of 4,500,000 troops. By the time you add in logistical and support personnel, the entire national guard and army combined would need to be deployed. Even with all of that, some school board members are gonna get smoked, if for no other reason that to prove a point.

The dumbasses on the left have no idea what they are talking about or what kind of numbers they need to do any of this stuff.

Military Police State tyranny

World Police

The US is upset that a recent court ruling jeopardizes the US in its quest to be the world drug police. I hope so. What a colossal waste of US taxpayer funds.