Innocent People Always Die

One of the big reasons why I have been saying that we want to avoid a war in this country is the quote that is the headline for this post. It’s from a movie: Rules of Engagement. It stars Samuel L Jackson, a Marine commander who gets hammered for having his Marines fire into an armed crowd. One of the lines in the move sees Jackson say: “Did innocent people die? Innocent people always die.”

The civil war that both sides seem intent on having will be ugly. War isn’t a game where two sides engage in some football game where the players, rules, and boundaries are clearly defined. Americans think that war is some sort of game, a crucible where masculinity is defined. It isn’t. It’s messy. It won’t just be players getting targeted. The combatants will be targets. So will the people who deliver food. So will their families. Women. Children. The side who refuses to participate in that will lose. The following exchange took place at another blog:

ANON: no one is going to stand up to the jack-booted thugs nor will they retaliate in any goddamned way whatsoever: if Ruby Ridge wasn’t enough to muster the hearts and minds–not to mention Waco, then nothing will. One man (McVeigh) took action and that was it…but you do you.

BLOG OWNER: things change when they go after a man’s home and livelihood. Surely even you can figure that out. Maybe.

And that whole McVeigh thing you seem to imply that was so great….. that was terrorism, asshole. Innocent people died in that bombing.

They both make good points and are both mistaken. Anon fails to realize that people are resistant to fight, because they know that there is no going back. Once the fight is joined, things are going to get ugly. Once the first pushback occurs, innocent people will die. The OKC bombing? Yeah, that sort of thing will have to happen. Innocent people will die. Call it terrorism, call it war. There is no difference, especially when one force has a daycare center right in the building that contains legitimate targets.

Philosophically, what is the difference between the OKC bombing and the Allies bombing Dresden? How about firebombing Tokyo? Remember learning about Sherman’s march to the sea? Sherman said “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people. It is necessary to make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war.” His troops left a trail of destruction and dead civilians in its wake.

The northern troops gave no mercy.  “it isn’t so sweet to secede,” one soldier wrote in a letter home, “as [they] thought it would be.”

That is war. I fear that it is coming. No quarter will be given.


Deadly Force Authorized

For tax enforcement


Found- Nevermind

The Brevard County Sheriff’s office has announced that their SROs are going to be carrying rifles at all times while at school. Lest you think that they are going to be kitted up like SEAL team 6, they aren’t. Instead, they were pictured to look like the below picture. Can anyone help me out by identifying the rifle that this guy is carrying?

EDITED TO ADD: The rifle in question has been identified. It is a Kel-Tec Sub 2000. What kind of stupid, feel good Kabuki theater bullshit is this? A 9mm PCC, and not even a very good one, at that.



Ten days ago, Newsweek’s issue for the end of July came out. Here was the cover of that July 29th issue:

The article that was in that issue gives more details.

Given the facts that have come to light about former President Donald Trump’s role in the mob attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and the efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, it is now plausible that he will be charged with crimes, tried and convicted. “It’s no longer premature to say that Trump could end up in prison,” says Michael Conway, a longtime trial lawyer who started his career as counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment inquiry into Richard Nixon in 1974 , and who now teaches ethics and the law at Northwestern University.

The show trials that I began predicting on July 6, 2020, with the two posts titled “Roots of an insurgency, part 3,” and “Tying it all together.” From the “Roots” post:

Once the last phase begins, totalitarian elites let loose their inclination to brutally eliminate their perceived enemies. Once this phase begins, things happen very quickly. The entire country will collapse in a matter of weeks.

Violence is considered a means to achieving the goal of centralized power. There is not even a pretense of due process or respect for free speech. 

Then there is the Tying it all together:

This is also the stage where purges begin, books are burned or rewritten, and the history of the old regime is destroyed. This prevents any sort of “counter revolution” from gaining any traction.

