Come With Me, If You Want To Live

The Senate has introduced a bill that would establish a federal agency to regulate AI. This agency would be Federal Law enforcement, complete with police powers, and there is no doubt in my mind that it would have a SWAT team with a million rounds of ammunition. That is because they want you to believe that AI will someday send Terminators out to kill you.

“There’s no reason that the biggest tech companies on Earth should face less regulation than Colorado’s small businesses – especially as we see technology corrode our democracy and harm our kids’ mental health with virtually no oversight,” [the Senator who introduced the bill] said in a statement. “Technology is moving quicker than Congress could ever hope to keep up with. We need an expert federal agency that can stand up for the American people and ensure AI tools and digital platforms operate in the public interest.”

Experts like the ones at ATF who ruled that a shoestring was a machine gun? Made pistol braces illegal after more than a decade, turning 40 million gun owners into felons overnight?

Nope, to understand what the new law is for, simply read the bill and not the hype. Here is a pdf copy of the bill that I got from Bennett’s Senate page. The bill would “empower a new federal agency to create a board that establishes ‘applicable codes of conduct’ on social media and AI platforms. This board will include ‘disinformation’ experts’ whose job it will be to determine what is true, and what is not. That which they deem to not be true will be illegal.

What can they regulate? Here is one definition:

The term ‘‘digital platform’’ means an online service that serves as an intermediary facilitating interactions between users

Twitter, Gab, YouTube, even blogs would fall under the purview of this commission. First Amendment, you say? Well the media (as defined by the commission) gets a carve out:

The term ‘‘digital platform’’ does not include an entity whose primary purpose is the delivery to the public of news that the entity writes, edits, and reports

The Commission shall have jurisdiction over any digital platform, the services of which—
(1) originate or are received within the United States; and
(2) affect interstate or foreign commerce.

So basically, the commission has jurisdiction over the entire Internet. So what will the commission be doing?

The purpose of the Commission is to regulate digital platforms, consistent with the public interest, convenience, and necessity, to promote to all the people of the United States, so far as possible, the following:
(1) Access to digital platforms for civic engagement and economic and educational opportunities;

(5) A robust and competitive marketplace of ideas with a diversity of views at the local, State, and national levels.
(6) Protection for consumers from deceptive, unfair, unjust, unreasonable, or abusive practices committed by digital platforms.

I wonder who gets to define what is deceptive, unfair, unjust, or unreasonable? Volunteers that the commission selects, of course.

The Commission, for purposes of monitoring violations of any provision of this Act (and of any regulation prescribed by the Commission under this Act), may—
(i) recruit and train any software engineer, computer scientist, data scientist, or other individual with skills or expertise relevant to the responsibilities of the Commission; and
(ii) accept and employ the voluntary and uncompensated services of individuals described in clause (i).

Those people online who constantly are offended at anyone expressing an opinion that they don’t like? Yeah, they will be volunteer Social Media law enforcement.

The law also requires that social media verify the age of everyone on their site. This means that you will have to provide ID in order to post on social media. That is when this becomes important:

(a) IN GENERAL.—The Commission may inquire into the management of the business of digital platforms subject to this Act, and shall keep itself informed as to the manner and method in which that management is conducted and as to technical and business developments in the provision of online services.
(b) INFORMATION.—The Commission may obtain from digital platforms subject to this Act and from persons directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by, or under direct or indirect control with, those platforms full and complete information necessary, including data flows, to enable the Commission to perform the duties and carry out the objects for which it was created.

Since the media site will have a copy of your ID, I am betting that a person that posts what is determined to be “disinformation” will then receive a friendly visit from the FBI. Repeat violators will then be vzyali.

Even worse? There is a private right of action, meaning that someone claiming to be offended can sue a digital platform and receive damages.

Any person claiming to be damaged by any digital platform subject to this Act may—

(1) make complaint to the Commission under subsection (b); or
(2) bring a civil action for enforcement of this Act, including the rules promulgated under this Act, in any district court of the United States of competent jurisdiction.

Then the commission gets to:

If, after hearing on a complaint under this paragraph, the Commission determines that any party complainant is entitled to an award of damages under this Act, the Commission shall make an order directing the digital platform to pay to the complainant the sum to which the complainant is entitled on or before a day named.

Even worse, is that the platform doesn’t actually have to do anything in violation of the act, all that has to happen is that the commission thinks that the platform will do so at some time in the future.

If the Commission believes that a person has violated or will violate this Act, the Commission may issue and cause to be served on the person an order requiring the person, as applicable—
(A) to cease and desist, or refrain, from the violation; or
(B) to pay restitution to any victim of the violation.

Make no mistake, this bill is intended to give the left full control over social media during the 2024 election year and beyond. This is repugnant to the First Amendment, but the likelihood that there will be a resolution in court before the election is nil. Our court system is too slow for there to be any meaningful resolution. We best hope that this doesn’t go anywhere, or free speech is dead.

SCOTUS and the Revolution

News broke yesterday that Jane Roberts, wife of the Chief Justice, was soliciting large sums of money from powerful law firms in exchange for recruiting lawyers. More than $10 million in eight years. There was a lot of speculation during those years about Roberts being compromised. Theories were bandied about, some involving blackmail. Turns out it was good old fashioned grift.

Now that is going to cost SCOTUS. The left is involved in a political coup against the conservative justices. I don’t think that there is enough there for an impeachment, but after the 2024 elections, who knows?

