Police State War on the Right

Power is Abused

Way back in 2008, I wrote on my blog about the threat that the Patriot act posed to this country. Less than a year later, I warned people that President Obama was expanding the definition of ‘terrorist’ so he could use his powers under the Patriot Act against the right.

As far back as 2009, then President Obama went so far as to say that veterans of the US military were a potential terrorist threat. Some Veterans’ groups even defended the President’s statements.

Glen M. Gardner Jr., national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, disputed claims that Homeland Security analysts were describing veterans as terror threats.

“The report should have been worded differently, but it made no blanket accusation that every soldier was capable of being a traitor like Benedict Arnold, or every veteran could be a lone wolf, homegrown terrorist like Timothy McVeigh,” said Gardner, a Marine veteran from Round Rock, Texas. “It was just an assessment about possibilities that could take place.”

It wasn’t long after that when President Obama declared that American citizens could be targeted for assassination without trial, as long as he declared them to be terrorists. Here is what was said at the time:

The director of national intelligence affirmed rather bluntly today that the U.S. intelligence community has authority to target American citizens for assassination if they present a direct terrorist threat to the United States. According to U.S. officials, only a handful of Americans would be eligible for targeting by U.S. intelligence or military operations. The legal guidance is determined by the National Security Council and the Justice Department.

It wasn’t just veterans- Christians were also targeted with the terrorist label. Those warnings went unheeded.

We didn’t have to wait long to see things escalate. Here we are, under the very next Democratic President, and veterans are again the enemy. The press is touting the danger. The President is claiming that police and veterans are white supremacists who pose a terror threat to the country.

So what is he going to do about it? A hint lies across the Pacific, in China. The Chinese government has been training its computer hackers to develop exploits that it can use against its citizens and other nations. It has done so by prohibiting its hackers from international competition. This tactic was used to great effect in tracking down Uyghur Muslims, sending them to camps, and generally being the asshoe that it is.

Back in January, Biden hired a former GWOT spook to head up his use of government power in the planned war on the right. The idea is Orwellian. Picture this: The government is prohibited from searching your home without a warrant. It says so, right there in the Bill of Rights. The brilliant idea they come up with is to hire a burglar to break into your house, steal your papers, and then give them to the police. That is part of the brilliant plan.

The government’s position is that they are free to hire people under contract to circumvent the protections of the Constitution, and as long as those people are not actually on the government payroll, this is completely constitutional. No sane court would uphold that idea. So of course, they need to pack the court.

They are using private companies as well as government agencies- the post office and Internet providers, for example, to spy on Americans. Just like the Chinese are doing.

Once that is done, well ANYTHING is permissible. After all, those evil veterans are all white supremacists, they are demented, and they deserve whatever happens to them, according to the President’s own comments in February. Read it for yourself, here is a link to the transcript:

And you see what’s happening, the studies that are beginning to be done, maybe at your university as well, about the impact of former military, former police officers, on — on the growth of white supremacy in some of these groups.

You may remember, in one of my debates with the former president, I asked him to condemn the Proud Boys and he wouldn’t do it. He said “Stand by,” stand ready, or whatever the phrase exactly was.

It is a bane on our existence. It has always been. As Lincoln said, we have to appeal to our better angels, and these guys are not — and women — are, in fact, demented. They are dangerous people.

When I said 12 years ago that the powers from the war on terror would be used against American citizens, I was told it couldn’t happen. Now I am warning you that drone strikes, summary executions, and concentration camps are coming. Please listen this time, before it is too late.

Presidency War on the Right


First they accused Trump of being a dictator. Then they accused the Florida governor. The entire time, President Biden has been telling the Republicans to either do as they are told, or he will simply do it without them.

Who is the dictator, exactly?

Guns Police State War on the Right

Why are they buying?

Americans continue their record pace of firearm buying. In April, sales of firearms were up even though handgun sales were down. This means that the difference was long guns. The exact guns Biden is claiming he wants to ban.

I am sure that every one of the 2 million firearms sold last month will be turned in once a ban goes into effect.

War on the Right

Show trials

So now the show trials to eliminate political opposition to the Communists continue. One Oregon lawmaker is being charged with allowing his constituents to protest terrorists to enter the Capitol back in December when he allowed protesters terrorists to enter and protest COVID restrictions, er disrupt the business of government, uh, attempt subversive activity.

Meanwhile, these people were permitted to do the same thing with nary a word said, right there in the rotunda. Of course, they were disputing the dismissal of Trump’s first impeachment charges, to the commies don’t care about that.