Things are going to get worse as we approach the election. It will seem to be happening with blinding speed while it is happening, but in hindsight not so much. The spin doctors are already denying it. I’ve been hearing the whole “The FBI director was appointed by Trump. This proves that it is non-partisan and Biden has nothing to do with it.”


Biden’s Time Running Out

Biden’s time is running out. It is becoming obvious to everyone that he dementia is getting the better of him, and the more obvious it becomes, the less useful he is to the power structure in this country. At some point, he will be more useful to them as a former President than he is as a current President. Look for the people in power to replace him.

I believe that they are going to do it some time after January 20, 2023. Why that day? The Twenty-Second Amendment limits an elected president to two terms in office, a total of eight years. However, it is possible for an individual to serve up to ten years as president. The amendment specifies that if a vice president or other successor takes over for a president and serves two years or less of the former president’s term, the new president may serve for two full four-year terms. If more than two years remain of the term when the successor assumes office, the new president may serve only one additional term.

So for the Dems to hold the office for as long as possible, they need to make sure that Biden makes it to the midpoint of his term. Depending on how serious the powers that be are about getting it done, and who is the power behind the throne, will determine how Biden is removed.

  • If Biden’s family is calling the shots, perhaps he will simply step down.
  • If he refuses, but the left feels he can serve no further use, they will use the 25th Amendment.
  • If they want to make a martyr out of him, he will be killed by some right wing loon using an AR-15 who is carrying an NRA life member card in his wallet and wearing a MAGA hat.

The issue here is, who replaces him? Will they use Harris? She is almost as useless as he is. She sounds demented, but is actually just an imbecile. Will they eliminate and replace her first?

Whatever happens, it will be unexpected. These past 30 months have been like watching a bad movie unfold. You can’t make shit up that is as wild as what has been happening over the past two and a half years.


Florida number 1

The reason why more people want to live in Florida than any other state? We are free here to do what we like. Why is that?

Ron DeSantis.

Speaking of the Governor, on Friday he named a new Justice to the State Supreme court. She is a member of the Federalist Society. Did I mention that she is a Black Woman from Jamaica? That makes it pretty hard for the left to attack her without losing their “we love minorities” status.


Walt Disney Posthumously Canceled

Disney isn’t woke enough for the empire he founded. They are removing mentions of him from theme parks. I will let Orwell say it for me:

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.


Not News

So the press is now surprised that UPS employees are stealing firearms shipments? We in the gun culture have known that for years.

About 15 years ago, I was an IDPA competitor. In those days, I was shooting black stainless Sig 229’s of the 357Sig persuasion in competition. It was pretty common for me to send them to the Sig performance center to get work done. Because of employee theft, UPS had a requirement that all handguns had to be sent overnight and insured. This was way too expensive at more than $200 per handgun.

Now I didn’t think that I should be forced to pay more to UPS because UPS couldn’t keep their employees from stealing. The law said that those who shipped firearms via common carrier had to notify the carrier of the contents of the shipment. So I would always list the contents as “Sig Sauer Model 229” and ship it standard and insured. It cost less than $30 and still complied with the law.



The head of the division of Taiwan’s defense ministry that is in charge of missile production was found dead in a hotel room this morning.


What Election?

Before I get to the point of this post, let me set up a bit of groundwork:

So now that we have the facts out of the way, the point of this post.

We are now less than 3 months away from the midterm elections. The Democrats are on a path to economic and political disaster and it is killing them in the polls. Biden’s approval rating is a dismal -16.3. The number of people who disapprove of him is nearly double the number who approve. Trump’s approval is -15.1.

It isn’t any better for the rest of the field. The Republicans have a 72% chance of winning a majority in the house.

So with all of that going on, why are the Democrats continuing down what is obviously a self destructive path? Why do they continue making decisions that are obviously unpopular with the voters?

I can only come up with one logical answer: The polls don’t matter. Their popularity doesn’t matter.

They know that they can’t lose. The fix is in. There is no other explanation that fits the facts.