Prosecutors in the Denver shooting case from last October, where a left wing activist who was working as an unlicensed, armed security guard, shot a right wing protester and is claiming self defense.

The facts of the case are sure to come out in court, but one of the things that will likely be presented in the case is that the decedent was a known member of the Three Percenters, and the decedent’s son had threatened another, uninvolved third person while using racial slurs.

What does any of this have to do with self defense? Nothing, of course. Contrast this with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, where the judge excluded political affiliation from being mentioned.

We are being hunted. We on the right are being unpersoned. The left has declared war and embarked upon the path to genocide, but the right hasn’t yet been willing to admit it.

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We Are On Our Own · November 17, 2021 at 9:45 am

They are out for blood. Trump made them bat guano crazy even it was only four years due to the Big Steal.
This has been broadcast since Barry Soetoro was (s)elected by the globalists to make the Fundamental Transformation.
We Are On Our Own is a two way street, the police won’t be coming to the aid of the CPUSA/CCP brown or black shirts either, their help arrives from the Soros prosecutor Long March to burn it all down fellow traveler.
They have checked out in Red State with gunshots increasing nightly and unless someone is injured there isn’t even a report.
Denverstan, Commierado is written off as CPUSA/CCP occupied territory and due to all the doped up dupes out driving, it is downright dangerous.
Polar bear (YT) hunting actually started in the glorious people’s republic of Denver.

Big Ruckus D · November 17, 2021 at 4:54 pm

The government is the enemy of all actual legitimate Americans. As is anyone aligned with the govt’s positions and interests. This has been true for years now. Therefore everything that springs forth from said government is also an enemy of true, legitimate Americans.

Courts: enemy operatives
FBI/ATF/OSHA etc.: enemy operatives
Police: enemy operatives
CPS/DFS/etc.: enemy operatives
Pubilc schools: enemy operatives
Public and private universities: enemy operatives
Mass media (despite most being privately held, are defacto functional extensions of the govt): enemy operatives
Bureaucrats of all stripes: enemy operatives

All of the above are operating both individually, and in concert, against us as all have been captured by avowed leftists bent on destroying us. No constitution, no law, no guideline intended to protect us will be followed, and all will be readily and summarily dispensed with as deemed neccessary and convenient to those in control of all the above institutions. This has already been the case for some time. It has simply gotten more obvious of late.

The only question remaining is whether these institutions will be permitted to continue existing as weapons of our destruction, or whether they will be dispatched to the ash heap of history for what they’ve done and are stilll doing this very instant. And do note the list above is far from complete in it’s scope. There exist many more pernicious institutions, and bad actors within them. All will continue to relentlessly pursue our destruction until they are quite literally forced to stop that shit.

As to the matter of those ideologically aligned with – but not directly in the employ of govt – they too will need to be dealt with in a way that makes it clear their diseased mindset and belief system is not welcome, nor is it allowed to exist here going forward. These types will be the next round of subversives who fuck everything up again if we manage to cleanup the present mess and reach a point of constructively rebuilding a functional society somewhere down the road.

Do not let these people disappear and slide into obscurity where they will scheme to ruin us yet again. They can – and must – be stripped of anything that permits them any influence over society. Their citizenship, their votes, their property, even their lives. Failing that, the scourge of leftism (whatever banner you happen to hang on it) will never be defeated long enough to create anything decent again.

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