Be Realistic

This is to the people who commented on my post of last week, and that includes Aesop. Let me address a few of the points here.

  • So we have rampant illegals entering the country. How do you stop that? Voting for Republicans? Where has that gotten us? Or do you want to head to the border and take on the cartels, US law enforcement, and the national guard? Is that the hill you literally want to die on?
  • We haven’t built a refinery in 40 years. So? Are you going to use guns and force people to build some? Vote for one?
  • You think you’re going to cause a societal collapse? How? You have a plan?

To Aesop: Yes, I believe that a collapse of this country is mathematically certain. There is no other possible outcome at this point. We are more than $31 trillion in actual debt, with another $50 trillion in mandated spending just in Social Security payments over the next decade. What do you think will happen to the first Congresscritter that proposes cutting those checks? His career will be measured in days. No politician is going near that third rail of politics. Top that off with another $4 trillion in interest payments on the debt we already have. In case you haven’t been paying attention, we are borrowing $1.2 trillion a year, and there is no motivation from either party to slow down the spending spree.

So even if you were to overthrow the powers that be, who do you put in charge? What will they do to fix it? Who in the American public will accept the fact that Uncle Sam has put away the checkbook? Will the 69 million people currently on Social Security accept the fact that the checks have stopped? How about the additional 10 million people who are due to begin collecting within the next 7 years? Will they accept the fact that there is no more money? How about the 93 million people on Medicaid? The 41 million on food stamps? 65 million on Welfare? Now I know that there is a good bit of overlap, but my best guess is that just about half of the country is receiving some form of government handout. What will they do when you, having overthrown the current powers that be, announce that there is no money?

One in 20 US adults is collecting disability. I personally know five people who are, and they seem to have no problems riding roller coasters, running marathons, and going out partying. There are lawyers out there that make a living on disability payments for “back injuries” and “fibromyalgia.” I warned my readers about this a decade ago. Then in 2016, I warned all of you that we were monetizing the debt, and it would eventually cause inflation.

Nope. Every path forward ends in one place: we stop spending more than we have.

There is no path to victory that results in a return to the good old days, whatever you consider those to be. It’s a fact. No matter who is in charge, we are broke. Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Libertarians, it won’t matter. Once the rest of the world figures it out, there is going to be an end to the dollar as a reserve currency. Then when the general population realizes this, there will be plenty of unrest and riots for everyone to participate.

You can’t shoot your way out of this. You can’t protest it away. Mathematics and economics are cold-hearted, inescapable bitches. There aren’t any sides to join. You can’t cross over and join the side of math. Once the money is gone, it’s gone. Like a Terminator, economic reality can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with, and it will not stop until you are dead.

At the end of World War 2, this nation inherited a world where we were the most dominant manufacturing, farming, and economic nation in the world, mostly because the rest of the developed world had seen its farms and factories destroyed by warfare. This created a golden age for the US. Instead of continuing to work and maintain that standard of living, the Baby Boomers partied and spent it all on baubles and bullshit. Once that was gone, they began to borrow from future generations. It became a never ending spree of parties and excess. That’s why they won’t give up power today. They would rather be wheeled in to office looking like a moving corpse than give up power.

I have seen better looking corpses

What’s unfortunate is that we, the Gen X people inherited the world that they created, and many of us tried to continue the party, but the money must eventually run out. So Generation X, the Millennials, and the Snowflake generation are going to inherit what is left: a dying society and a pile of unpaid bills.

When all of this comes to a head, we are going to get a new nation. My guess is that we will see one of two outcomes:

  1. A nation that is made up of the territory we have now, perhaps with some losses of territory that we just can’t defend (Alaska, Hawaii, the Pacific territories, Puerto Rico, and the counties located along the Mexican border) because we are out of money. That nation will likely wind up as a dictatorship.
  2. A nation that is made up of fractured pieces of what used to be the US. I think that in this outcome, the US will fracture into ten or more regional states. Again, the Pacific territories and Hawaii will belong to China. Alaska will either go to Russia or China. Large areas of the nation, centered around the largest cities, will become third world shitholes. Going anywhere within 50 miles of places like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, Saint Louis, or DC will mean taking your life in your hands.

If you want to see where we are headed, look no further than this post from 2010.

It’s gonna be shitty for awhile. So my position still stands. I will, of course, entertain anyone who sees another path forward. Tell me how I am wrong, or tell me how we avoid an economic collapse, and don’t tell me how you are going to get half the nation to accept the money hose getting shut off without tearing the nation apart. Heck, half of the people who read this blog will argue about how the DESERVE their social security checks, because they paid into the system for their entire working life. People just aren’t ready to admit that their money is gone- it’s been spent already. The boomers in charge have spent it all. There is no trust fund- it’s just a file cabinet full of IOUs.

