Wallet Pop just released the list of the 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States for 2010. The local press is making a big deal out of the fact that an Orlando neighborhood made the list, but there were no Los Angeles or Detroit neighborhoods on it. I am not sure why that is, but I do want to look at the demographics of the included neighborhoods:

1 Chicago, Ill. W. Lake St. 97.8% Black 1% White 1% Asian No issue
2 Cleveland, OH  Scovill Ave 98.7 % Black 0.8% White Shall Issue
3 Las Vegas, NV  Balzar Ave 89.5 % Black 6.5% White  Shall Issue
4 Las Vegas, NV  Scovill Ave 66% of the neighborhood does not speak English, 71% calls itself as “other” in the race category Shall Issue
5 Atlanta, GA  Carter St 97.1% Black 0.7% White  Shall Issue
6 Philadelphia, PA  N 13th St 93.7% Black 3.1% White Shall Issue
Atlanta, GA  Marietta St 69.5% Black 19.8% White Shall Issue
8 Las Vegas, NV  D St 66.7% Black 12.2% White  Shall Issue
9 Washington, DC L St SE 97% Black 2.6% White No Issue
10 Chattanooga, TN King St 75.5% Black 18% White  Shall Issue
11 Charlotte, NC  N Tryon St 81.5% Black 3.8% White   Shall Issue
12 Memphis, TN  Florida St 96.9% Black 0% White   Shall Issue
13 Charleston, SC  Echo Ave 75.8% Black 1.4% White  Shall Issue
14  Louisville, KY  E Beckinridge St 83% Black 11.2% White     Shall Issue
15 Fort Worth, TX  E Lancaster Ave 64.6% Black 11.7% White   Shall Issue
16 Winston-Salem, NC E 21st St 93.9% Black 1.3% White Shall Issue
17 Atlanta, GA Richardson St 75.4% Black 5.8% White  Shall Issue
18 Chicago, IL 4000 S Federal St 100% Black   No Issue
19 Memphis, TN N Danny Thomas Blvd 86.6% Black 11.5% White   Shall Issue
20 Cleveland, OH Chestnut Pl 98.9% Black 0% White    Shall Issue
21 Galveston, TX Church St 50.6% White 40% Black   Shall Issue
22 Atlanta, GA Humphries St 99.5% Black 0.5% White    Shall Issue
23 Kansas City, MO Independence Ave 61% Black 16.6% White    Shall Issue
24 Cincinatti, OH Moore St 89.9% Black 10.1% White Shall Issue 
25. Orlando, FL Neighborhood: Parramore 70.6% Black 16.7% White Shall Issue

Looking at the list, it immediately strikes you that there is a trend there. You would be called a racist by many if you took note of the fact that, with two exceptions, the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America are at least 65% Black. Yet the same thing is done everyday by anti-gun forces who want guns made illegal, and this is seen as logical, even though the list above shows that there is less of a correlation with gun laws and crime than there is race and crime.

Take another look at the list above: every neighborhood above has a below average income and education. Ponder the cause and the remedy. It isn’t race, and  it isn’t gun control. It is a cultural problem.

Comments calling me a racist are missing the point, and will not be posted.

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