The IRS War on the Right

Do you remember when Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies? I do. The IRS even settled a lawsuit and apologized. So did Obama.

IRS leaks have targeted Democrats’ political enemies, such as the National Organization for Marriage, to which the IRS was obliged to pay a settlement after leaking the identities of the group’s donors in order to enable political retaliation against them. For some reason, Barack Obama’s Justice Department never got around to prosecuting that case. Or the case of the IRS director lying to Congress about targeting conservative political groups, or … well, you get the picture.

That was before the Treasury Department investigated itself and found that it did nothing wrong. So now the left is claiming that it was all fake news. Next they will say that the Russians did it because Trump asked them to.

So why am I posting about things that happened more than 7 years ago? Because it is still happening. The House Oversight Committee is looking into allegations that the IRS is selectively not enforcing its tax-exempt rules against liberal nonprofits.

Enemy of the State

Leticia James has announced that NY will confiscate all of Trump’s NY property, including Trump tower, if he doesn’t or can’t pay the $354 million fine. I don’t see how they can do that, since Trump only has a 30% stake in the building.

The interesting part here is that Trump tower contains 2.1 million square feet of floor space, with 98% of it currently leased at about $100 per square foot. Trump’s 30% stake in the tower nets him $62 million a year. So overall, the building brings in $210 million a year in rent. The judge in the case found that Trump lied about the value of the building, which Trump claimed was $806 million. The judge claims that the building is worth only $40 million. I am not a billionaire tycoon, nor am I a NY judge or a NY real estate expert, but I think that a building that brings in $210 million a year in rent is worth more than $40 million.

Similarly, the judge in the case claims that Trump’s Mar a Lago in Palm Beach is only worth between $18 million and $27 million. That’s bullshit, and I can easily prove it. Just a block away in Palm Beach is 1200 S Ocean Blvd. That house is a 12,000 square foot home located on 3.4 acres with 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The lot borders on the Atlantic ocean on the east, and A1A to the west. It’s estimated value is $110 million, or about $9,100 per square foot. Another home which just sold in 2022 for $9.5 million and located less than a mile from Mar a Lago is a 1900 square foot 3/3 home on a third of an acre that doesn’t border the water at all. It works out to $5,000 per square foot.

Contrast those two homes with Mar a Lago- a 16,500 square foot home located on 17 acres of land. If we are to believe the judge, this resort is worth 5 to 10 percent per square foot of the two homes above?

Or you can instead view it as the commercial property that it is. The Mar-a-Lago Club had $29.7 million in gross revenues in 2015, $25.1 million 2017, $22 million in 2018, and $21.4 million in 2019. So it brings in $20 to 30 million a year in revenue. Again, hard to claim that a business brings in 100% of its value each year.

As I have been saying- the left is going to destroy Trump. I don’t think that simply making him a pauper is going to be enough. He will wind up in prison, where he will be killed pour encourager les autres.

Those Are Rookie Numbers

An Arizona man’s home was raided because he threatened to kill FBI agents. The media is all in an uproar because he had 5,000 rounds of ammo, an AR15, body armor, and six loaded magazines in his house. He also had a loaded handgun in his car.

That’s what I like to refer to as a “starter kit.” I have more than 5,000 rounds of just .22 LR, not to mention 12 gauge, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .380ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, 9mm, .45ACP, .32 ACP, or .40S&W. I have a two safe system here. One safe is filled with “cold” firearms. That’s where I store the guns that are unloaded. The other safe is the “hot” safe, and that is where I store my EDC firearms, as well as a loaded 12 gauge, a loaded AR, a set of electronic ears, a few spare, loaded magazines, and a ballistic vest.

I think that most, if not all, of my readers would more than exceed the NBC Pearl Clutching story above. So what was his crime?

in August of last year, Tomasi posted: [to a social media website] “Shoot the FBI first ask questions later. They are terrorists that deserve nothing but to be shot on site.” He also warned that FBI officers who “have a problem with that come to my house and see what happens.”

They also claim that he posted about wanting to torture a former federal official “to death,” subject a U.S. congresswoman to “the horror of a violent rape,” and executing a U.S. congressman. He didn’t name a specific official or lawmaker, according to the story.

I’m hard pressed to see the crime here. He didn’t name a specific lawmaker or official. I don’t see where that is a threat, since he didn’t specifically name someone. There must be more to this that isn’t being reported.