Poor Tactics

Your property is stolen, including a credit card. Your bank calls to tell you that the stolen credit card was just used at a fast food restaurant right down the street. You and a couple of friends head down the street to confront the thieves.

I would argue that, should this happen, you should go down there expecting an armed confrontation. These people didn’t, and the accused thieves opened fire on the would-be detectives.

Go down there to confront them, while your friends who are heavily armed standby with heavy weapons. If the thieves shoot, you overwhelm them with a large volume of return fire (situation permitting, of course).

Before you argue about whether or not you will be prosecuted, remember that if you are really worried about that, you wouldn’t choose to head up there to confront the thieves in the first place. if you DO choose to confront them, don’t hold back.

Expect to see more evidence that people are sick of the cops simply taking a report and then doing nothing. We might as well do away with most police and simply replace them with an online reporting form.

Another of those supposedly rare bad Apples

The description of the crime I am about to give is disturbing, but I think that it is needed, so that we all can understand the nature of the evil that we are looking at here.

A police officer in Bartow, Florida has been arrested after he went to a party and had four girls naked in his home in Lake Wales: two were 18 years old, one was 17, and the last was 16 years old. All were nude, all of them were high school students, and he gave them alcohol and marijuana before he directed the 17 year old to perform a sex act upon one of the 18 year olds. He had sex with all four girls, and even choked some of them.

He compounded this by recording the entire thing before showing the recording to his police officer coworkers. I guess he felt that the blue wall of silence was strong enough that his fellow gang members in blue would support him. At least one of them was brave enough to come forward, and for that I recognize that there is at least one cop with a conscience in the Bartow police department. As a result the police chief turned this over to the Polk County sheriff’s office, and Grady Judd himself made the arrest announcement. Judd, who occasionally does the right thing and never misses a chance to look tough on camera, then ran with it.

I know from personal experience that Bartow cops doing the right thing isn’t always the case, since one of them was part of a scheme to get me in some serious hot water a few years ago. That failed for two reasons:

What is most revealing about this, is that the cop thought that he would be safe in telling other cops about molesting kids, and that they would be OK with it. It makes one wonder what the police culture looks like, and how many crimes cops ARE cool with covering up.

Still, in this case, the police who decided to do the right thing are to be commended.


A 17 year old was shot in Haines City, Florida this weekend. The police officer in question spotted a 2014 Nissan Versa that had been reported stolen that day. They initiated a felony traffic stop, and the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed before striking another car, so police cancelled the pursuit. A short distance away, a Polk county deputy tried to use stop sticks on the car, but the car went off road to avoid them before taking off again at over 100 miles per hour. passenger of the car. The police then used a PIT maneuver to stop the car.

The passenger in the vehicle then tried pulling a gun, so one of the cops shot him. The 19 year old driver was then arrested.

These “teens” aren’t choirboys.

  • The 19 year old driver has 11 felony, six misdemeanor arrests, and three probation violations.
  • The 17 year old (deceased) passenger had been arrested for four misdemeanors, a felony and five probation violations- all by the age of 17.

They were in a stolen car, fleeing from the police, were involved in two hit and run crashes during that chase, and were illegally in possession of drugs and firearms. In my opinion, the actions by the cops here were proper, and the driver should be charged with felony murder.

This is why Gun Control Won’t Work

A group of fifth grade students were on a tour of the Rock Island Police Department. Students were allowed to step inside a holding cell when one of them pushed on a pillow and felt the presence of a handgun hidden inside. The student alerted staff who immediately took possession of the weapon. The gun was unloaded, and a check of the serial number determined that it had been stolen during a burglary in 2022.

If the police can’t even prevent people from getting a gun while in jail, where everyone and everything is searched when entering, then how can they prevent criminals from getting guns? Even if they turn the entire nation into a prison, criminals will still be able to get guns.

Incompetence Should Hurt

Tulsa police raid wrong house. Let’s remove qualified immunity and require police to carry malpractice insurance, like I must do. A million in malpractice insurance costs me less than $200 a year.

Also, look at this stupid stack. This is what a group of people who are not expecting, or have no experience with, taking actual, hostile fire. They way that they are bunched up, all of them could be taken out with a couple of guys armed with battle rifles. That body armor won’t stand up to sustained .308 fire.