Getting Worse

Yes, the first information from a major event is usually wrong. It’s called the ‘fog of war’ and it’s a well known phenomenon. The problem is that the news coming out from Trump’s attempted assassination keeps making the entire even glow brighter as time goes on.

The latest is that the police spotted the shooter on that roof at 5:45, called it in and took a picture of him. Trump didn’t take the stage until 6:05. The shots were fired at 6:11.

So when the suspicious person was called in, why did Trump’s detail still allow him to take the stage? Why didn’t anyone go over there and check it out? Was this incompetence? Complacency? Or something more sinister?

We will never know the truth.

So Far

Here is what we know about the Trump assassination attempt so far:

  1. a random 20 year old acting completely alone walked to within 150 yards of a presidential campaign rally with a rifle
  2. climbed onto a rooftop, fully within the view of two Secret Service sniper teams
  3. even though multiple people told the authorities that there was a man on the roof top with a rifle, only one of the even investigated, and he ran away without telling anyone else once the 20 year old pointed a gun at him
  4. set up his shot and fired without anyone intervening
  5. with no help from anyone.
  6. He once tried to join his school’s rifle club, but his aim was so bad he hit the side wall instead of the end wall where the target was, so didn’t make the team
  7. He was also so politically radical as to attempt an assassination, but not radical enough to have ever posted any political writings or commentary on any social media site, ever
  8. He also wrote no manifesto and left behind no indication about why he did it
  9. The password and encryption on his cell phone is so airtight that the entire Federal government can’t crack it
  10. He committed only two political acts before attempting to kill the Republican candidate, and that was to register as a Republican and donate $15 to Act Blue.

You must believe this and ask no questions about it, or else you are a conspiracy theorist. One thing we know about assassination attempts is that there’s never any conspiring involved.

Things are going to deteriorate at a faster rate. It’s going to seem blindingly fast in retrospect.

Domestic Enemies

The FBI is claiming that the Trump shooting yesterday is domestic terrorism. I don’t like it. It’s becoming more obvious to me that it was a false flag. This wasn’t a psychotic nut bag gunning down a classroom full of kids, this was a directed, determined assassin taking a shot at the candidate who the left already tried to impeach, prosecute, and sue out of the race.

Are they about to play some sort of game where they declare Trump or Republicans to be terrorists?

What is the play here?

Rigging the Election, Sowing Confusion

Long time readers know that I have been saying for more than three years that the left would kill Donald Trump before letting him retake the Oval office. Even Tucker Carlson said the same last August and was lambasted for it, I believed the term used was “bonkers.”

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, what happened yesterday was genius. The pictures of the shooter, wearing a t-shirt from a progun Youtube channel, then news that he was a Republican are simply genius. Had a purple-haired tranny been the shooter, the civil war would have begun almost immediately.

Instead, what we now see is a fig leaf that will keep many on the fence and allow both sides of the aisle to pander for gun control, thus creating enough of a smoke screen to permit an organized PR campaign calling people who disagree “conspiracy theorists.” He is supposedly a registered Republican, yet was donating money to leftist causes?

A voter-registration record showed that Mr. Crooks was registered as a Republican, though federal campaign-finance records show he donated $15 to the Progressive Turnout Project, a liberal voter turnout group, through the Democratic donation platform ActBlue in January 2021.

I don’t believe it.

I have worked with the Secret Service (not as an employee- they enlist local government for assistance) during three different Presidencies, and they are pretty good at what they do. They don’t let anyone get that close to their protectees. So how, I am asking, did a man armed with a rifle get within 150 yards of a secret service principal and no one noticed? Then there is this story with video of how they were warned about the armed man, and did nothing.

I don’t believe that story.

This was the swamp, trying to take Trump out. They are scared, they are willing to kill him, and by extension, they are willing to kill you. We have reached the point where people are voting from the rooftops, but the only people voting appear to me to be intelligence agency operatives.

Of Course It Was A Show Trial

The left keeps saying that Biden had nothing to do with the Trump prosecution. They are also lying. The third highest ranking official in the Department of Justice under Joe Biden, a man who was once the Acting Attorney General, Matthew Colangelo, resigned from his job at the DOJ in December of 2022 so that he could accept a job as Senior Counsel to the District Attorney of New York, working directly for Alvin Bragg. His job for Bragg was to oversee the NY AG’s most sensitive and high-profile white-collar investigations.

