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Today is finally the day that most American landlords can begin getting rid of the people who have been stealing their property. That’s right, the eviction moratorium is finally going to be allowed to expire. The Biden administration refused to extend it and even the Communist wing of the Democrat party couldn’t muster the votes in Congress to make it a law.

For some landlords, it has been YEARS since they were paid a cent in compensation for the use of the property that they purchased and were still required to maintain, insure, and pay taxes on, while the government refused to intervene as people were living there for free, even while destroying the place.

In the beginning, it was the government who created the problem- they forced everyone to stay home, which caused businesses to shut down, some permanently. What began as “two weeks to flatten the curve” became “until there is a vaccine.” Then the government mailed out billions in free money, paid billions more in enhanced unemployment benefits, all the while telling people that they didn’t have to pay rent because evictions were prohibited.

Instead of paying their bills, many Americans went on a shopping spree. Amazon, Netflix, and other companies saw record profits. Many businesses, including landlords, were bearing the costs of this orgy of spending. A year and a half later, and people are now upset that the evictions are coming, as if landlords are the villains.

Yes, landlords are being made into the villain here. Read this piece from Politico. They claim that 12 million people are behind on rent, including 50 percent of all black families. The article blames landlords for that, pointing out that  Forty-eight percent of voucher holders are Black and 18 percent are Hispanic, so the refusal to accept vouchers is a coded form of racial discrimination, in other words, calling landlords racist. Why?

The reasons that many landlords, myself included, don’t accept government Section 8 vouchers is purely financial.

  • People who are poor have poor rental payment histories and are likely to default
  • People who are paying for things with someone else’s money don’t value the things that the money bought, because they didn’t have to work for it
  • the government puts too many restrictions on the landlord, including more paperwork, more bureaucratic administrative burden, and more headaches. All in exchange for taking less money

All of the above increases my financial risk, my workload, and decreases my income. The only way to make money with Section 8 is to buy cheap, shitty, substandard housing. In other words, be a slum lord. I don’t want to do that, so I avoid Section 8.

The fact that most people who are receiving Section 8 housing vouchers are black has nothing to do with it. I am not in business to do people favors, I am in business to make the most money that I can by doing the least amount of work and taking the smallest risk that I possibly can. If I could make money selling goods to black people by taking little risk and expending minimum effort, I would do so. The money just isn’t there.

That isn’t enough. Some governments have made it illegal to discriminate against those who are receiving Section 8 vouchers. The latest effort is a push to get banks behind an effort to refuse loans to landlords unless they agree to rent to low income, Section 8 recipients. This will drive more landlords out of the market, especially smaller ones, leaving nothing but larger, self funded landlords in the market.

This is a push for the removal of the entrepreneur from the American experience.

War on the Right


Take a few minutes to read this article and see if it sounds like propaganda to you.

They took a Klan murder case from 2017 and have twisted it into a story implicating police and Trump supporters. A quote:

During the Jan. 6 insurrection in the U.S. Capitol, “Thin Blue Line” flags flew alongside white supremacist signs and banners, and more than 30 current and former police officers from a number of departments around the nation were identified as attendees.

Then the piece goes on:

On a recent visit to the prison where the three klansmen worked, numerous cars and trucks in the employee and volunteer parking lots were decorated with symbols associated with white supremacy: Confederate flags, QAnon symbols and Thin Blue Line flag decals.

Couple this with statements that white supremacy is the largest threat to the nation, and you see where this is headed. Anyone associated with the thin blue line, Jan 6, or other people accused of racism will be enemies of the people.

This is called “othering,” a tactic where you cause people to think of those you wish to eliminate as being outside of the herd, less than human. The racism tag is how that is being done.

War on the Right

We are all terrorists now

Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon, and other tech companies are using what they call a “counterterrorism” organization that was originally intended for Muslim terrorists to go after the right. One of the pictures used is a three percenter who was at Stone Mountain as an example of “far right terrorist militia.”

A militia member with body armor and a Three Percenters militia patch stands in Stone Mountain as various militia groups stage rallies at Stone Mountain, Georgia, U.S. August 15, 2020. REUTERS/Dustin Chambers/File Photo

Conspicuously absent is any mention of the NFAC, a violent black terrorist organization, who were also present at Stone Mountain, BLM, or Antifa, who did billions in damages and killed hundreds last summer.

War on the Right

Justice is blind

A man who is accused of trespassing in the Capitol to sit at a Senator’s desk is being held without bond and facing possible terrorism charges.

A man illegally working as an armed security guard who murdered a pro-Trump protester is free on bail.

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Constitutionalist doesn’t understand COTUS

This watchdog group that claims to be nonpartisan is recommending changes to the Supreme Court. Let’s start with a look at the group who calls themselves the Project on Governmental Oversight. They claim to be nonpartisan. OK, sure.

The Chairman of the Board for POGO is Nithi Vivatrat, who is also the CEO of a company called “Socially Determined,” a company that is dedicated to social justice in the delivery of healthcare.

Board Members include Rebecca Adamson, who is a woman that promotes “fairness” and believes that Native Americans should be in control of their own schools and education, and has served a promoter of economic independence for tribes. She is also a liberal professor teaching a course entitled ‘Indigenous Economics within the Community Economic Development Program’. I bet it’s a thrilling course.

I think you get the picture on how “nonpartisan” this organization is. Here is their position on the Supreme Court:

The “time has come for the Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics or for Congress to impose one on it.”

