Remember when antigunners were posting the names and addresses of people who had concealed weapons permits, because people have a “right to know?” Now that the same thing is being done in the case of Trump’s grand jury, or the names and addresses of people who are turning in their guns for free sneakers, it’s all of a sudden wrong to “dox” people.

You have been doing this to gun owners and others with whom you disagree for decades. So- right back at ya.

The jury and grand jury system rely on the jurors being held to the community standards, and the way that is done is by publicly shaming people who don’t adhere to those standards. We have a right to know. That’s YOUR standard, and now you are going to live by it.

Here it Comes

The New Hampshire Secretary of State, a Republican, is exploring the idea that Trump can be kept off of the ballot due to the 14th Amendment. Remember when I said that was coming? The only thing I got wrong was in assuming that it would be the Democrats that did it. Holy shit, the Republicans are even more pussified than I thought.

Here it comes.

I don’t think it matters, because we all know that the fix is in, but they are all wrong. For starters, I remember all of the birthers who sued to block Obama and their lawsuits were all dismissed for lack of standing. I wonder if these lawsuits will be handled the same way.

Still, as I said, it doesn’t matter. The people who are taking over the government (or who already have) are making the move to make sure Trump doesn’t get into office. They are all singing the same song.

Removing a candidate from the ballot in order to save democracy is like raping all of the women in a town in order to protect virginity.

I Love It

Trump is already selling Tshirts and other items with his picture on it. Meanwhile, the press thinks they are owning him with this quote:

The tagline under the mug shot on the official MAGA gear states “NEVER SURRENDER!” in all caps, despite the fact that Trump, 77, did in fact surrender on Thursday before he was released on a $200,000 bond.

That isn’t the own that they think it is. In the meantime, Trump made his return to Twitter (the website now known as X) with this tweet, which has been viewed over 100 million times in less than 10 hours:

If you are interested, the merchandise with Trump’s picture can be found here.

Tone Deaf

Michigan and the First Amendment

Democrats in Michigan have proposed a bill that would replace Michigan’s existing Ethnic Intimidation Act and make it a hate crime to cause someone to “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened.” Under the bill’s framework, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression” are included as classes protected against intimidation. If passed, the hate speech legislation would make violators guilty of a felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. The law also allows victims of hate crimes to bring civil lawsuits against the offender. Successful plaintiffs can recover three times the actual damages or $25,000, whichever is greater, along with reasonable attorney fees and costs.

What is also a feature is the possibility of “Alternative penalties” under the proposed law.

An alternative sentence may include an order requiring the offender to complete a period of community service intended to enhance the offender’s understanding of the impact of the offense upon the victim and wider community. Community service ordered under this subdivision must be performed with the consent of and in support of the community targeted in the violation.

I can’t see how this isn’t a violation of the First Amendment. Let’s see how it plays out.

Technical Details

I spent the morning trying to get Tactical Hermit’s blog moved over to my server. He had an XML backup of the text, but all of the files, pictures, media, etc. are no longer accessible from the old blog because it was nuked.

My advice to all of you is this: As long as your blog is on a server that is owned by an entity that does not respect free speech, it is at risk of being lost. Every day that your blog is on WordPress or Blogger, it is at risk. XML backups only restore the text of the blog, not the pictures, videos, etc. Those are still on the old server.

Moving your blog before you get cancelled will preserve your stuff. Even if you don’t move your blog to here, move it somewhere that will preserve your blog. Every day you wait places your data at risk.

As long as you don’t violate the rules here, I won’t touch your site. I only have one rule with respect to content: Your site can’t be a porn site. Other than that, your site is your site.


A Twitter personality asked Brittany Griner about her anti-American attitude while she was at the Dallas Airport. Her WNBA provided security detail pushed him away and characterized the incident as a hate attack.

No. Asking questions, even inconvenient ones, is what the press does. Griner took a public stance on a political topic, and she doesn’t get a free pass that prevents her from having to answer questions about that stance.

Likewise, Mr Stein is just as much a member of the press as a reporter for the NY Times. There is nothing that says one must be a member of the government approved propaganda Corps in order to be a member of the press.

Furthermore, anyone whether they are the press or not shouldn’t be physically attacked for asking a celebrity a question. The employees of the WNBA attacked a member of the public ina public place because they were asking questions. Nothing about Mr Stein’s questions merited a physical response. At no time did he present a physical threat to Griner’s person, so I don’t see where the physical response was legally justified. Would the WNBA’s security personnel have pushed a reporter from the propaganda corps? Do they feel justified because he wasn’t asking the right questions? I wonder just how deep the WNBA’s pockets are.