Be a man

How many times have we been told that you should just “be a man” and take your beating? A black man, employed by a Tampa Dunkin, punched a customer once in the head, killing him.

Punches are not harmless. I don’t allow people to attack me. Period. The fact is, more people are killed every year by fists and feet than are killed by so-called ‘assault weapons’.

In his defense, the employee is claiming that the customer used a racial slur. Even if the man did so, that isn’t an excuse for violence. It especially not a crime punishable by death.

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Danger Zones page

I am adding a new page to the links at the top of this blog. It is my intent to track the violent acts that are being perpetrated by the BLM/Antifa folks. If any of you have any stories or news about insurgent violence, let me know in the comments there. Thanks.

Here are my proposals for rating the various zones. In order from least to most danger:

Zone 1: Increased vigilance and awareness
These cities are ones where violent leftist extremists are known to have caused political violence in the past.

Zone 2: Risk of Violent protests with local official cooperation

Zone 2 cites have seen recent violence, with local authorities either refusing to intervene or even actively assisting those committing violent acts.

Zone 3: Deadly force used by insurgents in at least one incident

Zone three cities are areas where violent protests and riots have taken place and the rioters have employed deadly force with little to no attempt at mitigating response from local authorities.

Zone 4: Disputed Territory

Zone 4 zones are those where deadly force has been used to kill and/or seriously injure anyone who the insurgents feel are not sufficiently sympathetic or supportive of their goals. Government authority has either effectively or openly sided with the insurgents and is providing them with active support.

Zone 5: Occupied Zones
Areas in zone 5 are areas where the government has ceded or lost all control and/or has openly declared that they cannot and will not provide basic government services like police, fire, and EMS. These areas are completely out of legitimate governmental control and can best be described as being behind enemy lines.

Let’s begin by assuming that every blue county contains significant numbers of violent communists and work from there.


What would we do?

On 9/11, Islamic terrorists killed more than 3,000 American citizens. The country responded by passing draconian laws, capturing and imprisoning thousands of people, and mobilizing our military for a war that to date has lasted for nearly 20 years.

As of March 15, 2020, a total of 61 people in the US had died of COVID. The entire country was locked in their homes for weeks as a result, and some are still in a state of house arrest.

Now picture that Canada and Mexico both declare that the US has no right to exist, and they begin lobbing rockets over the border on a weekly basis. Then Venezuela announces that they are developing nuclear weapons, with the stated intent of using a nuclear weapon on New York City as soon as they can build one.

How do you think the USA would respond to that?

Now why do you attack Israel for their actions?



In 2018 (the latest year where complete stats are available), there were 14,123 homicides in the United States. More than 52.4% of the victims were black. Just over 43.1% of the victims were white.

The murder weapons broke down like this: 46.2% of the homicides were carried out by handguns, and just over 2.1% were carried out by rifles.

The killers broke down like this: 48.3% of homicides were committed by blacks, 45.8% by whites, 5.9% were either unknown, mixed race, or other.

What about gender? When whites were the killer, men were the killer two thirds of the time. When blacks were the killer, men were responsible 76% of the time.

In cases where the victim was black, 88.8% of the time, the killer was also black. In cases where the victim was white, 80.7% of the time, the killer was also white.

There are 246 million whites in the United States. With 5,574 homicides where a white person was the victim of another white person, the murder rate among whites is 2.26 per 100,000. There are 40.6 million blacks in the United States. With 7,407, the murder rate where only blacks was involved is 14.72 per 100,000.

Conclusions: interracial killings are the exception. Blacks commit the majority of homicides in this country. They are also the victim in the majority of homicides. The homicide rate among blacks in the United States is close to the median for Africa, although half what the murder rate is for South Africa.

The homicide rate for white Americans is roughly double the murder rate for Europe, but on par with Canada.

This means that BLM is protesting the wrong killings. For every black killed by police, several hundred die at the hands of other blacks.

It isn’t handguns. Blacks kill more people than do handguns. It isn’t “assault weapons”- more people die each year from knives wielded by black men than are killed by these so-called “weapons of war.”

The numbers don’t lie. There is a cultural problem in this country, and it has to do with black males. Let’s start the “Reasoned discourse” there.


California ANG shakeup

After the story broke about the California National Guard putting a fighter on alert for dealing with protests, there is a shakeup in the leadership of the guard. One has to wonder if the general was fired for putting the fighter on alert, or if he was a sacrificial lamb offered up to cover the governor’s ass.


Discovering what we already knew

One in five owners of electric cars in California have switched back to gasoline cars because charging electric cars is a hassle.


Some of you can’t take a hint

I tried to send a hint to my readers yesterday, but some of you apparently can’t take a hint. At least one person who has been commenting on this blog has an IP address that comes back to a law enforcement agency. Another comes back to a prosecutor’s office. At least one of them has been attempting to incite others into saying something stupid.

Don’t get yourself into trouble. Remember that there are plenty of agents out there who would love to make a name for themselves. Watch what you say.


Not at all suspicious

The Swiss have been the go between for US/Iran talks for decades. A senior staffer for the Swiss embassy is found dead of cement poisoning after falling from her high rise apartment.

I wonder if she was the Chief of Station for the Swiss version of the CIA. The shit show that has been taking place since 2019 sounds like someone trying to write Tom Clancy novel fanfic with a shitty, unbelievable plot.

Seriously- Chinese bio weapons, Communists demanding that the police be eliminated, a rigged election, rockets crashing out of space, and now “diplomats” being killed in the midst of intrigue involving Iran getting nuclear weapons. What next?


Of course

It turns out that a juror in the Chauvin case attended a BLM protest while wearing a shirt reading “Get your knees off our necks”

The MSM says this had no effect on the verdict, or his suitability for being on the jury.


How to spot the FBI informant

Q: “How do you spot the FBI informant?”

A: “He’s the one encouraging the group to do something illegal.”

Be careful.