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Wait For It

Now that Kamala Harris is in charge of deciding what constitutes illegal disinformation, which they define as harassment or abuse, how long will it be before Biden dons a medal covered General’s uniform and declares himself to be Chancellor for life?

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My Thoughts on Uvalde

Anther shooting, and the left is predictably dancing in the victim’s blood before the scene is even cleared or the families of the dead are notified. It’s so predictable: calls for gun control that would not have mattered. The current calls are for universal background checks (in other words, gun registration). This young man who did the shooting had a clear record, would have passed a background check, and a proposed BG check law would have done nothing.

No, every shooting and its victims are simply political fodder to advance a political agenda. The left doesn’t give a rip about the victims, except to the extent that they can be used to advance that agenda, truth and facts be damned. As we proved just this week on this very blog, the left doesn’t care about facts, logic, or the truth.

To debate the left about gun control is a complete waste of time, because they won’t listen. So I just won’t do it. You want gun control? No. Your move.

No, what I want to talk about is social media’s responsibility for this shooting. He was a troubled child that grew into a troubled young man. The clues were there, but as often happens in these cases, no one said anything. Word is, the shooter posted pictures of his guns to social media, and said that a shooting was coming. He actually told one woman it was coming.

In the hours leading up to the killings, the shooter reportedly showed off his guns to an LA-based woman via his Instagram page, taunting that he was ‘about to do’ something.

When the woman asked what, he said: ‘I’ll tell you before 11.’ He began shooting at noon.

The school had purchased technology to monitor social media, but it apparently didn’t work.

So now we come to the point I am trying to make. I have been tossed into Facebook jail dozens of times. Sometimes within minutes of posting something that didn’t agree with their leftist viewpoints. So how can a person post threats to carry out a mass shooting, and Instagram (the site where the threatening posts were made) didn’t notice?

The technology exists for social media companies to monitor what people post. We know it, because they have done it for the past several years. Why don’t they report these things? The only possible answer is that they don’t because they WANT more shootings so the dead victims can be used to advance their agenda.

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Disinformation Bureau Not Dead

Don’t look now, but the Biden Ministry of Truth is an idea that has not yet died.

Silence the opposition

Shut Out Opposing Opinions

There is a local media story about the New York mass shooter. One of the comments on the story was “Why didn’t a good guy with a gun neutralize him before he killed?”

I typed a great answer: “Because NY has made sure that very few good guys can carry guns. Especially not in black neighborhoods. It is a difficult and expensive process that requires a visit to a judge and must be repeated every 5 years. Despite having similar populations, Florida has ten times as many concealed weapons permit holders than New York.
On top of that, New York doesn’t allow anyone to own magazines that hold more than ten rounds. The bad guy in this case ignored that law.”

That comment lasted less than 20 minutes before it was “deactivated” because it violated the community standards. Since the left can’t defend their ideas with logic and facts, they resort to all they know how to do- shut down the debate.

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Congress Shall Make No Law…

This is why the Disinformation Governance Board bothers me so…

Let me quote her directly: (pdf alert)

The commission would harmonize definitions of concepts such as terrorist or extremist content, hate speech, abuse, and disinformation across the Internet and ensure platforms are adhering to those definitions; define and require that platforms obtain informed and meaningful consent to their terms of service, serving as an awareness building mechanism about data privacy issues and the limits of speech on the platforms; serve as a neutral appellate body for users who feel their content has been unjustly removed; and conduct public audits of algorithms, account takedowns, and data stewardship. Most importantly, however, it would have the convening power to bridge the gap between industry, government, and academia, ensuring that these sectors no longer operate in isolation, or worse, counter to shared goals.

In the absence of the political will necessary to create a whole-of-society response to online disinformation, Congress must empower a professional, non-partisan commission to lead this charge, convene disparate stakeholders, and establish a shared understanding of the threat.

Let that sink in. She wants to control, by deputizing corporations, what people can and cannot say.

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Anti Trust Violation?

Silence the opposition War on the Right


Just last week, Obama was making statements about being opposed to so-called disinformation. Now we know why. The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it is forming the “Disinformation Governance Board.” Reading the infographics that they are producing(pdf warning), this is some truly dystopian, scary stuff. This new board is deeming anything that doesn’t come from “trusted sources” to be potential disinformation. The page also links to a page that focuses on “Election Infrastructure Security.” This indicates to me that the election in November is directly in the crosshairs.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this was announced the same week that Musk bought Twitter and is saying he will stop censoring those on the right. Read from the statement:

Disinformation and misinformation propagated and disseminated by both domestic and foreign actors were listed as the first key factors influencing the heightened threat environment, with grievances stoked by unsubstantiated widespread election fraud conspiracy theories and COVID-19 mis/disinformation noted as inspiring violent extremist attacks during 2021.

So job one is going to be the silencing those who are calling shenanigans on COVID restrictions and election fraud. According to a statement made to the AP, “The spread of disinformation can affect border security, Americans’ safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions.”

I broke this blog away from blogger and onto my own server because I was pretty sure that the left’s big push was going to be centered on silencing those of us who would oppose this takeover of our government. It looks like that will be happening, and they are going nuclear with this sooner than I thought.

Expect sources of information that don’t fit the officially approved narrative to begin disappearing, and voices opposing the government to be silenced. Last year, I reported that the Biden administration endorses the “Christchurch Call,” a series of sweeping regulations to “eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.”

Scary times, indeed. I don’t think that this election is going to go the way that the polls indicate.

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I Was Right

Back in February of 2021, I posted a copy of a video showing Capitol police letting J6 protesters into the building. At best, this eliminated the chances that this was a crime, at worst it is evidence of entrapment.

Matthew Martin produced a similar video as a part of his defense to the charges he was facing from the J6 protest. The judge in the case found that he “reasonably believed” that police officers let him into the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 breach, finding defendant Matthew Martin not guilty of all charges. Let’s review that video again:

The Capitol Police officers are standing there holding the doors open.

The verdict represents an early test of efforts by some Jan. 6 defendants to argue that police allowed them to enter the Capitol, or that they believed they had permission because no officer told them to stop. The crux of Martin’s defense was that, in his own words, he was “let in” by two US Capitol Police officers who were standing in the doorway when he entered and made no attempt to stop him. He argued that one of the officers waved him through. Looking at the video above, it’s hard to argue that no one entered the Capitol building with permission.

This, one thousand times, this.

Silence the opposition

Honest, We Swear

Having learned absolutely nothing from the Patriot Act debacle, the Republicans are supporting a law that would fine social media for not banning terrorists from their websites.

This law totally won’t be used to shut down sites like the Conservative Treehouse, this blog, or be used to silence anyone who protests the results of an election. We pinky swear.

Purge opposition Silence the opposition War on the Right


The left is claiming that SCOTUS Justice Thomas’ wife is no longer eligible to be considered human, because she believes that Biden stole the election. Further, this even disqualifies her husband from bein on the court:

The revelations that Ginni Thomas advocated for the overthrow of our democracy are disqualifying – not just for her as a human being of any decency, but for her husband Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Women’s March Executive Director Rachael O’Leary Carmona

The left is going insane because the court isn’t tilted in their favor, so they will do whatever it takes to tilt the court in their favor.

Impeaching a justice or packing the court will be a sign that the end is near. Our government will have ceased to exist. All pretense of a Constitutional Republic will have been abandoned.