That’s Funny Right There

Michelle Obama as President Camacho.

This reminds me of what it feels like to argue with most people, especially on the Internet.

The only difference is that, in real life, someone ends the discussion with one or more of the four following responses:

  • You are a racist/fascist
  • All you MAGAts are evil
  • You just wait until we start arresting your types
  • I am reporting you for saying mean things

Enemy of the State

Leticia James has announced that NY will confiscate all of Trump’s NY property, including Trump tower, if he doesn’t or can’t pay the $354 million fine. I don’t see how they can do that, since Trump only has a 30% stake in the building.

The interesting part here is that Trump tower contains 2.1 million square feet of floor space, with 98% of it currently leased at about $100 per square foot. Trump’s 30% stake in the tower nets him $62 million a year. So overall, the building brings in $210 million a year in rent. The judge in the case found that Trump lied about the value of the building, which Trump claimed was $806 million. The judge claims that the building is worth only $40 million. I am not a billionaire tycoon, nor am I a NY judge or a NY real estate expert, but I think that a building that brings in $210 million a year in rent is worth more than $40 million.

Similarly, the judge in the case claims that Trump’s Mar a Lago in Palm Beach is only worth between $18 million and $27 million. That’s bullshit, and I can easily prove it. Just a block away in Palm Beach is 1200 S Ocean Blvd. That house is a 12,000 square foot home located on 3.4 acres with 9 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The lot borders on the Atlantic ocean on the east, and A1A to the west. It’s estimated value is $110 million, or about $9,100 per square foot. Another home which just sold in 2022 for $9.5 million and located less than a mile from Mar a Lago is a 1900 square foot 3/3 home on a third of an acre that doesn’t border the water at all. It works out to $5,000 per square foot.

Contrast those two homes with Mar a Lago- a 16,500 square foot home located on 17 acres of land. If we are to believe the judge, this resort is worth 5 to 10 percent per square foot of the two homes above?

Or you can instead view it as the commercial property that it is. The Mar-a-Lago Club had $29.7 million in gross revenues in 2015, $25.1 million 2017, $22 million in 2018, and $21.4 million in 2019. So it brings in $20 to 30 million a year in revenue. Again, hard to claim that a business brings in 100% of its value each year.

As I have been saying- the left is going to destroy Trump. I don’t think that simply making him a pauper is going to be enough. He will wind up in prison, where he will be killed pour encourager les autres.

Breakdown of Civilized Society

The complete loss of not only common sense (they admit to eating meat while claiming that the killing of animals is wrong) and the complete loss of civility (an adult allowing his preteen son to call an adult an asshole and tell him to fuck off) is just a bridge too far.

The American people and its society have completely broken down.

Elimination Theory

The Biden administration is removing the memorial statue in Arlington that was intended to mark the reconciliation between the Union and the Confederate states. The “reconciliation memorial” marks the center of the 3.5 acre Confederate section that is located on the west side of Arlington National Cemetery.

The burying of Confederate dead in Arlington was begun after the end of the Spanish American war by President McKinley as a way to attempt to heal the nation. The memorial was placed at the center of the Confederate section in 1910. Just wait until they begin digging up Confederate graves there.

This is yet another step in painting white males as the enemy. This is, I believe, a coordinated campaign to make white men into the enemy. This is the early stages of what will become an organized genocide. Replacement theory? Nope. This is elimination theory. We are going to be eliminated.

Not Woke Enough

Andrew Branca was providing expert testimony on self defense law, free of charge to defendants that were being defended by the Colorado Public Defenders office. Then they found out that he wasn’t woke enough. I will let you read about it from Branca himself.


Gunfreezone is a blog I read everyday. In the recent past, they have been allowing a person that is what I would call a liberal light. Kind of like the Coors light of lefties. Anyhow, today’s post from that particular blogger goes on and on about how the left doesn’t condone the actions of those who attack people for their opinions. I disagree. Not only do they condone it, they actively participate.

I had an opinion that I expressed on social media and a deranged leftist threatened to go after my job. Then she sent her online minions to spam this website, and tried to get me removed from Twitter. leftie tried to dox me and end my career for merely stating an unapproved opinion. Then tried to get my blog shut down.