My Thoughts

I understand the frustration. So many out there feel that nothing is being done to restore the Republic. I get it, and I feel it myself, at times. You want something to be done, you want things to be the way that they were. The sad truth is that those days are gone. Life will never again be the way that it was. What we are watching here is the death of the country that we grew up with. Because we are living it, it seems to be happening in slow motion. From a historical perspective, it probably won’t be viewed that way.

Look at the American revolution as an example. We think of the American revolution as happening quickly, but that wasn’t the case at all. The Stamp Act was passed in 1765, while the Boston massacre didn’t occur until 1770. The Boston Tea Party was not until 1773. The battle of Lexington and Concord didn’t happen until 1775, a decade after the Stamp Act. The colonists didn’t defeat Cornwallis until 1781. Rhode Island, the last of the colonies to ratify the Constitution, didn’t do so until 1790, 25 years after the Stamp Act. These things seem slow while you are living through them, not so much when viewed centuries later.

That which cannot continue forever, won’t. That includes this nation. Nearly every nation on the planet has seen its government fall and be replaced since this country came into existence. There is no reason to view our own nation any differently. There is nothing that we can do about it: collectively, or individually, we are doomed to watch as the nation we love falls into the dustbin of history. I will leave it to future historians to decide exactly when the fall of this nation began. They will have a much better perspective than those of us who are living it.

It’s mathematically and historically certain at this point- our government and the nation it is nominally in charge of are about to fail. There is nothing that can prevent that. Do you think the American citizens will sit idly by while Conservative militias tell them that their social security and welfare are a thing of the past? How large will the riots be when the free money machine stops flowing?

As I said previously, those who step forward and try to change things are not going to succeed. There are only two outcomes in that endeavor: we fail and wind up dead or in prison, which is exactly what happened to the J6 protesters, or we succeed in removing the communists who are trying to overthrow the government and- do what?

  • We would still be living under a government with $30 something trillion in debts and another couple hundred trillion in as yet unfunded liabilities. Those over 45 or so are going to demand their Social Security, which we cannot afford to pay. Any one who thinks otherwise is foolishly deluded. The entire world is on the verge of an economic collapse caused by profligate spending and loose fiscal policy.
  • The bloated bureaucracy that is the Federal government. What to do with it? What are all of those workers going to be doing while you are telling them that they are fired? Sure, the government may have fallen by that point, but you still have a large number of now unemployed Feds who will be fighting for power. It will make the Somali warlord faction fight small by comparison.
  • With all of that going on, the Chinese and Russians are not going to stand idly by and do nothing. Likewise, neither are the Mexican cartels. As soon as the US government is weak, expect those who are strong to take action. So any new government will have to deal with that while also trying to get the domestic house in order.

I can see what is coming, and it looks grim. The thing that scares me, what keeps me up at night, is the fear that my vision of the poverty, violence, and unrest that will come when the system fails isn’t close to what the reality will be.

The time for saving our nation has passed. In the words of John Cleese:

“This parrot is no more! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! This is a late parrot! It’s a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies! It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot!”

We need to understand that our government is using fiscal nails to keep the US government on its perch. When that perch fails is anyone’s guess, but the signs are there that it is coming. All that is keeping our nation on that perch is pure momentum and lots of soon to be worthless dollars.

You aren’t going to fix those problems with a charge up Bunker Hill, Capitol Hill, or any other hill. To try and do so would be an exercise in futility and a waste of your life. Even should you survive that battle, what of the next?

When I worked in public safety, we used to make tactical decisions that were based on one overriding concern: what are we risking, versus what do we stand to gain? Are we going to risk the lives of rescuers to save an empty building? Probably not. Risk nothing to save nothing. Minimize risk to maximize gain. We learned to recognize when a building was lost, and to take steps to minimize our losses. That was actually one of the more difficult things that you have to learn to accept as a firefighter, a paramedic, or a nurse: You can’t save every puppy in the pound. So we save what we can, and we learn to be around for the next time. That is what we need to do here.

You foolishly think that the Us military won’t fire on civilians? Pshh. You haven’t been paying attention to history.

  • Veterans protesting and demanding what pay they were owed from WW1 were attacked by troops led by McArthur and Patton in 1925. The troops used tanks, bayonets, and chemical agents on old men, women, and children.
  • In 1921, the Army used bombers, nerve gas, and aerial bombardment on unionized miners who had armed themselves and were refusing to work while protesting working conditions in coal mines.
  • In 1970, Twenty-eight National Guard soldiers fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds at Kent State, killing four protesters of the Vietnam war, and wounding nine others.
  • The Waco siege used Bradley Armored Fighting Vehicles, M728 Combat Engineer Vehicles and 2 M1A1 Abrams Tanks from the US Army and Texas National Guard.
  • and on, and on, and…

So what can we do? What SHOULD we do? Exactly what we are doing, that’s what. Watch, make sure that you, your families, and your like minded neighbors are in as good a position for weathering the coming storm as you can be. Have food, water, and shelter taken care of. Make sure you have skills in as many fields as possible: know some medicine, how to grow food, how to repair things. Those skills you don’t have, make friends with those locally who do have them. Make sure you aren’t a freeloader- bring skills to the table that those others will need. Store your wealth in things that aren’t measured in dollars. In other words, don’t put all of your eggs in the stock market, in cash, or the bank. When the economy collapses, all of that will become worthless. Instead, own land, own tangible things that are useful like a home, precious metals, tools, ammunition, canning supplies, and other things that are useful in trade.

