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Refuse to Do Business

Yesterday, I wrote that small businesses should refuse to do business with people who live in California, because they are exporting their police to enforce California law on other states. Now here comes New York, going after large businesses.

They are investigating whether Tyson foods violated New York anti gouging laws by charging higher prices for meat during the COVID lockdowns. Tyson is refusing to comply with the subpoena, claiming that they cannot be investigated in New York for the price of meat charged by them in Arkansas.

This has a logical outcome. If the state of New York wants to mess around and force companies to sell food at a loss, then companies will simply stop selling there. No matter how large the market, if profits aren’t there, then there is no reason to sell there. It’s like the old SNL skit.

The original skit ended with “People ask us how we can make money, when all we do is make change. The answer to that is simple: volume.” For some reason SNL removed that line from the bit. Maybe because people today wouldn’t get it.

New York doesn’t get it. No matter how many people who live there, if there is no profit, companies won’t do business there. That is the essence of the national split we see today. The cities can’t impose their will upon the rural areas without limit. There will be push back, and there lies the source of our national split.

We as a nation are headed for divorce. The people in the middle of the country will only be pushed so far. The cities will have to play nice, or they will found out just what cold, dark, and hungry are.

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Paper Eagle

China is about to invade Taiwan. I know that Taiwan’s intelligence chief says it won’t happen this year, but hear me out. I would say it will happen before the end of October. Let’s look at why I think so:


The weather in that area of the world becomes too treacherous for an amphibious invasion from the end of October through the end of March. Once fall sets in, the water around Taiwan is too rough for an invasion force. That means putting things off until at least April. Why won’t they do that?


China has mobilized large portions of the PLA, moving a large number of forces to the area, I think we are looking at an invasion within the next 90 days. No country mobilizes a large military force only to call it back.

Those air incursions into Taiwanese airspace haven’t just been saber rattling. Nor was the model of American carrier battlegroups they were using as target practice. These point to a country practicing for war. They are ready to fight and win. Our military is busy learning to put on drag shows and recognizing each other’s pronouns.

Every simulation run by the US military shows China defeating the US in detail. While China has carriers in the area, they won’t need them. The order of battle is impressive:

Military Situation Overwhelmingly Favors China:

The US carriers in the area are the USS Ronald Reagan with Carrier Airwing 5, which has less than 60 F/A-18E Super Hornets embarked. The USS Tripoli with its 20 embarked F-35B‘s is there, as is the USS America, but only carries aircraft for transporting its embarked marine battalion. Taiwan themselves have several hundred first line fighters, but the combined Taiwanese and American aircraft would quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer number of aircraft China has in the area (over 1,000).

There are some airbases on Okinawa (400 miles or so away) where there are a couple of squadrons of F-15s, F-35s, some AWACS, aerial tanker support, and there are a few strategic bombers there (I think B-1s). The rest of the US forces in Okinawa are marines, some spec ops people, support units, and some air defense units. I don’t know if Okinawa based units can get involved, since Japan would have a say and would not want to get drawn into the conflict. If these units DO get involved, expect Japan to get hit with some missile strikes, which would be HUGELY unpopular with the Japanese people, who overwhelmingly don’t want US forces there anyway.

The US is likely to put a dent in an invasion force, if they decide to intervene. A US submarine is likely lurking in the area, and China would lose some amphibious ships to it, that is almost a certainty. If the US becomes involved, there is a better than 50-50 chance that we would lose at least one of those carriers, and a near certainty that we will lose several ships. All of this means thousands of US casualties, perhaps 10,000 or more, within days of the onset of hostilities. Is the US ready for that?

In the end, there is only one possible outcome: Taiwan will fall. The only possible answer for the US would be to accept the loss of Taiwan, or go nuclear. Biden doesn’t have the stomach for nukes, and even if he DID use them, Taiwan will eventually be lost.

So what will happen?

Joe Biden has said that the US is committed to defending Taiwan. South Korea is fully expecting the US to honor that commitment. This puts him in a bind. If we refuse to defend Taiwan, the US looks weak, and we lose more influence in the region. If Biden tries to defend Taiwan then loses anyway, the US looks even weaker and loses influence worldwide. Then we also know that China owns Biden’s greedy, crooked ass.

The US has never been weaker, with a weak leader, weak economy, and a failing military. American political and military leadership is a joke.

In short, we have already lost. China knows it. The US military knows it. So does Foggy Bottom. I’m not sure Joe Biden knows it, but he is a senile old man. The only reason that China hasn’t invaded yet is that they don’t want to lose the US as a trading partner, but the US is quickly failing as an economic powerhouse and is no longer the profit center it once was.

For all of the above reasons, I think China invades Taiwan before Halloween. I think the US does nothing but whine and complain to the UN. I also think that this does severe damage to our influence in the Far East.

This is strangely reminiscent of Japan’s actions a century ago. Japan’s big failure then was that they didn’t have raw materials and depended on imports. China learned from that. They have access to all of the raw materials they need. We are looking at China becoming THE dominate world power for the foreseeable future.

