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Teaching the truth

If you believe that there are two genders, you cannot be a teacher in the state of New York, as one teaching student by the name of Owen Stevens discovered. Mr. Stevens was suspended by the state university from his teaching certification program for posting on Instagram that he believes that “a man is a man, and a woman is a woman.” This, they claim, means that he cannot create an environment that is inclusive of all students. His suspension will continue until he completes a reeducation program and renounces his earlier statements. The Dean of the college claims that future teachers are required to support all aspects of homosexuality and gender identity.

To his credit, Mr. Stevens is refusing to do so. The Dean told Stevens that his scientific stance on biology is “in conflict” with the state’s Dignity for All Students Act. A SUNY Geneseo spokeswoman said that the school does not believe that it is infringing on any student’s right to free speech.

“Although we cannot comment on any particular student, SUNY Geneseo respects every student’s right to freedom of speech and expression,” the spokeswoman said. “By choosing to enter into certain professional fields, students agree to abide by the professional standards of their chosen field. At times, these professional standards dictate that students act and behave in certain ways that may differ from their personal predilections.”

Up until this school year, I taught Biology. When we reached the section on human genetics and reproduction, I would talk about how the X and Y chromosomes determined if a person was a male or a female. I would always get the question about transgender. My statement was like this: “When you get down to basics, the Y chromosome has one job: it tells the developing fetus to grow a penis, and tells it to develop male secondary sex and gender characteristics. So a person either has a Y chromosome and a penis, or they don’t. Male or female, that’s it. Anything else is not supported by biology and would fall into the realm of psychology.”

Every once in awhile, a student would reply with: “What about those born with intersex characteristics, where they have both sets of genitals?” To which I would reply, “That is a birth defect, an abnormality in fetal development. When children are born without arms, we do not declare them to be snakes, likewise, a child born with incomplete dual genitalia are abnormal. They do not define the rest of human development. Such individuals are less than one in a thousand live births, and do not excuse people with normal genitalia for the delusional belief that they can select their own biology, even when their DNA plainly states otherwise. That is a psychological problem, not a biological one.”

That statement would mean that I am not qualified to teach in New York.

Power Grab War on the Right

Pentagon Purge

The Pentagon sent a report to Congress back in October, claiming that the military had been ‘infiltrated’ by white supremacists. It was released to the public on February 25, with Pravda and Isvestia immediately parroting the report. What is odd about that is the UN Secretary General claimed on February 22 that white supremacy was the main threat to the world.

What an amazing coincidence. That was obviously not a coordinated release or anything. Nope. Completely coincidental.

Guess what- being a white supremacist isn’t a crime. That whole ‘freedom of speech’ thing says that you can believe whatever you want. What is happening here is that the left is using this accusation of white supremacy to conduct a purge of anyone in the military who doesn’t pass the ideological purity test. For decades, I have been hearing those on the right claim that the US military would never fire on its own citizens. The left is purging the military of anyone who would refuse such an order.

Silence the opposition War on the Right

Be careful what you say

They are listening and looking for a reason to come and take you.

War on the Right

Rent control

In reference to the article that was the subject of yesterday’s post on evictions, there is this comment:

Maybe it’s time for nationwide rent control. We can set a specific allowable profit percentage on all rentals and take greed out of the mix. Kinda like they do for public utilities. You want an increase, you petition the oversight board and prove you need it.

Communism always starts by vilifying the landlords.

War on the Right

Landlord not the issue

This story talks about how blacks are being evicted more often than whites. The story is written to make you believe that discrimination is at play. They detail the eviction of Deltonya Thomas, her boyfriend, and their five kids.

A look at the facts of the case tell a different story. Deltonya is a 34 year old woman with 5 kids, aged 16 to 5. She and her boyfriend signed a 12 month lease in November of 2019, with the move out date being October 31, 2020. A year later, November 2020, they didn’t pay rent. Even though the lease had expired, they didn’t pay rent, nor did they vacate the property.

On November 19, the landlord filed for the eviction. The only response from Deltonya was to write a letter to the judge on December 2, asking for 30 days to find another apartment. The case dragged on for two more months, until the family was finally evicted on February 2, three months after the expiration of the lease.

This family got to live in a $1400 a month apartment for three months without paying a dime. The real victim here is the landlord, who lost $4200 in unpaid rent, $400 in court and service fees, plus whatever their lawyer cost them. Sure, they got to keep the security deposit, but that likely got eaten up in repairing the damage done to the property. It isn’t like tenants being evicted are known for taking care of the rental property they are being removed from.