The issue is that Colangelo doesn’t have much experience in white-collar prosecutions. What he did have, however, is a wealth of knowledge about Donald Trump. As early as the Spring of 2023, the Daily Beast was celebrating the fact that Colangelo was the “secret weapon” of the DOJ that had been “dogging” Trump for years.

Colangelo delivered the opening statement at the trial, telling jurors that Trump “orchestrated a criminal scheme to corrupt the 2016 presidential election; then he covered up that criminal conspiracy by lying in his New York business records over and over and over again.”

Before he worked for the DOJ, he worked for the NY AG’s office as the Executive Deputy Attorney General for Social Justice, before being hired to serve in the Obama administration as a Deputy Assistant to President Obama.

This is nothing more than the communists who are running the Obama administration are trying to seize power and overthrow the government.

This is how Liberty Dies

I usually comb the Internet and social media in search of blog fodder. That is hard to come by today, because the Internet and the news cycle is dominated by the left cheering that the sitting President was able to toss his main political opponent in prison. This makes it difficult to find anything to write about that isn’t simply TDS porn.

Trump understood something that Biden does not: Throwing your political rivals in prison may make your supporters cheer with glee, but at the cost of destroying the very rule of law that always made this nation the shining beacon on the hill. That is no more…

We have officially joined the long list of nations where votes don’t matter, and dictators have their political opponents jailed or killed.

Stupidity is giving me a headache

Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Funny, it’s Congress that has the power. Not the states. Not Colorado. It says so right there, and anyone with a third grade reading comprehension understands that.

No, because Article III doesn’t have anything like the Section 5 that is found in the 14th Amendment, and neither does the 22nd Amendment. The left loves to look at every word and twist it to their advantage, (well-regulated militia) but then ignores words that it finds inconvenient. (“Congress has the power,” “right of the people,” or “reserved to the states”)

The left is made up of petulant children who throw temper tantrums whenever anything doesn’t go their way. You point that out, and they immediately began screaming “J6! J6!”

I know that CW2 would be a disaster, but this slow motion collapse is really beginning to wear on me. The left is playing for all of the marbles.

Let’s just get it on, already. This is one of those days for me. I am just over these assholes.

OK, I have to go do something else, something productive for a while, or I am going to blow a gasket.

Enemy of the People

Remember when AOC was advocating an enemies list? They had a website and everything. They were openly talking about targeting Trump supporters and putting them in reeducation camps. They have been making those lists since the 2020 election. The post office is tracking who gets what, like NRA mailers, Trump fundraising requests, and other markers of freedom support.

It turns out that they never stopped in that effort. The Federal prosecutors have a list of people who supported, retweeted, or made any comments in support of Donald Trump. They aren’t just going after him, his cabinet, his lawyers, and anyone else in his inner circle. That’s just the start. They have an official list of enemies of the people. We in gun circles have long said that the only reason for a firearm registry is to facilitate confiscation. Likewise, the only reason for a list of Trump supporters is to populate the reeducation camps that they have already told us we will be sent to.

People have called me a paranoid asshole for over 30 years because I have taken the position that gun ownership means being able to resist government tyranny. Now the left is coming right out and telling you their plan to haul you off for reeducation. Do you still think I am paranoid?

The camps are coming. HRC announced it, as we talked about less than two months ago. Keep an eye out for people who start disappearing. There is no longer any doubt- they are coming. It is now just a matter of timing.

My theory is that Trump will be defeated in one fashion or another, and then there will be an enabling incident that will either occur organically or will be staged. That will be all the excuse that they need to start things off.

Rush your preparations to completion.

  • Make sure that you have guns, body armor, magazines, and ammunition.
  • Cache some of them off site. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Know who the people in your area are. Know where the liberals live. Try to figure out who the informers are.
  • Know how to escape your home neighborhood and your job on foot. Have a BOB in your vehicle. They may come for you while you aren’t home.
  • Practice an escape and evasion plan.

Do it. Your life will probably depend on it. If they DO come for you, don’t go quietly in the hope that they will let you go or kill you last. The Soviets have a road built by the residents of the Gulags- there are a million people’s bones in the pavement of that road.