Tranny Insanity


The skateboard wielding Antifa terrorist in this video admits to committing a felony. He admits on camera to using hairspray as a weapon. Since the label on that can says it is a violation of Federal law to use that product in a manner inconsistent with its instructions, spraying it on a camera or in someone else’s face is a Federal crime.

Not only that, but I have seen enough skateboards used as weapons to consider everyone wielding one as a threat.

All of this to protect the “rights” of a tranny to show his dick to little girls in a public bathroom.

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c’mon man, leg hair and corn pop…you know blm and antifa won’t ever get charged for any crimes…but listen to orange man bad and march peacefully on the capital, that’s made up charges and jail with no bond…

This is like Germany in the late 1920’s/early 1930’s. – objective truth losing the battle to political interpretation and we know where that leads to.

There’s an example of the ones who will be among the first to go. Go to hell, that is.

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