Not Challenged

Eighty percent of all grades at Yale are an A. Yale isn’t alone. Seventy-nine percent of grades handed out at Harvard are As. It wasn’t always like that. Ten years ago, 60 percent of students had an A.

The proportion of A-range grades given in the 2020-21 academic year varied significantly by division: 73 percent in the Arts and Humanities, 65 percent in both the Sciences and Social Sciences, and 60 percent in courses at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

The percentage was higher in the African American Studies department at 82.21 percent. However, it was the Gender Students department that showed that 92.6 percent of grades were in the A range. So only 7 % of students did not receive an A in gender studies.

So the colleges are teaching woke garbage. My advice to you is this: If your doctor or lawyer graduated from Yale or Harvard in the past decade, I would ask some hard questions about their qualifications. It seems that both colleges, perhaps all of the big colleges, are padding their grades.

When I was a teacher, my feeling on the subject of grades was this:

There are standards and objectives that a teacher has to meet for the class. That is, every student has to demonstrate that they have met those objectives. If they have, they get a passing grade. However, if all of your students are getting an A, you as a teacher are not challenging them enough. In other words, you are a pushover and your class is too easy.

It seems that the problem is that the students’ reviews of teachers are what is being used to judge raises and promotions.

as one faculty member put it, external “market forces” are influencing grading, particularly as faculty rely on positive course evaluations from students for professional advancement, she said in the interview.

I will tell you that my nursing school didn’t do that. Of the students who began the cohort, 31 percent of them failed out of the program. Of the ones who completed the program, there was a 100 percent rate of passing the licensure exam. So maybe it’s just the Ivy league, or perhaps just the big schools that are padding their grades.

Still, the real value in attending Ivy League schools has never been a superior education. Those schools have always been about bragging rights and networking. That’s why Presidents Obama, Clinton, both Bush presidents, Ford, and JFK all attended an Ivy League college.

Even more telling: Barack Obama, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush are all related. Barak Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, is a cousin of George W Bush.

There is even more in a future post.


The one thing that sucks about working for a hospital is scheduling. Every hospital that I have ever worked at sucks at writing work schedules. The schedule that comes out is either every 4 or every 6 weeks. The schedule begins on a Sunday. What would make the most sense is for the new schedule to come out a week or two before it begins.

That isn’t how it happens, though. The new schedule sometimes doesn’t come out until the day before it takes effect. You find out on Saturday what your work schedule is going to be on Sunday. That makes it difficult to plan vacations, trips, or even doctor’s appointments, when you don’t even know more than 3 or 4 weeks what days you are available

Stop New Yorking Other States

People from liberal shitholes like New York are moving to other states and then voting for the same liberal policies that made them want to move- creating higher taxes, more restrictive controls, and other issues that turn their new homes into the same liberal shitholes that they came from.

For example, 1 in 12 people who live in Florida are originally from New York, 1 in 15 are from Puerto Rico.

Likewise, another 1 in 12 are illegal immigrants from South and Central America. I’m good with people moving here if they truly want to become part of our culture, but if they just want to come here from there to make here to be exactly like there, they why are they here in the first place?

This. 1,000 Times, This.

I have had this conversation at least a dozen times, just in the comments of this blog. For example, I recently made the statement: “People are illogical beings motivated by selfish, basic emotion and will kill you if they believe it will give them whatever it is that they want.”

and there were those who took exception to that. Even though, deep down, nearly every person interested in preparedness knows it to be true. If we didn’t, there would be no need to make firearms and the principle of “we don’t talk about prep club” as a part of our mantra.

A person can be kind. A person can be a moral, intelligent person. People, however, are not. We can see examples of it everywhere.

I work with some pretty smart medical people who happen to be black. However, we know that blacks, on average, tend to me a full standard deviation below whites in intelligence, with Hispanics falling in between. Whites themselves tend to be half of a standard deviation below Asians in intelligence. That’s just how it is.

There are some who can’t believe this because they know a dumb Asian, or they have a Black doctor, but remember that we are talking about a statistical comparison of populations, not an analysis of any particular person.

People who can’t understand this simply can’t be engaged in an intelligent discussion, because they are just not capable of the level of abstract thought needed to understand it.


In my earlier post on the Israel/Hamas conflict, I pointed out that war has no rules, and wars should be fought without reservation. The only thing that matters is the survival of your people. This is why wars should never be entered into lightly. That’s why the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel should be none of our concern- on either side. There are no direct US interests there.

With that being said- CNN is purely acting as mouthpieces for Hamas when they put out a story about how people taken hostage should be grateful that Hamas took them hostage because they were provided food and medical care. Uh, what?

History Dying Off

Ken Mattingly was supposed to be the command module pilot for the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission, but he was exposed to the German measles and the replaced him at the last minute with Jack Swigert, bumping Mattingly to Apollo 16. He never came down with the measles, even though Swigert got quite ill during the mission. Mattingly was also one of two people who went to the moon and also flew on a space shuttle mission. (Fellow Apollo 16 crew member John Young was the other)

On Halloween, Ken Mattingly passed away at the age of 87.