Ditto for the Antifa terrorists who tried to prevent the inauguration in 2017. No one that did so was charged with insurrection, nor was a division of troops needed to install Trump in the White House.

But hey, we will get ’em next time, right? Do you still believe that?

Silence the opposition War on the Right

Giuliani raid

As I have been saying, the CIA insurgency manual is being followed almost to the letter by the Democrats. One of the things that must happen is show trials of political opponents. Now they are going after Rudy Giuliani:

Silence the opposition War on the Right

Not THAT SCOTUS case, the other one

I want to talk about a Supreme Court case. Not the one every other Conservative is talking about, but the other one. The one where the Democrats are fighting to expose the names of political donors.

There will be plenty of time to talk about the gun case, but this case already had oral arguments on Monday, and the ruling will come out in June. If the court decides to rule in favor of California, names of political donors can be released by Democrat politicians. We all know why

Police State War on the Right

Sending a message

Not only will they destroy people who cross the goals of the left, but anyone who dares defend them from the mob will be destroyed as well. They are making lists, and will destroy anyone who they deem worthy of destruction.

So now they are going to destroy the reputation of the defense expert witness from the Chauvin trial. Once they are done with him, any cop accused by the left will have no chance of being able to defend themselves, because no lawyer or witness will dare come forward.

This sets the stage for what communists always do. They engage in show trials before shipping people off to the gulag.

Silence the opposition War on the Right

CAS mission vs. civilians

I see an article this morning that the California Air National Guard was planning a Close Air Support Mission against civilians protesting lockdowns and again for civilians protesting the results of the 2020 election.

The report, according to emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times, was that an F-15C from the 144th Wing was ordered onto a 2 hour alert status on several different occasions.

a lieutenant colonel sent a message to Guard members who maintain the F-15C, advising them that a jet must be “ready to take off within two hours,” beginning the Monday morning before the election.

The good news contained in the article was that enough officers expressed concern that the CO of the squadron had to send a memo saying that “there is no expectation that the F-15C will be used in any way in support of civil unrest.” He went on to instruct the recipients to keep him apprised of “any requests or upcoming requests” from California Guard headquarters in Sacramento.

This seems to indicate that at least SOME of the NG officers would refuse such an order. Now such an order isn’t DIRECTLY a hazard: AFAIK, the F-15C is an air superiority fighter and, other than strafing, isn’t really capable of a ground support role, but the presence of the fighter flying overhead would send a clear message to any protestors on the ground: you can’t fight us when we are willing to use fighter jets.

This was ordered by Democrats, who if you remember, were incensed when a medivac helicopter hovered over rioters in DC. These idiots don’t understand that, once you cross the line into using combat forces against noncombatants, you are opening the door to combat.

They are correct in saying that there are no ways for US civilians to fight against supersonic fighter jets. However, those jets have a long logistical tail. The pilots, the people who arm, repair, and service those aircraft, their families, and the people who supply the spare parts and ordinance for those jets all become fair game. They, and their support are easy to get while they are on the ground.

Guard the jets, then the fuel convoy is fair game. bring them inside the base, and their families become fair game. The essence of the National Guard is that they are from and part of the very citizens that you are planning to use them against.

The problem with Democrats is that they hate and have such a fear of weapons and the military that they have very little understanding of what they are doing. Some people aren’t scared by the mere sight of weapons.

Not only that, but what makes them think that a pilot who just got done watching them crucify a police officer for the death of a single black man would be willing to pickle off ordnance from a fast mover and not consider what would happen if it turned out that he killed even one wrong person?

War on the Right


The Conservative Treehouse reports that the Postal Service spying scandal isn’t spying on ALL Americans, just the Conservative ones. Since the election, Democrats have been making lists of enemies of the state. In the beginning, they openly bragged about it, but then were told to keep it quiet. Now that list is being expanded and we are on lists. Not only is the government doing it, they are crowdsourcing it.

If you get mail from the NRA, Republican politicians, the Second Amendment Foundation, GOA, veteran’s organizations, gun stores, or other right leaning sources, you are on the list. If the ads on your web browser or the emails in your spam folder are for gun related or Conservative websites, you are on the list. Even reading this blog, well-

As I have blogged before, Vzyali was a word that struck fear in the hearts of Soviet citizens. It means “have taken,” with “they” implied to have done the taking, as in “They have taken.” There was no pronoun or noun needed to indicate who “they” were- “they” were unspeakable. It was never “arrestovani” or arrested, because those who were taken were never seen or heard from again. 