Coincidences Keep Piling Up

The 14th mass shooting of the year was the school shooting in Nashville. Against overwhelming odds, one of those killed was a close friend of the Tennessee Governor and his wife. The shooting happened shortly after the Tennessee Governor signed laws that pissed off the left, including the banning of lewd drag shows in front of children. What happenstance!

Exactly 14 days later, the 15th mass shooting of the year was in Louisville. One of those killed was a close friend of the Kentucky Governor. Less than a month prior, the Governor signed state passed a law banning sex change medical procedures on children.

The odds of any mass shooting including a friend of a Republican governor [of a state] recently passing a law pissing off the left are long. Even longer that two mass shootings in a row accomplish the same thing. The killings are close enough to the Governors in question to make them personal. It’s almost like a message is being sent. Perhaps the next one will be a bit closer? If it is, we can then be sure that these shootings aren’t random.

Kangaroo Court

From Gateway Pundit: Judge Juan Merchan Who Oversees Trump’s Case in NYC Court Made Political Contributions to “Stop The Republicans” and “Biden For President” The Judge’s lack of impartiality doesn’t stop there: his daughter’s LinkedIn account reveals his daughter is not just a Democrat but a Democrat who previously worked on Kamala Harris’ Presidential campaign. While she was working with the Kamala Harris campaign, Loren also served as the Vice President of Authentic Campaigns which per its site is a digital agency that raises  “hundreds of millions of dollars for progressive campaigns” through digital persuasion programs.

As I have been saying- Trump is going to go to jail, where he will be either killed or never heard from again.

Two Legal Systems

Two people posted memes to different target audiences during the 2016 campaign. The memes were nearly identical in every way: they encouraged people to vote by sending a text message containing their candidate’s name. This way, the meme alleged, you could avoid waiting in long election day lines. The only difference between the two was the voting block that they were targeting. One targeted Trump voters, the other targeted HRC voters.

Guess which one was arrested in 2021, has been convicted, and is now facing 10 years in Federal prison?

The Democrat tweet is still live on Twitter.

We have two different legal systems. One jails people indefinitely for trespassing, the other gives people a pass for blinding people with lasers while they burn down Federal courthouses. One jails people of one political faction for doing the exact same thing that they ignore from the other political faction.

The entire Federal legal system has been weaponized. The FBI is investigating people who oppose the Democrats, the IRS is auditing reporters who write damaging articles, social media has been completely subverted, and we are on the verge of being a police state.

As bad as that is, things are going to get worse. Much worse. Just wait until the disappearances begin.

Hey, ATF. Have you seen this?

I had a pro-2A friend of mine say that we should support the left’s right to 2A, and if we don’t, we are part of the problem. I disagree. I think it was Tam over at “Books Bikes and Boomsticks” who once said that there is a difference between open carrying and open carrying AT someone.

When you are openly stating that you want to use your 2A rights to attack someone for merely disagreeing with you, that isn’t how the 2A works. If you want a war, then I am not interested in being fair. I am interested in winning. With that in mind:

There is nothing like posting a picture of yourself with an illegal SBR while openly advocating for a terror attack. I’m sure the FBI and ATF will be all over this.

Or not. And just so we are clear, here is a picture of one of the “christcucks” that was killed by a deviant, delusional tranny this week. Tell me again how they deserved this, you deviant assholes.

This is Pastor Chad Scruggs and his daughter Hallie Scruggs.
Hallie was brutally massacred along with 3 of her classmates at a Christian school in Nashville by a radical transgender activist.

That evil piece of shit targeted a Christian school filled with little kids and unarmed adults because they were defenseless and had no security. You want a fight, then let’s do it. I don’t want one, and I think it would be a disaster for everyone, but better that, than watching you massacre little kids.

Edited to add:

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Alert Notice

The Nashville shooter’s Facebook page had this photo on it:

For all practical purposes, we are in a shooting war. Nutbags like this one are the canaries in the coal mine.

Chances of favorable outcome of political efforts is very doubtful. This situation, coupled with statements of the left, along with movements and violent actions carried out by their forces indicate in my opinion that a surprise aggressive movement in any direction is a possibility at any moment. Take all necessary steps to safeguard yourselves and families. Hostilities can begin at any time or place without warning.

Targeted Attack on Children

The “coincidences” in the Nashville shooting continue to pile up. It turns out that one of the teachers killed in the shooting was a good friend of Tennessee’s First Lady. The teacher who was killed and the First Lady were scheduled to have dinner on the evening of the shooting.

The governor recently signed laws designed to keep trannies away from school children and prevent children from being surgically disfigured. He has also recently been accused of passing gun laws that target fags and trannies.

This looks like a targeted attack, and the leftie press is coming right out and saying it, just to make sure that the message was received loud and clear.

After every mass shooting, it’s inevitable. Republican lawmakers share hollow “thoughts and prayers,” while they refuse to offer much more, often buoyed by thousands of dollars in dirty gun lobby money. They call for mental services they themselves won’t fund. And they blame anything but the guns themselves (even doors!).

Monday’s mass shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, was no different.

Following the shooting in his state, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee appealed to “please join us in praying for the school, congregation & Nashville community,” offering no idea, for instance, of how to achieve a reality where constant prayer and hollow thoughts are no longer needed.

His uselessness is unsurprising, given the large role he has played in making it easier for mass shooters in his state to access guns. In 2021, Lee signed a bill that allowed people to openly carry handguns without permits; the policy was at the forefront of his legislative agenda for the year. He proudly thanked the National Rifle Association “for helping get this done.”

This shooting was intended to send a message. It is political violence, a terrorist attack by definition. It’s an act of war.