Just 135 days ago, the press, the Pentagon, and everyone else in Washington, DC called President Trump’s plan to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan “controversial” and said that “The Trump administration has thus far failed to explain how a troop withdrawal was in the national security interests of the United States to deny terrorists safe haven in Afghanistan, protect the United States homeland.”

Now Biden announces that the troops will be out on 9/11- and the MSM thinks it is the best idea ever.

Nope. No bias there.

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MN Steel · April 19, 2021 at 4:27 pm

Gives a drop-dead date for a certain intelligence agency to “help” keep the needless deaths and coffer-draining going for Big Pharm and the “defense” industry.

You know, like a mortar attack on US troops a week before pull-out like in Iraq, or an SF vehicle column shot up like in Syria, perhaps a Marine Barracks v2.0…

Too much opium money to leave to the neighboring Chinese.

That, and the largest contingent of CIA personnel in the world. First 10th Mountain plane that landed in Uzbekistan met the spooks that had been getting ready for 6 months, that was first-hand from a guy that transferred to my unit in ’03.

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