Boulder, Colorado just had a mass shooting that resulted in a police officer being killed. In March of 2020, Maris Herold became the first female police chief of the Boulder Police Department. A graduate of Eckerd College here in St Petersburg, the online major is billed by the college as “the most inclusive of the social sciences.” Make no mistake, she was selected to be the chief because she is woke, not because she is competent. According to her Bio:

Herold has a background in social work, serving as a sexual assault investigator and as a psychiatric intake worker in a juvenile mental health facility.

Last year, she took a knee during the BLM protests to show solidarity with the rioters. She also swore to “to draw on best practices from around the world, importing some use-of-force guidelines from Europe.”

That is notable given the stark differences in policing — and criminal justice as a whole — between the U.S. and EU. Many European officers do not carry firearms; the populace they are policing, of course, doesn’t have the ready access to firearms that Americans do.

So an antigun “only one” type of woke police chief happens to have a mass shooting just when Congress needs one to make political points for their proposed AWB.

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AL in moss bluff · March 24, 2021 at 5:02 pm

Yep! An the assassin was from Syria? Like that wasn’t a setup.

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