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Tips Below 20% Make You a Racist Homophobe

According to this article, everyone should tip 20% no matter what.

You cannot will yourself to be blind to physical differences. Remove those biases by deciding to tip 20% before ever laying eyes on your server. Don’t even bring the quality of your service into the equation.

First, they attempt to quote scholarly sources like the characters in Harry Potter:

The sometimes-wise Sirius Black tells always-garbage Ron Weasley, “If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.” Well said, dog stars!

The odd part is that this moron doesn’t even know that JK Rowling plagiarized that line from numerous historical figures.

Then they appeal to your leftist cred, because if you don’t tip at least 20%, you are a racist or something.

The tipping system also opens up opportunities for us to flex our unconscious biases. Racism, sexism, ageism, and ableism decimate the earning potential of many competent servers.

Not to be appropriative, but: you’re woke, aren’t you? A big part of being woke is admitting that you have unconscious biases.

Then they proceed to make flawed analogies:

I work a salaried job. I have bad days—days where I am grouchy, disorganized, and distracted. You know what my company doesn’t do in response? Send me a smaller paycheck that month.

Here is the flaw in your argument, cupcake: I am not your employer. You don’t work for me, I have absolutely no contractual obligation to you. If you don’t like your job or what you get paid, get a different job. To show you exactly how asinine and flawed your position is, I could use your same logic and apply it to my own job: If I have a great day at work and save your life, will you give me extra money in appreciation? If I have a bad day and kill your mother when I accidentally give her the wrong medication, shouldn’t I still get paid the same amount as when I saved a life?

This mental midget then goes on to make the classic threat that they always make: threaten to spit in your food.

Cancel Culture Tranny Insanity

Left Killing Their Own

A law firm that has been fighting for nature to have Constitutional rights by filing lawsuits to get court precedent is being accused of transphobia. I love it when liberals eat their own.

Since last summer, seven of the 15 staffers or contract attorneys have left the nonprofit Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, which gained some renown in recent years as a leader of the “rights of nature” movement to win civil rights for parts of the environment. Three of those who quit told E&E News the organization was divided by a toxic work culture that resisted efforts to make it more inclusive, including for LGBTQ people.

Cancel Culture Gaming the Courts War on the Right

Let Me Explain My Position

“Free Speech” means that you can say whatever you wish without fear of government reprisal. It doesn’t free you from all consequences. Twitter is well within their rights to lock you out of their service.

However, people are responsible for the things that they say. A great example of this is slander, libel, and defamation of character. If I make a statement as if it were a fact, yet I know to be false, and I made that statement with the intent of harming the person who is the subject of that statement, I am liable for that. Even if I made that statement with a careless disregard for any harm it would cause or a disregard for the truth of that statement, I am still liable.

For example, let’s say that I make the statement that someone is a pedophile. At the time I made the statement, I didn’t know or care whether or not it was true. If the community heard that statement and his business, career, or reputation is harmed, I am now open to being sued by him.

The reason why the press can publish stories about people is they make every effort to ensure its veracity. The truth is an absolute defense. This is why news organizations retract false statements publicly as soon as they realize it was false. Or at least why they used to.

The reason why sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites don’t get sued is that they have claimed to be a virtual town square where the site doesn’t have anything to do with the content, and are merely serving as a vehicle for free speech.

As soon as Social Media sites began controlling and eliminating speech that they disagreed with, they became editors who ensured that anything posted on their site was something with which they agreed. At this point, the statement is essentially their statement and not simply a posting of someone else’s statement. They are trying to avoid this by calling it “fact checking” and dodging their responsibilities. I think this is a fig leaf that should be eliminated, but we know how the courts are going to go.

I just don’t believe in our legal system or its courts. Heck, I no longer believe in our entire government. Sadly, it has been completely subverted.

In the case of Musk blocking people, he isn’t eliminating their ability to speak. He is simply refusing to listen to them, and that doesn’t violate anything.

Cancel Culture Crime

Two Justice Systems

I was going to post on this later in the week, but JKB over at Gunfreezone beat me to it, albeit from a different angle. A Dunkin’ employee killed someone because that person called him the so-called “n word.”

In this case, the 77 year old white man received a sentence of death for daring to use that sort of language. The 27 year old black man, so threatened by the use of an unkind word, committed a battery upon the elderly citizen. That’s right, an old man received a death sentence for using mean words. I want to mention that the article also revealed that the 77 year old victim was a convicted sex offender. Since the killer had no way of knowing that, I don’t think it was germane to the story.

