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Ban the box?

There is an entire movement in the US to prohibit employers from considering an applicant’s criminal history when making hiring decisions.

Do you have a cash handling position? Why not hire someone who has been convicted of embezzlement? Daycare center? Why not hire a pedophile? This is the dumbest shit I have heard this week, but to be fair, it’s only Wednesday.

That doesn’t matter to many employers- they are all in. The city of Lakeland, Florida has done it (although they are excluding police and fire departments from that policy, because hiring criminals to be policemen and firemen is against state law).

The state of Maine is the newest one to jump on this bandwagon. It is now unlawful in Maine for an employer to enquire about an applicant’s criminal history until after they have been offered the job, unless otherwise required by law to screen for criminal history.

So now we have a situation where the left is saying that I can’t get a job if I am a gun owner, or if I have ever opposed gay marriage, abortion, owned a gun, or any other ‘icky’ thought crime, but employers should be forced to hire criminals who have committed actual crimes.

Trump signed it into law, so he wasn’t the panacea that many on the right think he was.

Cancel Culture

Cancel culture

A guy in Sweden was getting a BJ from his girlfriend. They were both underage. He took a picture of her blowing him, albeit without her knowledge. He then showed it to his teammates. She eventually found out and called the cops. He was arrested and had to pay a fine.

Now I am not sure what exactly was in the photo because the cops sealed the record, as both of the people involved were minors. It couldn’t have been all that bad though, because the only penalty was a fine. The charges were “Kränkande fotografering” (offensive photography constituting an invasion of privacy) and “Förtal” (defamation).

Flash forward a year, and the young man, now 18, is about to enter the NHL draft. The story of what happened hits the news, and thanks to cancel culture, he was forced to withdraw his name from the draft.

Since the records were sealed, how did this hit the news? The woman scorned decided to give an interview to the media because the young man didn’t apologize to her. So, for the crime of not being sufficiently contrite, she decides to activate her victim status and ruin his life. Note: when the young man told his friends what he did, the round heeled woman had her reputation irreparably damaged, but when SHE did it, well that makes her an innocent victim.

Who is the real victim here? The woman endured a short period of embarrassment for being a tramp. Now he must endure the destruction of his entire life’s goal of being an NHL player, even though he already paid the penalty for his crime.

Well, the Montreal Canadiens drafted him anyway. The left has gone apoplectic. The press is hammering them for daring to give this canceled pariah a job. Good for the Canadiens, and that little whore needs to just get over herself.