A 13 year old shows off multiple guns in multiple social media messages sent to threaten other middle school students. The mental health counselors at the juvenile justice facility state that he was at moderate risk to repeat the behavior, so the judge assigned him to write a 250 word essay on “The Importance of Abiding By The Law.”

What do you think happened just nine months later?

If you guessed that he would be growing and selling marijuana and would shoot a 20 year old man during one of his drug deals, you would have been correct.

Yet Kyle Rittenhouse is facing multiple life sentences for shooting a convicted, mentally disturbed child molester who was trying to kill him.

Our justice system is broken. Our society is irreparably broken.

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E M Johnson · November 13, 2021 at 8:42 am

yes it is

Beans · November 13, 2021 at 11:12 pm

Been that way for a long time. Just look at the Parkland shooter, or so many of the ‘he was turning his life around and he was a good boy and he was the sole supporter of his family (at age 15) and and and’ murderers out there.

My wife was tutoring at the local elementary school in the bad section of town, and one of the kids she was assigned was a kid in 5th grade who already made 15k a year sitting in an auto shop and running ‘auto supplies’ for ‘his uncle.’ Yeah…

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