For this crime, the black man was permitted to plea to felony battery. OK, I am on board with this, so far. The death was an unintentional side effect of a young, fit man punching an old man. Here is where the justice system fails:

The sentence in the case was for 200 hours of community service and two years of house arrest. He will have to stay at home, unless he is at work or church. The prosecutor had this to say:

“Two of the primary factors were the aggressive approach the victim took toward the defendant and everyone working with the defendant, and that the victim repeatedly used possibly the most aggressive and offensive term in the English language,” Kamm told the newspaper.

We constantly hear about so called “white privilege.” Now name one thing that a black man can say that will allow a white man to kill him. Contrast this with the Kyle Rittenhouse case, or the George Zimmerman case. In both of those cases, the one who did the killing was engaged in self defense from an actual attack instead of meting out punishment for the mere use of a word.

You know, the word that is used every day by rappers and other assorted “people of color.” However, if this “magic word” is uttered a single time by a white person, it can be used as an excuse for anything that a black person does for him, even if the word was uttered decades ago and the black person didn’t even hear the white person say the word.

There are now two justice systems in this country. One for straight, white males, and one for everyone else. Yes, Vonelle Cook was a sex offender with multiple convictions for having sex with 15 and 16 year old children, so I don’t mourn his passing. At the same time, the killer in this case wasn’t aware of that, so I don’t see that it was at all pertinent to what happened here. Nope, Vonelle Cook proved that you can be cancelled for using the wrong word.

Cancel Culture

Cracker Ass Crackers

Scratch a liberal and you will find a racist. The mayor of New York joins a long list of Democrats who get to make racist comments while no one in the press seems to care. Listen as he calls white cops a bunch of “crackers.”

Surprising no one, no one cares when a liberal is a hypocrite. If the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all. If Hizzonor gets to call the cops that work for him “crackers,” do cops get to return the favor?

Let’s be honest here.

It’s important to recognize that the people in the cancel culture are not actually offended.

They PRETEND to be offended. Why? Because that’s where the power is. They just want the power to ban people who think, speak or write differently. They’re using the gimmick, the tools, any means available.

Remember, the hard core left believes “by any means necessary.” If it means pretending to be offended for now, that’s what they’ll do. Whenever they can drop the mask and rule with a naked fist, that’s just what they do.

This began years ago, when young women realized that they could destroy any man they wished, merely by alleging sexual harassment. I came to realize this one day when I saw a young woman at one job who had filed several harassment complaints, but would also run over and plop into the lap of male employees, as long as those men were attractive.
It’s about power, and alleging that you are offended grants certain people with immense power.

Cancel Culture

Easier to Cancel You

How did I miss this? A Minnesota school board is making it easier to cancel those who they disagree with. Their rules say that, in order to speak to the board at a meeting, a speaker must:

  • The speaker must state their home address before speaking
  • Board members cannot be addressed directly
  • No one may discuss any issue not on the agenda for the meeting
  • If anyone cheers, claps, or speaks out of turn, the public forum will be shut down at once.

Effective tonight, open forum participants are prohibited from calling out or addressing any individual school board or school district staff member. If this occurs, open forum will be closed,. Beginning at the Nov. 1 school board meeting, open forum will be limited to those individuals who wish to speak to an item on the board agenda.

Crowd noise, or any sort of grandstanding during open forum, including applause, talking, hollering or any outburst will result in open forum being closed. Further, beginning at the Nov. 1 school board meeting, open forum participation will be limited to those individuals who wish to speak to an item on the board agenda.

So much for petitioning your government for a redress of grievances, eh? I wholeheartedly agree with the author of the linked page when he said:

This is exactly the kind of subtle tyranny that’s being implemented across the country, from private employers to the federal government to classrooms and everywhere in between.

Sure, no one is forcing you to take the vaccine, but you’ll lose your job if you don’t. Sure, no one is forcing your child to adopt the ideology of critical race theory, but they’ll be alienated by their peers and told in class they’re a racist if they don’t repent of their whiteness.

Sure, no one is banning you from speaking out against local school board policies, but just go ahead and tell everyone where your kids sleep if you’d like the opportunity to do so.

What’s next? I shudder to imagine.

Please take a few minutes and read the entire article.

