A Florida “teen” (probably Dutch, Swiss, or Canadian) engaged in a gun battle with a police officer. Officer Jamie Smith pulled over a vehicle that was involved in a drive by shooting, and saw the 13-year-old bail out before running down a sidewalk next to an apartment complex. He was seen with a gun in his hand. The “teen” continued fleeing into the complex despite being commanded to stop. As the officer turned a corner, the teen was crouched in wait for him and fired at him three times with a handgun, striking the cop in the foot.

Officer Smith called for backup and continued chasing the teen. He saw him hiding in bushes next to the apartment building; the 13-year-old engaged in another round of gunfire and was struck in the leg and abdomen by the officer’s return fire. The three suspects were 19, 13, and 14 years old. They have all been charged with felonies.

The 13-year-old and 14-year-old were on probation after being arrested in January following a car burglary and had a stolen handgun at that time. The biggest travesty here is that they were caught in an armed burglary and only got probation. Less than three months later, they tried to murder more than one person. It is too damned bad that the cop in this case didn’t remove his ass from the gene pool. Three guesses as to the race of the “teens” involved in the attempted murder of a person on the street and of a police officer. Here is a hint:

You can watch the body cam video at the link here.

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Safety Off · May 12, 2023 at 7:58 pm

Saw one earlier about backpacks being banned because several weapons have been found at an elementary school.
I think it was the glorious peoples of republic of MI so some CPUSA true believer may have put some heat in lil’ Johnnie’s backpack for the grab the guns cause.
Local kids have the Nerf guns and love to shoot at ya, I gather u the foam bullets and hoard them,
Just back from the dollar store and it was a world bazaar with headwraps, jibberish, people in tribal garb, fatties with tatties and other sewer mutants of the Chiquitastan rotten banana.
I walked out and went to the Sack-N-Save even if it did cost fifty cents more for the item.

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