Please, oh please, Mr Constitutional Scholar, point me to the portion of the Constitution that grants the Legislature the power to impose rules or a code of ethics upon the Supreme Court.

The panel also recommended increasing the number of seats on the court, imposing term limits, and having smaller panels of justices hear cases as opposed to all nine presiding over each one to break up static voting blocks.

Ah, yes. I can see it now. How would cases be assigned to these smaller panels? What would be the makeup? I am guessing that the new court would have 15 members, split into three smaller panels of five. Kavanaugh and Barrett would be on a panel with Sotomayor, Kagan, and a new justice to be appointed by Biden. The rest of the panels would similarly be divided.

In fact, Schumer is already salivating at the thought of filling him some SCOTUS vacancies. I am betting that, before the next election, Breyer mysteriously dies in his sleep, and there will be no autopsy, but the death will be ruled “natural causes” by someone who never viewed the body.

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Earlier today, there was a story that broke about the Biden Administration, with their corporate partners in a Mussolini style fascist agreement, shutting down the public square by silencing SMS messages that are contrary to Big Brother’s message.

This isn’t the first time that these conspirators have silenced opposition:

It is difficult to fight and resist oppression if you cannot communicate. You also don’t want the secret police rolling you up too easily. When the DOJ was conspiring to overthrow Trump, they were well aware of the NSA’s capabilities, yet they chose to communicate with each other through HAM radios to coordinate this effort, even though such use was in violation of Federal law.

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The National Security Agency (NSA) picks up and records almost all electronic communications, thereby effectively wiretapping telephone conversations, email, and practically everything else we send out electronically. What the NSA doesn’t get, their partners in social media and at Google do.

The wife of a Deputy Director of the DOJ was coordinating this attempted coup, and would be well aware of the NSA’s capabilities. There are many technical reasons why spying on HAM radio would be a nearly impossible task. Just by using the frequencies and methods permitted to a person with a Technician license, there are thousands of available channels. Toss in the various modes like Digital, SSB, USB, AM, FM, CW, etc., and then consider that the higher frequencies are short range and would require hundreds of listening stations in every state, and it becomes a very difficult proposition to monitor HAM radio.

Insert basic tradecraft where a message is inserted into an innocent sounding conversation, and there is no practical way to shut down or monitor communications. It also becomes impossible to monitor a quick message through traffic analysis, if the operators do not identify, the conversation is short, and the transmitters mobile.

The coup plotters know this, and this is why they chose to communicate that way. This is how the pros do it.

A technician license is easy to get. A 2 meter handheld radio can reach several kilometers and costs less than $50. Start thinking about communications methods that don’t include the Internet.

Don’t you see that things are only going to get worse? There is no voting out of this, and no one is coming to save you. Time is short, and preparations need to be rushed to completion.

Silence the opposition War on the Right

Secret Police

Nancy Pelosi announced that the Capitol Police will be setting up a field office in Tampa whose purpose is to “protect Congress.” I don’t see where Congress gets the authority to police the states. Anyone see that in the Constitution anywhere? Chief Yogananda is happy about the power, money, and prestige that comes with being able to hunt down Pelosi’s political opponents.

Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse sees it like I do– this is an ominous sign that portions of the Federal government are making a power grab. This is something to be concerned about:

I will say it again…. stop and hear the drums… Something is about to happen; federal agencies are acting in a very proactive manner. This shift by Nancy Pelosi is yet another advance move in preparation for, or in defense of, something they are planning for. Either they are doing something; fearful of us discovering something; or they are preparing for us to react to something and they are pre-positioning assets to defend against it. They are all-in and it shows.


Incidentally, I would bet you that the satellite offices are located somewhere near the US Attorney’s office, found here. Odd coincidence that it is across the street from “Gaslight Park.”

War on the Right

Next Show Trial

The shooting at the BLM march in Austin last year? They have charged the man who fired in self defense with murder. Here comes the next show trial.

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Nukes are useless

Joe Biden today said that US citizens can’t use AR15s to resist the power of his government because they’d need F-15s & nukes to take on the government.

I know how we can get some- just look on the Internet, where the geniuses of the US Air Force have posted the information needed to steal them.

All kidding aside- what the President is saying is that he is going to use nukes on US citizens on US soil. I cannot ever remember any sitting US President threatening to use nuclear weapons against his own country. So, to you on the left who are apparently feeling like you are experts in military conflict: Explain exactly how nuclear weapons would help the US government win a war against its own citizens. Will you drop one on Chicago? Your own farmland?

What about those F15s? What can an F15 do against a citizen militia? In case you didn’t know- the F15 is a fighter aircraft, completely useless against anything but other aircraft. Now I know that you idiots think that the F15 is somehow a magic talisman, even to the point of trying to use one to intimidate protesters, but it won’t work.

Let me explain to you how such a conflict would work:

You call out the troops, and they show up with tanks and every heavy weapon they can find. The militia disappears, blending into the populace. Then, while this massive army is in the field, the citizens showed up at the factory that made some indispensable widget required for your tanks to work, and killed half of the assembly line workers.

So half the army now has to be posted at the factory. The next time, the citizens show up at the houses of the families of those troops. Now they all have to be moved onto secure bases.

Then what? A soldier goes out on the town for a bit R&R then disappears.

Wars like that get ugly. I think that at this point, such a conflict appears unavoidable.

War on the Right

Manslaughter not serious

In Orlando, a man was sentenced to a year in jail for punching and killing a man.

Meanwhile, another Florida man who carried a flag into the US Capitol is facing a minimum of 15 months in Federal prison.

Know your place, peasant.