One of the things that has scared the shit out of me is the communist habit of “disappearing” people. When I was a boy scout, my scoutmaster was a man who was born in the Soviet union. His parents smuggled him out hidden in the trunk of a car when he was a teenager. He never saw or heard from them again. They were taken, because the government found out that they committed the sin of smuggling their child to safety. Shot in the head, sent to a gulag. Who knows?

When the Soviets disappeared someone, they didn’t usually kill them. In fact, they usually didn’t, unless the killing was being used as a high profile example to drive a point home. Even in the days of Obama, the Federal government was targeting Conservatives. Now that the Democrats have seized control, they are about to get their tyranny on.

Some of the lists are openly on the web. So go to this one, and see if you are on it. Whether you are or not, find prominent Conservative citizens in your area and keep tabs on them. If they begin to disappear, you will know that vzyali. Likewise, get together a list of left wing locals. Keep tabs on them as well. Intelligence is the best tool we have right now.

Communism War on the Right

Another sob story

Stories of people who are not paying their rent and getting evicted. We are supposed to feel sorry for the people who are living in apartments rent free, and have been doing so for more than a year.

There is Mariva Robinson, who was more than $5,000 behind in rent, and expected the landlord to waive everything and let her stay in the home (still without money to pay) as a part of the Orange County, Florida government giveaway. As a condition of accepting the government giveaway, the landlord has to agree to waive all claims against the tenant, as well as to other, unspecified conditions. In January, she owed $5,000 in back rent. After receiving no payments, the landlord finally evicted her in March, with her owing $12,700 in back rent and other expenses.

Then there is Lichelle Reynolds, who rented a two story home near Tampa for $1,835 a month. The home came with access to a community pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse: all things that the landlord must pay the HOA for, whether the tenant uses them or not. In Florida, if the home owner doesn’t pay the HOA fees, the HOA can foreclose on the property.

At any rate, Ms. Reynolds tried to make partial payments. If a landlord accepts a partial payment, they can’t evict. So the landlord locked her out of the online payment system. I would do the same. Accepting even $50 on a rent of $1835 would forestall eviction and this would be a huge money loser for the landlord.

By the time January came around, Reynolds owed more than $10,000 in back rent. The landlord lost in court, so now she still lives there for free, and owes more than $15,000 in back rent. I’m sure she is heartbroken as she lays by the pool, watching her kids take tennis lessons.

The third sob story involves a man who claims he suffers from blackouts as a result of a Harley motorcycle accident and can’t remember the landlord calling him to ask for money. In this case, the landlord claims he is not subject to the CDC declaration. The article doesn’t say why, but I am guessing they will claim that it isn’t COVID that is preventing him from paying, it is the motorcycle accident. I agree.

The article states “it’s the big, deep-pocketed corporate landlords with property portfolios spanning multiple states that have been the most aggressive in filing eviction cases, even as they have thrived in the pandemic.” The reason for this is simple: the small mom and pop landlords can’t afford the attorneys and exorbitant costs of a legal eviction, while the deadbeat tenant gets a free lawyer. So, the small business owner is forced to eat the cost, and has to shoulder the burden that the government has placed upon the economy. The landlords have had their property taken to house people without compensation, an obvious violation of the takings clause, if we had an honest court system.

There are similar articles from places like Memphis, where a Federal judge has ruled that the Federal government has overstepped its constitutional bounds. There is also this article from Tampa, where tenants are complaining that landlords are refusing to sink any more money into maintaining property that isn’t producing any income.

I feel sorry for these people, I do. However, it is wrong to blame landlords for a situation that they are suffering under but did not cause. If the government is going to deny evictions, then the government should be the one paying for it. At the end of the day, the landlord owns the home, is paying insurance, maintenance, taxes, and HOA fees on the home, but the government tells them that they must let people live there for free.

Sure, they claim that the eviction order doesn’t erase the debt, but let’s be honest here- how exactly is a landlord supposed to collect a year’s worth of back rent? The only option is to evict a tenant to control the losses, knowing that you likely will not see the remainder of what they owe, and yes, future landlords need to know that this tenant is the type of tenant that will go a year without paying rent. Name another business where the business must give away its product for free, plus may not tell anyone else that the company stiffed them.

Imagine a law that said a consumer can buy a car, and then refuse to pay for it, but the car dealer can’t repossess the car, can’t report the default to the credit bureau, and must still provide warranty service if the car breaks down. THAT is what is happening.