Cancel Culture Purge opposition War on the Right

Creating Villains

This article is an attempt to paint gun owners as being terrorists and Nazis. Case in point:

The Atlanta Gun Show, held over a weekend in late September, had everything one might need for a coming apocalypse or civil war: flame throwers, hundreds of rifles, thousands of handguns and knives, body armor, survival kits, medical supplies…Nestled in the middle of the show at the Atlanta Expo Center, a man proudly displayed Nazi memorabilia: medals, swastika patches and a model of a German amphibious vehicle occupied by toy Nazi soldiers. People crowded around his table, asking questions about buying and selling Nazi stuff.

Let’s look at that table of Nazi memorabilia.

Looks evil, right? Let’s take a closer look:

Not a Nazi. This table is selling war memorabilia from all three of the major suppliers of weapons, but a person buying and selling Japanese WW2 military items doesn’t support the true goal here: making gun owners look like they are trying to kill minorities. This is about turning 2A supporters into racist killers.

This is another attempt at making the same stupid “terrorist” argument they always do. Trump supporters were terrorists in October.

NBC claimed that Republicans are planning an armed insurrection and that Steve Bannon has turned Breitbart News into a right wing ethno-Nationalist Propaganda mill. (Oct 4, 2021)

The Guardian says that Republicans are meeting as a part of secret hate groups who want to target non-whites and LGTBQOENC… (Sept 30, 2021)

It became apparent in June that Biden’s plan was to demonize and target the right as terrorists so he can bring the full power of the Federal government’s anti-terror laws to bear.

This editorial in the Washington Post says that anyone who opposes the COVID vaccine is committing domestic terrorism. 

San Francisco has declared that the NRA is a terrorist organization, and is urging the Federal Government to do the same. 

This isn’t new. It’s been going on for more than a decade. From twelve years ago:

Americans affiliated with a foreign terrorist group would be stripped of their U.S. citizenship under bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Joseph Lieberman.Americans affiliated with a foreign terrorist group would be stripped of their U.S. citizenship under bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Cancel Culture Crime

He’s Looking At Me

A guy in a gym is looking at a woman. That apparently justifies her and her husband in threatening the man. It isn’t a crime to look at someone, but it certainly IS a crime to threaten someone with violence.

Chicks like this dress the way that they do because they WANT people to look at them. They just don’t want people who they find unattractive to look at them. If the man had been “hot” she would have enjoyed the attention and continued to show off for him. Because he wasn’t physically attractive, she decided to play like she was offended. These women seem to think that they can use or threaten force because a guy that they don’t find attractive dares to look at them. This is evidenced by the fact that they post videos and pictures of themselves all over the internet for people to ogle. They enjoy being the center of attention.

Back in 2011, I was standing in line in a Quizno’s sandwich shop in Tampa. The woman who was standing in line in front of me had on one of those midriff-bearing tops, and had a tattoo in the middle of her back. The tattoo was in an old English type of font, with her pants covering the lower half of the letters. I was standing in line, trying to figure out what the tattoo said when she turned around and asked me what I was staring at.

I replied that I was looking at her tattoo, and asked her what it said. Now it’s been my experience that people with tattoos love to show them off. Not this woman. She got angry and said, “Did I give you permission to look at it? Where do you think you get the right to stare at me without my permission?”

Now my natural smartass came out at that point, and I replied “What were you thinking when you put on that outfit this morning- ‘Oh, I hope no one looks at me!’ ??”

At this point, some huge guy, presumably her boyfriend, comes over and asks her if I am bothering her. She replies in the affirmative, and the meathead tells me that we are stepping outside to settle this. I tell him that there is no way that I am going outside and that I am not going to fight him, to which he replies that either I am going to go on my own, or he is dragging me outside, and he is kicking my ass whether I like it or not.

At that point, I tell him that it would be a VERY bad idea to drag me outside, and tell him that he needs to just let it go. Long story short, I didn’t have to go outside, and I didn’t have to shoot anyone.

Cancel Culture Race baiting

Symbols Taint Jury

In Tennessee, a black man was granted a new trial because the room where the jury deliberated had historical displays in it that contained a portrait of Jefferson Davis and an example of the Third Flag of the Confederacy (which was only in use for 36 days before Lee’s surrender).

Cancel Culture

Not Science

Destroying the reputation of anyone who questions your opinion is not science. This is the 21st century version of the inquisition.