So my advice here is to recognize that securing your own position through this is the best course of action. Understand what you can and cannot change, learn to tell the difference, and adapt to that which you cannot change. Governments fall, but the people remain. Make sure that you are one of the ones who remain. I know that some of you will think that this sounds defeatist, and maybe it is. I just don’t think that there is any way to change the course that this nation is on. It will play out, and my objective is to still be around to see what comes after.

Now if trouble should come to me, then I will handle things as I see fit. That includes door to door confiscation, but I am not going to go out looking for trouble.

If you still feel that all we are doing here is talking and you disagree with me, feel free to go out there and stack up. Do what you think you have to do. Just don’t say that you weren’t warned, and don’t sit safely behind your computer keyboard and tell me that I am a coward when you yourself aren’t doing shit.


In 2021, this was an example of the soldiers that they were protecting the Capitol with:

This is now the soldiers that are in the Army today:

What is our military good for? Shows of force to keep the regime in power by frightening the population into subservience?

Stroke of the Pen, Law of the Land

Another bureaucratic action is being taken by the Biden administration. This time, the EPA submitted a proposed rule for public comments that would ban most refrigerants by January 1, 2025. Industry experts weighed in against the rule, or at least pointed out that it wasn’t feasible on the timeline. As usual, the government ignored the comments and is passing it any way.

The replacement refrigerants are all toxic and flammable, with equipment needing to be redesigned and technicians needing to be trained to handle them safely. This cant be done in only 18 months. The EPA doesn’t care.

This regime is deliberately destroying the US. They’ve told you that’s the goal, why do so few people believe it?

TN is Next to Fall

The legislature of the state of Tennessee is now powerless. Earlier, three of its members decided that they did not want to address the issues that the remainder of the body wanted to deliberate on that day. They led protesters into the chamber, and using bullhorns, they wrested control of the days agenda from the other 96 members of the legislative body, refusing to yield the floor. When the 99 members of that body overwhelmingly voted to censure the three by expelling two of them, those who were removed and their followers screamed about democracy.

Those people had their way, with the city of Nashville unanimously voting to send one of the expelled members right back. He reentered the legislature, even more disruptive and defiant than before. In his return speech, he DARED the members of the legislature to try and stop him, and effectively declared that the members of the Tennessee legislature are now his bitches. (I would post a video of that speech, but I can’t stand the way that he talks for long enough to do so. The way that he is imitating Martin Luther King, Jr. by drawing out some of the words is annoying and makes me want to throw my laptop.)

The entire legislature now looks like an impotent group of horse’s asses. They turned him into a martyr, and are now running scared at the accusations of racism.

This entire series of events guarantees that the legislature WILL discuss whatever he wants them to discuss, when he wants to discuss it. If they do not, he will again disrupt the meeting with a bullhorn, and there isn’t a thing that anyone can do about it. Gun control? Trans rights? Reparations? All of it is on the table, should Justin Jones decide that it will be so.

Now one would think that turnabout is fair play. The Republicans can attempt to do the same, grabbing a bullhorn and hijacking the legislature when they can’t get their way, but if there is anything that we have learned from the reactions to 2020’s BLM riots and J6, it is this: there are two sets of rules in this country. The Republicans simply don’t have the balls to realize that they are being played. They still believe that there are rules, and principles, and have a concept of shame and a sense of fair play.

Those things are all luxuries that we can no longer afford. The war has been joined, and until Republicans realize that this is a winner take all bare knuckled brawl in a back alley and not a boxing match following Marquis de Queensbury rules of decorum, they will continue to bend over and be the left’s bitches. Once this system is seen to work in Tennessee, other states will fall in similar fashion.

Men Staying Single

A recent survey found that 63% of men aged 18-29 are remaining single. There is much hand wringing and guessing as to why that is. I can tell you. The number of single young men is nearly twice that of single young women, indicating a large breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual lives of American men.

  • Many women are gold diggers, who only want a sugar daddy.
  • Far too many women don’t know what loyalty is. They will cheat in a New York minute.
  • It’s a minefield of which woman you date secretly has a dick.
  • Many women are promiscuous. Why buy the cow?
  • In the workplace, it’s career suicide to even talk to a woman.

The article I linked to is trying to place this at the feet of men, claiming that men have an unrealistic view of women and of relationships because men have objectified women. Bullshit. It’s women doing the objectifying. Why else are so many women making money on Only Fans?