Coming after my blog, after my job, trying to get me doxxed? All of that is no different than tearing down a Fag Flag. The post over there ends with:

When people on the Left and the Right stay silent over actions like this, over burning American flags, Gadsden flags, rainbow flags, over threats of violence and disruption of business, they are tacitly telling their friends and family that it’s okay. They are saying that they won’t step in, that perhaps they’re even supporting such actions. Certainly in the minds of the few twisted individuals who break and murder innocent people, that silence is interpreted as support.

Stand up against this kind of (expletive erased). I don’t care who does it. I don’t even care what their reason is. Stand up against it, and stop it from happening. I don’t want the next flag owner who is shot to be you, or me, or someone I know and love.

So explain to me how what that woman did to me was any different than standing outside of another person’s business and screaming invectives. The left’s continued support for cancel culture and getting people fired for expressing political opinions is going to have but one logical solution- violence. The people that are losing their livelihoods, businesses, and property are going to respond with violence.

Don’t pretend to be a victim when you are counterattacked during a war that you started.

Great Quote

Of course Joe Biden is not a wannabe dictator. Just because he’s trying to put the other candidate in prison for the rest of his life for a crime he himself committed doesn’t mean he has a totalitarian impulse- come on that’s absurd.

It takes a lot more than jailing your political rivals to earn the title “wannabe dictator”- that’s the consensus in Washington tonight- and in some ways for once the consensus may be right. It is not a small thing to be a wannabe dictator. It’s quite a process, there are a lot of steps.

First off there is the money – the one thing that all dictators have in common is they enrich themselves and their families – their tribe – even as the country they govern grows steadily poorer and more desperate. They take kickbacks from businesses and from other dictators, they use the official functions of their government to funnel cash to themselves, they don’t bother to hide the fruits of this, they live in garish mansions with big lawns, far from the teeming cities, even as their own citizens languish in growing poverty, in some cases literally living in tents on the street.

So they don’t really hide it – it’s all pretty blatant and ordinary people resent it, of course they do, and wannabe dictators know they resent it, but they don’t care. There’s nothing the population can do about it in a dictatorship- it’s no longer possible to fight injustice in a system like that.

People can’t gather in large numbers to protest the rule of the dictator.

If they try that, they’ll be arrested by a state security services, even years after the fact a visit from men in body armor at the breakfast table- that happens. And if citizens persist in believing they can gather in groups to protest they may be shot to death a bullet to the throat. And then, just to make the humiliation complete, to make the lesson gin clear to everyone else watching, their relatives can be arrested for daring to complain that their children were killed for complaining.

That actually happens in some places- ask Ashli Babbitt’s mother. Here she is in handcuffs. ‘So don’t be like Ashli Babbitt’s mother, much less like poor Ashley Babbitt, she’s dead now,’ that’s the message a wannabe dictator would send- and by the way it’s not just public protest that would be banned in a dictatorship, you wouldn’t be allowed to complain from your own home.

Unauthorized opinions expressed on the internet would be censored. Go too far, press too deep, tell too much truth, and they’ll just erase your opinions. They have no choice, really, it’s a matter as they say, of trust and safety, you must trust the leader, or else you will jeopardize his safety, not that you really CAN jeopardize his safety at this point, the leader has nuclear weapons, and you don’t- he’ll remind you of that from time to time.

Tucker Carlson on Twitter

Then he goes on to talk about RKBA. Tucker needs to watch his back, or he will be the next one to disappear into the Gulag. You can watch the entire thing here- it’s pure gold.

Here They Come

Seeing as how I was the subject of recent leftist threats and attempts to shut me up, I can understand how the owner of Fenix Ammunition feels in this case:

Like him, I was threatened with cancellation, doxing, and even violence. The left is becoming bolder and more violent as time goes on. Yes, I think that the violence has escalated to a different level- rioting is not the same thing as the targeted violence that threats that we are seeing now.

We are edging closer and closer to the conflict in this country going from threats, posturing, and a few minor skirmishes to the actual initiation of hostilities. So far, the violence has mostly been one sided. I fear that it may not remain so. The coming conflict will be truly horrific.

In this case, morons are picking a fight with a guy who owns a pile of guns and a literal ammunition factory, which he opened because it was cheaper to make his own ammo to compete in marksmanship competitions. He regularly posts videos of himself shooting all sorts of NFA weapons at ranges of several hundred yards.