Remember when the AMA was getting behind the anti gun crusade? Now they are getting into grooming. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is publishing a new book for kids that aims to explain puberty and the changes that are coming to their bodies.

The book is aimed at boys, girls, and other. That’s right, now doctors are saying dumb shit like:

With traditional puberty education, whether it’s in schools or in books, we talk about how girls get their periods and boys get erections. But some girls – for example, transgender girls – might not get their periods. They need to understand about erections and those changes in their bodies.

If a twelve year old child is getting erections, they are not girls. They are boys. This is an excellent opportunity to screen any potential doctor for your child. Simply ask them, “Are you a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics?” If the answer is yes, follow that question up with, “What are your feelings about the AAP’s policy on transgender children?”

This should allow you to decide on if this is the best choice for your child’s health care needs. This is a battle for your children. Act accordingly.


Toastrider · April 25, 2022 at 7:52 am

And the credibility of the medical profession continues to crumble like a sand castle at high tide.

Big Ruckus D · April 25, 2022 at 11:48 am

The bandwagon, true-believer type handling in general of covid, refusal to prescribe Ivermectin and HCQ off label as treatment despite their viability, and ceasless pushing of the shitshots (how’re those looking now, BTW?) by so many doctors, had already mostly destroyed the credibility of “modern” medicine in the minds of many, myself included.

The decision of what looks to be a significant portion of the medical iindustry to embrace the literal butchery of human bodies amd psyches – for profit – in the embrace of transfaggotry as a legitimate “thing” should be the last nail in the coffin. But it won’t be, because most people are idiots and still “need” a doctor to be their pill pusher, as they suffer from so many health problems resulting from poor diet and other lifestyle choices.

Really, the US medical industry industry should’ve suffered it’s forced return to a massively scaled back, more sensible form a long time ago, just for it’s obvious existence as a racketeering and asset-stripping operation run in full cooperation with the health insurors as well as the federal and all state governments involved in (mis)regulating them. Instead we got oscamacare.

That the course correction hasn’t been allowed to happen just allowed the scam to balloon to the now untenable and all-consuming point it has reached. It’s destruction is assured just on the utter unsustainability of the financials. Stuff like covid idiocy and openly pushing transfag bullshit are simply notable waypoints on the path of its downfall.

While I realize our host relies on the beast known as healthcare for his livelihood, I’m sure that being inside the system, he is sharp enough to have ascertained how dysfunctional it truly is. That it will eventually detonate the government – at it’s present growth rate – by consuming the entirely of tax receipts via medicare and medicaid, is what will bring it down. Unless the industry continues to dick-punch itself with stupidly bad PR moves of course, then maybe it will happen even sooner, by further souring the public perception of their business.

The general arrogance of doctors and hospital admins, and tbe refusal of govt to contain the runaway theft, tells me the industry will never seek to self-correct its massive excesses. No, it looks like they will ride this bitch right off the cliff, and then piss and moan when the party is over, as if they had no idea it would happen.

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