The US, on the other hand, is staring at economic collapse and political instability. The peak of the American empire has come and gone.


Okinawa also has a squadron of F-22 Raptors, but China has them outnumbered ten to one with their own advanced fighters. Even if the Raptor is a better airplane, quantity has a quality all its own.

The Collapse

What price, now?

There was a story I read when I was younger, a short story by Robert Louis Stevenson. The story is about a working class native of Hawaii, Keawe, who buys a strange bottle from a sad, elderly gentleman who credits the bottle with his wealth and fortune, and promises the imp in the bottle will also grant Keawe his every wish and desire.

Of course, there is a catch — the bottle must be sold at a loss, i.e. for less than its owner originally paid, or else it will simply return to him. The currency used in the transaction must also be in coin (not paper currency or check). The bottle may not be thrown or given away. If an owner of the bottle dies without having sold it in the prescribed manner, that person’s soul will burn for eternity in Hell.

The bottle was said to have been brought to Earth by the Devil and first purchased by Prester John for millions of dollars; it was owned by Napoleon and Captain James Cook but each sold it. At the time of the story the price has diminished to eighty dollars, and declines rapidly to a matter of pennies.

The problem here is that as the price approaches a penny, it will become harder and harder to sell the bottle, as the buyer will be in fear of being left holding the bag.

This tale reminds me of our current national debt. As our debt increases, the interest payments will balloon. They can only get so large before default is inevitable. At that point, anyone in possession of a US bond will be stuck with worthless paper. Because of this, the returns for these bonds will have to increase, so as to entice people in taking the risk of buying them, which will make the interest payments higher, thus making the end that much closer.

The Collapse

Forever Gone

For those of you who believe that all we have to do is vote, let me point out that the changes being put in place by the Biden administration aren’t anything that can be simply changed. Even if voting works, we are screwed for a generation or more.

Biden isn’t just putting some policies in place that can be changed with an executive order. No, he is dismantling our gasoline producing infrastructure. He is planning on closing the ammunition plant that makes 5.56. He is going to allow the chip manufacturer in Taiwan be overrun by the Chinese.

In the meantime, he stymies investigations into Chinese fair trade violations. In this particular case, it actually makes it less likely that the US will move to green energy because it prevents American solar manufacturers from competing against Chinese products that are being labeled as coming from other countries while at the same time not providing DPA protections to US firms. This is crippling US solar manufacturing.

The damage that he is doing to the west is not easily repaired. It will take years, perhaps a decade or more, to repair the infrastructure that is being destroyed right now. In the meantime, China will become the world’s largest and most powerful nation. The US is about to become a second world nation.

It’s almost like Biden is an employee of the Chinese government.

The Collapse


Revlon has declared bankruptcy. The DOW today is down another 800 points, falling to the lowest level in more than a year. The S&P 500 fell to a new 52 week low today. In fact, it is lower than when Biden was inaugurated.

The wheels are coming off.

economics The Collapse

75 basis points coming at ya

The Fed is expected to raise the benchmark funds rate by three quarters of a percent today. Goldman Sachs is now predicting consecutive 75 basis point rate hikes in June and July, followed by a 50 basis point move in September and 25 basis point moves in November and December, taking the fed funds rate to a range of 3.25%-3.5% by the end of the year.

Keep in mind that the rate has been, with the exception of FY2019, at an average of less than one percent since 2008. The Fed chairman has now said that he will have to purposely cause a recession in order to get inflation under control. Think about that for a minute, and what that means. The powers that be are going to purposely shut down the nation’s economy.

Meanwhile, gas prices near me are at $4.95 a gallon. If I drive 10 miles away, I can hit Sam’s club and get $4.53 a gallon, meaning that a single fill up of my pickup’s 40 gallon gas tank pays for nearly my entire annual membership fee.

Things are about to get a whole lot worse. We are so incredibly screwed.

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I’ve Been Thinking

I asked a couple of days ago why they were making such a big deal about the police not doing their jobs. I was wondering what the end game was, and I think I have it. They are following the Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” and the CIA insurgency manual. If you are unfamiliar with them, I did a three part series on them back in 2020. You can find part one here, part two here, and part three is here.

When an attempted overthrow of a government is in the works, one of the things that needs to happen is a loss of trust in the government’s ability to run things and provide needed services to its citizens. They do this by using violence and mayhem to both make the citizens feel unsafe, and to sabotage infrastructure so that people are crying out for basic services.

Once the people don’t trust the government to do that job any more, they turn to the revolutionaries to do it for them, and the revolutionaries step in and “fix” the problem that they themselves created. I think we are seeing a variation of that. The left already hates the local and state police. Now all they have to do is get the right on board.

American Greatness thinks that this is exactly what is happening to the police, and I can’t say that I disagree with them. That is no way means that I am going to support cops who stand around and arrest parents while children are being murdered, but I see what is happening.

