Power Grab


This has to be a joke. On the one hand, we have cops who are trying to act like they are total badasses that make SEALs look like wimps, and on the other, we have Capitol police who need comfort dogs to deal with having to hear other cops asking for backup over the radio.

U.S. Capitol Police officer Jeffrey Albanese, a 14-year veteran, said his role on Jan. 6 was to make sure all emergency personnel who needed to be in the Capitol could enter.

But what haunts him is having listened to radio calls from officers in distress.

This is pure emotional manipulation. They want people to feel sorry for the Capitol police.

War on the Right

Eliminate the Counter revolutionaries

It happens like clockwork, every time communists carry out a revolution, that revolution needs to get rid of those who would oppose them. The left is following the CIA insurgency manual step by step. We are in the violent stage of the campaign. Part of that stage is the elimination of those who would oppose them.

That is why there are show trials. Parents speak out at a school board meeting? They must be silenced and arrested. A father is angry that a left wing darling raped is daughter? He must be thrown in the gulag. A teacher speaks out that your kids are being indoctrinated? Fire her. Imprison military officers who won’t go along.

My advice? The wheels are coming off quickly. Rush preparations to completion.

Ensure that you have all that you need to weather this storm. The clock is running out.

War on the Right

We are all terrorists now

First there was the attack on the California sheriff who was an Oathkeeper. Now the attacks are coming out. This is now a coordinated effort to destroy the political power of everyone in the Republican party who isn’t a RINO by labeling them as extremist militia members.

This entire idea is being pushed hard:

The claim is being made that President Trump turned the Republican Party into a political organization with an armed wing, which (they claim) makes the GOP a terrorist organization.

NBC claimed that Republicans are planning an armed insurrection and that Steve Bannon has turned Breitbart News into a right wing ethno-Nationalist Propaganda mill. (Oct 4, 2021)

The Guardian says that Republicans are meeting as a part of secret hate groups who want to target non-whites and LGTBQOENC… (Sept 30, 2021)

It became apparent in June that Biden’s plan was to demonize and target the right as terrorists so he can bring the full power of the Federal government’s anti-terror laws to bear.

Police State tyranny War on the Right

COMSEC alert

Your Proton Mail accounts have been compromised.

Cancel Culture Silence the opposition War on the Right

No longer American enough

Lee Greenwood is no longer American enough for Joe Biden. After 16 years on the arts council, the Biden administration alerted him via email- not a phone call or letter, an email- that he was no longer welcome on the arts council.

So here is the song, because Fuck Joe Biden

Purge opposition War on the Right

Is it time yet?

Just because reading one Salon article today wasn’t enough to piss me off, I decided to read a second one. How about this one? Trump fans are overdue for a lesson in consequences

The article includes this quote:

New York’s newly appointed governor, Democrat Kathy Hochul is calling the unvaccinateds’ bluff. Rather than caving in and letting them keep their jobs, she is prepared to call the National Guard to fill in the shortages left by the upcoming firings

Got that? Obey, or we will fire you and then call in the military. Every liberal idea always starts with disarmament of civilians and ends with military firing squads.

Rigging the vote

Election Evidence Rejected

The Arizona report is done. They weren’t allowed access to voting machines, software, or any other details. I call shenanigans. There are three things that I believe about the 2020 election:

  1. Joe Biden is the President, and the results of the election are not going to change.
  2. There is enough evidence of shenanigans for me to believe that the election was stolen and Biden didn’t win the election
  3. Now that the first two things are true, the 2020 election is evidence that there will never again be another free and fair election in this country

The answer that we always get is that there is no evidence that the election was stolen. Even when evidence is provided, they dismiss it as ‘flawed’ and then claim that none exists. If the election was on the up and up, then why would the Democrat party spend so much effort in preventing a recount?

Gaming the Courts Power Grab

Unintended Consequences

A judge in Florida has ruled that, since immigration is covered under Federal law, it is unconstitutional for state and local police to assist Federal authorities in enforcing that law, even to the point that they cannot hand illegal immigrants over to Federal authorities. It also allows the creation of Sanctuary cities:

Consistent with the Court’s Omnibus order on the parties’ cross-motions for summary judgment, Defendants are PERMANENTLY ENJOINED from enforcing the Transport Requirement, Fla. Stat. § 908.104(4), because this statutory provision is preempted by federal immigration law and is therefore unconstitutional.

The unintended part comes here: In light of this ruling, what other laws would be exclusively preempted by Federal law, thus making them outside of local jurisdiction? Gun laws? Marijuana? Drug laws? Considering that Federal law is so broad, this ruling makes virtually every state law and ordinance unconstitutional, while making local and state police virtually powerless.

Perhaps that’s been the plan all along. Seize Federal power, then declare the states to be powerless.

Military Purge opposition

The Purge Continues

I recently asked “Can you imagine how that would go today?” about a sailor who was brought up on charges for saying he was “on the pussy watch” while serving as the sentry in front of the women’s barracks. Well, now we know. Anyone in the military who is accused of sexual harassment will be summarily discharged, as the military will have civilian oversight that will investigate charges of sexual harassment:

For sexual harassment cases, it also calls for independent trained investigators and the mandatory discharge of those who engage in sexual harassment.

I once had a boss who gave us a sexual harassment class. He summed it up perfectly: “Sexual harassment is whatever the woman says it is.” Of course, he said that back in the 90’s. Today, the accuser will also be one of the LGTBQHRY… mafia. Say anything that a person under your command doesn’t like, and your career is over.

Now that isn’t to say that all claims of sexual harassment are bogus. Some men are pigs who will use rank to get sexual favors. However, the vast majority of sexual harassment complaints are not because of that. The vast majority are for perceived slights that exist more in the mind of the accuser than anywhere else.

This is just another tool that will be used to eliminate those who are politically unreliable from the ranks of the military.

Power Grab

Emails, and the chain of command

According to Newsweek, Americans were emailing Pence and asking him to remove Trump from office by using the 25th Amendment. So? Which Americans? Why does that matter?

Now knowing what we know about Milley telling military leaders to ignore the President’s orders, Trump had already been removed from office in all but name. That was why Pence was the one ordering the National Guard into the Capitol.

Because the Washington, DC area is a Federal District, the General in charge of the unit answers only to the President of the United States. This authority to activate the D.C. National Guard has been delegated by the President, to the Secretary of Defense, who has further delegated to the Secretary of the Army.  Note that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is not anywhere in that chain of command, nor is the Vice President.

The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President. Any orders given to the Commanding General of the Washington, DC National Guard by any other entity or individual are not lawful orders. Why is that important?

On January 6 at 3:30 pm, Vice President Pence ordered the activation of the DC National Guard.  The Vice President is nowhere in the military chain of command, and as I pointed out, doesn’t have the power to order the DC national guard to do anything. Anyone who obeyed these orders was doing so without lawful authority. Those orders were not lawful orders.

No matter who sent emails to the Vice President.