Military Tranny Insanity

Trannies in Space

China and Russia are quaking in fear of the US Space Force. Is that a rocket in her pocket? Nope. She is actually a dude.

The Lt Col proves that men are better at being women than women are. Is there nothing that men can do better than women?

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If you want to pretend to be something you’re not, the sex that you’re not, a different species, a doorknob, smoke, whatever. Please have at it. Make believe is a wonderful thing. Just don’t expect or demand or worse yet, legislate that the rest of us pretend with you. Most of us just plain Do. Not. Care. We have enough of our own stuff (stuff that you don’t care about) to deal with, thank you.

But if you actually believe that you are the sex that you’re not, a different species, a doorknob, smoke, or any other damn thing, there is a term for that, and it isn’t “trans”.

You are delusional. I object to being forced to fund your delusions, that isn’t health care. I object to the degradation of my country’s readiness to defend itself just so that you can place a check in the plus column of your delusional agenda. That checkmark will not be much comfort when we’re all forced to learn Chinese by immersion. Just get help.

I have a huge problem with mentally ill people in our military with weapons. The two don’t mix well and people end up dead.

In Second Life we always asked the Woman her Panty hose size Even the Trannies didn’t know it’s not a dress or pants size. Women know.

Did you see the video at Filthies of the Mary Sue trying to load a 70 pound round into a tank cannon? Took her minutes to do what a guy could do in seconds. Of course maybe the guy is a Tranny.

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