Silence the opposition War on the Right


At 73 years old, Marion Lambert ran a farm where he sold eggs, honey, milk, and produce on the honor system. You stop by the farm, leave some money, then take what you want. Mr. Lambert was also one of the most hated men in Central Florida. He was recently found dead on his farm with head trauma. The police claim that foul play is not suspected. His family thinks that he may have been injured by a bull while working on his farm.

So why is this death suspicious to me? Why was Mr Lambert hated so much? If you have ever driven down I-75 or I-4, you have seen his handiwork. He received a permit to build a monument to fallen soldiers, then built that monument. The left hated him for it. So did many local politicians. Why? The monument was built to honor

Confederate soldiers.

That monument included flying the world’s largest “Confederate flag.” Lambert told reporters that his goal in raising the huge Confederate flag was to “preserve Southern heritage” and create “a memorial to those who served.” He said he wasn’t racist and was bothered by the fact that people feel bad and divided when they see the flag. “It does bother me, a lot,” he said. “They don’t understand what it means.”

The left hated him for it. The flag itself had to be taken down for a time last summer, because there were those on the left who were threatening to destroy the flag and attack the owners. According to the left that is terrorism, unless they are the ones doing it.

So even though he was 73, he didn’t die of an age related malady. He died of head trauma. When “white supremacists” are being declared to be public enemies and terrorists and a man who is so hated dies of head trauma, that to me is suspicious until proven otherwise.

War on the Right

National Security Threat

The State Department had a virtual meeting on Wednesday, the topic of which was “Racism Being a Threat to National Security and Democracy.” We all know that “Domestic Violent Extremists” are the threat du jour. The FBI has been playing up the threat that “racist extremists” pose to the security of the “Homeland” for the past few months.

It seems to me like this is the excuse that is going to be used for all of the draconian measures that are going to come out of this new regime in the future. The Biden administration has made that perfectly clear. The House has asked Biden to formally declare racist extremists to be a national security threat.

Just who are these racists? Well, the left has come out and said that all white people are racists. So there is that. This movement to declare all white people as possible terrorists has been coming for months, if not years.

What I am struggling to find is some specific reason why such a declaration is so important. The specific wording seems to indicate that there is some specific power or capability that would be triggered by this. I am trying to figure out what it is.

Power Grab War on the Right

Troops become permanent

Surprising no one, the Biden administration has announced that the armed occupation by troops in DC will be a more or less permanent feature. Don’t forget, this was all caused because Trump was a dictator. The fact that they are there through the end of the year isn’t the scary part.

Here is the exact wording:

If it’s not possible to sustain at the current level with NG personnel, we need to establish the number of NG personnel (DCNG and out-of-state) we can sustain for an extended period – at least through Fall 2021 – and understand additional options for providing DoD support, to include use of reserve personnel, as well as active component. (emphasis added)

This seems to indicate that, at some point, they are planning on shifting to active duty personnel.

Firearms War on the Right

More demand = more $

In September of 2019, I was buying Anderson lowers for $49 each and using them to build sub-$300 ARs. Now Cheaper Than Dirt is selling those same stripped lowers for $300 each. Now let me say that I am smarter than that and won’t be buying one at that price. I don’t blame CTD for this price. After all, if you waited until now to buy an AR after seeing what the Democrats think about them, that is your own fault. Supply, demand.

My point here is this: Beto is no longer being considered for Biden’s “gun czar” position. I guess another Biden promise broken. The latest is that he is promising an EO on the subject soon.

I don’t think that a “buyback” will work, considering that I don’t think that people are buying $300 stripped lowers so that they can turn them in for $200.

Anti American left Insanity War on the Right

But what if they identify as men?

Back in 2019, the Army noticed that 84% of women were failing the service’s new ‘gender neutral’ physical fitness test, while only 30 percent of men failed it. The Army then had to admit what the woke crowd won’t: it doesn’t matter what you THINK you are or identify as, men have a physiological advantage over women.

In typical government fashion, they didn’t fix the problem by finally admitting that women can’t, in fact perform as well as men do in combat. Nope, instead, after two years of studying the problem, Congress simply got rid of the test. Problem solved. So now, troops that look like this will be more widespread:

So that way we can accommodate more soldiers who look like this:

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