Whenever I say that we should get rid of government giveaways and welfare programs, I get to hear people tell me how I am heartless and want people to starve, as if the economy is a binary choice between the government doing it, or no one doing it. Read this, and see how kind people can be:

The problem here is that commies aren’t generous. They want the government to take from those who have more than they do, and give it to them. That’s what communism is.

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County Cork · December 1, 2023 at 1:05 pm

Z blog called Javier Milei an autistic Austin Powers but he did have a good quote about don’t confuse a need with a right.
Satanist comrade Karl Marx was out to burn down the world and the only utopia is for the apparatchiks at the top of the dung heap.

    Big Ruckus D · December 1, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    Any sensitive types reading better put on their nomex panties now. Yes, I’m a heartless bastard, and am fully prepared to watch people starve to death in the absence of government handouts. I certainly don’t get any, and work my ass off to stay modestly housed, fed and in the ownership of old, but working vehicles, the newest of which is now 20 years old, and was purchased used with high mileage. Niggas drawing section 8/welfare/EBT are driving newer, nicer vehicles than I own.

    The die off will be a one time shot, after which there won’t be any substantial amount of freeloaders left, and few will dare consider becoming one, given the lack of free shit to enable such behavior to begin with.

    Like it or not, our society has been on a discivic and dysgenic path for at least the last century. Being (for a time, though a title we no longer hold) the most productive and wealthy country on the planet, we stupidly got soft and allowed a mass proliferation of parasites and fuckups who won’t pull their own weight. Now we are overrun with people who cannot survive without somebody else propping them up for the most basic aspects of their survival.

    I’ll come right out and say it: they all have to go. If they aren’t dispensed with by some means, then this entire planet becomes a shit hole of worse than third world living standards. There aren’t enough productive people left to continue soaking for the ever expanding costs of a parasitic population on an unconstrained growth trajectory, and profligate government run amok. Either they die off, or we are all left in perpetual suffering and squalor. Fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing, so a sacrifice of those who produce nothing, but demand ever more from those of us who do produce, sounds good to me.

    That makes me worse than Hitler? Guess what: I don’t give a shit. And the funny part is, barring a decision to cut off the freeloaders, irrespective of the unpleasant consequences, we end up with a mass die off and horrible suffering regardless. So, we can chose to take that path on terms we can (somewhat) control and try to save some portion of civilization, or we can choose to ignore the issue, do nothing, and get an entirely uncontrolled demolition leading to another dark age, at best. Either way, it’s likely most people will find they are fucked in terms of the living standard they’ve come to expect.

    I suspect, however, that nothing will be done proactively to avert the crack up boom. Rather, nature will deal the cards, and we’ll be forced to play a shit hand by our own inaction. Most people just don’t have the balls to force a solution that might give us a chance – no matter how slim – of salvaging a functional society, because they don’t want to face the suffering that making such a decision entails. Ultimately, they will face it anyway, as it will be imposed on them by reality.

Anonymous · December 1, 2023 at 8:16 pm

Is it just me or how would putting gutters on your home bankrupt you? Are they trying to outfit the Tajh Mahal?? Something fishy about this story.

    Jonesy · December 2, 2023 at 7:35 am

    They were probably stretched to begin with, over extended and now needed to pull back. Maybe there were other factors not listed.

    One could only hope to land in a community as described.

    Don Curton · December 2, 2023 at 8:20 am

    Yeah, the story sounded off. To give them benefit of doubt, it really sounds like they were relying on seasonal overtime pay to get by and this year there wasn’t the normal seasonal overtime pay. The way it was described was a little off, but that’s the way it sounded. The gutter thing was just the excuse for why they didn’t have any cash reserve, not for why they were going bankrupt.

    That said, if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and the paychecks still don’t cover everything, why the hell would you have a virtual zoo going on with multiple pets? And chickens? Dear lord, if you’re poor, eat them! Or eat the eggs. Properly done, the chickens should be earning their keep one way or the other.

Bad Dancer · December 3, 2023 at 10:15 am

Many people, myself included, count on seasonal overtime to help out. I don’t act above my means but its nice to get ahead on bills and savings or buy an extra present for someone.

I’m choosing to take this at face value and love the spirit of community of neighbors helping neighbors. Now lets see this family take this kindness and return it ten fold where they are able.

This is the America I grew up in and its out there often unheard and unseen but its there.

Moonbattery Life Without the Welfare State - Moonbattery · December 1, 2023 at 9:42 pm

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