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Educating a Leftie

A leftie made an appearance in the comments section here at Sector Ocho. He made some claims that I want to address. This post is an attempt to educate, not engage in personal attacks. Perhaps this poor, misguided leftist has good motives, but simply isn’t aware that he is mistaken. This will either set him straight, or prove that he is a partisan hack. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now, and simply assume that his is uninformed, rather than being willfully deceptive. His claims will be in red. So here they are, along with my response:

Putin helped Trump defeat Clinton

As far as the “Russian collusion” hoax, that has already been proven to have been instigated by agents of the HRC campaign. Further, the FBI and the news media KNEW that it was a false claim, but chose to bury the story.

The Left screamed when Trump defeated Clinton… But other than lawsuits and impeachment hearings, not too much violence.

Unless you count the violence that occurred in Portland during Trump’s election campaign in 2016, where 113 people who would later become associated with Antifa were arrested for causing a violent riot there and in Sacramento.

Or the riots that occurred in New York, Seattle, DC, and Portland during Trump’s 2017 inauguration. In DC alone, over 200 people were arrested for taking part in the violence. According to CNN, “Bursts of chaos erupted on 12th and K streets as black-clad “antifascist” protesters smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police lined up in an eastbound crosswalk.”

In February, leftist protesters started a violent clash while opposing Milo Yiannopoulos making an appearance at US Berkeley, doing more than $100,000 in damage. Two Young Republicans were severely beaten and had to be hospitalized. The attackers, who were not affiliated with the university, were taken into custody by UC Berkeley police.

Black-clad protesters wearing masks threw commercial-grade fireworks and rocks at police. Some even hurled Molotov cocktails that ignited fires. They also smashed windows of the student union center on the Berkeley campus where the Yiannopoulos event was to be held.

At least six people were injured. Some were attacked by the agitators – who are a part of an anarchist group known as the “Black Bloc” that has been causing problems in Oakland for years, said Dan Mogulof, UC Berkeley spokesman.

March saw more leftist initiated violence. Again in Berkeley, the Black Bloc again attacked people attending a Trump rally. A group of self described Antifascists were responsible.

It happened in April, again in Berkeley. Antifa again attacked Trump supporters.

A May Day rally in Portland, Oregon, descended into chaos when the “anti-fascists” showed up, attacking police officers and setting fires. The same day, police in Olympia, Wash., say they were confronted with a “mob” of masked and violent protesters who threw rocks and used slingshots to target officers.

In June of 2017, there was James Hodgkinson, who engaged police in a ten minute gun battle when he tried to gun down the Republican Congressional baseball team while they were practicing for the annual charity baseball game.

The deadly attack at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville happened in August. The man who carried out the attack was sent to prison for life plus 419 years. Antifa again responded by attacking attendees at another Trump rally.

The Right screamed when Biden defeated Trump.

That has been blogged about in numerous places. I will let the post of Larry Correia speak volumes.

And their response was to ‘take a peaceful tour of the Capitol’, right?

No less peaceful than the “peaceful protests” of the summer of 2020.

Most (not all) of the violence has been performed by your side.

I think that the selected violence from 2017 that I have illustrated in this post shows that you are mistaken. In addition, don’t forget the 400 or so armed leftists that occupied a city block in Portland, using force and refusing to obey court order to vacate a house when the tenants refused to leave the property.

There is also CHAZ (CHOP), AFAC, and numerous other armed groups that have openly declared war on the right.

If the Left begins the next ‘Civil War’, as you call it, I would dare say it was instigated by the Right.

I would argue that the Civil War has already begun, and it was started by violent acts perpetrated by those on the left. It could be argued that the first shots in the second American Civil War have been fired, but that will be a question better left for the historians in some future decade.

It’s just that the right hasn’t gotten sufficiently pissed off to fight back yet. Remember that the right owns 400 million or so firearms, along with several billion rounds of ammunition. We go out on the weekends and shoot at stuff because we think it is fun to see how accurate we can be, how far away we can still punch holes in things. There are those on the right who can hit man sized targets at over a mile. I don’t consider myself to be an exceptionally good shot, and I can reliably hit man sized targets at several hundred yards. We just aren’t pissed off enough yet.

economics The Collapse


California average gas prices just broke $6 a gallon. The national average is currently 25% less than that at $4.59 a gallon, but many experts are calling for gas prices to reach $6 a gallon within the next 60 days. So they are calling for a 25% increase in 2 months, meaning that fuel prices are now doubling every 8 months. Since everything you buy has to be transported from one place to the other, this will continue to contribute to inflation.

In fact, gas stations in Washington state are already preparing for $10 a gallon gasoline prices. We are on the cusp of seeing hyperinflation and a collapse of the US economy.

The Collapse War on the Right

Six Months To Election

We are six months out from an election, so you know what that means.

Antifa is attacking political opponents again. Keep in mind that Portland is listed as a Zone 5 area and should be considered to be behind enemy lines.